A large number of artificial intelligent startups enter IPO? Do you see the huge trading market?

In the view of venture capitalists, the startup of the artificial intelligence is already time to enter the open market, and they have made more, larger, and earlier. For artificial intelligence startup, it is now a good time to raise funds. Although many of the financing records of the startups have risen in 2021, the more powerful and intelligent startups, which seems to have a broader customer demand, including more young and very long investors.

The frontier data from CB Insights describes in detail a global artificial intelligent financing market that is active. Of course, market financing may be slightly different in different regions. For these data, the AppHire Ventures Partner Jai Das and Glasswing Venture Partner Rudina Sseri conducted deep-depth research and analysis, further clarifying the flow of funds and development prospects in today’s artificial intelligent entrepreneurial market.

Record of transactions

The report of CB Insights shows that in the third quarter of 2021, investors have invested $ 17.9 billion to the world’s artificial intelligent startup. Since the first quarter of 2020, the financing amount of these enterprises has risen in quarterly. The artificial intelligent startup of the initiative is 6.3 billion US dollars, frequent transactions and recorded transactions have prompted these companies to usher in. Dramatic performance growth.

The total risk investment in the start-up industry has continued to rise in more large-scale huge round finance and billion or even more investment amounts, and the artificial intelligent entrepreneurial market is no exception. In the third quarter of 2021, a total of 45 super round financing was obtained in the third quarter of 2021. This is a huge financing of 45 or more in three consecutive quarters. In the first quarter of 2021 and the second quarter, 47 and 46 financing transactions were obtained separately.

The large trading amount shows the super round growth rate of artificial intelligent entrepreneurial companies, which is compared to how different years ago. According to CB Insights’s data and TechCrunch measurement, in 2020, an average of 19.75 huge transactions were obtained per quarter in the field of artificial intelligence. In 2019, this figure is only 13.5 per quarter, 12.25 in 2018, 2017 is only 6.

It is worth noting that accompanying time’s transition and growth of medium-term investment, the early stage of transactions is currently declining compared to the transaction share of the entire artificial intelligence startup. In 2020, early artificial intelligent investment accounted for 65% of total transactions, while medium-term transactions accounted for 20%. By 2021, this number is 61% and 22%, respectively; in 2020, there are 2,412 rounds of A1 round financing in the artificial intelligence field, including 2,073 rounds of financing in the third quarter. From this investment trend, it is foreseeable that the total investment volume of human intelligent industry in 2021 will continue to rise, compared to early transactions, the medium and long-term investment amount will have a new high.

In fact, in the financing of artificial intelligence, the oversized financing has fallen to 70% peak in the first quarter of 2021, fell to 57% in the third quarter. Early and mid-term artificial intelligent entrepreneurial companies are also expanding. The average transaction scale of artificial intelligence startup has increased from $ 18 million in 2020 to $ 3.3 million this year. Considering that the average data may have deviation due to some big transactions, we are more concerned with the median of the transaction size, which is also accelerating growth, which has increased from $ 5 million in 2020 to 700 to date. Wan Dollars, the increase is about 40%. More specifically, to the third quarter of 2021, the annuality of the angel wheel is a median of $ 6 million, above 2020 US $ 4 million.

These data seem to help us associate, a batch of startups are growing at high speed, busy solving a scene of another technical issue. Glasswing’s investors SSERI believes that although companies have become more extensive in recent years in recent years, artificial intelligence and machine learning products are also welcoming and challenge in various fields, which will further promote market demand. It also puts forward higher requirements for integrated operations from sales and marketing to cyber security.

Creating a wider range of customer bases and more advanced applications means that startup needs to invest a lot of money. Combined with data, we can draw the following conclusions:

  • The huge trading of artificially intelligent startups is constantly accelerating, which means that the initial company group is born more than ever. Most of these companies will need funds to drive their own exit, rather than seeking enterprises soft landing.
  • From the rising trading value, the transaction volume can be seen that the early financing market of artificial intelligence startups is strong, and the expansion of the medium-term transaction share should give post-investment to sufficient reserves. In a foreseeable future, this will also make the IPO of artificially intelligent startups continue to rise.

