Don’t understand the development of business intelligence at home and abroad? It is coming to the era of domestic BI software.

Recently, friends from some companies are discussing the most, how to buy BI products, they feel that foreign Bi products have developed so long, and the technology is certainly mature, but the development of domestic business intelligence software is very fierce, domestic BI should be more advantageous for localized enterprises, do not know how to choose foreign BI or domestic BI?

We know that Gartner first proposes the concept of bi business intelligence in 1996. At the beginning of the development of business intelligence, only technical skilled IT people will use data analysis tools, most of the business people cannot be used. In particular, financial staff spend a lot of time for many times a day, often requires a lot of time and effort, leading to the speed of data analysis, far from the speed of business development, and cannot provide timely and effective support for decision-making.

The first batch of BI was born in the 1980s, the European and American markets in the 1990s, such as MicroStrategy, Cognos, QlikView, etc. have a high visibility in the world.

In 2007, the Bi market ushered in heavy news: SAP acquisition bo, IBM acquisition Cognos, Oracle acquisition HyperionsSolutions. Later, Bi manufacturers began to divide them: a class of comprehensive BI service providers, such as IBM, Oracle, SAP, etc .; the other is independent professional manufacturers, such as Qlik, Tableau, etc.

Since 2010, the shortcomings of traditional BI have gradually exposed, and a battle in the Bi market has set off a unveiled voice. With the development of BI, QlikView and Tableau gradually occupy the traditional BI three giants market share.

As we all know, China’s local commercial intelligence sprouts is over the time of the century, and in the early stage, Guangzhou Fei Nit is the financial and government departments. At that time, manufacturers in SAP, IBM, Cognos were still occupied by most market share.

By 2011, the self-service BI boom began, and the domestic BI manufacturers were emerging as the rain, and the self-service analysis BI began to vigorously develop. At the same time, with the rapid development of the Internet, under traffic, capital, etc., domestic small and medium-sized enterprises have also begun to have a more extensive and in-depth of BI, and the domestic commercial intelligent track ushered in the first round of industry washing. Card. Somitt software was also established in 2011, based on rich experiences originally accumulated on the domestic BI track, and then stood out in numerous BI vendors, and then entered the rapid growth stage.

In 2016, BI development gradually moved towards the intelligent phase. The wide application of natural language, machine learning and artificial intelligence technology makes the development of AI + BI a trend. Especially after the emergence of the epidemic in 2020, smart BI ushered in major era, and domestic BI vendors have already extended the tentacles to the intelligent BI field. In 2017, SmartBi issued Natural Language Analysis Functions NLA, realizing the first "integration" of AI and BI, users can interact through smart wheat, letdata analysisMore intelligence, simpler. In 2021, Somitt software adheres to product innovation and technological innovation, and continuously increase research and development investment, and has also obtained natural language analysis.

At present, we can also see from the domestic BI market, more and more companies are willing to choose and believe in domestic BI software, domestic business intelligence has indeed rising.

Domestic BI softwareThe rise is not to say in all respects, and foreign BI is more mature in technology. But based on China’s large market environment, domestic companies choose domestic BI tools to be better choice. In the future, what is the development direction of domestic BI software? This is a question worth thinking. Xiaobian believes that there will be more and more companies and employees to go deep into the ability of BI, then we should think about the future direction of the BI, in order to go farther. So, how do you think Bi’s future?