It took 5 years to discover that the seven hidden features of WeChat, each strong and practical

It took 5 years to discover that the seven hidden features of WeChat, each strong and practical

There are a lot of easy-to-use features on WeChat, but you don’t know every one.

Here, I will use it for 5 years to discover. WeChat seven hidden features, each strong and practical, learn to rise.

1, shortcut

2, shortcut icon

Based on the first feature, these shortcuts can also be split into a shortcut icon. If you click on these icons, press and hold the unreasonable words and then move to the blank, you can become an icon separately, use it more convenient.

3, folding group news

There are too many WeChat groups, and many are not common, but it is inconvenient to exit. But now you can choose a folding group message. If you don’t use the group chat, you don’t have to worry about excess messages.

4, care mode

There is a care mode in WeChat settings. After opening, the font, icons will become bigger, the color of the font and the color of the icon change, it seems more obvious.

5, see a friend circle many years ago

WeChat Search a search page, you can see the function item of the circle, click Go to select a friend, then select the time, you can jump to the content circle of the specified time, check.

6, fast PDF converter

If the PDF file is processed, you can find a fast PDF converter in the applet, where you can turn the PDF file to Word, Excel, PPT, etc., and also directly perform PDF file editing, merge, etc.

7, WeChat account switch login

WeChat can now switch the account to log in, but you may not know. In the WeChat account to switch the login page, you can directly switch the account to log in, equal to WeChat can directly open the trumpet, which is very convenient.

It took 5 years to find that the seven hidden features of WeChat, every one is strong and practical, are you using it?

IT Blackboard No. 28: Realme new machine looks like Google Nexus 6p, Norolith is bad

Hi, the people of the audience, everyone, I am water. Today, the community streets and parks in the IT home are all sent to the statistics, everyone to play the needle, and if you guess, there is still a small one-third of colleagues. Are you playing before the screen? I didn’t hit it, I don’t start, don’t let go, go out or wear a hood.

Ok, I have finished opening, hurry to see what new and interesting information recently.

First, the video, the following is the graphic version.

1, Realme new machine exposure, lens appearance Google Nexus 6P

The first is the rendering diagram of the outleaks of the outbound of the external network.

The machine will be equipped with a high pass, 8 Gen1 SOC and 6.8-inch 2K / 120Hz OLED screen, with 50MP main photo + 50MP super wide angle, pre-installed Android 12 system, support 125W fast charge.

It is expected to be released in the first quarter of next year, and it is also the first flagship product of the RealMe series. Don’t say anything else, after the water is seen this appearance, I always feel that there is a feeling that I have acquired.

Turned the comment area of ??the IT home, this netizen called the smoke and rain truthfully, Meizu 17 and Google Nexus 6P drunk, a short sentence is blushing, and it is imagined. It is necessary to know that the 6th prince can grow Huawei’s birthmark, and the four rounds is Huawei and the Meizu PY crystals.

There are also netizens to say that the temperature meter and POS machine, the identification is full. Do you think this appearance looks nice? To say water, at least not ugly.

▲ OPPO Find x3


I thought that when the OPPO Find X3 series was just out, a bunch of people said ugly, and finally not really fragrant? And if the real machine is not bad, the right angle is supplemented by small fresh color matching, then do the narrow border of Reno7 Pro, I think it is completely acceptable.

2, domestic TV drama the story, Nokia function machine is bad

I have to say, the current TV series is really screaming. Recently, the "two people" of the Oriental Satellite TV have appeared such a scene, the male owner called by the woman’s mobile phone, and the result was hit by the passers-by, and Have been stepped on, then the phone is broken. At first glance, there is no problem, can be fell is a pink Nokia 3100. The netizens are not calm, and they have spit the scriptta too young, lack common sense.

There have also been a lot of topic stars on Weibo. The top of the heat is # 不 不 诺 诺 # # 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 区 发 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区

The netizens of this I experienced the refund say that his university classmates quarrel with his girlfriend, fell down the second floor, put it down, put the battery is good, it is possible to express Nokia is very resistant, who knows the reply to the water friend Sao, ask the girlfriend that is installed by the battery. Hey, the teacher of Chicken Wings is really unfortunately.

The other is more direct, the old friend’s wife is derailed, I am the door lock of Nova, this information is full, I don’t know why his friend saw this comment. The hot review is a needle, a word. I will not read, you carefully.

