Digital Technology + Centennial Landscape and Lenovo to create a new sample of wisdom

On November 28, Lenovo Group and the Summer and Garden Scenic Sphere Strategic Cooperation Ceremony and the unveiling ceremony of the Lenovo Smart Scenic Area was held in Beijing.Lenovo Wisdom Service Cloud Platform is officially accessed into the 100-year-old Summer Palace, and the Summer Palace Visitor tour, operation management, cultural innovation, etc.The audience to the Summer Palace can enjoy higher-speed network services and HD video content, get better cultural services and digital experience.

The Wisdom Tourists officially unveiled

Wang Xin, the deputy director of the Summer Palace, the vice president of Lenovo Group, the vice president of the general manager of the China Service Division, and the vice president of Lenovo Group, China’s chief market official Wang Chuandong, etc. Attended the signing ceremony. Dai Wei said that national science and technology empowering national cultures, Lenovo will create a wisdom WITTROUSTROG Summer Palace, so that the cultural value of the Summer Palace will continue to make a lot of color in the new era. Wang Xin, Vice President of the Summer Palace, said that with Lenovo’s leading technology, the creation of smart 和 园 will enable this China’s largest royal garden museum to rejuvenate new technology imagination.

modern technology+Classical art,Create a new style of "和 联 想"

The technological innovation has a thousand miles per day, which makes the new wave of intelligent change in all walks of life, and the new era scenic spots are the same. Recently, the Tenth of Wenxiong, the Development and Reform Commission, etc., jointly issued the "Deepening" Internet Tourism "to promote the high-quality development of tourism industry, and propose to accelerate the intensive tourism scenic spots to improve tourism information infrastructure, innovate tourism public service model, and improve tourism management. Ability and other tasks. Since then, the top ten officials "5G application" Sail "action plan (2021-2023)", emphasizing the development of "5G + cultural tourism".

The Summer Palace is the world cultural heritage park, which is also facing new topics to create a wisdom. Visitors need more intelligent, more convenient to play experience, the Summer Palace of the new era, also need to be based on their own valuable cultural genes, expand the value of service value and commercial value, and strive to seek service-oriented, modern information technology The intelligent transformation of "wings".

Smart Tourist Center

Lenovo as a leading new IT product, program and service provider, built "end cloud network network network" full factor intelligent technology architecture. This cooperation, Lenovo set smart cloud platform for the Summer Palace, building a smart, humanized, comprehensive, systematic, effectiveness of the Summer Palace intelligence management and service system, and the overall project will revolve around the intelligence tourism, intelligent management and wisdom. Among them, the smart service is mainly for tourists, providing a better cultural service and digital experience with tourists who have increased year by year; smart management is mainly facing the scenic spot, providing park management optimization intelligence tools, enhancing the management efficiency and ability of scenic spots; Wisdom Text travels to industries, realizing cultural innovation and cultural relics protection, promoting all human sharab sharing of Chinese traditional culture.

National Science and Technology Employment National Culture Inheritance, Lenovo will create the wisdom Wisdom of Wisdom, let the Summer Palace, let the Summer Palace Glowing New Imagination. With Lenovo’s leading technology, the creation of smart 和 园 will make this China’s largest royal garden museum inserted with scientific and technological wings, release greater human power. The cooperation between the two sides has a demonstration significance in exploring and building a smart park scenic spot.

Beijing’s first park smart tourist service system,Refreshing the new wisdom garden new experience

Taking this cooperation as an opportunity, the Senior and Lenovo Wisdom Scenic Area officially unveiled. The first phase of the project covers the construction and upgrading of intelligent garden services and park smart management, the latest smart tourist service center, providing tourists with digital, visualization, and user-friendly services. After the new system is completed, visitors can operate large screens through the Smart Summer Palace, see the park information in real time, one screen, so on, visitors can self-service query, guidance, cultural display and other services. In the future, Lenovo will also build 5 unmanned tourists in the park to fully realize visual tourists.

Smart Tourist Service System

In terms of leading the innovation of the industry, Lenovo jointly established the first park smart tourist service system in Beijing, enhancing the satisfaction of tourists through Lenovo’s wisdom. In the past, the telephone tourist service system of the Summer Palace was a single customer service phone. Tourists often encountered the problems, and they could not solve the problem. This also brought the rising rate. The newly built smart tourist service system has intelligent, personalized obvious characteristics, such as the use of knowledge maps, intelligent matching, intelligent recommendations, etc. Ai technology, through the "Rubik’s Cube" AI robots learned from big data, not only to complete more than half of customers independently. Consultation, you can also automatically adjust the customer’s machine information and fault record according to user ID, using intelligent recommendation technology, assist engineers accurate quick answering customer problems, all issues of tourists will be accurately understood and respond in the system; emotional monitoring, natural voice The operation of the technology, etc.

