Under the VUCA era, how do companies have "vision" decisions?

Users first become the logical starting point of business operations

In the traditional industrial era, due to technical and cost, in addition to the minority of high-end custom brands can realize user demand, "user-supreme" is ideal for most companies, more like an ideal Laboratory values.

In digital commercial age, Internet, 5G, cloud computing, artificial technology, etc. On this basis, the ability to optimize the service capacity by continuous operation. "User-on" has become the logical starting point of all enterprises, and the rear ended R & D, production, transportation, retail, organization and other competitions are reflected.

Over the past two decades, the Internet of the Internet, the connection between people, people, people and information has formed a huge network covering the human life workfrup, created new business civilization, precipitating massive data . In the next 20 years, massive data will bring a greater subversive change to the entire business and society along this network.

The data has become a new production element, which has become a strategic resource that achieves high quality development must rely on high-quality development, and digital transformation has become a must option in all walks of life. During this process, data is important, but more important is insights and analysis.

Throughout the history of China’s insightural and analyzing industry, the data is scarce in the early 1990s, and the data is scarce. We are worried that there is not enough data. Today, the amount of data is no longer a problem, how is the key use: How to do deeper insights based on data? How to make decisions based on insight How to finally land the decision? How to set up experience precipitation as a replicable methodology?

These issues not only do not have too many ready-made experience, but also varies from industry. As the data is also like oil and coal, it needs to be refined to play a greater value. At present, in the development of the industry, it is also facing some challenges:

1, insight distortion, loss:Sometimes there will be some confusion, such as the insight analysis conclusions of multiple data institutions, let users have no decision. The difference in insights is that the source of research is not uniform, and some are not unified because the statistical caliber is not unified. These problems have led to the final insights, often lack rigorous and objective, and difficult to help scientific accurate decisions.

2. Analyze the supply and demand of talents:Each industry is thirsty to professional data analysts, giving birth to a large number of talent needs, but there is currently a contradiction between supply and demolition. In the demand side, the potential stocks that wanted to enter the market on the market, suffering from the quality of teaching content and practical opportunities. In the supply, senior analysts on the workplace lack a platform and opportunity to show their strength and vocal.

Digital economy is booming, seizing opportunities need consensus to win

On Thursday, I participated in the "Vision 2021 Research Alliance Summit" held by the people’s data and the huge number of engines, which announced the establishment of the "Counting Research Alliance", and the alliance will jointly research institutions and industry experts and integrate quality insights. Analyze the service resources, establish a data common language, create insight into the topic, create a multi-solution, and contribute to more business cooperation.

During the meeting, many institutions, analysts, brands, media representatives, etc., together, together, together from different perspectives and dimensions, explore the value and significance of "vision" under the VUCA era, and how companies have "far" Decision. Not long before the summit, I have been visiting the 8 industry leaders and preliminary discussion with them on the above issues.

1, huge imagination of digital economy

As the "Big Data National Team", Zheng Guangkui mentioned in the summit: "The establishment of the Alliance has stood in the mainstream trend of social and economic, and the data is becoming the basic strategic resources and revolutionary key elements. The new driver of business decision-making, new content of commodity service trade, new means of social governance, bringing new value added, and the alliance will bring long-term value for industry. "

At the same time, the Zheng Guangkui Manager will also mention a very important macro number:"In 2020, my country’s digital industrialization has reached 7.5 trillion yuan, accounting for 19.1% of digital economic proportion. It is predicted that 65% of my country GDP will be related to data in 2022."

According to the "China Digital Economic Development White Paper" authority issued in April this April this year, the China Digital Economic Scale is up to 39.2 trillion, accounting for 38.6% GDP. Future Digital Economy will be the main contribution of increment and half-Wanjiang Mountain, which will account for a very important location in China.

In the process of helping the high quality development of all walks of life,Alliance members will also adhere to the original intention of "Big Data to Civilized People". By helping more ordinary people, more industries have enjoyed digital and beautiful life and development dividends to achieve their business value and social value.

Ms. Wang Yu, President of Kaid Group, Global President Wang, believes that data-oriented innovation and sustainable development, not only important to enterprises, but also social development is also crucial.Whether it is impatched domestic demand, or rural revitalization, it is fundamental to people’s insights."Consumer’s attitude management has given us some very clear instructions. Our companies must innovate, to transform (to meet these needs). The more important value of calculation alliance is how to create better through analysis and insight into data. Enterprise value and social value. "

Unilever (China) Data and Digital Marketing Vice President Fangjun believesDigital development has great influence on the entity industry. The real way is still based on consumption upgrade, environmental protection and other trends to innovate, create value increments."How to see the direction of our technological innovation through consumer trends, how to use these trends to continue to innovate, this is the opportunity of our entity industry."

