Nokia God Machine 8 years ago, what is the experience?

Polycarbonate fuselage, domineering camera module, 41 million pixels, PureView, Zeiss certification.

This is Nokia Lumia 1020. It is the old flagship, a generation of video benchmarks, and many people memories of Nokia and Windows Phone. This time, we re-experienced this classic mobile phone. After 8 years, he will tell us what kind of story?

01 Can it still use it?

sure. I don’t think about it, we really want to take it with the usual machines, try to use it to complete some daily tasks, electronic payment, instant messaging, etc. Using the iPhone, Android phone response. Unfortunately, time did not give it a chance, the old high-pass S4 dual-core processor is overwhelmed, we have to make a good job.

Let’s talk about what is completely can’t be used. Two instant messaging, electronic payment giants, WeChat, Alipay, and their small procedures are basically unavailable. A health code for payment, is the absence of these two, and it is difficult to take it on the day.

QQ,Sina WeiboIt is possible to install, but the service has been stopped. All major banks app and e-commerce platforms are not worth noting.

Other aspects, although it is difficult to be elegant, it is still available. Anyway, it’s not not possible.

02 experience

Back to the topic talking on the phone. Nokia Lumia 1020 is most striking, as this polycarbonate body, as well as domineering camera modules.SquareThe front face is equipped with a rounded back curve, and it does not lose the grip. Compared with the time, the rounded R angle, the curved screen, and there is a unique temperament.

It has a huge round camera module, which has been draped "Olio". For the time of the mobile phone, 41 million pixels are flat, but in eight years ago, this 41 megapixel camera with Xenon flash, Zeiss certified, is an unkno-opponent.

Of course, it is also full of historical traces, such as hanging rope holes, micro usb interface, Windows mobile phone exclusive entity buttons, and "extremely advanced 3.5mm" headphone interface. Its SIM card slot is Microsim, and the strange thing is that it supports SIM card hot swap, but not supported, each exchange system needs to be restarted.

Nokia Lumia 1020 is equipped 1 / 1.5 inch 41 million pixel cameraThe 1/1 1.2 inches of 808 PureView is slightly smaller than the end of the destination, but it is better than the software advantage. Its imaging effect is better than 808 PureView.

From the perspective, the camera ability of Nokia Lumia 1020 is still very hitting today, the soil sensor, good OIS optical anti-shake, has a good imaging quality. It also has such problems, such as camera start and imaging speed, the strange white balance of Nokia ancestors, and the place where the paste is still passed, the software will not give you too much correction.

Of course, old fansMindDo not forget, there is it Lumia professional camera. Manually adjust the various options, Raw’s original picture, which is accustomed to calculating photography, these options may be a bit cumbersome, but for use skilled users, they are the existence of making mobile phones into tools.

Let’s first come from the easiest requirements. When a mobile phone is the mission of the mobile phone, it is at least to act as a player.ListenSong, look at the video.

Lumia 1020 is still selected in this regard.The UWP period is very active NetEy cloud music, still downloading installation in the Microsoft Store.If you can’t install on your phone, you may need to install your phone via the Microsoft Store operation of the Windows PC, or join your own software library and transfer it to your phone.

Log inNeteaseAfter Yunyun, the Metro UI that did not change was reflected in the eye. Founded interface, refreshing and streamlined, songs can be played normally, search, and songs can be used, but dynamics, recommendations, etc. have not been acquired. Long-term lack of updates, Netease cloud music Windows mobile version is very streamlined, and it is also missing a lot of functions, such as the entry of the purchased digital album is not found.

Foreign famous flow media music platform Spotify can log inBut the core recommended song list, the search function has been invalid, and can only be opened from the individual music library, it is actually half-disabled.

Video aspect,哩 哩, Iqiyi’s official UWP version can be installedHowever, the B station account password login may report an error, and you need to use iOS, Android version of the APP scan code.Bilibili UWP version supports 1080P playback, video speed, etc., experienced good experience. It still has a good third-party UWP version, but it is no longer available to play video.

It’s not the right thing. Compared to the other audio and video applications on Windows Phone, or only empty housings.Youkuvideo,SohuVideo is the latter, the application can be downloaded, but the video cannot play normally.

Step by back, we can also retro it, introduce the audio and video into your mobile phone. You can play with Groove music, movies and TV, classic FOOBAR 2000 Mobile, VLC Player, ACG Player is also a good third party. choose. But today, there should be no one like this cumbersome experience, the streaming service has completely changed our way we listening to the song.

The Windows mobile phones can do not much in other daily applications. The application ecology is very lacking, and after many years, it is a desert.

If you want to use, you can only return it, solve the problem through the browser. takeMicrobloggingFor the Microsoft Store, the Weibo can also be downloaded, but it has already stopped support. Brush Weibo can only pass the browser, experience very original.

