Nokia God Machine 8 years ago, what is the experience?

Polycarbonate fuselage, domineering camera module, 41 million pixels, PureView, Zeiss certification.

This is Nokia Lumia 1020. It is the old flagship, a generation of video benchmarks, and many people memories of Nokia and Windows Phone. This time, we re-experienced this classic mobile phone. After 8 years, he will tell us what kind of story?

01 Can it still use it?

sure. I don’t think about it, we really want to take it with the usual machines, try to use it to complete some daily tasks, electronic payment, instant messaging, etc. Using the iPhone, Android phone response. Unfortunately, time did not give it a chance, the old high-pass S4 dual-core processor is overwhelmed, we have to make a good job.

Let’s talk about what is completely can’t be used. Two instant messaging, electronic payment giants, WeChat, Alipay, and their small procedures are basically unavailable. A health code for payment, is the absence of these two, and it is difficult to take it on the day.

QQ,Sina WeiboIt is possible to install, but the service has been stopped. All major banks app and e-commerce platforms are not worth noting.

Other aspects, although it is difficult to be elegant, it is still available. Anyway, it’s not not possible.

02 experience

Back to the topic talking on the phone. Nokia Lumia 1020 is most striking, as this polycarbonate body, as well as domineering camera modules.SquareThe front face is equipped with a rounded back curve, and it does not lose the grip. Compared with the time, the rounded R angle, the curved screen, and there is a unique temperament.

It has a huge round camera module, which has been draped "Olio". For the time of the mobile phone, 41 million pixels are flat, but in eight years ago, this 41 megapixel camera with Xenon flash, Zeiss certified, is an unkno-opponent.

Of course, it is also full of historical traces, such as hanging rope holes, micro usb interface, Windows mobile phone exclusive entity buttons, and "extremely advanced 3.5mm" headphone interface. Its SIM card slot is Microsim, and the strange thing is that it supports SIM card hot swap, but not supported, each exchange system needs to be restarted.

Nokia Lumia 1020 is equipped 1 / 1.5 inch 41 million pixel cameraThe 1/1 1.2 inches of 808 PureView is slightly smaller than the end of the destination, but it is better than the software advantage. Its imaging effect is better than 808 PureView.

From the perspective, the camera ability of Nokia Lumia 1020 is still very hitting today, the soil sensor, good OIS optical anti-shake, has a good imaging quality. It also has such problems, such as camera start and imaging speed, the strange white balance of Nokia ancestors, and the place where the paste is still passed, the software will not give you too much correction.

Of course, old fansMindDo not forget, there is it Lumia professional camera. Manually adjust the various options, Raw’s original picture, which is accustomed to calculating photography, these options may be a bit cumbersome, but for use skilled users, they are the existence of making mobile phones into tools.

Let’s first come from the easiest requirements. When a mobile phone is the mission of the mobile phone, it is at least to act as a player.ListenSong, look at the video.

Lumia 1020 is still selected in this regard.The UWP period is very active NetEy cloud music, still downloading installation in the Microsoft Store.If you can’t install on your phone, you may need to install your phone via the Microsoft Store operation of the Windows PC, or join your own software library and transfer it to your phone.

Log inNeteaseAfter Yunyun, the Metro UI that did not change was reflected in the eye. Founded interface, refreshing and streamlined, songs can be played normally, search, and songs can be used, but dynamics, recommendations, etc. have not been acquired. Long-term lack of updates, Netease cloud music Windows mobile version is very streamlined, and it is also missing a lot of functions, such as the entry of the purchased digital album is not found.

Foreign famous flow media music platform Spotify can log inBut the core recommended song list, the search function has been invalid, and can only be opened from the individual music library, it is actually half-disabled.

Video aspect,哩 哩, Iqiyi’s official UWP version can be installedHowever, the B station account password login may report an error, and you need to use iOS, Android version of the APP scan code.Bilibili UWP version supports 1080P playback, video speed, etc., experienced good experience. It still has a good third-party UWP version, but it is no longer available to play video.

