Yuan universe is a what? Listen to co-workers to decode Professor

Recently, the concept of the universe yuan fire. Foreign and domestic Internet companies, technology companies actively layout, have entered the relevant fields. Yuan universe has become a hot topic in the scientific community, to circle the streets of the capital.

What is the dollar universe? Its present and future of the world may have any effect? Today, the official micro invited Software Institute Professor Xue, you decode "hot" meta-universe.

History and current situation of the universe yuan

English yuan universe is Metaverse, Meta said, "Yuan", verse represents the "universe". This concept is based on a parallel Stephenson’s novel "avalanche" depicted in the virtual reality world of digital world – "put on headphones and eyepiece, find the connection terminal, will be able to enter a virtual avatar of the way by a computer simulation, and real parallel virtual world space. "

This idea has a strong sci-fi color are now virtual reality, social gaming, artificial intelligence technology giant mining company, and become a popular technology concept this year, the capital has become a hot chase.

March 2021

It is called "meta-universe" Roblox first unit was successfully listed on the New York Stock Exchange, which is also recognized as the starting point for this year yuan outside the concept of the universe outbreak.

MetaApp (Sandbox mobile platform developers) announced the completion of C $ 100 million round of financing, led by the SIG SIG Asia Investment Capital, Cloud Nine Capital, Genesis Partners CCV old shareholders with the cast.

In mid-April 2021

The world’s leading game company Epic Games raise $ 1 billion for the "meta-universe" related business development, setting a "meta-universe" highest track record of financing. At the same time, the game engine developer codes universe (known as the Chinese version of Roblox) won byte beating nearly 100 million yuan of investment strategy.

July 29, 2021

After the release of quarterly earnings data Facebook, Zuckerberg highlighted "the Facebook universe yuan into the company’s ambition", and activate the virtual community program Horizon.

October 28, 2021

Facebook announced that the company will change the name of Meta, reflecting the ambitions of the social media company yuan universe.

Facebook changed its name to Meta (Xinhua)

The main action of the domestic industry are:

By the end of 2020

Tencent launched a smart city cloud the underlying platform CityBase, the main direction is the construction of new smart city. This was seen as a landmark action Tencent to enter all true age of the Internet.

April 2021

Byte beating invested in mobile game developer code is heaven and earth.

August 2021

Byte beating spent 9 billion yuan acquisition of VR equipment developer Pico and set VR division, marking the official incoming bytes beating VR track.

Huawei Technologies breakthrough in AR / VR field to accelerate the implementation of immersive experience, but also provides a platform for the HUAWEIVR VR content developers.

Yuan universe far away from us (Economic Times)

"Meta-universe" Although attracted enthusiastic attention, but can really bring about a new round of industrial revolution, but also objective analysis, careful judgment.

The core elements of the universe and challenges yuan

Yuan essence of the universe can be seen at two levels:

The first level, from a development perspective sequential technology, industry point of view, at this stage yuan universe is more like an enhanced version of virtual reality, its technical form dependency modeling of virtual worlds, virtual human-computer interaction technology, its application scenarios dependence virtual role-playing games.

The second level, from a giant company and capital to promote the vision of view, the essential mission yuan universe is to re-model a new virtual world, then there must be a lot of reconstruction required elements, which can anticipate a flood of opportunities exist – this is also the reason for these tech giants are willing to invest heavily.

So, the core elements yuan universe, what does?

Technical elements

Virtual reality is one of the basic technical metadata universe, visual, hearing, touch and even smell and other senses extent of coverage of the universe is real or not important yuan mark, and related products industry in these years and not showing a trend of vigorous development, virtual headset is facing such a portable device is not enough, the lack of natural interaction and feedback tools, vision and action by the many challenges bound, dizziness and other users need to be addressed, in order to constitute a support for the dollar universe of technology still has a long way go. Meanwhile, 5G also support the development of the universe yuan basic technology, in order to achieve synchronization in parallel with the actual situation of the binary world, vast amounts of data transfer operations are essential aspects of our technology in leading 5G provides a good storage elements. Artificial intelligence is another important need to rely on the technology yuan universe, if you want the virtual world and the real world as prosperous rich, and to face the real world of humans to understand the real world, people do all kinds of brain structure based on the judgment made, forecast, which is the core mission of artificial intelligence. AI research is currently in full swing in the dollar universe from the real mature, prosperity before should not constitute a technical bottleneck.