Of course, at the same time we also need to admit that all artificial intelligence startups we have focused can reach expectations with the above.

Artificial intelligence is everywhere

Although we are more interested in future technologies and cutting-edge artificial intelligence, many of these companies are actually handling more monotonous tasks every day. Of course, this will not cut the enthusiasm of the wind. Sapphire Ventures Investors DAS is very optimistic about these "bored artificial intelligence", which are used to solve many simple problems. As an example, the company is providing transcription and subtitle services that rely on artificial intelligence, and has been committed to "humanized" management, and maximize the accuracy of work.

Standing in sapphire’s pragmatic perspective, it does not oppose human cooperation with the machine, which is known through its attitude toward Verbit and some healthcare companies. DAS believes that "artificial intelligence will not replace human beings, but will make humans do better at work. Artificial intelligence is outbreak out in all fields, I think any development software will have built-in artificial intelligence."

It is because of artificial intelligence becomes universal in people’s lives, and it is easier to create an artificial intelligent startup or investment. "In the past few years, the market gauge has been significantly reduced," Glasswing’s investor Sseri said, "AI / ML is no longer simple in depth technology, it takes two or three years to realize business feasibility." She It also tries to explain this with the extensive model (Openai’s language generator GPT-3), template and powerful open source community, trying to explain this, in her opinion, "startup can use them to generate innovative solutions."

At the same time, SSERI added that accompanying artificial intelligence has increasingly significant added value, people’s demand is increasing, "company, especially enterprises, have been put in their data infrastructure and practice More and more funds, they can now get huge profits now. As the value of the bottom line tends to be clear, suppliers with cutting-edge, high-value innovation technology may require the improvement of the product service price. "

This is also reflected in the supply and demand resonance map proposed by the venture capital company PI Ventures, and the value of artificial intelligence has a significant change in the two axes in the figure: as the technology is simpler, the supply of artificial intelligence is increased; As demand increases, the previous potential demand is now "surface".

From the perspective of venture capital, the results are obvious: "More entrepreneurs can enter this area, prove the attraction of the industry, and get more funds from investors. But if you are the founder, don’t expect The interests of investors have been fair allocation, at least yet now, "SESESERI said.

Geographical dilemma

When we study the flow of artificial intelligent funds, the situation will become uncertain when it is specifically areaful. Taking the United States as an example, in the third quarter of 2021, the American artificially intelligent startup company received $ 10.4 billion in investment, a total of 324 transactions. In Asia, the total financing of these 321 similar transactions is only $ 4.8 billion. The Europe is less, and it only has a value of 1.6 billion US dollars from artificial intelligence starting funds from 142 transactions. There are also Latin America, with only 12 transactions, worth $ 500 million. In fact, Canada won 24 rounds of financing in the third quarter, achieving $ 400 million in capital flow, and its artificial intelligent risk investment amount, almost all venture capital acquired in Latin America.

In contrast, it is not difficult to conclusion. If the startup of the initial company wants to raise labor intelligence funds, it must be established in North America, Asia or Europe, and the other markets are not active. Of course, if an early trading leads to a small market that has been born in a small market, the current situation may change.

Many times, we will see similar intergenerational differences in various entrepreneurial markets. North America, Asia and Europe may be farther in certain areas such as financial technology, which promotes the efficient solution of startups to a series of issues.

In contrast, emerging markets in developing countries such as Latin America and Africa have emerged in huge financial science and technology investments in recent years, which may be because of their average economic levels, and there is less interference from financial ecosystems. If this status is true, we should see that the number of financing numbers in Latin America and Africa in the next few years will rise.

How to remotely control your computer? The detailed tutorial is coming, it is still not fast!

Remote control means that the manager connected to the computer network in different places to connect to the Internet to connect to the computer, and display the desktop environment of the controlled computer to its own computer, configuring the remote computer through the local computer. , Software installer, modification, etc. How do you remotely control your computer?