It’s not the right thing. Compared to the other audio and video applications on Windows Phone, or only empty housings.Youkuvideo,SohuVideo is the latter, the application can be downloaded, but the video cannot play normally.

Step by back, we can also retro it, introduce the audio and video into your mobile phone. You can play with Groove music, movies and TV, classic FOOBAR 2000 Mobile, VLC Player, ACG Player is also a good third party. choose. But today, there should be no one like this cumbersome experience, the streaming service has completely changed our way we listening to the song.

The Windows mobile phones can do not much in other daily applications. The application ecology is very lacking, and after many years, it is a desert.

If you want to use, you can only return it, solve the problem through the browser. takeMicrobloggingFor the Microsoft Store, the Weibo can also be downloaded, but it has already stopped support. Brush Weibo can only pass the browser, experience very original.

ShakeOn the lineWeb version, so the brush roast on the Windows phone is also possible. However, there is only a desktop version without a mobile version, which is very uncomfortable on this small screen, because performance issues, Carton is more serious.

The map of the system can work normally. If you need to find your car or bus route, it can help you.

If we rely on the browser, we have another option. In recent years, progressive network applications PWA is a general purpose application, which is based on a normal web page, but is similar to traditional meaning. We are commonly used by Weibo, shake, etc., and Apple Music, Spotify, TeT, Telegraph, etc. have a PWA version.

It is a pity that the Lumia 1020 not only keeps the era, but also the EDGE browser that has not been updated for many years is also the foundation, but also the general application such as PWA can’t save it. Spotify no longer supports the mobile EDGE browser to log in, and the Apple Music web version is not possible to perform the next step after opening.

General applications can’t save you, it is really unharmonic.

Office software isMicrosoftSignboard. Windows 10 mobile version of Office getGood support, experience is not much different from the Duration And Zhuo version. Microsoft’s Office suite on this platform has been supporting until January 2021, and there is no too much.

Because of performance issues, today’s Lumia 1020 will occasionally appear when using the Office suite, and the connection speed of OneDrive has also been.Anxious. However, using mobile version on the phone, it is mainly dealing with some simple or urgent needs to achieve a level of consensus.

In Windows UWP applications, the XODO PDF reader is not much, supporting a PC, mobile dual platform, and a complete feature of the application, and the usual features such as ink writing are basically available. In addition, there is an 8 zip which is quite similar to the 7-ZIP name. For mobile phones, the plate is optimized, it is convenient for touch screen operation, but the PC side experience is not so beautiful, slightly cumbersome.

Other applications include free version of Adobe Photoshop Express, support simple diagrams and image editing; Pic Collage This old puzzle application can now be used.

03 How Windows mobile phone is falling

In 2021, I took this Lumia 1020, and we can get it almost these. Worse battery, occasionally stuck and loaded, as if to talk to us 8 years it experienced.

On October 8, 2017, the Vice President of Microsoft Operating System Department, "Joopi Feng" Joe Belfiore, said that Windows 10 Mobile has stopped developing new version and new features, only for existing versions and devices, safe patches and maintenance. On January 14, 2020, the Windows 10 Mobile system officially stopped updating.

Why can’t Microsoft’s leadership of Nokia, PC and Communications Empire, why can’t I make the Windows mobile phone succeed?

The most important reason is of course Microsoft’s death. Microsoft’s mobile phone dreams in 2000 Pocket PC, which is later Windows Mobile platform. In 2010, Windows Phone 7 is released, and the existing Windows Mobile is abandoned and cannot be upgraded.

When Windows Phone 8 is released, the system’s kernel turns by Windows CE to Windows NT, sharing a lot of constituent elements with the PC system, theoretically constructing apps more convenient, system hardware requirements are double cores. This out, the majority of Windows Phone 7 devices cannot upgrade Windows Phone 8, only get a Windows Phone 7.8 as "Consolation Award".