2, consensus, win-win, symbiosis can achieve real long-termism

Under such a large-scale economic change, there is no industry and enterprises to be in addition to the exception, and they are even. Data explosion age, each company has survived in a digital complex environment, facing how this living environment can better analyze and inspect the changes within the inside and outside, pre-judging the future, and make scientific decisions in time, grasp development opportunities to become the market just need Insight and analysis industries that can fully excavate data value have also ushered in new opportunities.

In this context, the establishment of the alliance is necessary and timelyThe "Big Data National Team" such as the people’s data is the development standard, the rules, and the rules, also BCG, Kaid, Yiposo, Fosun International, Source Capital, CITIC Construction, China International E-Commerce Co., Ltd., etc. The top international and top intelligence tank organizations have been added.

Why do you serve different industries? The intelligence organizations of different business sessions in the same industry will gather in the same league?

I do this to this: Because today’s business is facing a systematic problem, it is more expected to be a systemic solution given by each server to integrate their own professional advantages.

Due to the high complexity of business operations, in the past 100 years of modern enterprise development, all aspects of the production and operation of the company have been derived from the division of the wiskin organization, providing professional services from different fields, which is our common sense. Party B, and the company being served is called Party A.

Any problem is often clear, and there will be answers. For example, enterprises need to develop a macro development trend, formulate strategic blueprints, change organization mode, to find management consulting agencies; need to make mergers and acquisitions, investment and other capital activities, requires the help of venture capital and brokerage institutions; Before developing new products, you want to know the local market or the latest consumer characteristics and trend. Market research institutions are not bilateral choices; as for the product to start investing in the market to carry out a lot of marketing activities, there is a large number of creativity and media talents. When the advertisement agent is a big boxing, it is a large number of professional and managed talents.

During the process of migration from the traditional economy, Party A will not have a fixed solution in most cases, but a new, subversion, which also proposed New requirements and challenges. They were born because Party A resolved problems, and now it will be reborn due to the new issues proposed by Party A.

The more subversive change, the more you need professional people in different fields, the new dealing. The establishment of the counting research alliance is like a top consultation in the medical platform. In the face of the problem of incurable diseases, the alliance members are like the best attending physicians in each department, from different professional perspectives to diagnose pulses, and propose the most effective and most authoritative treatment.

How to realize a win-win situation for the alliance, just as Wang Xing said in the round table discussion of the summit: "Everyone is a real ecology party in the calculation of the study alliance.The eco side has to win a common, to contribute to some of the most distinctive, most important professional capabilities.We really need (counting research alliance) platforms, as well as ecological partners to create a win-win situation.Only an ecology is only a union, only the symbiosis can truly long-termism."

Director of the Institute of CITIC Jianota, Managing Director General Managing Wu Chao believed: "Although everyone talks different languages, considering their most urgent things, can provide a relatively universal production tool on the (alliance) platform, everyone You can come here to create some of the available applications. We count the establishment of the alliance hopes to bring you some new inspiration in the era of rapid changes, and eventually create some consensus. If you can create some win-win, Perfect. "

Industry leaders’ assignment: new research, new opportunities, new prosperity

To provide a systematic diagnosis and solution for the brand, the establishment of the counting of the alliance must face the first major problem in the industry: insight distortion. In this regard, the solution given by the Alliance is to play the professional advantages of alliance members, gather quality research resources.

First, as a consumption trend of consumption trend in the huge number of engines,Huge amountRelying on strong products and analysis advantages, it has been working with more than 60 professional institutions, and has conducted deep research on more than 20 key industries and more than 1,000 brands. Perfect system to "vane insight".

Alliance members come from international and local top thinkulecience, which is both familiar with the Chinese market, but also have a global field of vision, which not only has a macro-trend of various countries and regions, and the precision of the consumption trend, but also has strong knowledge assets and talents. Assets – Decades to serve the industry Know-how to accumulate domestic and foreign brands, as well as a large number of outstanding professional analysts and researchers.

Members co-constructed high-quality research resources, including but not limited to: high-quality one-hand research materials, efficient, convenient, easy-to-use insights, innovationResearch methodsScience, depthIndustry research model, Loudspread(Authoritative Experts and Wisdom Books, Authoritative Reports Joint Publishing, etc.). Based on high quality research resources, we can jointly explore trend research, focus on important topics construction research models and solutions, and truly help brand owners to grasp digital economic opportunities.

Any emerging industry has been accompanied by a large number of professional talents. Prior to this, there must be a professional, highly self-disciplined industry association, stand up from the industry chaos, and actively assume the responsibility of the industry’s high-quality development, establishing the industry development standards, and building new development Order, for the members of the association to achieve new opportunities, promote the development of the industry to achieve new prosperity.

