Beidou navigation on the phone, actually appeared on the Bosideng down jacket

Speaking of the Beidou System, the ambassaders may be unfamiliar.

The brother is thinking, like Beidou so good, if there is more equipment, it will definitely play a big role.

It is very surprisingly that the Beidou System has appeared in a very novel figure in addition to common technology products such as mobile phones, watches, cars.

Good guy, according to the common sense, the down jacket is not a technology product, why is it related to Beidou? The opportunity of the opportunity is in an instant, trying to study it.

This is equipped with an Beidou positioning chip.Bosideng new release limited number: Dengfeng 2.0 down jacket.

Bosideng this Chinese brand, if the machine friends have bought down jackets, they should be familiar. Founded in 1976, it has been 45 years, it is said that there are 200 million people around the world through.

Among them, there is a hiking team in our country.

In 2019, Bosidenden released Dengfeng 1.0 series down jacket to help the Chinese mountaineering team to attack the cold wind.

In the end, China’s mountaineering team detected the new height of the world: 8848.86 meters.

Do you still remember your air friends? Middle school geography classes said that each elevation is 1000 meters per liter, and the temperature is reduced by 6 degrees Celsius. There are more cold in Everest, as can be imasons.

And climbers, to persist in this low temperature environment for several days. The warm performance of clothes is undoubtedly a very important point.

It can be seen from this matter that the warm performance of Dengfeng 1.0 is very amazing, properly an example of a domestic product.

I didn’t expect it to come in the past two years, this series iteration is now.

I checked the information found that the R & D team of Dengfeng 2.0 is very strong, with hundreds of experts, including national mountaineering teams, Antarctic examination team.

A large number of professionals join, which makes the game’s effect on Dengfeng 2.0 finally realized.

This time Dengfeng 2.0, warm performance increased by 15%, and the temperature rise effect is 14% higher than the national standard. Under the premise of such a fierce, it also achieved a weight reduction of 20%.

If you use the phone circle to summarize, then it is "lightweight flagship."

And, for this iteration of this latter 2.0, Bosideng has joined a large number of "100% China Original" technology.

The Beidou System is one of them.

I think about watching, like climbing athletes, extreme enthusiasts, they often cross the rare place. If an accident occurs, rescuers can position them in the first time, which is a security guarantee.

Because of this, Bosideng is equipped with Dengfeng 2.0 Beidou.Beidou positioning chipIt can join our smartphone.

Within the mobile phone base station signal, as long as the associated person is set in advance, the rescue signal can be actively transmitted during the distress.

The reason why chooses my country’s self-developed Beidou system is because it is accurate and is one of the world’s three satellite navigation systems.

When I introduced the Beidou system before the game, I have achieved a high-precision positioning of 5 meters. In today’s many navigation systems, there is no doubt that is the level of the first echelon.

International First-class Satellite Navigation Technology Experts – Han Xiaopeng, this time, I also praised Dengfeng 2.0:

Dengfeng 2.0 integrates Beidou Satellite Navigation Positioning Technology and 5G communication technology, which can connect smartphones, bind emergency contacts, so outdoor sports people never lose. When you encounter danger, take the initiative to launch a rescue signal, let search and rescue in time, reliable.

So for the extreme outdoor classmates, wearing Dengfeng 2.0 Beidou, is equivalent to a safe guarantee.

However, on the road of Chinese original technology in the down jacket, Bosideng did not stop.

On the cold wind, the warm performance of the down jacket is also the top priority.

I want to have a similar experience, and when exercise continuously, the body will exude huge heat. When we stop, you will feel the coolness of the face.

If you say, a piece of clothes can be absorbed when the temperature is higher in the clothes, and the temperature is released from the heat when the temperature is low. Is it not equivalent to the air conditioner?

Bosideng Dengfeng 2.0, it really did this.

This time, we must first turn your attention to China’s first Mars: Zhu Rong.

In May of this year, the Mars Detector Zhu Rong successfully landed on Mars, meaning that China has taken a step forward. And Zhu Rong wants to overcome the complex climate on Mars, you need to useIntelligent temperature control material.

In fact, this material is not only used on Mars detectors, but also in the fields of aviation military, renewable energy, new energy vehicles.

This time, Dengfeng 2.0 is in the next, sleeves, windshields, and four parts of the bag, and use the same type of intelligent temperature regulation material. And the world is the first to use the aviation technology materials in the case of the field of clothing.