With the release of Windows 10, Microsoft renamed the mobile phone platform to Windows 10 Mobile, and strive to implement unified ecology. The familiar scenes will happen again. Although Microsoft promises all Windows Phone 8 models to upgrade Windows 10 Mobile, after multiple delays, only less than 20 models have been upgraded, and the remaining models can only be previewed. The user was once again abandoned.

So unloading killing, hurting consumers and tortured developers. From Windows Phone 7 to 8, 8.1, then to the later UWP, multiple internal changes, forcing the developers to follow the application. Original Microsoft’s mobile application ecology is not rich, the market share is not high, where can I get this toss? Sina Weibo, Taobao like the number one player, I didn’t have a few years.

In addition, Microsoft’s mobile partnership strategy is also substantive. The earlier Windows Phone is similar to the PC system. OEM vendors want to pre-installed to pay a certain authorization fee to Microsoft. ZTE has disclosed the number of $ 20-30. In contrast, open source and free Android systems are easier to get the favor of mobile phone manufacturers.

Microsoft is waking up in 2014, announced that the Windows mobile phone system will exempt the OEM license fee, but it is too late. iOS and Android are almost two-year world, and the third mobile phone operating system is no longer required in the world.

In general, the Windows system can be able to cross the PC field, and it is extensive compatibility. Microsoft’s Windows mobile phone history, completely with compatibility design, and it is not unexpected.

04 Lumia will come back again?

Nokia Lumia mobile phone is going to think about thousands of thoughts. So in 2021, is we like to see Lumia’s classic new mobile phone?

We have pinned the hope of lumia literary revival in HMD. The Nokia Android phone built by HMD has been popular in the Chinese market, and the flagship machine design is eye-catching. Unfortunately, the flagship market is not good, the middle-end machine is not making money, and HMD can only turn the center of gravity to overseas market. Nowadays, domestic entry is quickly popularized, and there are still many models of HMD to use water drops, and the design is mediocre.

In fact, the Lumia can be revived, and the decisive factor is in Microsoft. Although Microsoft licensing the 10-year rights of Nokia brand use to HMD,But there is a Lumia brand and a large number of design patents in your hand.Maybe its mobile phone dream is still going. Unfortunately, on the two generations of Surface Duo mobile phones launched in Microsoft, we have never found the shadow of the Lumia era.

On this Nokia Lumia 1020, we can still experience the exquisite industrial design, innovative magnetic posters, as well as Nokia’s unique temperament, and the classic slogan of "technology people-oriented".

Nokia, the old fans of Windows Phone may also remember that at the 2018 Inspire Conference, Microsoft CEO Nadla personally used the Android mobile phone to demonstrate Microsoft application, and I can’t forget that Wuwei Chen. However, the mobile phone market is a king defeated. If it is not a strong man of Nadla, Microsoft is probably not to regain new students, and become a 2.5 trillion market value company that is now with Apple and drive.

Remnant. Don’t look back in an anger, don’t worry about it.

The youngest motivation of the Congress of the Congress of the Dialogue: It is discovered by AI to find the physics law, and the Nature Subscription

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Scientific exploration, perhaps the ai field, one of the most "star sea" imagination.

Mysterious life password, everywhere, the power of power, chaotic molecular sports … Scientists go to success, explore simple, elegant, harmonious mathematical equations to describe the general laws of the world.

From the viewing cloud distinctive objects to the numerical climate model, from Newton, Einstein, a relatively discovered law, and leaving a concentrate in the process of human development. The world is so wide, there are too many mystery, not being explored and defined by human beings.

When AI grows into a key cutter that digs massive data information, it has opened a new door to explore the scientific issue.

The world’s top AI institutions are put into action, DeepMind uses AI to crack protein folding problems, Huawei cloud training tray ancient drug molecular model to promote AI new drug research, NVIDIA announced to create "digital twin global" to study climate change …

These decoded unknown explorations are also the direction in which Sun Hao is studying.