The use of spatial intelligence and virtual reality technology, will be designed by a child

Amusement Park superimposed on top of the office building real (Xinhua News Agency Ma Xiao Chengshe)

Content elements

To construct meta description prosperous universe virtual world scene, the contents of the virtual character design configuration is another important element in addition to the technical elements. This space is facing great difficulties: Interactive actual situation of duality is the highest demand for yuan universe, if not meet this functional requirement, finally falling to sensory stimulation targeted virtual game level cliche, but to participants in the universe for each one yuan, two yuan experience who realize the actual situation of the interactive space and mapping, scenario, content design, production, real-time updates will be a huge challenge. So, for the foreseeable future, the development of the universe result yuan is likely to be the local scene, the local universe yuan period, local activities, and it is difficult to form a logical sequence relationship, such as cause and effect between these "local", is still an independent virtual reality applications.

Human Factor

Novel "avalanche" in the description of the yuan spirit of the universe is actually one kind CyberPunk (cyberpunk) conception, characters in the novel embodies a sense of rebellion and escape, to perform another world in cyberspace (CyberSpace) exploration. Now society, may be part of a virtual character in the game, although players to entertainment, leisure original intention to participate, but there are a considerable number of players is because in the real world does not look the part, the lack of full fighting spirit, and even into a high-tech low life kind of decadence. So entertainment, social property accounted for oversized yuan to promote universe if excessive, over-development, there may be with positive energy, not quite matching the theme of the issue is the community, especially in the face of government level requires careful, there is also a need for society as a whole kind of humanistic nature of the atmosphere, mechanisms to guide and encourage.

The opinions and recommendations


Yuan universe focused on the short term

Online games, virtual reality and other interactive applications

Yuan universe, all sectors are currently no definition of a precise meaning. Although the first practitioners such as Facebook, beating bytes, Tencent and other domestic yuan for the ultimate description of the universe yuan universe is very ambitious, but from the perspective of technology development and technology can achieve in the future visible point of view, more like a traditional virtual reality converged applications and social networking applications, it is not a from there to, from zero to a concept and industry, a vision but a high degree of integration of existing technologies, and external performance can only be a short-term network games, virtual social networking, virtual electricity providers and other traditional application-based.

China Mobile launched a number of sports fields iT people Meet GU (People’s Post and Telecommunication)


Development prospects of the universe can not be blindly optimistic yuan

Some people predict will be the next generation of the Internet universe yuan, with a modern digital subversion of the potential economic landscape the grounds that the AR / VR glasses is about to be popular next-generation mobile computing platforms, and the Internet industry yuan universe is presented on this new platform. Personally I feel that this view is too optimistic, and there are two key points:

First, as a meta-universe strongly dependent on infrastructure AR / VR headset is not yet mature, a short time is difficult to support large-scale development of the universe yuan. AR / VR headset as the most typical display and interactive virtual reality technology equipment, made from twenty years has not been long since the short break the bottleneck caused by the use of the user dizziness, and this is virtual reality technology these years have not been the main reason for the rapid development (although there have been one or two middle outlet become hot short scene).

Second yuan universe there are a lot of applications in the real world be aware, reconstruction and enhancement tasks, is up-dimensional virtual world to the real world, this process is important to detect, identify, 3D reconstruction, mathematical modeling process basically by hand realize that the current hot artificial intelligence technology, to provide yuan universe of perception of the world a promising way, but limited force count, still fall short fine perception level.

Therefore, the actual situation in the short term in order to achieve full synchronization effects meta-universe is not possible, the expected dollar universe can only be degraded to the local scene, local time, topical application of "point-like" actual situation sync, and the reality of this partial synchronization it is some modern virtual reality applications or upgrade its limited edition, stay in the gradual quantitative stage, it is difficult to achieve the desired effect led to the formation of a strong track. Though not happen overnight, but based on the current concern about the breadth of style can be expected once the outbreak of related technologies, verification and integration, the researchers in this field is a rare opportunity.