I have recently found a speed and smooth security remote control software – one button remote control, now share it to everyone. It can remotely manage the device anytime, anywhere, easy to implement smooth operations such as file transfer, desktop information monitoring, using it remotely controlling the specific operation of the computer as follows.

2. If there is no verification code provided by the other party, you need to "wait for the other party to agree" to successfully connect; if you enter the remote device verification code, you can automatically connect, remotely control the computer;

3, the interface after successful connection is displayed as follows, click the screen to make a corresponding operation;

4, the history of history will be saved in the "List", if there is a problem again, click the corresponding device name to connect, and you can also control the device to restart or shut down according to the requirements.

Through the above operation, you can remotely control the computer for management, and solve the corresponding problem. If you want to send files in the local device to the remote controlled computer, you can use the file transfer function in the software, file transfer speed, support single or multiple file batch transfer, improve efficiency, save User time.

The above four simple steps can easily solve the "How to Remote Control Computers". If you want to remotely control your device, assist your family and friends to solve your computer problem, monitor your remote desktop information, maintain your equipment security, you can use a button remote control software to try.

Digital Technology + Centennial Landscape and Lenovo to create a new sample of wisdom

On November 28, Lenovo Group and the Summer and Garden Scenic Sphere Strategic Cooperation Ceremony and the unveiling ceremony of the Lenovo Smart Scenic Area was held in Beijing.Lenovo Wisdom Service Cloud Platform is officially accessed into the 100-year-old Summer Palace, and the Summer Palace Visitor tour, operation management, cultural innovation, etc.The audience to the Summer Palace can enjoy higher-speed network services and HD video content, get better cultural services and digital experience.

The Wisdom Tourists officially unveiled

Wang Xin, the deputy director of the Summer Palace, the vice president of Lenovo Group, the vice president of the general manager of the China Service Division, and the vice president of Lenovo Group, China’s chief market official Wang Chuandong, etc. Attended the signing ceremony. Dai Wei said that national science and technology empowering national cultures, Lenovo will create a wisdom WITTROUSTROG Summer Palace, so that the cultural value of the Summer Palace will continue to make a lot of color in the new era. Wang Xin, Vice President of the Summer Palace, said that with Lenovo’s leading technology, the creation of smart 和 园 will enable this China’s largest royal garden museum to rejuvenate new technology imagination.

modern technology+Classical art,Create a new style of "和 联 想"

The technological innovation has a thousand miles per day, which makes the new wave of intelligent change in all walks of life, and the new era scenic spots are the same. Recently, the Tenth of Wenxiong, the Development and Reform Commission, etc., jointly issued the "Deepening" Internet Tourism "to promote the high-quality development of tourism industry, and propose to accelerate the intensive tourism scenic spots to improve tourism information infrastructure, innovate tourism public service model, and improve tourism management. Ability and other tasks. Since then, the top ten officials "5G application" Sail "action plan (2021-2023)", emphasizing the development of "5G + cultural tourism".

The Summer Palace is the world cultural heritage park, which is also facing new topics to create a wisdom. Visitors need more intelligent, more convenient to play experience, the Summer Palace of the new era, also need to be based on their own valuable cultural genes, expand the value of service value and commercial value, and strive to seek service-oriented, modern information technology The intelligent transformation of "wings".

Smart Tourist Center

Lenovo as a leading new IT product, program and service provider, built "end cloud network network network" full factor intelligent technology architecture. This cooperation, Lenovo set smart cloud platform for the Summer Palace, building a smart, humanized, comprehensive, systematic, effectiveness of the Summer Palace intelligence management and service system, and the overall project will revolve around the intelligence tourism, intelligent management and wisdom. Among them, the smart service is mainly for tourists, providing a better cultural service and digital experience with tourists who have increased year by year; smart management is mainly facing the scenic spot, providing park management optimization intelligence tools, enhancing the management efficiency and ability of scenic spots; Wisdom Text travels to industries, realizing cultural innovation and cultural relics protection, promoting all human sharab sharing of Chinese traditional culture.