Ministry of Renmin University of China, Minister of Artificial Intelligence, Implicate Associate Professor, Sumao

Sun Hao is 33 years old. At present, Sun Hao is currently the youngest long-term associate professor and motion of Renmin University of China.

In October This year, Sun Hao team’s paper "PHYSICS-INFORMED Learning Of Governing Equation" is published in the International Academic Journal Nature Communications.

After a few years, he returned to the motherland, he wanted to use AI to unveiled more potential laws, find more reliable theoretical support for physics, chemistry, biological, engineering applications.

Sun Hao team published on the International Academic Journal Nature Communications in October this year

First, from"Architect"arrive"Equation detective"

Sun Hao is not a "AI + Science Exploration" direction.

His undergraduate studied in the civil engineering major of Hehai University. After graduating, he took full scholarship to the University of Columbia to study the master’s degree and doctorate of Engineering Mechanics. Subsequently, he was doing a Ph.D., 29 years old, and under 30 years old. Elite "scientific list, 31 years old is elected" Top Ten Chinese Outstanding Youth ".

During the study period, Sun Hao is the kind of play, and the students who will not die, I really like to swim. When doing a PhD, Sun Hao insisted on swimming every afternoon, and often playing table tennis, soothing to relieve stress, restart the brain.

Before and after 2015, Sun Hao’s research background is mechanics, doing some applications such as intelligent buildings, smart urban intelligent infrastructure, such as sensor monitoring and warning buildings, bridges and other building structures. When making software analysis, he began to contact artificial intelligence and machine learning methods for resolving relevant data processing issues.

In this process, Sun Hao found that data did not imagine so much, information is not so sufficient, if only data is processed, the previous basic mechanics law is not enough to solve some dynamic problems of the building.

At first, it was interested in making it. Later, as the study gradually extends, Sun Hao realized that this is not only mechanically related issues, weather forecasts, other systems in physical worlds such as weather forecasts, there are many other systems in physical worlds such as cell movement. There are similar problems.

So, is it possible to make a set of AI theory, it is possible to find a specific scientific law from the data, form a new theory, and can also take into account the basic theory we have learned before?

With this as the starting point, Sun Hao’s research direction began to transition to "AI + Science Exploration".

He believes: "The future scientific exploration should not rely on people. Newton wrote the second law of Newton, Cople wrote the law of Copler, they did have any people, it is a genius, it is a giant."

The unknown problem in the physical world is so vast, so far, human beings only solve the hoss of the iceberg. If there is still only relying on people’s power, how many geniuses do you still have?

"So we are thinking, with this, it is better to let Ai play genius, and AI will help us find this law and put this formula." Sun Hao said.

AI explores nonlinear partial differential equations for describing the complex reaction diffusion process of biochemical systems

Second, return to the motherland, use artificial intelligence to explore the scientific law

Since 2017, Sun Hao successfully passed the University of Pisberg, the Northeastern University of Northeastern University, and the part-time researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sun Hao chose to return to the motherland in this summer.

"The domestic scientific research environment has become much better than before." Sun Hao mentioned the significance of domestic research and support in policies and funds, and in the long run, he has more confident in China’s scientific research.

After taught by Professor Wen Ji, Professor Wen Jirong, he immediately decided to join a young Ai Academy, just created two years – China Renmin University of China.

Gao Hui artificial intelligent building

The Gao Hui Artificial Intelligence College was established on April 22, 2019. It is the second-level college, the founder of the Renmin University of China, and the founder of the Gao Yu Capital and CEO Zhang Lei’s support construction. The Chinese Academy of Engineering Pan Yunhe is the director of the Academic Committee, Professor Tejong Executive Dean, the teacher sequence implements "long hire".

