Ali’s CTO: Announced 20 years of architectural truth

When people like to recall the past, I have dinked with friends before, and my friends said that he had touched the big cow that came into contact with Ali.

Inciical Big Bulls, we generally think that it is more than Du Long, Episodes, Lu Su, and Taoist, but today we talk to Gu Dongbai, he is my front boss of my friend, we generally call him Ali’s flower name "Albai".

Maybe you have not heard of him, I was also because my friend said that there was a big man to arrive, I only knew him. Remember that Albao or the Mini Seller’s Ministry of Technical Director, there is a double eleven vendor trading volume of more than 20 million, and the system of six global level big banks is rushing, and the result is almost selling. The system has increased at 300% of peak trading volume, and the thief is stable.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have much intersection with him. The impression is a series of articles on the Ali internal technology platform ATA, have domain models and AE architectures. Ah is a 14-year arrival of Ali. It is more than 20 years (it is a group company of the melon used car), and I also finally have the opportunity to see the complete history of Albai:

Guo Dongbai, a lot of groups of new Joined the car, graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University, and then went to Brown University to study a master’s and doctoral degree.

During 2000 to 2010, Guo Dongbai took more than 10 years in software giant Oracle (Oracle), and then went to Microsoft and Amazon.

In September 2014, Guo Dongbai joined Aliexpress in the identity of the Chief Architect, and promoted to CTO in March 2017; December 2018, Guo Dongbai promoted to the Lazada Group CTO, which was responsible for 6 people in the world. More than 600 engineers in the R & D center and cooperated with the department of Alibaba Group to support Lazada’s business growth.

It is worth mentioning that this is not a lot of cars (the melon used car) first introduced the former Ali executives to serve as the company.

湃: Exclusive | Front Lazada Group CTO Guo Dongbai franchise a lot of groups

Learning tyrant + foreign head IT factoryI feel that he should call him "giant", P10 is probably only more than 400 in Ali (left ear mouse and Li Yunhua are the first P9), CTO is even more, not to mention the CTO of the independent business line, estimated Ali Just seven eight with him.

Recently, I heard that Albai opened a new column in the extreme time, called"Guo Dongbai’s Architecture Class". He said that he has experienced a complete process of architect career development. From programmers, he has done a part-time architect, and has also done cross-domain architects and general architects, and has made pure technology CTO, and also taking a product Team’s CTO. So this column combines a lot of his own true experience, writing in the decades of architectural methods and growth recommendations, giving them to now you and twenty years ago.

This column records very many architectural methods of architecture, many growth methods and the principles of avoiding pits, including the "Six Survival of Architects", "eight key nodes implemented by architect activities", "architect capacity improvement Five major key powers, etc. Suitable for people who are working hard or in the future, they want to become a architect, now the best price is the best, it is time to start.

Hand ¥ 89, Password only "first 100 people" effective

The entire column is divided into four modules, covering the four different dimensions of architect careers.

Module 1: Six major survival laws of architects.A Bai binds to the six principles who have a concluding summary of their decades experienced as a architect must respect.

Module 2: Architect’s value creation.Considering the implementation level of large architecture projects, you must pay attention to and intervene as an important node that must be paid attention to and intervene, teach you how to create value in architectural activities.

Module 3: Focus on you, help you plan to grow in the professionals of architects.The challenges facing each stage of architect growth are different. It is not the same, and the essence of the problem is different. Abain will combine the experience and observation summary of themselves in these characters, and propose specific recommendations to help you break through obstacles and complete the ability to transition. .

The module fourth is the last module: thinking.Thinking as the core ability of architect survival, even the core ability of any occupation in the future. Ah Bai offers some methods he and its own team to improve the quality of thinking, including logical thinking, critical thinking, reverse engineering, reflection, cross boundary and data analysis.

Specific details, you can check the directory:

Nowadays, many technicians want to be architects. I feel more than the money, the power is big, and if I leave the motivation, I don’t think it is, I am more agree that the teacher said.Architect does not have a quick class. I hope that these experiences and principles of Mr. Dongbai can help us do well, take less and more successful opportunities, let you have a clearer path plan for your career growth.