"What is the charm of the Charring League?": What is the necessary cultivation of playing a tide cool product

Hello, everyone, here is the "What is the charm of the charm of alliances" columns. In the "What is the charm of the charm of alliances, Xiaoles always want to share the most trend, the most cool frontier products and fun lives. But recent Xiaofeng has been very distressed: I have made a lot of Meizu products, but I have been found in Xiaofen’s heart in accordance with the concept of Meizu "Young, Tilt cool" product concept. So I have to match the product map in the column, it is really regret.

OK, say this, everyone should understand. Based on the above reasons, "What is the charm of the charm of the world, and the Xiaofeng invited a small sister who is very in line with Meizu temperament. The Meizu products involved in this column include: Meizu 17 Pro, Meizu Watch full smart watch, Meizu Lipro LED bulb.

This product photography, Xiaofen chooses Meizu 17 Pro this product, it is selfish. It is not good to say that the product of Meizu 18, and 18S series is not easy, but Xiaofeng has special feelings for Meizu 17 PRO. First, the design of Meizu 17 PRO has a unique style, identifying MAX. The front right microporous design is in line with the visual center of gravity, and it is used to use almost the annoyance of the annular electricity. It is really difficult for me to shoot the ring, and you will see the poster directly:

The rear imaging design is not to say: the 6400W full scene master image system in the horizontal rings, let people recognize "this is a Meizu". Moreover, even if it is a hand shot, Meizu 17 Pro’s photography effect is also satisfactory enough to Xiaomeng, the picture shown in this article, even when it is photography, even the fixed bracket is not used.

Xiaobang selected "Wujin" colorful 17 PRO, with a relatively dark lighting atmosphere, mobile phone and the environment almost integrated. However, Meizu 17 PRO "Wujin" ceramic rear cover is more noble and mysterious in refraction. Seeing the renderings, Xiaoles only want to say "grass is a plant".

Meizu Watch full smart watches, is a monuiful gathered american accessory item this year. Based on the style of Xiaoshan’s own dress, Xiaofeng chose a relatively low-key introverted "Mo Ji" color matching when purchasing. Meizu Watch is designed with micro-arc square dials, the advantages of such dials are more high-level, and the display is also more rich. On this basis, Meizu Watch guarantees the exquisite polishing treatment of display screen glass, as well as the smart micro arc connection between the border and the ceramic rear cover, so that the hand feels more round.

Meizu Watch’s dial design is quite cool. The Flyme team is flat, simple style, inherited on the watch’s "Flyme for Watch", and the Meizu Watch’s dial design has also been repaired and has a scientific and technological sense, trend and symbolism.

In addition to the official dial provided by Meizu Watch’s APP "Meizu Dry", Meizu Watch also supports custom dials, which supports static, dynamic picture custom display, if it is quite strong, welcome to DIY friends to buy Several a few together.

Meizu Lipro series lighting products are "photo tomorrow plaques" in Xiaofen’s heart. Of course, not just saying that Xiaoli thinks that Lipro’s lighting is excellent, but also says that Xiao Meng looks up at this moment, you can see the lipro luminaire, on the ceiling.

LED bulbs, smart ceiling lights, LED cabinets and LED intelligent sensing lights … The Xiaobang is not decorated, but the easy-to-use lamp is really worth a try. From 40 yuan LED bulbs, to the middle and high-end smart lamps of hundreds of dollars, the Lipro series products use the mild eye-catching "light".

Close to real, restore real. "Light" is highly reduced to sun spectrum, and "the light" has RA97 high color restore, RG0 comfort and low blue light and unable visible flash, etc. Choose closer to natural spectra, create a "museum-level healthy light".

There are many beautiful products, Meizu Pandaer "Rehabilitating Series" bright green bold attempts, Meizu POP 3 true wireless headphones "Inspired from Go"’s new trend design … Here, Xiaothang’s focus on pandaer this Newly upgraded "Qiyao play" brand. Meizu Pandaer brand team consists of a group of young people who explore trend, Pandaer maintains curious to the world, and trying to try new style.

Pandaer "Rehabilitating Series" products are toned in fluorescent green and black, weaving a sci-world of "scientific panda exploring future planet". Pandaer X iQunix super touch transparent mechanical keyboard bold transparent stepped design and exquisite keycaps have also received the favorite of users.

Due to the production relationship of crowdfunding products, Xiaolong has not got products yet, with a small sister’s photo, you should have no opinion?

Under the new exhaust: Embedded AI learning training project (with 20G code information / learning video)

Some fans ask me: "What is the wind port of embedded developers?"

Painted outer sound: The nature of the wind is, in fact, it is an imbalance in talent supply and demand for a while. To put it bluntly, it is due to the industrial mutation, keen capital quickly enters, leading to a lot of development in a short period of time, require a lot of developers.

The current embedded development is increasingly inclined to intelligence, that is, what we said is intelligent hardware (hardware + software).

Taking the Baidu robot as an example, the core of the robot is the brain, that is, "data and algorithm", but the robot’s large brain machine body body can be active as human beings, can say that it will be said, walking, then you must rely on embedded technology.