"I feel that the teacher is very pleasant leader. I think I should join this place." Sun Hao believes that an excellent leader has a guiding role in the growth of young people. Whether it is anchoring the direction of the AI ??change, it is still necessary to have a feeling.

Apart fromleadershipIn addition, Sun Hao also is optimistic about the other three advantages of the Gaozheng Artificial Intelligence College:Vision, system, culture.

In his opinion, the Gao Hui Artificial Intelligence Academy has the development of the AI ??development and took the lead in proposing a temperature AI. Ai is not only a tool, it should be deeply associated with people, combined with various disciplines such as law, communication, economics, social governance, to solve extensive issues in the real world.

Can a place to attract passion, a soft young scholar, a system is critical, and the stereotype will give innovation to form a barrier, and the Gao Hui Artificial Intelligence Academy encourages the teacher to freely explore the research direction and does not set the boundary of the roll box.

In the next two months, Sun Hao felt that the culture of the college is very inclusive. The college supports professors to choose their own research direction. They have encouraged attitudes in internal and external cooperation. The research funds are also more abundant. If you want to do a research on future development, the college will specially apply for a part of the funds to specifically support This direction.

Current Sun HaoArtificial Intelligence Mathematical Basis and Improving CrossContains interpretative deep learning, knowledge characterization and reasoning, physical driver depth learning, symbol strengthening learning and reasoning, data-driven complex power system modeling and identification, control equation finding, infrastructure health monitoring and intelligent management.

After joining the People’s Congress Human Human Corporation this year, Sun Hao quickly formed a "Physical Driven Artificial Intelligence" research team, and published a papers in the international academic Journal Nature Subscription in October.

Up to now, he presided over or jointly hosted more than 330 million US dollars such as research projects; 50,000 papers were published in various publications such as international first-class SCI journals and computer topics.

Third, cooperate with the Meteorological Bureau to crack the weather password

The study of Sun Hao team advancing physical systems, chemical systems, biological systems, etc., to explore the various potential laws of thousands of physical worlds, and describe it in the form of mathematics.

At present, Sun Hao, Wen Ji, Lu Zhiwu, three professors and high-time high-end high-resolution data from China Meteorological Bureau to explore specific laws and equations with high-level high-resolution data, and to predict weather changes more accurately.

The traditional meteorological prediction method is based on the numerical calculation. According to the actual situation of the atmosphere, the fluid mechanics and thermodynamic equations that describe the weather evolution process are solved under certain initial values ??and boundary values, thereby predicting atmospheric motion state and weather in the future.

This exists a problem, the imaginary numerical model is in error, and the basic weather law can be captured, but it may be underestimated to some small probability of extreme weather.

How does these errors cause? Imagine models may be unreasonable, or people have not considered in place.

In this regard, Sun Hao uses AI methods, explores the laws with the actual meteorological evolution, and attempts to describe a better equation to achieve ultra-short weather forecast, and improve long-term prediction and extreme weather forecastion. Precision.

The Sun Hao team has three goals with the scientific system obtained by AI:Interpretative, push capability, generalization abilityEven if there is no event, the system can make a stable prediction.

This is quite challenging direction. The traditional AI model is a black box, but Sun Hao wants to change this concept, I hope to do "AI + small data" can still get a very reliable AI model, and can extract some unknown rules from small data.

AI explores nonlinear normal differential equations for describing chaotic power systems

This is also a very exciting direction. In scientific exploration and engineering applications, true valuable is not the amount of data, but not the information is sufficient. There is a lot of massive data, but even if there is no massive data, it is still possible to explore a simple and general law.

Mathematics is the foundation of all science, equation is an abstract expression of various scientific theories, and it is often a beautiful and beautiful equation that describes some objective laws of physical worlds.

In addition to meteorological precision forecasting, Sun Hao continued to pay attention to the progress of protein structure, automatic driving, etc., and he also considers the combination of automatic driving control systems and the like to optimize It can be interpretative.