It is now facing the flourishing of digital civilization, the establishment of the counting of the alliance is like the past 100 years of industrial civilization, and the CPAs in the CPAs, the US Investment Management and Research Association in the US Investment Management and Research Association to Chartered Finance Analytics (CFA) .

At present, in addition to the members of the organization, the Alliance also opened recruitment to individual analysts, promoting the indoor and research process of insights and analyzing industries, and mitigating the contradiction between industry talent supply and demand. For example, help your personal IP to create, better business chances (identity certification system, training courses, traffic support), etc.

In the future, the Alliance will also actively build industry norms, actively organize the development of exchange interactive activities such as Salon / Seminar, and the implementation of a perfect industry development system, advocate self-discipline and professionalism, and promote industry prosperity.

When the order is standardized, self-disciplined, professional, and authoritative will promote the benign development of the industry, and the multi-business cooperation opportunities will naturally gather.

Future competition is the competition of ecological bodies

In this business ecology today, the parties are no longer a simple Party B, but complex symbiotic relationship.

Everything we see today is the beginning of a new era, and a great journey of human society from agricultural civilization to industrial civilization to digital civilization. The digital wave is from the Internet, and gradually began to spread in the whole industry.What we face is not a simple traditional industry upgrade, but a big revolution in business paradigm..

In this new competition, competition is not only a competition between a single company, or even the competition for the value chain in the industry, because the border of the industry may be broken, the high-dimensional attack of the new species Not uncommon, just like the Internet media platform to traditional media organizations, smartphones in traditional mobile phones, and smart cars that are happening to traditional cars.The commercial competition in the Internet age is often intended to interleave, and the ecological competition is integrated.

Faced with different backgrounds and different consumers, the company’s strategy naturally changes. In the context of data into the fifth largest production factor, companies need more quality analysis insights to conduct scientific precision decisions, reduce future uncertainty, and it is better to be more accurate, in order to see more, farther.


Edit: Opening

Director: Shen Shuai

Yuan Universe is still far, but the change of social socialism has begun.

The Yuanhe Wan is picking up a new wave of social and content creation iteration.

Facebook changed its company name to Meta, founder Zuckerberg announced to the outside world to create a "Yuan Universe" including new social. China’s Internet companies such as Tencent, byte, Baidu are also layout in this field.

The essence of social communication is the connection between people. What new type will be displayed in the Yuancosian? What new content and business models may these connections?

With regard to these issues, a product named Xi Xup provides a lot of ideas.

In the universe, everyone is the modeling of the digital world.

Despite the definition of the Yuan Universe, there is a consensus that this will be a virtual and realistic combination of realities, with the realistic parallel world.

The most important thing in this world is still "people". Every real person must create its own role, ie digitized furnish. It is unique, it is controllable.

As a result, the starup APP is to help users build a digital identity. Landing Xing Puppet app, you must create your own image, from the face, hairstyle to the clothing, these can be free to match.

On the character, there are millions of PUGC materials, hundreds of action editing, and combinations of thousands of action editing, and combinations of thousands of action and expressions can achieve various scenarios. This is to ensure that each user can create a single role according to the preferences.

The Yuan Universe is a world with realistic parallel, so like a platform for "virtual self" platforms like this, it is possible to become the entrance of the Yuan Universe, as well as an indispensable infrastructure.

In fact, the stars are also trying to become a content creation platform for a Yuancosian era. In addition to creating their own virtual image, starpiece also offers a variety of scenes, role matching, and even the creation of virtual idol groups. Users can give their character, story, and complex animation, have even detailed production guidance around their character, story, and complex animation. This allows users to have an open capacity.

Star-even clothing props production status | stars

If the essence of the Yuan Universe is a 3D version of the Internet. The construction of the Yuan Universe requires a large number of digital world constructor, and they spontaneously build digital content, and add bricks to the Yuancos.

The stars are doing to provide a set of tools to reduce users’ thresholds for digital identity and related content. These digital content will be hairstyle, expressions, personality backgrounds, etc. In the star team, if the Yuancos is really coming, its demand will be very large, and even a new profession – Yuan Cosmian modeling.

Like the charming artist and stylist in the real world, the Yuan Cosmic stylist helps you build a exclusive image in the Yuancosian – pinch face, wear, personalized story, etc., from all aspects to become in the Yuanhezhou people.

The Roblox Joint Founder Neil Rimer has pointed out: "The energy of the Yuan Universe will come from the user, not the company." Determine the content standard, form a set of low-threshold standardization production mechanisms, excitation more users to produce content in UGC, this is When the product of the Yuan universe is trying to solve in the product.

"Self-sufficient" yuan universe, how to do it?

The risk investment in the Yuan Cosmo’s risk investment home made a set of basic frameworks about the Yuancosian. In his opinion, the Yuan Universe must have a ripe economic system.

