Yuan Universe is still far, but the change of social socialism has begun.

The Yuanhe Wan is picking up a new wave of social and content creation iteration.

Facebook changed its company name to Meta, founder Zuckerberg announced to the outside world to create a "Yuan Universe" including new social. China’s Internet companies such as Tencent, byte, Baidu are also layout in this field.

The essence of social communication is the connection between people. What new type will be displayed in the Yuancosian? What new content and business models may these connections?

With regard to these issues, a product named Xi Xup provides a lot of ideas.

In the universe, everyone is the modeling of the digital world.

Despite the definition of the Yuan Universe, there is a consensus that this will be a virtual and realistic combination of realities, with the realistic parallel world.

The most important thing in this world is still "people". Every real person must create its own role, ie digitized furnish. It is unique, it is controllable.

As a result, the starup APP is to help users build a digital identity. Landing Xing Puppet app, you must create your own image, from the face, hairstyle to the clothing, these can be free to match.

On the character, there are millions of PUGC materials, hundreds of action editing, and combinations of thousands of action editing, and combinations of thousands of action and expressions can achieve various scenarios. This is to ensure that each user can create a single role according to the preferences.

The Yuan Universe is a world with realistic parallel, so like a platform for "virtual self" platforms like this, it is possible to become the entrance of the Yuan Universe, as well as an indispensable infrastructure.

In fact, the stars are also trying to become a content creation platform for a Yuancosian era. In addition to creating their own virtual image, starpiece also offers a variety of scenes, role matching, and even the creation of virtual idol groups. Users can give their character, story, and complex animation, have even detailed production guidance around their character, story, and complex animation. This allows users to have an open capacity.

Star-even clothing props production status | stars

If the essence of the Yuan Universe is a 3D version of the Internet. The construction of the Yuan Universe requires a large number of digital world constructor, and they spontaneously build digital content, and add bricks to the Yuancos.

The stars are doing to provide a set of tools to reduce users’ thresholds for digital identity and related content. These digital content will be hairstyle, expressions, personality backgrounds, etc. In the star team, if the Yuancos is really coming, its demand will be very large, and even a new profession – Yuan Cosmian modeling.

Like the charming artist and stylist in the real world, the Yuan Cosmic stylist helps you build a exclusive image in the Yuancosian – pinch face, wear, personalized story, etc., from all aspects to become in the Yuanhezhou people.

The Roblox Joint Founder Neil Rimer has pointed out: "The energy of the Yuan Universe will come from the user, not the company." Determine the content standard, form a set of low-threshold standardization production mechanisms, excitation more users to produce content in UGC, this is When the product of the Yuan universe is trying to solve in the product.

"Self-sufficient" yuan universe, how to do it?

The risk investment in the Yuan Cosmo’s risk investment home made a set of basic frameworks about the Yuancosian. In his opinion, the Yuan Universe must have a ripe economic system.

Just like the Roblox called the "First Share", the homemade game can be traded within the platform, and it will give itself a practical benefit. Only 2020, 300 developer revenue reached 100,000 US dollars on Roblox.

This actually means that the content created in the platform can become its own digital asset. The platform provides a complete business system to ensure that this asset can circulate within the ecology and eventually produce economic benefits. In this regard, the starpiece also built an economic system.

Simply put, the puppet station supports PUGC’s virtual role and elemental accessories transactions, and the contents of the creators have real business value. Whether it is a simple sock, it is a set of a set and a complete small theater, and users can maribe the price to sell and get the "Diamond" reward.

At the same time, the official will also launch a competition and various theme activities in the station. Through these ways, the content of user creation can achieve greater exposure, and if someone bought the set or accessories, the creator can also be divided into.

According to reports, the user-creative system of starpiece has done an incentive closed loop for the creator. At present, the number of goods on the platform has exceeded 2 million. Hundreds of creators have received over 10,000 income, with the highest quality creators sold their total cost of clothing more than 60,000 pieces.

As of October 2021, the total number of stars of stars exceeds 20 million, and the number of active users exceeds 4 million. The company’s global users have 150 million, the month is 8 million. A larger user base is the basis for the product to the Yuan Universe. Because there is only enough users, the social relational chain can be built in the virtual world.

On the social basis, starpiece also has the creation and consumption of digital content, trading behavior and model, there is a general currency, and there are two parties to buy and sell. This means that the stars already have a full-commercial ecology, and the future can develop different branching studies in the platform economy. For example, virtual idol packaging, etc. based on the star platform.

Yuancos’ socialchangeIt is inevitable, but it is not so fast.

Roblox CEO David Bashuki put forward eight elements required by the "Yuancos", namely, friends, immersion, low delay, diversification, anywhere, economic system and civilization. Specifically to the social field, the "Yuancosian" will eventually give birth to new social relationships in the online line.

Shenyang, Executive Director of Tsinghua University New Media Research Center, said that the "Yuan Coso" expanded the survival dimension of people, and people live in the real world and virtual world integrated integrated environment. On the other hand, it expands the sense of sensory dimension of the person, bringing a comprehensive experience of reality / virtual vision, hearing, and tactile combination.

Our new attempt to social products is also iterative in this generous direction.

Star Piece Product Interface | Star Puppet

After having a digital identity, the user can launch virtual social intersection in the stars. Send a video to share everyday life, create the small theater to share the cerebral world.

In multiplayers, starpiece supports users spontaneously form a family group. Each family has a declaration and a leader that needs to apply. Adding a family has certain requirements, most of them will create a creative task, PK get exclusive rewards.

These gameplay let a group of people with the same hobbies together, with more clear, precise emotional projection and honor in higher frequency interaction. Xi Xiang also launched the "photo" and "family photo". When you have a virtual idol, you can choose other virtual idols to take photos, and friends in the same family can take a photo of "Family Family".

Star puppet attempts to build a new common experience. It is from two-dimensional to three-dimensional, integrated theme, space, scene, and even plots, is a kind of collective creation, so that everyone’s expression is more technically and rich.

It is understood that the common 3D virtual image of Xiupiusa will be applied to the Ar / VR platform, and the future will also consider the standards of different types of platforms in the metamorceae, and even launch their customized VR equipment. When referring to future vision, the star founder said: "I hope that Xi Xiang can become the most important content of the young people, the most daily, and most can express the idea social platform."

But Rome is not built a day. At the moment, the industry has gradually formed a consensus, that is, the Yuan Universe cannot be built from a company.

In fact, from the PC era, human real world has begun to digitally process. We chat online online, have access to information, social games, collaborative office, usually spend more and more time on the Internet, realistic life in virtual networks is getting bigger and bigger. This is already in the process of leading to the Yuan universe.

Although the metamorphic is still far away, the change in content platforms and social products along this direction has begun.

First graph Source: stars

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