The machine users may be difficult to imagine, in Dengfeng 2.0 in all 1 square meter cloth, there is more than1 millionThe temperature of the temperature can be automatically adjusted, each of which is below 3 microns.

Don’t underestimate this energy storage unit, its role is big: support two-way temperature adjustment.

At high temperatures, heat insulation, low temperature release heat heating. Even in extreme cold and extremely hot environments, it can maintain a body temperature of 31 ° C to 33 ° C.

Before the machine, I thought this technology, I only appeared in the sci-fi movie, I didn’t expect it to see it today.

In addition to the thermal insulation of the body, Bosideng even puts the insulation of the electronic equipment in our clothes pockets. Don’t say the limit environment, the Northeast of the body will talk to me every winter: When you go outside, the phone will happen in your pocket, you will also freeze yourself.

What’s more, you have to go to the peak, go to the pole … researchers pockets are all precision electronic instruments.

In the face of ice and snow, the wind is raining, how is this?

So, Bosideng began to think about it and see how to solve it. Finally, they foundSpace Temperature Control Materials: Airgel.

This airborne gel is currently known for the best insulation material because of the extreme cold and liquid nitrogen spraying of -196 degrees, which is ideal for aerospace.

At Dengfeng 2.0, the Bosidene airborne gel made an electronic instrument protection bag, which can effectively avoid the impact of electronic instruments from being low-temperature.

Good guy, Beidou, Zhu Rong, Long March 5 … Machine brother feels, Dengfeng 2.0 is under Chinese original technology.

It turns out that these fresh technologies are not far from us, and even condense in a down jacket.

It can be seen, and all the configurations of Dengfeng 2.0 are top-level: the best dessert, the most powerful process, reference the best technology.

Machine brother can imagine that researchers feel a little warm in the cold wind, what happiness is.

Like China Antarctic Kunlun Station first webmaster – Li Sanheng, this time is sent:

Dengfeng 2.0 has a function of rapid wicking at the same time, and the weight of the whole clothes is also reduced, and it is more light and flexible, especially suitable for operations in a harsh weather environment in the Antarctic inland.

Dengfeng 2.0, maybe Bosideng’s 45 years ago.As for the price, Dengfeng 2.0 Beidou is 14900 yuan.

In fact, there is no price, but it is good. And the same price down jacket, performance may be good.

Machine brother is easy to see. For the down jacket, the velvet is very important.

The same product, Canada, a well-known brand, usually 80%. The Bosideng peak series of goose velvet is 95%, which is also the theoretical limit of velvet.

Therefore, for thousands of products from other foreign brands, Bosideng’s 10,000 yuan is cost-effective.

Can be used to be a product with your heart. Machine brother thinks, Bosideng maintained this initial heart, it is representative of Chinese brands that have been innovation and breakthrough.

If the machine friends go to the Boske’s official website, they will find that they will not stop there are 10,000 yuan, and there are many down jackets that are more expensive.

It is, this is why Boside is implemented, and the domestic sales in China has sold in 72 countries in the world.

A Chinese brand is in silent efforts, gradually gets the consumers of many countries around the world, in fact, it is also very difficult.

On the day of the game, I saw Bosideng said that their initial heart is warm worldwide and created a higher quality down jacket. It seems that they did it.

Perhaps, Bosideng down jacket, not only warms the body of countless people, but also warms a lot of people.

I looked back and saw that there were many Bosideng’s figure in the big events that came in so many years.

At the beginning of 2020, the new crown epidemic has touched everyone’s heart. Even if Wuhan minimum temperature is close to 0 degrees Celsius, countless medical staff also insist on the anti-vloal.

At that time, Bosideng donated 150,000 pieces worth 3 billion down jackets to the anti-vloar.

Top, 2013 Ya’an earthquake, in 2008 Southern snow disaster, 2010 Yushu earthquake, 2021 Shanxi Hanchao, Bosideng is also an urgent need for disaster relief in the first time.

Bosideng tells us with its actions, this is "warm world".

Although there are many ways to go through Chinese brands, we must also innovate this effort, adhere to China, and have a rich brand applaud and encourage.

Over the years, Bosideng has increasing more and more. Like this year, I just took the ISPO Award 2021 Global Design Award and got international recognition.

Machine brother believes that Chinese brands can also create high quality products.