Just like the Roblox called the "First Share", the homemade game can be traded within the platform, and it will give itself a practical benefit. Only 2020, 300 developer revenue reached 100,000 US dollars on Roblox.

This actually means that the content created in the platform can become its own digital asset. The platform provides a complete business system to ensure that this asset can circulate within the ecology and eventually produce economic benefits. In this regard, the starpiece also built an economic system.

Simply put, the puppet station supports PUGC’s virtual role and elemental accessories transactions, and the contents of the creators have real business value. Whether it is a simple sock, it is a set of a set and a complete small theater, and users can maribe the price to sell and get the "Diamond" reward.

At the same time, the official will also launch a competition and various theme activities in the station. Through these ways, the content of user creation can achieve greater exposure, and if someone bought the set or accessories, the creator can also be divided into.

According to reports, the user-creative system of starpiece has done an incentive closed loop for the creator. At present, the number of goods on the platform has exceeded 2 million. Hundreds of creators have received over 10,000 income, with the highest quality creators sold their total cost of clothing more than 60,000 pieces.

As of October 2021, the total number of stars of stars exceeds 20 million, and the number of active users exceeds 4 million. The company’s global users have 150 million, the month is 8 million. A larger user base is the basis for the product to the Yuan Universe. Because there is only enough users, the social relational chain can be built in the virtual world.

On the social basis, starpiece also has the creation and consumption of digital content, trading behavior and model, there is a general currency, and there are two parties to buy and sell. This means that the stars already have a full-commercial ecology, and the future can develop different branching studies in the platform economy. For example, virtual idol packaging, etc. based on the star platform.

Yuancos’ socialchangeIt is inevitable, but it is not so fast.

Roblox CEO David Bashuki put forward eight elements required by the "Yuancos", namely, friends, immersion, low delay, diversification, anywhere, economic system and civilization. Specifically to the social field, the "Yuancosian" will eventually give birth to new social relationships in the online line.

Shenyang, Executive Director of Tsinghua University New Media Research Center, said that the "Yuan Coso" expanded the survival dimension of people, and people live in the real world and virtual world integrated integrated environment. On the other hand, it expands the sense of sensory dimension of the person, bringing a comprehensive experience of reality / virtual vision, hearing, and tactile combination.

Our new attempt to social products is also iterative in this generous direction.

Star Piece Product Interface | Star Puppet

After having a digital identity, the user can launch virtual social intersection in the stars. Send a video to share everyday life, create the small theater to share the cerebral world.

In multiplayers, starpiece supports users spontaneously form a family group. Each family has a declaration and a leader that needs to apply. Adding a family has certain requirements, most of them will create a creative task, PK get exclusive rewards.

These gameplay let a group of people with the same hobbies together, with more clear, precise emotional projection and honor in higher frequency interaction. Xi Xiang also launched the "photo" and "family photo". When you have a virtual idol, you can choose other virtual idols to take photos, and friends in the same family can take a photo of "Family Family".

Star puppet attempts to build a new common experience. It is from two-dimensional to three-dimensional, integrated theme, space, scene, and even plots, is a kind of collective creation, so that everyone’s expression is more technically and rich.

It is understood that the common 3D virtual image of Xiupiusa will be applied to the Ar / VR platform, and the future will also consider the standards of different types of platforms in the metamorceae, and even launch their customized VR equipment. When referring to future vision, the star founder said: "I hope that Xi Xiang can become the most important content of the young people, the most daily, and most can express the idea social platform."

But Rome is not built a day. At the moment, the industry has gradually formed a consensus, that is, the Yuan Universe cannot be built from a company.

In fact, from the PC era, human real world has begun to digitally process. We chat online online, have access to information, social games, collaborative office, usually spend more and more time on the Internet, realistic life in virtual networks is getting bigger and bigger. This is already in the process of leading to the Yuan universe.

Although the metamorphic is still far away, the change in content platforms and social products along this direction has begun.

First graph Source: stars

Baidu Intelligent Cloud Digital Technology Deep Integrated | Race Hyper

Digital Technology Reconstruction The speed of the financial industry is getting faster and faster. Many technology companies are participating in this change in its own technical advantages.

As the first echelon of domestic AI technology, Baidu Company, which occupies the leading position, constructs independent innovative multi-form Yunzhi integrated infrastructure, creating core scene applications such as full channel services, numerous marketing, synergy office, etc.,

Introducing a new generation of AI tool terminal solutions, "Baidu Smart Cloud Hurricane" intelligent engine and digital consultation full stack solution, reaching AI technology to financial institutions.

