Digital Technology + Centennial Landscape and Lenovo to create a new sample of wisdom

On November 28, Lenovo Group and the Summer and Garden Scenic Sphere Strategic Cooperation Ceremony and the unveiling ceremony of the Lenovo Smart Scenic Area was held in Beijing.Lenovo Wisdom Service Cloud Platform is officially accessed into the 100-year-old Summer Palace, and the Summer Palace Visitor tour, operation management, cultural innovation, etc.The audience to the Summer Palace can enjoy higher-speed network services and HD video content, get better cultural services and digital experience.

The Wisdom Tourists officially unveiled

Wang Xin, the deputy director of the Summer Palace, the vice president of Lenovo Group, the vice president of the general manager of the China Service Division, and the vice president of Lenovo Group, China’s chief market official Wang Chuandong, etc. Attended the signing ceremony. Dai Wei said that national science and technology empowering national cultures, Lenovo will create a wisdom WITTROUSTROG Summer Palace, so that the cultural value of the Summer Palace will continue to make a lot of color in the new era. Wang Xin, Vice President of the Summer Palace, said that with Lenovo’s leading technology, the creation of smart 和 园 will enable this China’s largest royal garden museum to rejuvenate new technology imagination.

modern technology+Classical art,Create a new style of "和 联 想"

The technological innovation has a thousand miles per day, which makes the new wave of intelligent change in all walks of life, and the new era scenic spots are the same. Recently, the Tenth of Wenxiong, the Development and Reform Commission, etc., jointly issued the "Deepening" Internet Tourism "to promote the high-quality development of tourism industry, and propose to accelerate the intensive tourism scenic spots to improve tourism information infrastructure, innovate tourism public service model, and improve tourism management. Ability and other tasks. Since then, the top ten officials "5G application" Sail "action plan (2021-2023)", emphasizing the development of "5G + cultural tourism".

The Summer Palace is the world cultural heritage park, which is also facing new topics to create a wisdom. Visitors need more intelligent, more convenient to play experience, the Summer Palace of the new era, also need to be based on their own valuable cultural genes, expand the value of service value and commercial value, and strive to seek service-oriented, modern information technology The intelligent transformation of "wings".

Smart Tourist Center

Lenovo as a leading new IT product, program and service provider, built "end cloud network network network" full factor intelligent technology architecture. This cooperation, Lenovo set smart cloud platform for the Summer Palace, building a smart, humanized, comprehensive, systematic, effectiveness of the Summer Palace intelligence management and service system, and the overall project will revolve around the intelligence tourism, intelligent management and wisdom. Among them, the smart service is mainly for tourists, providing a better cultural service and digital experience with tourists who have increased year by year; smart management is mainly facing the scenic spot, providing park management optimization intelligence tools, enhancing the management efficiency and ability of scenic spots; Wisdom Text travels to industries, realizing cultural innovation and cultural relics protection, promoting all human sharab sharing of Chinese traditional culture.

National Science and Technology Employment National Culture Inheritance, Lenovo will create the wisdom Wisdom of Wisdom, let the Summer Palace, let the Summer Palace Glowing New Imagination. With Lenovo’s leading technology, the creation of smart 和 园 will make this China’s largest royal garden museum inserted with scientific and technological wings, release greater human power. The cooperation between the two sides has a demonstration significance in exploring and building a smart park scenic spot.

Beijing’s first park smart tourist service system,Refreshing the new wisdom garden new experience

Taking this cooperation as an opportunity, the Senior and Lenovo Wisdom Scenic Area officially unveiled. The first phase of the project covers the construction and upgrading of intelligent garden services and park smart management, the latest smart tourist service center, providing tourists with digital, visualization, and user-friendly services. After the new system is completed, visitors can operate large screens through the Smart Summer Palace, see the park information in real time, one screen, so on, visitors can self-service query, guidance, cultural display and other services. In the future, Lenovo will also build 5 unmanned tourists in the park to fully realize visual tourists.

Smart Tourist Service System

In terms of leading the innovation of the industry, Lenovo jointly established the first park smart tourist service system in Beijing, enhancing the satisfaction of tourists through Lenovo’s wisdom. In the past, the telephone tourist service system of the Summer Palace was a single customer service phone. Tourists often encountered the problems, and they could not solve the problem. This also brought the rising rate. The newly built smart tourist service system has intelligent, personalized obvious characteristics, such as the use of knowledge maps, intelligent matching, intelligent recommendations, etc. Ai technology, through the "Rubik’s Cube" AI robots learned from big data, not only to complete more than half of customers independently. Consultation, you can also automatically adjust the customer’s machine information and fault record according to user ID, using intelligent recommendation technology, assist engineers accurate quick answering customer problems, all issues of tourists will be accurately understood and respond in the system; emotional monitoring, natural voice The operation of the technology, etc.

Wisdom Rubik Cube Solution

In the whole process of building a smart scenic spot, Lenovo’s integrated service capabilities also showed the exhaustion, the latest system can provide more 园 园 信息 信息 应用 应用 应用 应用 应用 应用 应用 应用 应用 信息 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园Through smart health services, the signs of data collection and emergency call rescue linkage management; through 5G technology applications, the full-scale data transmission of 5G high-speed delay is achieved, and the future will continue in the live broadcast, cruise service, display cultural relics, etc. 5G landing application.

With a deep accumulation of 5G technology, the construction of important attractions in the construction of tourists, Delin management, etc. in the construction of tourists, and the management, display cultural relics management and other innovations; using the edge of data processing, implementing the service one The data processing of the equidistant, so that the scenic service is more intelligent; while the Lenovo Wisdom Service Cloud Platform helps easily achieve voice, text, video and other data real-time access storage and analysis, combined with the natural language understanding, semantic identification, knowledge map, etc. Artificial intelligence technology, intelligent applications are available in field applications.

From the wisdom of the Wen Dynasty to thousands of people, Lenovo is the pioneer of the thoroughness of the times, and has become a guide in the tide of intelligent transformation through endogenous externalization. Empouling the intelligence transformation of all industries, the guarantees of the traveler, government finance, etc. The big flag of the soaring, the butterfly trip to the industrial structure.