Although the artificial intelligence has been in the year, it is a large stage of the real business that is in the field of the IoT side AI embedded, which has a very huge application scenario.

Therefore, I personally think that under the promotion of Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, embedded will usher in more development opportunities in the next 5-10 years, on the one hand, embedded development will usher in more application scenarios, another The technical system in terms of embedded development will also gradually abundantly, thus expanding the technical boundaries of the Internet of Things.

There have been many AI frameworks that have gradually supported end-side AI, such as Google’s Tensorflow Lite and Tensorflow Lite Micro, and Huawei’s Mindspore Lite. Chip vendors ST and NXP have also introduced some of the tools and DEMOs that are partially-oriented.

I have been engaged in embedded development work, and I have always paid attention to the development of embedded AI. I believe that with the arrival of the 5G era, AI has huge potential in various industries.

The technical personnel under every air is always the most difficult job, since the mobile Internet, excellent developers have been doubled.

At the moment, I personally optimistic about the development potential of the embedded AI industry in the future, and don’t have to be too anxiety that has developed to the bottleneck. First of all, it is first to consolidate your strength, let yourself caught when you come. Live it.

Then, in such a era, I have recommended 3 o’clock to improve their workplace value:

  • Further enriching its own knowledge structure, you must focus on artificial intelligence technology;

  • Pay attention to the accumulation of industry experience, there are very many links in embedded development and industry (future embedded development gradually covered with traditional industries);

  • Pay attention to related technologies in industrial Internet.

Recently, a set of AI entry must-have learning materials, strongly recommending everyone to learn, the author Wang Xiaotian, has a practical experience in the 8 years of human intelligence, and is currently at one of Bat, the AI ??algorithm senior technical expert, France TO3 colleges and universities (Computer Science Graduated from Milotics.

He issued more than 10 papers in artificial intelligence and chip field, with deep academic backgrounds and extensive experience in projects and business.

During the work period, it is mainly responsible for the work of artificial intelligence line CV and NLP related algorithm, promoting human machine mixing intelligence, semantic segmentation, machine translation, iris identification and other modules of core algorithm research and optimization. There is an in-depth study of image classification, object detection, target tracking, automatic driving, computer architecture, etc.

He has theory and actual experience, knowing that beginners learn pain points. To be honest, people such as such qualifications are very difficult.

Due to work needs, I am also studying in this tutorial. Although I have been engaged in this industry for many years, when I look at this tutorial, I can still check the shortage, harvest, I believe that it is Ai entry, or already already have already A certain work experience, this learning information is worth learning.

All all relevant content have been packaged, and the summary has a link to Baidu cloud. The little intimate is that some brothers don’t buy Baidu Cloud members, and can download 2MB + / s speed. Specially prepared the download tool for everyone.

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Next, I will introduce it in detail, how do this information learn?

First, entry AI, master a deep learning framework is one of the necessary survival skills.

Therefore, the tutorial will start from the deep learning framework, bring you from scratch training network, to independently build and design convolutional neural networks (including mainstream classification and detection networks), and conduct training and reasoning of neural networks (involving pytorch, tensorflow Multiple mainstream frameworks such as Caffe, MXNET, let you master a variety of depth learning open source frameworks through actual combat.

Intercepting the Framework Learning Site Directory Everyone feels.

Deep study and neural network

  • Deep learning profile

  • Basic depth learning architecture

  • Neurons

  • Activate function detailed solution (Sigmoid, Tanh, Relu, etc.)

  • Sensibility understand hidden layers

  • How to define a network layer

  • Loss function

Reasoning and training

  • Neural network reasoning and training

  • Detailed BP algorithm

  • Normalized


  • Solve the fit


  • Softmax

  • Training process of hand pushing neural network

Training neural network from zero

  • Use Python from zero to achieve neural network training

  • Experience summary of building neural networks

Deep learning open source framework

  • Pytorch

  • Tensorflow

  • Caffe

  • Keras

  • Optimizer detailed (GD, SGD, RMSProp, etc.

In terms of computer visual technology, the system will systematically explain the convolutional neural network, target detection, OpenCV, etc., from the test model teaching, gradually, until the core capacity of the CV algorithm is reached.

Online-related AI has a lot of entry resources, but many technical content is too small, no system, or write uncommon and semi-understanding, duplicate content accounts for the vast majority (herein, there is a variety of search results of Baidu here).

Painting outside: Homogeneous tutorials have a sufficient, pay attention to screening, do not waste unnecessary time.

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Pakistan set to tour Bangladesh after T20 World Cup

Pakistan will tour Bangladesh after the conclusion of the T20 World Cup in October. Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) chief executive officer (CEO) Nizamuddin Chowdhury confirmed the development. The Pakistan team will reach Dhaka on November 15 and would be playing two Test matches and three T20 internationals in Dhaka and Chattogram in November and December.

“The Pakistan series will happen right after the [T20] World Cup. The cricket operations department is in talks with the Pakistan board to finalise the details. All formats will be included, there will be more ODIs and Tests,” the BCB CEO told the local media on Monday.

This will be Pakistan’s first tour of Bangladesh in six years.