From the perspective of technical logic and implementation, Baidu AI technology layout financial field is far-reaching. Financial institutions are the empowerment of the development of the digital age, Baidu Intelligent Cloud uses AI to help financial institutions. At the same time, the digital technology will extend to the industrial manufacturing field, improve the financial model of industry Internet, and lay a solid foundation for building competitive intelligent manufacturing. Base.

Baidu AI + Finance=?

Baidu Intelligent Cloud’s "Yun Zhi Intega" wisdom financial solution, its overall architecture can be specifically presented as three layers: the first layer is a digital base, with core products such as financial exclusive clouds, aircraft paddle + Kunlun, load balancing (BFE) Ability; the second layer includes intelligent engine, including AI middle platform, two core products of knowledge in knowledge.

The first layer and the second layer constitute "multi-morphological cloud-integrated infrastructure of independent innovation".

The third layer is a plurality of scene application solutions, such as "AI +" scene envoys, digital marketing and growth programs, content digital intelligence schemes, etc.

On November 26th, Baidu Smart Officer’s "Scene Application": New Generation AI Machine Terminal Solution, "Baidu Smart Cloud Hurricane" Intelligent Engine and Digital Consultation Suitable Stack Solution.

Wall Street knows that "Yun Zhi Intega" wisdom financial solutions, abide by "AI technology" positioning, facing the entire financial system.

"Baidu technical features based on ‘ai’, this is the most important engine and starting technique when we help financial institutions have advanced digital work. At present, the current status of financial industry is very strong, so if you only provide simple ‘On the cloud’ service, the business gain effect of (financial) institution is not very obvious. "Li Shuo said," But AI technology management has its operation and maintenance, the effect is completely different. "

Wall Street knows that Baidu Smart Cloud AI technology has a large-scale depth in the back-end service system of the financial institution.

In 2019, Baidu Intelligent Cloud and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank have opened the scene of Baidu AI technology in financial institutions. By 2021, both parties cooperated from the first financial digital, intelligent customer service to extend to the "deep learning platform" and the AI ??optimization platform, etc., with great expansion in depth and breadth.

Unlike industrial Internet, it has just begun to apply AI digital technology, and the financial industry has very high acception and application for AI digital technology. The sake of the financial institution’s pure application of digital technology has reached the extent of from point-like to system planning.

Because of this, the financial industry is not limited to the concept of pursuing shape when adopting AI technology, and it is very focused on the effectiveness of the promotion of its business.

Li Shuo said that "In the past few years, financial institutions have been considering the combination of digital technology in combination with specific business scenarios, and this is used as a procurement criteria for the use of digital technology or services."

In the actual application, Baidu Smart Cloud AI technology capabilities contain two types of landing directions, very popular with financial institutions.

First, such as the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank mode. When the Baidu AI technology capabilities apply to the service and marketing team, the overall performance has been significantly improved, and the cost does not increase accordingly, this is "the actual transformation effect that can be seen". Today, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank has generally tried AI technology to empowerment in multiple business scenarios.

Second, Baidu Intelligent Cloud Power Calligraphy Digital Transformation Path and Pudong Development Bank are different, and Baidu Ai technology capabilities are applied to wind control and operation. Baidu provides in-depth technical services for the Postal Savings: Building Baidu Smart Cloud AI (PaaS). With this, the Postal Savings Bank builds a personalized application SaaS tool that meets the specific business scenarios of the bank, and is widely used, and the trade-in business operation efficiency is very significant.

What did Baidu, November 26?

Pay attention to the effectiveness of AI technology in the financial industry, Baidu Smart Cloud adopts these market strategies, what is the actual market performance?

Wall Street knows that Baidu Intelligent Cloud all kinds of solutions have served approximately 300 financial industry agencies, covering 83% of national banks.

According to IDC’s "China Financial Cloud Market (2021, first half) tracking" report, the China Financial Cloud Market has reached 2.65 billion US dollars in the first half of 2021, and the market growth rate is 40.2%.

Among them, Baidu Intelligent Cloud ranched 86.56% year-on-year in the overall market of China’s Financial Cloud Solutions, twice as a year in China’s financial cloud market.

It is worth noting that the report summarizes the current financial cloud market: financial cloud construction enters "deep water area", and innovative formal infrastructure has become optional. According to the report, the growth rate of infrastructure and solutions reached 38.3% and 44.8% respectively.

In terms of infrastructure, Baidu Smart Cloud has improved the ability of this field on November 26.

Observing Baidu Smart Cloud’s technical system layout in the financial sector, it can be seen that through platform AI technology open source, in the context of the supervision requirements of "14th Five-Year" digital technology independent innovation, combined with Baidu smart cloud financial exclusive cloud, Baidu Intelligent Cloud AI Taiwanese adaptation business scenario needs multi-application form tool "averaged integration", "Baidu advantage may be more obvious in the next two or three years." Li Shui believes.