It is said that these so-called artists now, it has been detached with the life of the people. Just like the one day, the food cost is 650 yuan, Zhumen wine is odor.

3, the first high-performance 4K-level GPU "Fenghua No.1", theoretical performance

The first two days sent an AMD, Intel and the Yingwei Daxida three giants for the global reficing problem. The senior executives in the third industry in the text expressed the short-term unprofitable, and the fastest will wait until 2023 ordinary consumer graphics card. Can restore normal prices.

However, yesterday, a manufacturer called core technology has officially released the first domestic GPU chip "Fenghua No.1" in Shanghai.

Although it is not a lot of relationship with the game players, it still has aroused a lot of netizens discussions. Some people say this is a turning point of domestic graphics card to break the international market technology monopoly. The domestic graphics market is expected to achieve self-sufficiency, but the truth is true?

I gave you the parameters of these two GPU products. You will find that there is a model. In fact, many technologies are based on international standards, especially the first BXT architecture is the IP obtained from the graphics card manufacturer IMG. Licensing, so how is the strength, but also a big question mark.

At present, the theoretical performance guess of these two GPUs is also the words, everyone is still treated, keeping normal heart.

Nanjing Mobile "5G + Beidou" smart driving application to create a new highland of the industry – Nanjing finalists in the country’s first "5G + Beidou Application Demonstration Base"

Recently, at the 5G + Beidou High Accuracy Positioning Conference, China Mobile issued a top ten 5G + Beidou high-precision positioning application scene, which announced the list of "5G + Beidou Application Demonstration Base". Among them, Nanjing Mobile 5G Intelligent Network Automobile Test Site Project is located in the top ten application scenarios, and Nanjing will surveillance the first batch of "5G + Beidou Application Demonstration Base" in the country.

At the 5G + Beidou High Accuracy Location Conference, China Mobile released smart driving, smart portal, smart logistics, monitoring testing, smart bus, sharing bicycle, drone, precision navigation, precision agriculture, measurement and mapping ten 5g + Beidou High Accuracy Positioning the application scenario and releases a scene solution. It is reported that China Mobile will use 5G + Beidou as a carrier, integrated AICDE (artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, edge calculation), etc. New, ie, 5g + Beidou High Accuracy Positioning Network "New Cormeal", deep tillage 5G + Beidou high-precision positioning application "new scene", together with 5G + Beidou high precision positioning ecology "new prosperity".

"This time, the 5G + Beidou application demonstration base shows that Nanjing Mobile leads the smart driving application technology benchmark, which will create a new highland of the industry." According to Nanjing Mobile, Luo Yan, 5G intelligent network car test site is located in the water area In the new city, it is funded by the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology. It is a government demonstration project, a key construction project, and an investment construction of the Shui Shui Technology Co., Ltd. Luo Yan further stated that the project combines the advantages of the local automotive industry, the layout intelligent network industry, guides the industrial agglomeration and upgrade. The project is China Mobile’s first scene business test site in the country, with 5G-V2X, edge computing, and Beidou high-precision is positioned as core key technologies. In the test area, the intelligent network car public test road totaled 8.5 kilometers, and Nanjing’s first 5G car road collaborative public service platform was built, providing construction standards for 5G automatic driving and demonstration applications in the country.

Individual car transport to achieve the lowest cost, cloud drive grapefruit freight vehicle logistics modern wisdom with AI

Intelligent ongoing transformation of traditional industries, the shipping industry, especially the development of intelligence in the field of vehicle logistics is still early.

Specifically, vehicle logistics field current lower overall level of trust, both ends of the dispersion of supply and demand is high, difficult to enhance efficiency, high cost and pricing opaque markets such as widespread pain points, need to intervene with the penetration of digital means.

According to the prospectus disclosure of full help group, in 2020 China car freight market size of about 3.76 trillion yuan, and vehicle logistics industry completed a total of intercity transportation orders of about 997 million, the market size is very impressive. This also meansArtificial intelligence, big data technology vehicle logistics reform drive has enough space for development.

Entrepreneurship recent state contact "cloud grapefruit freight" roots in logistics and transport industry, has erected a new generation of digital vehicle logistics management system, to provide one-stop transportation services for the owner of the cargo terminal at the end of the car by the scheduling algorithm, path planning algorithms to provide efficient and cost optimal combination of orders and route planning for the owners.