ShakeOn the lineWeb version, so the brush roast on the Windows phone is also possible. However, there is only a desktop version without a mobile version, which is very uncomfortable on this small screen, because performance issues, Carton is more serious.

The map of the system can work normally. If you need to find your car or bus route, it can help you.

If we rely on the browser, we have another option. In recent years, progressive network applications PWA is a general purpose application, which is based on a normal web page, but is similar to traditional meaning. We are commonly used by Weibo, shake, etc., and Apple Music, Spotify, TeT, Telegraph, etc. have a PWA version.

It is a pity that the Lumia 1020 not only keeps the era, but also the EDGE browser that has not been updated for many years is also the foundation, but also the general application such as PWA can’t save it. Spotify no longer supports the mobile EDGE browser to log in, and the Apple Music web version is not possible to perform the next step after opening.

General applications can’t save you, it is really unharmonic.

Office software isMicrosoftSignboard. Windows 10 mobile version of Office getGood support, experience is not much different from the Duration And Zhuo version. Microsoft’s Office suite on this platform has been supporting until January 2021, and there is no too much.

Because of performance issues, today’s Lumia 1020 will occasionally appear when using the Office suite, and the connection speed of OneDrive has also been.Anxious. However, using mobile version on the phone, it is mainly dealing with some simple or urgent needs to achieve a level of consensus.

In Windows UWP applications, the XODO PDF reader is not much, supporting a PC, mobile dual platform, and a complete feature of the application, and the usual features such as ink writing are basically available. In addition, there is an 8 zip which is quite similar to the 7-ZIP name. For mobile phones, the plate is optimized, it is convenient for touch screen operation, but the PC side experience is not so beautiful, slightly cumbersome.

Other applications include free version of Adobe Photoshop Express, support simple diagrams and image editing; Pic Collage This old puzzle application can now be used.

03 How Windows mobile phone is falling

In 2021, I took this Lumia 1020, and we can get it almost these. Worse battery, occasionally stuck and loaded, as if to talk to us 8 years it experienced.

On October 8, 2017, the Vice President of Microsoft Operating System Department, "Joopi Feng" Joe Belfiore, said that Windows 10 Mobile has stopped developing new version and new features, only for existing versions and devices, safe patches and maintenance. On January 14, 2020, the Windows 10 Mobile system officially stopped updating.

Why can’t Microsoft’s leadership of Nokia, PC and Communications Empire, why can’t I make the Windows mobile phone succeed?

The most important reason is of course Microsoft’s death. Microsoft’s mobile phone dreams in 2000 Pocket PC, which is later Windows Mobile platform. In 2010, Windows Phone 7 is released, and the existing Windows Mobile is abandoned and cannot be upgraded.

When Windows Phone 8 is released, the system’s kernel turns by Windows CE to Windows NT, sharing a lot of constituent elements with the PC system, theoretically constructing apps more convenient, system hardware requirements are double cores. This out, the majority of Windows Phone 7 devices cannot upgrade Windows Phone 8, only get a Windows Phone 7.8 as "Consolation Award".

With the release of Windows 10, Microsoft renamed the mobile phone platform to Windows 10 Mobile, and strive to implement unified ecology. The familiar scenes will happen again. Although Microsoft promises all Windows Phone 8 models to upgrade Windows 10 Mobile, after multiple delays, only less than 20 models have been upgraded, and the remaining models can only be previewed. The user was once again abandoned.

So unloading killing, hurting consumers and tortured developers. From Windows Phone 7 to 8, 8.1, then to the later UWP, multiple internal changes, forcing the developers to follow the application. Original Microsoft’s mobile application ecology is not rich, the market share is not high, where can I get this toss? Sina Weibo, Taobao like the number one player, I didn’t have a few years.

In addition, Microsoft’s mobile partnership strategy is also substantive. The earlier Windows Phone is similar to the PC system. OEM vendors want to pre-installed to pay a certain authorization fee to Microsoft. ZTE has disclosed the number of $ 20-30. In contrast, open source and free Android systems are easier to get the favor of mobile phone manufacturers.

Microsoft is waking up in 2014, announced that the Windows mobile phone system will exempt the OEM license fee, but it is too late. iOS and Android are almost two-year world, and the third mobile phone operating system is no longer required in the world.

In general, the Windows system can be able to cross the PC field, and it is extensive compatibility. Microsoft’s Windows mobile phone history, completely with compatibility design, and it is not unexpected.

04 Lumia will come back again?

Nokia Lumia mobile phone is going to think about thousands of thoughts. So in 2021, is we like to see Lumia’s classic new mobile phone?

We have pinned the hope of lumia literary revival in HMD. The Nokia Android phone built by HMD has been popular in the Chinese market, and the flagship machine design is eye-catching. Unfortunately, the flagship market is not good, the middle-end machine is not making money, and HMD can only turn the center of gravity to overseas market. Nowadays, domestic entry is quickly popularized, and there are still many models of HMD to use water drops, and the design is mediocre.