Baidu intelligent clouds, some of the multi-form cloud-integrated infrastructure constructed in the financial sector; Baidu Intelligent Cloud Finance is also a part of the infrastructure, which is a feasible option for future financial industry users.

According to IDC, after the formal landing of the support policy and management, the relevant program may become an important or even main way for SMEs.

As the core "Corps" of Baidu Intelligent Cloud in the financial industry, "Corps", "Yun Zhi Intega" wisdom financial solutions in fact were given the mission of "all-round empower financial institutions" by Baidu Intelligent Cloud.

How to do this?

In addition to previously released digital base-related core products and intelligent engine related products, this new generation of AI machine terminal solutions, "Baidu Smart Cloud Hurricane" Intelligent Engine and Digital Consultation Full Stack Solution.

In summary, that is, through the PaaS software empower multi-functional equipment intelligent interactive terminal, improve terminal and user interaction efficiency and experience, with "accompanying" joint operation method, jointly build full processes to digitally licensed capabilities, and then match To help financial institutions have across digital transformation thresholds with the "digital consultation" full stack of business class, planning and management.

That is, on November 26, Baidu Smart Cloud further enhanced the "cloud-integrated" smart financial solution to promote the technical empowerment of the financial industry to promote digital transformation.

Baidu’s design is also in line with the requirements of the financial cloud market development.

The IDC report shows that in the first half of 2021, the financial cloud infrastructure market has reached 1.83 billion US dollars, including 54.0% and 28.5%, respectively, with public clouds and private cloud infrastructure markets.

IDC believes that China’s financial cloud infrastructure construction process has not ended, and the head financial institution has adopted "Self-research Program + Cloud Computing Service Provider" to synchronize the strategy to speed up private cloud infrastructure construction.

Baidu Smart Cloud did not show its focus on public cloud or private clouds, and Li Shuo also proposed its planning and head financial institutions to promote the industry cloud.

"In the future, Baidu Plan, according to the supervision guidance, focusing on the large-scale financial technology company, such as Jianxin Jinke (CCB Digital Platform Company), etc.," Li Shuo said, "through the industry cloud platform, available Financial institutions use, in line with the digital technical capabilities requiring data and business requirements. "

Deep Objective: To make strong services

What is the deep direction of Baidu Intelligent Cloudy Financial Industry Technology Ending?

From Baidu Ai Technical Logic, becoming a head digital technology company in the financial field, it is likely not the technical endpoint of Baidu Intelligent Cloud.

Wall Street is noted that financial institutions promote digital financial purposes to enhance their business income; but from national goal, financial institutions, especially large banks, support industry, and manufacturing business strength and technical capabilities are the top Heavy.

From is the view, this is all the efforts of the digital technology company engaged in technical empowering financial institutions, Baidu smart clouds are no exception.

The problem is how the technical core advantage of Baidu Smart Cloud is matched with this country’s goal?

Through the deep communication with Baidu Intelligent Cloud, Wall Street saw that Baidu Intelligent Cloud believes that the industrial finance has experienced three stages: 1.0 stage: doing a financial service of large core enterprises; 2.0 stage: Financial services to the core enterprises, For upstream enterprises, they can do payments in accounts, and order financing can be done downstream.

At 3.0, the industrial data financial mode is truly realized. The overall multi-dimensional angle verification is made through the multidimensional data. It is truly exploring the risk information of enterprises in technology, whereby a new wind control model can be developed, and the ability to obtain multidimensional data assessment is the core key element.

To obtain multidimensional data assessment capabilities, Baidu Smart Cloud believes that it is necessary to construct an industrial Internet industry financial platform with AI-based industrial Internet industries.

In practice, Baidu Smart Cloud found that through industrial Internet and financial institutions, it can play an important role in serving the national manufacturing power of the country: financial institutions provide strong financial support to industrial Internet enterprises, industrial Internet generation enterprise full processes Data can also be improved in the financial control model.

Baidu Intelligent Cloud found in the process of doing industrial Internet technology, and the needs of financial services have two pain points: First, the company itself wants to do digital transformation, but no funds, it is necessary to loary; second, after obtaining loans, In the repayment pressure, companies will also consider whether digitized transformation gives the business to bring practical value. If it is not, it is difficult to drive the digital technology choice of the enterprise.

Therefore, Baidu intelligent cloud is based on Baidu Industrial Internet Foundation. It has built a Baidu Mini platform with AI technology as the core: where the government is one end, the bank is one end, the company is one end, Baidu’s role is based on the abilities service platform, As a three-party connection point.

The technical structure of the Baidu Mini platform is the bottom layer is a data platform, and the wind control platform is built on this base to achieve risk management before the loan, loan and loan.