At present, the company has developed to B2 round, won from BlueRun, Tencent investment, tens of millions of dollars financing Pentatomic capital, tripods and investment, joy and capital letter and a number of venture capital institutions days, many of the old shareholders continuous investment rounds.

As a set of logistics and transportation technology-enabled in an enterprise,Starting point cloud grapefruit shipments to solve the problem within the logistics industry volumeTo help cargo fleet, lowering the efficiency of individual owners in the plight of the intense competition in the industry to maintain a certain profit margin.

As one of the most intuitive example, in 2021, the annual income level of domestic individual drivers compared with last year dropped by nearly 40 percent, and even lower compared to a decade ago, the entire population of great pressure to survive.

Cloud grapefruit freight founder & CEO Zhou Jilong said: "Cloud technology from grapefruit freight started, hoping to help the freight transport industry practitioners who improve this dilemma has been achievedSingle average net increase operating efficiency of the vehicle and 60% -70%. "

Specific solutions, cloud grapefruit freight was first established with standardized pricing, the ability to send a single self-employed capacity,Erected "AI-driven intelligence team". The adoption of flexible distributed cloud computing architecture for large-scale data analysis in real time, using intelligent real-time scheduling, dynamic bidding strategy, Shortest Path and many other key technologies, will transport the whole process of digitization.

Logistics for loading a typical scene, path planning, vehicle scheduling and other issues, grapefruit cloud freight also developed a multi-fusion algorithms, machine learning, and operations research support "smart logistics center of the brain," can help drivers plan in the actual scene They may face the national highway and winding road selection, gas stations and other selection strategy.

Up to now, the cost of a single cloud-km circuit grapefruit freight import car, the monthly number of valid travel mileage and so on a number of parameters significantly better than skilled individual vehicle level.

After the "AI-driven wisdom of the team" business maturity, cloud grapefruit freight capacity by social organizations to establish a logistics service platform, the ability of the algorithm to enhance the efficiency of the drive assigned to give both ends of Logistics market.

At the supply end,Cloud grapefruit has connected hundreds of thousands of individual vehicles, Led by technology trade transportation, and use the "lowest transport costs between any two points," the decision algorithm enabling the individual owners; the demand side, the cloud grapefruit are all kinds of self-development of algorithms and tools package, to form a standard module and Foreign open to help logistics companies to improve efficiency in terms of cost savings drop, vehicle management, financial management, and further the development of logistics business.

Cloud grapefruit freight team, said: "The essence of the logistics industry is to go on time and space, in fact, intelligent transformation of the vehicle in time to fight, we are in the middle of the stitching down time, let’s try to spend less time parked vehicle, and more Take the time to run on the road. before the cloud grapefruit incoming cargo, the car industry may be 60% of the time parked 40% of the time in transit, and we have now put this ratio upside down. "

It is understood that cloud grapefruit existing freight orders rose five times over the past three months, a larger number of users increases, the cloud platform touch of grapefruit freight drivers have hundreds of thousands of individuals, the owner of the enterprise nearly thousand, from social vehicles the business accounted for a larger proportion of revenue.

The company is now the main business model is to charge a commission to the owner, the next plan to open up more business-like way.

In terms of the team, grapefruit cloud freight existing staff of 300 people, including a larger proportion of R & D and strategy team, the company’s core team members come from Peking University, Zurich Federal Institute of Technology, Sichuan University and other famous universities at home and abroad, has served on McKinsey, gold and other enterprises.

From the general direction point of view, cloud grapefruit freight do is intelligent transformation of traditional industries, currently serves upgrade the stock market, the future incremental mainly from two aspects: First, there will be what percentage of logistics scene turned intelligent, Second, the process of turning the stock in intelligence, improved efficiency will also bring incremental benefits to society as a whole.

Zhou Jilong said: "China’s road transport market increment can be expected, intensive, standardization, a clear trend has been well received intelligence of the national strategic level attention, and new infrastructure with two-cycle strategy also promote the development of ‘artificial intelligence + logistics’ of cloud grapefruit freight picked the right track, but also the long-term roots in this circuit. "

Future, cloud grapefruit freight will continue to strengthen product development capabilities and subscriber growth, and strive to order volume, the number of owners and the owner of the connection and then lifted up an order of magnitude. The company will also continue to enhance the ability of algorithms and sensors detect the level of the supply density, density of the order when the platform reaches a certain level, we will consider the incoming carpool track.