What is the millennium? A huge bug left at the beginning of the birth of the computer

To put it, in addition to social technology, in addition to truly learning computer professional, most people have some strangers for "millennium insects", even some people have never heard, do not know, users hear "insects" This word may also make a large pile of unidentified creatures, but in fact, "millennium worm" is not a creature, but a computer system created by humans.

The birth time of "Millennium Worm" is far from a so-called 1000 years. In fact, it is concerned that it is 21 years ago, and "Millennium Worm" is not like the netizen imagination, it is a similar "panda burning incense" Computer viruses have caused significant losses to humans at the beginning of the birth of the computer. It is exactly that it is a loophole of computer system designers, which is the system we are well known. "BUG"

Bug mother "Ge Lisi Hope"

Speaking of the history of the millennium has to mention a person, her name is "Ge Lisi Hope", people who have learned computer history should know that she has an outward in the computer field, called "BUG mother "

Geleis Hop was born in the United States in the United States in 1906, from a small way, especially the talent of math, in 1928, Hoop, who graduated from the Vasa College, has obtained the double bachelor degree in mathematics and physics. Later, she continued to study, six years later, becoming a small female doctoral mathematician, after 1939, the Second World War broke out, Hop was affected by the social environment, entered the US Navy system

Although Huof can’t kill the enemy because of women’s identity and physical problems, Hop is unable to kill the enemy. And sent to Havende Aiken’s hand as an assistant, and Howard is the manufacturer of the first general computer "Mark No." "Mark No." later.

Hop remained in the computer industry, Hop remained in the computer industry, because of the super high mathematics talent, her understanding of the knowledge of computer systems quickly, and became the most effective way of Howard’s hand, one is in progress "Mark 2" "In the operation experiment, the machine is inexplicably fault. Scientists find everything after the equipment, or Hop thought is fatigue, and found that there is a small bug in the computer system board, and she writes in the job note" because of a bug " (English in English), we interrupted the experiment "

This is the first "BUG" of the computer system in history. Hop is not only the first person who uses BUG to call the accident, but the earliest scientist manufacturing bugs for future generations.

"Millennium insect"

In 1957, after the end of the Second World War, countries around the world began to develop science and technology, and the research and development of computer systems in the United States has become flooded. The programming language has no uniform system, so the institution at the time. Invited Hope, I hope she can develop a general computer programming system, which is the COBOL language, which can write large-scale load procedures.

In addition to the changes in programming language, Hop is also significantly adjusted on the computer storage system. She is the world’s first developer who chooses 6 digits to store the date, like the count date we use 96.10.18 The representative is October 18, 1996, Hop is the starter of this counting method.

However, even Hope did not expect that she changed a small change in the date storage system, which actually triggered the world’s global system bug.

The principle of this bug is very simple, that is, the 6-digit storage date method, although some computer runspace, but every time you go to the millennium, the system will not recognize the problem, such as 6 digits in 2000 To store, it is 0000 years, and the intelligence of the computer at that time is not recognized that the month is 2000 or 1000 years, which leads to a major deviation in some calculation results.

Not only that, because the electrical system at home and abroad is already popular in 2000, and most of them use Hop-developed 6 storage methods, they have encountered bugs, and this will have once every 1000 years. The computer vulnerability is called "millennium insect"

Interestingly, when Hop-developed 6 stores, the United States "Bob" has discovered its major bug, but the people at the time did not think about it, because they think this vulnerability is a born year. I can’t encounter, so I am too lazy to solve, but it is better to hand it over to the future generation. I have not been released until 1990. The programmer in the world has not been released, so in the past 10 years, it is collapsed for the system. prepare for

Until 2000, the vulnerability of the millennium insects officially broke out, although many computer systems have collapsed, but it is better to prepare, so the impact of "millennium insects" is not big, and it has been in the past 20 years The engineers are constantly improving, even if it is once again outbreak, wait for 3,000 years, people still use it without a computer.

It’s just that we can’t be sure. In today’s less improved today, we will also have some "millennium insects", and do not want to improve after discovering, so that it will resolve the future generations?

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