Wall Street saw that Baidu has landed this industrial Internet abundance platform in a municipality in China, where the wind control platform penetrates the underlying data layer, decision-making layer and application layer. It is currently possible to make anti-fraudware before the loan, the loan to realize the risk level identification and real-time synchronization, and after the loan can make a warning and push, according to the corresponding management measures.

From this perspective, Baidu Intelligent Cloud promotes AI technology in the financial field, which can be seen as a small part of the industrial Internet industry financial platform, will also become a manufacturing strong country to make technical support for China.

Insight | Federal learning, formation encryption, fuzzy extractor? A new generation of biological identification technology enhanced privacy protection

"Zhi Zhou Insight" is a new research brand of machinery PRO, focusing on new generation of new generation of artificial intelligence technology, surrounding artificial intelligence academic exploration and engineering technology hot research direction in-depth exploration, tracking the latest AI technology route, analyzing mature Situation, insight into potential technology iterative opportunities. "Zhou Yaojing · Trusted AI" special series focuses on building a new generation of artificial intelligence technology for the purpose of building credible AI systems, expanding specific discussion around privacy protection, interpretable, fairness and robustness increase.

Write | Machine heart Pro

This section is selected from the "Zhou Insight" report series "Available Ai" topic "Privacy Protection Enhancement New Generation Biological Recognition Technology". The core of the machine will continue to surround a new generation of AI technology to build "credible AI" to issue technical insights, survey reports, organized online sharing and technical discussions, etc. Get full verse reports and event notifications.

This report has received many experts with great professional opinions. Special acknowledgment (sorted by surname’s first letters): Harbin Institute of Technology Science and Technology, Ph.D. Han Jiqing, Dr. Lei Zhen, Dr. Lei Zhen, Zhejiang University Network Professor Renkui, Dean of Space Safety, Dr. Tang Linpeng, Chief Technology Officer of Muqi Technology, Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Professor Zhang Junping, Computer Science and Technology, Fudan University


  • Dual-law implementation, enhance the privacy protection capacity of biometric system to reduce system security risk, abuse tracking and governance technology, biological information deducting, anonymization, etc.

  • AI Times Biological identification application broke out, biometric authentication replaces password in a large number of scenes, discloses, and the biological template cannot be changed or recovered once it is leaked. Enhanced the protection of biological templates is a key link to enhance biometric system privacy protection capabilities

  • The new generation of credible biometric systems should have irreversible, revocable, non-associated technical features. Feature transformation, biological encryption can enhance protection of biological templates.

  • Head Internet enterprise, AI technology company laboratory, research team has launched the privacy protection technology upgrade of biological identification system, such as strengthening biological template encryption technology research, using federal learning, multi-mode fusion and other computational and verification methods; Some emerging companies are also exploring a biometric technology solution that is more easy to use, higher security, and privacy privacy.

With the implementation of the data security law, the implementation of the personal information protection law, the market is upgraded to the upgrade technology, using the new generation of privacy protection to improve the need to heat up the needs of the biometric system, from the technical breakthrough, improve the safety of biometric system, and realize biometric identification The privacy capacity of the system is imminent. Accordingly, the research and development of biometric technology to construct a new generation of confident AI system capabilities is also rising.

In October 2020, China Xinyiyuan Terminal Laboratory United Telecom Terminal Industry Association, Telecom Terminal Industry Association, China Internet Association, Internet Financial Identification Alliance and Mobile APP Innovation and Personal Information Protection Laboratory joint release "Biological identification privacy protection The research report ", eight dimensions for the privacy protection of biometric system, and extended the technical topics that need to be solved, the machine’s heart is summarized as follows:

New generation biometric technology design for privacy protection

When designing a biometric identity authentication system architecture, the full process of biological data security and biometric verification accuracy is the two most important aspects that need to be considered simultaneously [6]. At the time of the technical selection of biometric applications, the recognition accuracy and ease of use of different biometric techniques also have a large difference, and the following figure shows the different types of biometric technology in terms of recognition accuracy and ease of use. Case.

The credible AI system should have the ability to protect the biological information template when using biometric identification. The ISO / IEC 30136 standard is given a method of evaluating the accuracy, confidentiality and privacy of the biological identification template, specifically indicating that in terms of security and privacy protection, IRREVERSIBILITY, unlinkability Features.

National Standard "Information Technology Safety Technology Biological Characteristics Identification Information" (Draft for Comment) also pointed out that biometric identification systems should meet confidentiality, integrity, and updateability and cancellation, and specify biometric identification information. The following requirements: irreversibility, negligibility, confidentiality. Furthermore, the available biological template protection mechanism achieves the objective features such as irreversibility, cancellation, non-correlation, and features of Performance (Performance) [9].