A reasonable guide the industry and the public’s attention

The current meta universe is mainly sponsored by the Internet giant in the field of social networking, games, and other electricity providers, can be considered after the concept of virtual reality, 5G, chain blocks, artificial intelligence and other related businesses ahead of the layout of the respective hardware and software technologies and resources the concept of integration, the occupation of the initiative. Fame and fortune in itself is an understandable business practices, but technology in over-conceptualized under the operating capital, entertainment, not necessarily conducive to the development of its own. Without occupying too much public resources, does not lead to excessive waste of human resources, does not bring significant indulge virtual space and other social issues, we expect the dollar to 100 cents universe, you might get 70-80 points harvest, but also not a bad idea to explore and choices.

(Respondents: Xue Feng, a professor of software Hefei University of Technology.)

History knows the science school situation

November 25, 1950, bombing of the US Air Force command post of a large elm hole Volunteers, the volunteer headquarters and confidential work as a Russian translation of the unfortunate death of Mao Anying, when he was 28 years old.

[Today] the history of the school

November 2014, the State School Professor Zhu Shixin first teaching master funded projects, Professor Wang Meng won the International Association of Computer Multimedia Section first "Science Star" award.

Creative Source: People’s Daily, "Hefei Industrial University History (2005-2015)"

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How easy is it to see a doctor?All scene intelligent hospitals understand

Author: health

In the northwest of Guangzhou, the local medical treatment resources and services were very limited in Qingyuan, and the local medical treatment resources and services were very limited. The people in the village had major diseases, they need far from the provincial capital hospital..

Liancun villagers Xiao Yuqiang (pseudonym) work all the year round, and his wife is with each other, and every year is used in the road to go to the big city. "I have several diseases, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, diabetes, cardiac blood vessels, an average of half a month to go to a hospital. The registration is very difficult, today I can’t come tomorrow, I can’t come tomorrow." Xiao Yuqiang said. .

Xiao Yuliang’s greatest desire is to see the provincial hospital in the provincial hospital, which can easily enjoy medical resources and services in big cities.

Technology multi-sports leg patients

With the assistance of telecom operators and Huawei, Liancheng Village became the country’s first country in 2019, and in 2020, it took the lead in launching digital rural construction, and these ICT technologies made Liancun villagers’ medical experience. improve.

In the Guangdong Second People’s Hospital, the Guangdong Provincial Second People’s Hospital (then referred to as Guangdong Second Medicine), the experts are helping the villagers in Zhang Village, 5G remote dynamic electrocardiography through the telemedicine platform, experts can Viewing the villagers’ ECG monitoring of the villagers remotely can also perform remote electrocardiography. Xiao Yushu said with a smile: "Now it is more convenient, there is no need to run a long way to have a famous doctor to see the doctor."

The full scene can only be hospital, let medical treatment "wisdom" treatment

Remote Medical is just a scene of the full-time Scene Intelligent Hospital of China ‘s Second Medicine "Building Sustainable Development of New Infrastructure Times. In March this year, Guangdong Second Medicine and Huawei jointly announced the national first comprehensive intelligent hospital in Guangdong Province.

What is "full scene intelligence"? It is the user experience of medical, protect, patients, and management, and new technologies such as cloud, 5G, artificial intelligence, IOT to various fields and processes such as medical, teaching, research, management, and process nodes. The whole elements are synergistic, and patients have more time to save time, doctors nurses carry out diagnosis and treatment work more efficient and high quality, hospital managers can achieve intelligent, scientific accurate decision management.

"Get a car is admitted", give the patient every second gold time

As a Guangdong Provincial Emergency Hospital, ambulances for the patients in the epidemic period, the negative pressure ambulance of the Second People’s Hospital of Guangdong Province can be connected in real time. After receiving the first aid demand received from 120, the second medical emergency center in Guangdong Province can respond quickly to scheduling. After the patient got on the bus, the medical personnel immediately evaluated it, and the APP "Doctors" developed by the second doctor of Guangdong Province opened the green emergency channel to go to the hospital. Doctors use the 5G medical equipment configured in the car to complete the electrocardiogram, ultrasound, etc., and return the data in real time.