In fact, the Lumia can be revived, and the decisive factor is in Microsoft. Although Microsoft licensing the 10-year rights of Nokia brand use to HMD,But there is a Lumia brand and a large number of design patents in your hand.Maybe its mobile phone dream is still going. Unfortunately, on the two generations of Surface Duo mobile phones launched in Microsoft, we have never found the shadow of the Lumia era.

On this Nokia Lumia 1020, we can still experience the exquisite industrial design, innovative magnetic posters, as well as Nokia’s unique temperament, and the classic slogan of "technology people-oriented".

Nokia, the old fans of Windows Phone may also remember that at the 2018 Inspire Conference, Microsoft CEO Nadla personally used the Android mobile phone to demonstrate Microsoft application, and I can’t forget that Wuwei Chen. However, the mobile phone market is a king defeated. If it is not a strong man of Nadla, Microsoft is probably not to regain new students, and become a 2.5 trillion market value company that is now with Apple and drive.

Remnant. Don’t look back in an anger, don’t worry about it.

At the end of the year! Double 12 These four mobile phones are worth considering, performance and price are "leaders"

As the most important mobile phone in the electronic product, there is no optimal model. As the product is only the most suitable mobile phone for the user, in order to facilitate everyone to choose, Xiaobian is also a lot of people, digital practitioners summarize Several models of this year are more popular for your reference. In terms of performance and price, they are all "leaders" in various fields, and they are double 12 next month. If this year is ready to change, consider considering

October sales king: iPhone13 series

This year, IPHONE13 can say a two net in the market last year. It can be seen that there are 13 series overall strength. The most recommended is the iPhone13pro, which is equipped with the strongest A15 processor, and iPhone13pro support 120Hz high brush, and For the first time, I took the iPhone series to more than 3000mAh. I know that my IOS system’s power consumption is much smaller. This strengthening is undoubtedly two-way enhancements in overall performance and power consumption.

And this year, the iPhone has dropped 300 in previous years. This amplitude is also very big in previous years. For fruit powder, the 13 series this year has brought too many surprises.

Best price ratio: millet Mix4

Mix4 should be the most serious mobile phone this year! Double 11 straight down 1600, to know that it just released more than 2 months, the price of the user can start to a high-end flagship machine, cost-effective, millet Mix4 is the starting model of Xiaolong 888 PLUS and The fuselage is polished by the whole ceramic process, and there are 4500mAh large batteries with small rice stripped charging system 120 watts, seconds, 50 watts, wireless seconds, 120Hz micro-band flexible screen, Harman Carton duplex, at the time At the beginning of the release, 200,000 units, after the double 11 is also a bunch of small rice, it is also the best model for this year.

The mobile phone posting on the first half of this year is actually a small rain point. It is not worth mentioning in front of hard power Vivo X70PRO. It has self-developed image chip V1, and is equipped with the latest Samsung E5 AMOLED. Screen, support 120Hz high brush and 2K resolution, image and screen experience are top!

In particular, Vivo X70PRO is not only more transparent to the imaging of optical glass, but also on Vivo X70 Pro + after Zeiss, has the world’s only ALD coating technology, SWC coating technology, anti-glare and ghosting, It can be said that it is the top flagship machine in this year’s image.

Best thousand yuan: Red rice K40

This year, the "sales crown" model, the force iphone13 and iPhone12 pull the top, can be said that the level of the flagship machine does do the price of the thousand-yuan machine, it is hard to imagine a 2000-incomprehensive hand screen will use E4 material. AMOLED screen, and also support 120Hz high brush, as well as DISPLAYMATE A + authentication, and it is equipped with the Snapdragon 870 processor. There is only only red rice K40 in 2000 yuan to be equipped with the most stable 870 this year, within 2000 in performance Invincible

The battery is equipped with 4500mAh batteries and full-blood version 33W fast charge. Compared with 3000 price of sub-flagship machines, its cost-effective list, the same performance, almost the same endurance, "sales crowns" is also a witness this year.

In general:

This year’s four best is the above four, basically cover the mainstream of the mainstream, the small series is still the same sentence, everyone buy mobile phone to look for your own demand, buy it, don’t buy expensive!

PISA 2021: Jannat Mirza

Pakistan International Screen Awards (PISA) has announced nominations for its second edition, taking place on the 5th of November 2021 in Dubai.

The PISA organizers have announced nominations in 24 categories.

The star-studded event will not only include awards for film and TV screen artists but also, for the first time ever, Pakistani social media personalities (TikTok and Instagram celebrities) will be present to receive their accolades on stage.

TikTokers Kanwal Aftab, Jannat Mirza and Instagram celebrities Dananeer Mobeen and Romaisa Khan have been nominated for this year’s PISA awards.

Following are TikTok and Instagram nominations for PISA 2021.