Four,"To make big results, there must be big mind and vision"

In the College of Artificial Intelligence, Renmin University, Sun Hao is teaching graduate students "artificial intelligence interdisciplinary application thinking and actual combat".

"This class is not good." Sun Hao said that this is a new course, compared to existing artificial intelligence theoretical courses or case classes, it pays more attention to the guidance and training of students’ interdisciplinary research thinking.

For example, throw a problem, use ai method to solve it, how to embed it in the knowledge you need, and play a real role in designing the AI ??algorithm? This is the analysis capability that students should master.

He will also train students to study the articles of the top party, not only to understand the frontier method of solving the problem, but also clear how the story is talking about, and why they can make this method to solve the problem.

Sun Hao did not want to give students a limited time. When he guids Ph.D., he usually understands the students’ own ideas and career planning. Specify a direction for students who have just enrolled, but will not limit what method is used, gives doctoral students freely explored space .

"We solve this problem itself is very interesting, it is unknown world." Sun Hao said, "You make a regular, or find a new knowledge, it will become very excited, this feeling is constantly stimulating In the process, it will keep interest in interest, so it is said that there is such a trait that scientific exploration is why so many people love scientific exploration. "

He hopes that students must first love their research, clear what they want, do not have to be tangled this year, a nature is not half a year, "To make big results, there must be big mind and vision."

Everyone has different research traits, so Sun Hao will teach in accordance with the materials. For example, a student’s logic thinking is strong, learning and solving the problem, Sun Hao guides him to do some challenging things; and if a student does not have this potential, Sun Hao will slow down, come step by step. He started research.

He is happy to share your experience to the students. The doctoral student he is driving is very strong. When the students feel that the pressure is big, Sun Hao will stop the work of the hand, go out to climb the mountain and relax, and come back to see this problem, often appear new Inspiration.

At the same time, Sun Hao’s requirements for students have very high requirements: "If this student is reading a doctor, he needs to fully explore his potential and increase his research capacity to the ultimate of herself."

Do it, it is not to press the student, but it is hoped that the students can use solid basic skills after training, so that his future has a more wide direction of research. "Ai + Science Exploration" is essentially a research foundation AI method, even if students want to try some different directions, they can also swim.

For students, Sun Hao also expressed encouragement and support. In his opinion, in "AI + Science Exploration" direction, molecular effects or incentive new drug development, fluid model or drive rocket aircraft design, all kinds of applications such as this can produce value by increasing efficiency.

Conclusion: I look forward to more interdisciplinary talents.AIExplore the scientific star sea

Interpretation is the development direction of the future AI, and the combination of AI and scientific exploration is exactly an important carrier.

The current "AI + Science Exploration" is also facing multiple challenges: this is a region that requires depth interdisciplinary cross-disciplines. It is necessary to combine very strong expertise; in addition, how to make the system have both powerful learning skills, but also The beauty, this is a complex balance problem that needs to explore the new AI algorithm.

"We have made some work. I believe that in the future, we should at least have a role of guidelines." Sun Hao took some examples, including symbol enhanced learning reasoning strategies and sparse regression.

However, talents in the field of "AI + Science Exploration" are still quite scarce, and students are mostly born for computer classes. Sun Hao also hopes to see more other directions are interested in studying in this field.

"If mathematics is still good, basically think that the threshold of AI itself is very low, I am not a computer profession." He has only two basic requirements for his graduate students. First, there is enthusiasm for Ai + science, second is enough. Diligent, brave overcoming difficulties.

"Sweat and harvest are a pair of friends, diligence and knowledge is a pair of couples." He looked forward to more young people to join this direction, willing to pay sweat, to overcome a series of research problems.

Apple Watch Series 7: Why I’ll wait for my upgrade

One of my resolutions in 2021 was to lose all my post-pregnancy weight. While I’m halfway there thanks to some strict diet changes and more activity, I have an ulterior motive for this goal. The plan was to get a new Apple Watch this year if I succeeded, and I figured it would end up being the Series 7.