At the same time, the MDT multidisciplinary "cloud clinic" in the second hospital of Guangdong Province was launched, and the treatment plan was formulated. After the ambulance arrives at the hospital, all the first aid work is ready. Ambulance is like a mobile hospital, and the patient can complete the registration payment before the hospital has not arrived, and the relevant admission check is started, and the rescue response time is treated, and strive for the patient to make a larger vitality.

Smart service, all-round improvement patient medical experience

"All Scene Intelligent Hospital" subverts people’s concept and understanding of traditional hospitals. It has a "smart brain" that is highly developed, continuous upgraded iteration, can achieve multi-scenario associations, all-round intelligent management.

Patients entered the hospital, they can feel the special medical experience with a scientific and intelligent, wear a smart bracelet in the hospital, which can only brush the access control, order meals, and can also check the drug delivery information of the robot. You can view the daily hospitalization fees and check results on your bed.

Ward Logistics Delivery Robot "Nurses Assistant" is busy in various ward, automatically navigate to the patient’s bed to send clothing, cleaning supplies, etc. Items, reducing the workload of nurses to rushing back.

In addition to the intensive care unit of cardiovascular medicine, the family can also wear a VR glasses to explore patients, listen to the doctor to explain the patient’s condition, everything is in front of you. In the hospital, doctors can break through time and space limit, using mobile phones, anytime, anywhere, using mobile phones.

Smart hospital, realize the "self-evolution"

Smart Hospital not only makes the patient’s medical experience, but the hospital’s operational management also optimizes the upgrade. In the hospital management center of Guangdong Province, the HOC, 3D "Dean Cockpit", Hospital Emergency Center, Security Fire Protection, Outpatient Emergency Hospital, Medical Revenue, Performance Assessment and other data, here. In addition, "smart brain" penetrates into multi-point management, and analyzes massive dynamic data in real time, one-button dispatching multi-party resources, providing powerful technical support for managers decisions. For hospital managers, you can master, global dispatch, and achieve scientific management decisions.

In addition, the hospital emergency department has set more than 300 one-button alarm points. If someone is aunt or discovering the person who is blacklisted, the 5G + AI camera will automatically identify, prompts that there may be an abnormal danger The behavior occurs, immediately notify the security personnel to visit, prevent medical treatment, and malignant injuries.

In the future, the full-scene intelligent hospital can also continue to upgrade the iteration "smart brain" in practice with the continuous development of technology, sustainable, evolving.

"We hope that everyone can do medicine." Tian Junzhang, secretary of the Party Committee of the Second People’s Hospital of Guangdong Province, said. Take the patient as the core. The attempt to build the intelligent hospital in the "New Infrastructure" era is the successful exploration of the construction of smart hospitals under the "New Infrastructure" era, and its practice will establish a new benchmark to the medical industry, and will further promote the establishment of the country Scene Intelligent Hospital.

"With these digital technology, our villagers are more peaceful." Undoubtedly, the future like Xiao Yushan will have more and more.

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Major fire at plywood godown in Kolkata

A major fire broke out at a plywood godown in north Kolkata’s Nimtala Ghat Street area around 7.45 am on Friday. No loss of lives was reported.

Six fire tenders were initially deployed to douse the blaze, and later 10 more were dispatched, said officials, since the godown is located in a congested area and people rushed out of their homes fearing that the fire would spread quickly. According to officials, in the area, there are more than 300 plyboard godowns and warehouses that store wooden materials.

Both Fire Minister Sujit Bose, and Women and Child Development Minister Shashi Panja, the local MLA, visited the spot in the morning. Bose dismissed allegations that it took time to douse the blaze. He said the fire was brought under control with 16 engines in just two hours.

The amount of loss has not yet been ascertained. “The cause of the fire is yet to be ascertained,” said Panja.