National Science and Technology Employment National Culture Inheritance, Lenovo will create the wisdom Wisdom of Wisdom, let the Summer Palace, let the Summer Palace Glowing New Imagination. With Lenovo’s leading technology, the creation of smart 和 园 will make this China’s largest royal garden museum inserted with scientific and technological wings, release greater human power. The cooperation between the two sides has a demonstration significance in exploring and building a smart park scenic spot.

Beijing’s first park smart tourist service system,Refreshing the new wisdom garden new experience

Taking this cooperation as an opportunity, the Senior and Lenovo Wisdom Scenic Area officially unveiled. The first phase of the project covers the construction and upgrading of intelligent garden services and park smart management, the latest smart tourist service center, providing tourists with digital, visualization, and user-friendly services. After the new system is completed, visitors can operate large screens through the Smart Summer Palace, see the park information in real time, one screen, so on, visitors can self-service query, guidance, cultural display and other services. In the future, Lenovo will also build 5 unmanned tourists in the park to fully realize visual tourists.

Smart Tourist Service System

In terms of leading the innovation of the industry, Lenovo jointly established the first park smart tourist service system in Beijing, enhancing the satisfaction of tourists through Lenovo’s wisdom. In the past, the telephone tourist service system of the Summer Palace was a single customer service phone. Tourists often encountered the problems, and they could not solve the problem. This also brought the rising rate. The newly built smart tourist service system has intelligent, personalized obvious characteristics, such as the use of knowledge maps, intelligent matching, intelligent recommendations, etc. Ai technology, through the "Rubik’s Cube" AI robots learned from big data, not only to complete more than half of customers independently. Consultation, you can also automatically adjust the customer’s machine information and fault record according to user ID, using intelligent recommendation technology, assist engineers accurate quick answering customer problems, all issues of tourists will be accurately understood and respond in the system; emotional monitoring, natural voice The operation of the technology, etc.

Wisdom Rubik Cube Solution

In the whole process of building a smart scenic spot, Lenovo’s integrated service capabilities also showed the exhaustion, the latest system can provide more 园 园 信息 信息 应用 应用 应用 应用 应用 应用 应用 应用 应用 信息 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园Through smart health services, the signs of data collection and emergency call rescue linkage management; through 5G technology applications, the full-scale data transmission of 5G high-speed delay is achieved, and the future will continue in the live broadcast, cruise service, display cultural relics, etc. 5G landing application.

With a deep accumulation of 5G technology, the construction of important attractions in the construction of tourists, Delin management, etc. in the construction of tourists, and the management, display cultural relics management and other innovations; using the edge of data processing, implementing the service one The data processing of the equidistant, so that the scenic service is more intelligent; while the Lenovo Wisdom Service Cloud Platform helps easily achieve voice, text, video and other data real-time access storage and analysis, combined with the natural language understanding, semantic identification, knowledge map, etc. Artificial intelligence technology, intelligent applications are available in field applications.

From the wisdom of the Wen Dynasty to thousands of people, Lenovo is the pioneer of the thoroughness of the times, and has become a guide in the tide of intelligent transformation through endogenous externalization. Empouling the intelligence transformation of all industries, the guarantees of the traveler, government finance, etc. The big flag of the soaring, the butterfly trip to the industrial structure.

By intelligent manufacturing energy! Nanjing Wisdom Park to create high quality development model

The 2021 World Intelligent Manufacturing Conference will be held in Nanjing from December 8th to December 10. At that time, the world’s intelligent manufacturing industry big coffee, experts scholars, industry elites will show the latest technology and top products of intelligent manufacturing in the conference. Recently, the reporter followed the organizing committee into several industrial parks in Nanjing, understanding the achievements of smart industrial parks in promoting digital transformation and empowering industrial development.