Increase the core fortress of the privacy capacity of biological identification system: biological template protection

Biometric identity certification is generally divided into two stages of registration and verification. The common biometric identity authentication system architecture is as follows, where t represents the biometric sample obtained when registration, Q is the query biometric sample obtained when identified, XT and XQ are template and query feature set, S represent match results [6 ].

The biometric data is scanned in the registration phase to determine a group of different biometric sets, called biometrics templates. Bioinformatics template data leaks are also the focus of personal information protection. Unlike passwords or secret key schemes, the biological information template is unlike password, once the leaks cannot be changed or recovered [8]. The following figure shows the main security vulnerability zone in the biometric system [6].

Biological template protection: technical methods such as characteristic transformation and bioconagration

Protecting biometric templates from a variety of hacker attacks is a vital issue. Protecting biometric templates Mainly include characteristic transform and biological encryption two sets of technical routes [6], including template encryption, can revoke biological identification, mixing methods, formative encryption, visual cryptography, etc. [6] The following table further summarizes the relevant technical methods.

Trusted biological identification technology upgrade: large factory and start-up enterprises have joined racing

Head Internet enterprise, AI technology company laboratory, research team has launched the privacy protection technology upgrade of biological identification system, such as strengthening biological template encryption technology research, using federal learning, multi-mode fusion and other computational and verification methods; Some emerging companies are also exploring more easy, high security, privacy biological identification programs and products, such as Miqi Technology, with non-contact finger and refer to the vein collection method, using multi-scale-based multi-scale Feature extraction and heterogeneous high performance ratio algorithm, push privacy protection enhanced biometric identification in a multi-scale image representation and cryptographic binding.

How India and Germany can work together to tackle climate change

For over a year now, India, Germany and the entire world have been in crisis mode. The Covid-19 pandemic has left no country untouched. It is safe to say, we will either beat Covid-19 worldwide or not at all.

The virus briefly drew attention away from another crisis — climate change and its impact. In South Asia and Europe, we have become used to extremely hot weather, flooding, dramatic depletion of groundwater tables and drought. Climate change could even stop the world from achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We have agreed that global warming must be kept to well under 2 degrees Celsius and, if possible, to 1.5 degrees. Back in December 2015, 195 countries joined in Paris to sign an ambitious climate agreement. Each of those countries must deliver on their responsibilities. Climate change, too, is a crisis that can only be beaten worldwide or not at all.

India is one of few countries that looks set to deliver on the national goals it set itself as part of the Paris agreement. Compared to other G20 countries, its per capita emissions are very low.

At the same time, India must bear in mind the development interests of its large population. We firmly believe that sustainable growth and climate action go hand in hand. India now has the opportunity to make its massive investments in infrastructure over the next 15 years climate-smart and climate-resilient. This will also protect the interests of the most vulnerable sections of the population. Without India, the world will not be able to fight climate change. Without India, we cannot achieve the SDGs. That means that India has a leading international role to play in the global race to sustainability.

The EU has adopted an ambitious Green Deal to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and to decouple economic growth from consumption of natural resources. Germany recently adopted laws on reducing greenhouse gases more quickly, achieving climate neutrality by 2045 and stopping the use of coal for electricity production by 2038.

As Deputy Ministers in Germany’s Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, we come to India with the greatest confidence in the country’s political process and to learn from India. We see our responsibility as an industrialised country to both forge ahead with greening our own economy and also support other countries.

In 2015, India’s Prime Minister and Germany’s Federal Chancellor agreed to further strengthen the two countries’ strategic partnership. On this basis, Germany and India have succeeded in building up a cooperation portfolio worth almost 12 billion euros. Already, nine out of 10 measures support climate goals and SDGs together.

Indo-German development cooperation focuses on three areas: The transition to renewable energies, sustainable urban development and sustainable management of natural resources. As a pioneer of energy transition, Germany is offering knowledge, technology transfer and financial solutions. Over half the Indian population will live in cities by 2050. Our cooperation efforts support Indian policies to find sustainable solutions for this growth challenge in the face of limited urban resources and climate change.

The pandemic has shown global supply chains are vulnerable. Yet, when it comes to agriculture and natural resources, there are smart solutions that are being tested in India and Germany for more self-reliance, including agro-ecological approaches and sustainable management of forests, soils and water. Experience in India has shown that these methods also boost incomes for the local population and make them less dependent on expensive fertilisers, pesticides and seed. We look forward to deepening the work in this area. This is related to international health policies. Through a One Health approach, which looks at the close connections between human and animal health within their shared environment, we want to help tackle the challenges posed by population growth, increased mobility, shrinking habitats, industrialised farming and intensive animal husbandry.

Ultimately, we believe that global climate goals and the SDGs can only be achieved through cooperation between governments, the private sector, science, and civil society. India and Germany have innovative economies and many highly-trained people. We should harness that potential even more.