PEG Derivatives Pyrene-PEG-NHS Ester Precautions Sharing

Pyrene-PEG-NHS is one of many polyethylene glycoolenoid derivatives for carbon nanotubes and graphene derivatives, by strongness between the anthracene and the aromatic ring on the single wall and the multi-walled carbon nanotubes. (Close to irreversible) π-π accumulation. The anthracene is bonded to PEG by very stable amide bond. This is a very simple process, only need to disperse carbon nanotubes well with polyethylene glycol-pyrene reagents in an organic solvent or aqueous solution. The same polyethylene glycolite reagent is also applicable to the surface of the carbon nanoparticles that are very matched in graphene or any curvature and the anthracene structure.

Xi’an Kaikin Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a domestic PEG supplier, which can provide different molecular weight PEG derivatives. The circular festival of small molecule PEG can be 1-36, and the molecular PEG molecular weight is from 1000-40000, which can be modified. The groups are: amino groups, NHBOC, FMOC, carboxylic acid, MAL, NHS, laminated nitrogen, DBCO, CY3 / CY5 / CY7, THP, benzyl group, propynyl group, Bromo-propionate, tert-butyl acetate, tert-butyl acetate, methyl class, biotin, pentafluorophenol, sulfonate, mercapto, product purity is more than 98%.