Accelerate industrial transformation and development to do a good job in industrial layout

"In the past, it takes a month to manufacture the entire subway car. Now there is intelligent manufacturing, only one week can produce a subway." Xu Xiujun, deputy general manager of Jiangsu Zhongxing Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd. Is a specialized enterprise with a comprehensive intelligent manufacturing comprehensive solution, and an overall solution to traditional manufacturing output intelligence. At present, the digital products and solutions of the middle cars are applied to multiple fields such as rail transit, mechanical manufacturing.

"Compared to intelligent manufacturing and traditional artificial, one is greatly reduced production cycle, and the second is that the quality of the product is also greatly improved, and it is more fine." Xu Xiujun said.

Jiangbei New Area Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Park has a deep rail transit production manufacturing basis. In this context, Jiangsu Zhongxing Digital Technology Co., Ltd. came into being. The industrial manufacturing multi-business synergy system is constructed, starting from the "Intelligent Manufacturing + Business Cooperation", combined with industrial Internet technology, forming a complete manufacturing system of digital, networked, intelligent and corporate business, hardware and software linkage, meeting high-end equipment Personalized customization of complex parts.

"Jiangbei New District Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Park focused on electronic information and large health, around the two industries, the park is stepped by step to strengthen the industrial energy level, the energy development kinetic energy." Chen Hongbin, the intelligent manufacturing industry park statistics station, Jiangbei New District In the past 5 years, the park around the overall requirements of high quality development, focusing on "two cities and one center", accelerating new and old kinetic energy conversions, and promoting the leading industry to make great strength.

It is understood that the new district around the industrial layout, the park support, encourage enterprises to market demand-oriented, good technology system layout, and actively encourage enterprises to strengthen R & D power operator, to break the key blocking points, adapting software to enhance energy levels, build the hardware, software linkage development pattern.

Leading Innovative R & D convergence "smart" talent

Intelligent cleaning robot, robot disinfection epidemic prevention, spinning robots, intelligent robots …… retail in Nanjing Kirin Technology Innovation Park, there is a focus on robotic automation systems integration, intelligent robotics and vision inspection systems for civil, entertainment robots developed by the company – Nanjing King Yao intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. In this company, "robots map" display on the wall, you can see the robot is used in a wide range of different industries and fields.

"Our products have been deep into different industries, such as industrial manufacturing, aerospace, logistics, security, etc., according to the company, the industry needs to help develop the appropriate robot products that can greatly enhance the performance of the industry." Nanjing King Yao Intelligent Technology Deputy General Manager Liao Yongxiang introduction, there is a smart product inspection robot, designed for high-speed rail chassis, parts and other safety testing, compared with the manual, check the robot more accurate, more efficient manner, can help immediately removed Security risks.

Relying Park, Nanjing King Yao Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has also been a lot of research and development personnel. Deputy director of Kirin Technology Park Zone Economic Development Bank said Yu, Nanjing Kirin Technology Innovation Park has a rich scientific and educational resources, more than 30 colleges and universities in Nanjing University, Southeast University, Nanjing University and other distributed around the park, the park development It provides a wealth of technological and personnel support. Park Nanjing Kirin Technology City for the development of the carrier, the CAS Nanjing Branch of "a hospital four" University Chinese Academy of Sciences Nanjing Institute at the core, gathering system and technological innovation resources Chinese Academy of Sciences, has taken shape in the CAS "1 + N" (National Science and Technology Institute of China Nanjing Institute + number of Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute) system innovation and development, and efforts to introduce outside the province well-known university research institutions, to create "a multi-hospital school" scientific and technological innovation layout.

"The combination innovation technology park resources and advantages, we strive to create artificial intelligence, information technology, science and technology innovation are two peaks, and actively introduce corporate headquarters, the Internet service platform for enterprises and other emerging economies formats, build ‘two high and one new’ economic development pattern." Yu line said.

Improve the supporting services to promote enterprise development

Nanjing Liuhe CNC machine tools Industrial Park was established in June 2001. 56 existing enterprises, of which, 18 Taiwan-funded enterprises, companies on regulation 32, 70% of corporate concentration in the streets Xiongzhou CNC machine tool industry park. The main products are machine PCB, PCB drilling machine, special machine tools, machining centers vertical and horizontal, vertical gantry rail surface grinding machine, CNC lathes and the like.

