See you in December! Xiaomi 12 Series all-round prediction

Originally, the first batch of Snapdoo flagship new machines usually appear in the spring. However, millet 11 broke this practice a year ago, put the front to the end of the year.

Will you expect Xiaomi 12, will you also release it before the New Year?

the answer is,Probably.

Recently, a digital blogger released a screenshot, the title is "Xiaomi House Sales Guide".

These include the small rice home promotion activities from November 26 to December 25, when starting to cut the price, when selling outbreaks, all arrange it.

But, this is not a focus.

Let us fall on the last date –12.28, key postings live broadcast, new product appointment start.

It is not difficult to guess, Xiaomi 12 will be officially released on December 28, and the appointment can be made after the conference.

As for the credibility of this picture, I think it is quite high.

First, there is a text-numbered watermark on the screenshot, which does have a formal internal file in the field.

Second, the brokerage blogger also emphasized: "Asked,stableof".

It seems that the phone circle is about to start.

If you want you to know the upcoming millet 12 series, what is worth looking forward to.

If you talk nonsense, this will help you organize a wave.

Xiaomi 12 series

On the design, there are now many versions on the network.

There is a camera in the middle.

There is also put the camera on the left.

There is also a camera on the left and add a piece of sub-screen on the right (should be limited to Ultra models).

However, this is not important, what is important is to put on what shots.

Broken news shows that Xiaomi 12 Series will take 50 million pixels.

That is to say, the direction of the previous standard version of the billion-level pixels is changed.

The ULTRA of the main image will be based on the main subject, and it is familiar with the high-quality super wide angle and telephoto.

After a long time, the Leica camera is jointly, and it is finally true.

Positive, Xiaomi 12 Series can basically be determined to be a centered excavation screen, before the subway testing has confirmed us.

Why don’t you use the camera?

With the current technology, the screen camera is indeed a big impact on the display, and the Selfie effect has a great impact.

"I have to", it is really difficult.

For many people interested, the millet 12 series is also useless.

However, the previous generation of evaluations is more embarrassed, the visual inspection has been cut, and the R angle will definitely look smoothly.

In terms of parameters, Xiaomi 12 Series will support LTPO adaptive refresh rate, the resolution will be mainly 2k, and a model will use 1080P.

Don’t see "1080p", I feel that it is not fragrant. I know that this correspondence is 6.2 ~ 6.3-inch small screen models, the majority of netizens are expected.

At present, you cannot confirm the name of this model, or you can call millet 12 mini, and maybe a millet 12 youth, Xiaomi 12X is not impossible.

But compared to the previous generation youth, the stack of this small screen is completely not at a level.

First processor is the most popular Xiaolong 870 this year.

On performance, affirm that the Standard Edition of Xiaolong 8 Gen 1 (temporarily named), but the sacrifice of a little performance under small screen is difficult to heat dissipation, but may not be a bad thing.

And the software optimization of 870 has long been in place, there is no much power consumption and fever anxiety.

On this basis, images, cable fast charge, wireless fast charge, double raise, linear motor, NFC, infrared peripheral configuration, one a lot.

These configurations are added together, at least the small screen flagship should be able to meet the most users who have demand for small screens.

Cough, especially the nail household in Xiaomi 6 is still tempting ~

According to these versions of the previous rhythm, Xiaomi 12 series, it should be released twice, and the small screen and standard version are debuted on December 28.

Although this date, only one day after December 29, Xiaomi 11, but does not mean that Xiaomi can once again grab the first hair of the Snapdong flagship chip.

After all, other manufacturers have long been coveted with this name, and the explosion shows the flagship release of four Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 in December.

You think that the Xiaomi 12 series possessions have been arranged at the end of the month, how big can the first probability?

At present, the old manufacturer Motorola is likely to sit on the first position.

According to the previous official preheating, Motorola will release the Edge X flagship mobile phone in the near future. At present, 3C certification, radio approval, and enter the network license, and the progress is very fast.

Although the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 has not been released, the general manager of China Mobile’s mobile phone business (note, Motorola mobile phone has been acquired) has been revealed in Weibo. The actual performance of this chip.

For example, "network signal is strong", "a god frame rate line", and "performance ceiling is not unexpected or we", etc.

A bit look forward to the real machine ~

In addition, Motorola EDGE X also has 1080P / 144Hz screen, DC dimming, rear 1 / 1.55 inches, front 60 million pixel lens (you don’t have a mistake, 60 million), etc.

There is no doubt that this is the most important model after Motorola re-established the domestic market. Coupled with the first Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, the attention is certainly not awkward.

Of course, no matter who is released first, optimize in place, the price is appropriate, the stock is enough.