My Apple Watch Series 3 faithful as it is, now has a very cracked display. And while Apple continues to support it, installing a new OS on the Series 3 has become a very annoying exercise since it usually never has enough space for updates. This means I have to follow a cycle of wiping the watch clean, then reinstalling the software. A tedious exercise that I was looking forward to ending this year.

Except the Apple Watch Series 7 has left me a bit confused. And I have decided to wait for an upgrade. Here’s my reasoning. While the bigger display is something that might appeal to most users, for someone like me, this has definitely added to my confusion when considering the new watch. Yes, I’ve made peace with a big screen on the iPhone, but a bigger watch ends up looking terrible on my (still) bony and petite hands. If I were to pick and upgrade, I’ll probably go for the 41mm version, given it will be a better fit for my hands.

But the main reason I would hold out on the upgrade is that the Watch Series 7 doesn’t look like much of a jump, especially compared to the Series 6. Despite the redesign and fancier display, it is underwhelming. For starters, reports are indicating that the Apple Watch Series 7 is running the same processor as the previous version, which is the older S6. Apple didn’t talk too much about the performance jump in the new Watch either, the processor wasn’t mentioned, unlike last year.

No Ronaldo, no wins for Juventus after losing at Napoli 2-1

No Cristiano Ronaldo. No wins for Juventus.

The Bianconeri remained winless in Serie A and slumped to their second consecutive defeat since Ronaldo went back to Manchester United after losing at Napoli 2-1 on Saturday.

Napoli center back Kalidou Koulibaly scored five minutes from time after Moise Kean inexplicably headed the ball toward his own goal following a Napoli corner, setting up a tap-in for Koulibaly.

Matteo Politano equalized for Napoli near the hour mark following Álvaro Morata’s opener for Juventus 10 minutes in at Diego Armando Maradona Stadium.

“We need to change the way we play,” Juventus captain Giorgio Chiellini said. “When you have a superstar like Ronaldo you can’t not play for him. … We should be grateful to Cristiano for these years at Juventus but we need to move on.”

Juventus remained with just one point from a 2-2 draw at Udinese in its season opener. With Massimiliano Allegri having returned as Juventus coach after Andrea Pirlo’s unsuccessful tenure last season ended a run of nine straight Italian league titles, Juventus also lost at home to promoted Empoli before the international break.

The loss to Empoli came a day after Ronaldo’s transfer, while this defeat came on the day that Ronaldo scored twice in his first match and win for United in 12 years in the English Premier League.

“We put in a worse performance against Empoli but today unfortunately we paid the price for errors,” Allegri said. “In soccer, when you don’t win, you can only shut up and work hard.”

Juventus doesn’t have much time to train, though, before traveling to Sweden for its Champions League opener against Malmö on Tuesday.

Napoli, meanwhile, has won all three of its matches under new coach Luciano Spalletti and moved three points clear of Lazio, Inter Milan, Roma, AC Milan and Fiorentina, which won at Atalanta 2-1.

“I’ve got to thank Spalletti for making the team solid,” Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis said of the former Roma, Zenit St. Petersburg and Inter coach. “I chose Spalletti because he’s diligent, orderly and handles things firmly, just the way I like it. You can talk to him and he doesn’t get offended if you ask for an explanation, because he isn’t haunted by his ego.”

The equalizer came when Juventus goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny didn’t do enough to control a long-range curled effort from Lorenzo Insigne and Politano slotted it in from near the ‘keeper’s left post.

Morata’s goal came following a defensive error from Kostas Manolas, who was attempting an ill-advised pass back to goalkeeper David Ospina. Morata took possession instead and beat Ospina from a sharp angle.

United States midfielder Weston McKennie played the opening 72 minutes for Juventus despite being banned from a pair of U.S. World Cup qualifiers for violating the national team’s COVID-19 protocols.