"The initial formation of industrial cluster development trend is relatively complete processing chain, forming a mold – Casting – Machining – Heat treatment – grinding – a relatively complete industrial chain of machine tool" Plot CNC machine tools Industrial Park Administrative Committee Director of the office Liguangtian said, the park set up by the mayor as head of the CNC machine tool industry working group to promote the Liuhe District, regularly scheduled planning to implement elements of land development of CNC machine tools, and other supporting personnel policy.

Nanjing Zhejiang CNC Machine Tools Co. is a representative of enterprises in the park. Nanjing Zhejiang CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd., general manager Tan said printed books, Nanjing, Zhejiang CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise, relying on the development of the park, the company from product type, degree of automation, intelligence and so on has been greatly improved .

"Now the park is also planned personnel policy, but also conducive to the introduction of talent, but the park also help us improve the workplace, workplace upgrade, to ensure the orderly conduct of the project." Tan said printed book.

It is reported that 2025 Kuni CNC machine tool industry chain in Jiangsu Province will play a strong chain of CNC machine tool industry, 30 billion strategic emerging industry clusters. 2030, will build a 50 billion national strategic emerging industry clusters, the CNC machine tool industry park into a national high-end equipment industry base cluster.

Expert Interpretation: intelligent manufacturing industry for the future development of new energy Fu

Nanjing University of the Yangtze River Industrial Economy Research Institute, researcher Liu Chen said the Intelligent Manufacturing itself is an important industry, on the one hand it comes to information technology, software, artificial intelligence software technology, on the other hand involves sensors, intelligent equipment and other intelligent hardware. "Nanjing, the development of intelligent manufacturing has a very good foundation, because both Nanjing good information technology infrastructure software, also has good equipment manufacturing base."

In the digital economy, intelligent manufacturing industry can be energized. Chen Liu said, can be intelligent manufacturing-based, large-scale technological transformation of enterprises, a series of cloud technology, information technology for development, to extend all kinds of industry chain, to improve the level of automation. Meanwhile, the Intelligent Manufacturing also that the majority of SMEs to provide a relatively low cost, efficient technology sharing platform for the majority of SMEs.

In addition, there is an important direction of intelligent manufacturing and related industries is the Internet. Chen Liu Jieshao, the Internet industry there are two forms, one form of a focused area, covering the Internet industry in the context of regional industrial clusters of. The second form is based on the main business circumstances leading enterprises, chain, covering the Internet industry in a particular scenario, there is a good case in this regard, such as Jiangsu Xugong Group, it is to represent the Internet industry in my country.

Liu Chen seems, to Nanjing, the intelligent manufacturing to give priority to important leading industry energize Nanjing, Nanjing, such as information technology industry, chemical industry and so on. "In these areas, on the one hand can be produced by intelligent efficiency, such as electronic information level can improve manufacturing efficiency and yield of production in the chemical industry can improve its security through intelligent manufacturing production levels, and in some relative risk of production environment, can reduce energy use, improve the level of machine operation. "

"In the future, with artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other cutting-edge technology in the use of intelligent manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing will have a brighter future." Chen Liu said.

A tweet and a mysterious phone call: How Simu Liu became Shang-Chi

Simu Liu essays the titular superhero in Marvel Studios’ Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, the first MCU film featuring a superhero of Asian origin.

Liu, a Canadian of Chinese descent, began his career as an extra on Guillermo del Toro’s monster movie Pacific Rim. After years of stunt work, he was cast in Canadian sitcom Kim’s Convenience — his first break. He was also a part of sci-fi thriller series Orphan Black’s final season, but remained little known

Many believe it was the fateful tweet he composed on December 4, 2018 that changed his fortunes and brought him into the ambit of Marvel Studios.

The tweet, which is still up, read, “OK @Marvel, are we gonna talk or what #ShangChi.” After he was cast he quote-tweeted the original tweet and quipped, “Thanks for getting back to me.”