McKennis also missed Juventus’ derby against Torino in April after violating COVID-19 protocols in Italy.

Allegri needed McKennie’s services after deciding not to use South American players Paulo Dybala, Juan Cuadrado, Rodrigo Bentancur, Danilo and Alex Sandro because they had just returned from international duty.


Dušan Vlahovic converted two penalties for Fiorentina in a 2-1 win at Atalanta, which was expected to contend for the title but has only one win in three matches.

Duván Zapata pulled one back for Atalanta but Fiorentina goalkeeper Pietro Terracciano saved several potential equalizers.


Venezia earned its first points in Serie A in nearly 20 years after beating Serie B champion Empoli 2-1.

Back in the top division for the first time since 2002, Venezia’s goals came from two newly acquired players: French forward Thomas Henry and Nigerian striker David Okereke.

For new hires, remote work brings challenges, opportunities

Rebekah Ingram’s remote internship has come with a series of unexpected challenges: She lacks a proper office set-up, her mother often calls for her while she works, and her dog barks during video calls.

Her situation will sound familiar to anyone who has worked from home during the coronavirus pandemic. The difference for Ingram is that she, like many other young people who started jobs in the past 18 months, hasn’t spent any time in a traditional office. She speculates that remote work is “way more informal”.

“It’s kind of trippy because…you’re working but you’re in your own environment,” said the 22-year-old, who is interning at Like Minded Females Network, a global tech and entrepreneurship non-profit based in London.

Many 2020 graduates left school and entered a world in turmoil, with limited job prospects. Some lost work opportunities as companies cancelled internships or froze hiring altogether. As restrictions have eased in many places, jobs have become easier to find, but work remains far from normal.

Most of all, many young workers say, they know they’re missing out when their office is the four walls of their bedroom. They wish they had more chances for everyday social interactions with their colleagues, both to build camaraderie and to find mentors.

Sohini Sengupta, 22, had an easy transition to remote work because she was used to doing it at school, but she feels she lacks a sense of community at her job.

“When I started working, I took a look at my workplace’s website and I could see photos of them taking trips together, enjoying themselves at the pool table at the office…something I had no chance to experience,” said Sengupta, who lives in Calcutta, India, and is working as a production trainee at a media outlet based in New Delhi.

Annabel Redgate, 25, a public relations account executive at PR agency TANK in Nottingham, England, began her current job in February. When pandemic-related restrictions began lifting a few months ago, she started to reach out to colleagues to meet for drinks after work. Now TANK has begun a staggered return to the office, and it’s the social atmosphere she’s most looking forward to.

“PR is a very personal industry, so I’m excited for the atmosphere in the office,” she said.

For Maya Goldman, a 23-year old health reporter based in Washington, DC, beginning her career remotely has meant struggling to set boundaries for herself, a process she figures she would have seen modelled by her bosses if she had been working in the office.

It was “hard to figure out … when was appropriate to tell my bosses that I was done for the night, or when I should take lunch, and how long I should take lunch for,” Goldman said.

Many employers are conscious of the need to help new remote workers feel welcome.

At 9 every morning, employees at Trevelino/Keller, a marketing firm in Atlanta, participate in “Spotify at 9”, where they all play the same song and talk about it on Slack. They’ve also held book clubs and watched TED talks virtually.

It’s part of an effort to make sure “while you’re waking up every day in your first career remotely, you feel like you’re part of a company and you’re part of our culture,” said Dean Trevelino, co-founder of the firm.

Liza Streiff, CEO at Knopman Marks Financial Training, a financial education company in New York, recently held a barbecue at her place, the first in-person event for the company since the pandemic.

Many of her employees were meeting in person for the first time. It was two of the youngest workers — an intern and another worker who recently joined full-time following an internship — who told Streiff “how much this meant to them”.

Companies are also helping employees take advantage of mentoring opportunities they may feel they’re missing out on.