Wisdom Rubik Cube Solution

In the whole process of building a smart scenic spot, Lenovo’s integrated service capabilities also showed the exhaustion, the latest system can provide more 园 园 信息 信息 应用 应用 应用 应用 应用 应用 应用 应用 应用 信息 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园Through smart health services, the signs of data collection and emergency call rescue linkage management; through 5G technology applications, the full-scale data transmission of 5G high-speed delay is achieved, and the future will continue in the live broadcast, cruise service, display cultural relics, etc. 5G landing application.

With a deep accumulation of 5G technology, the construction of important attractions in the construction of tourists, Delin management, etc. in the construction of tourists, and the management, display cultural relics management and other innovations; using the edge of data processing, implementing the service one The data processing of the equidistant, so that the scenic service is more intelligent; while the Lenovo Wisdom Service Cloud Platform helps easily achieve voice, text, video and other data real-time access storage and analysis, combined with the natural language understanding, semantic identification, knowledge map, etc. Artificial intelligence technology, intelligent applications are available in field applications.

From the wisdom of the Wen Dynasty to thousands of people, Lenovo is the pioneer of the thoroughness of the times, and has become a guide in the tide of intelligent transformation through endogenous externalization. Empouling the intelligence transformation of all industries, the guarantees of the traveler, government finance, etc. The big flag of the soaring, the butterfly trip to the industrial structure.

See you in December! Xiaomi 12 Series all-round prediction

Originally, the first batch of Snapdoo flagship new machines usually appear in the spring. However, millet 11 broke this practice a year ago, put the front to the end of the year.

Will you expect Xiaomi 12, will you also release it before the New Year?

the answer is,Probably.

Recently, a digital blogger released a screenshot, the title is "Xiaomi House Sales Guide".

These include the small rice home promotion activities from November 26 to December 25, when starting to cut the price, when selling outbreaks, all arrange it.

But, this is not a focus.

Let us fall on the last date –12.28, key postings live broadcast, new product appointment start.

It is not difficult to guess, Xiaomi 12 will be officially released on December 28, and the appointment can be made after the conference.

As for the credibility of this picture, I think it is quite high.

First, there is a text-numbered watermark on the screenshot, which does have a formal internal file in the field.

Second, the brokerage blogger also emphasized: "Asked,stableof".

It seems that the phone circle is about to start.

If you want you to know the upcoming millet 12 series, what is worth looking forward to.

If you talk nonsense, this will help you organize a wave.

Xiaomi 12 series

On the design, there are now many versions on the network.

There is a camera in the middle.

There is also put the camera on the left.

There is also a camera on the left and add a piece of sub-screen on the right (should be limited to Ultra models).

However, this is not important, what is important is to put on what shots.

Broken news shows that Xiaomi 12 Series will take 50 million pixels.

That is to say, the direction of the previous standard version of the billion-level pixels is changed.

The ULTRA of the main image will be based on the main subject, and it is familiar with the high-quality super wide angle and telephoto.

After a long time, the Leica camera is jointly, and it is finally true.

Positive, Xiaomi 12 Series can basically be determined to be a centered excavation screen, before the subway testing has confirmed us.

Why don’t you use the camera?

With the current technology, the screen camera is indeed a big impact on the display, and the Selfie effect has a great impact.

"I have to", it is really difficult.

For many people interested, the millet 12 series is also useless.

However, the previous generation of evaluations is more embarrassed, the visual inspection has been cut, and the R angle will definitely look smoothly.

In terms of parameters, Xiaomi 12 Series will support LTPO adaptive refresh rate, the resolution will be mainly 2k, and a model will use 1080P.

Don’t see "1080p", I feel that it is not fragrant. I know that this correspondence is 6.2 ~ 6.3-inch small screen models, the majority of netizens are expected.

At present, you cannot confirm the name of this model, or you can call millet 12 mini, and maybe a millet 12 youth, Xiaomi 12X is not impossible.

But compared to the previous generation youth, the stack of this small screen is completely not at a level.

First processor is the most popular Xiaolong 870 this year.

On performance, affirm that the Standard Edition of Xiaolong 8 Gen 1 (temporarily named), but the sacrifice of a little performance under small screen is difficult to heat dissipation, but may not be a bad thing.

And the software optimization of 870 has long been in place, there is no much power consumption and fever anxiety.

On this basis, images, cable fast charge, wireless fast charge, double raise, linear motor, NFC, infrared peripheral configuration, one a lot.

These configurations are added together, at least the small screen flagship should be able to meet the most users who have demand for small screens.

Cough, especially the nail household in Xiaomi 6 is still tempting ~

According to these versions of the previous rhythm, Xiaomi 12 series, it should be released twice, and the small screen and standard version are debuted on December 28.

Although this date, only one day after December 29, Xiaomi 11, but does not mean that Xiaomi can once again grab the first hair of the Snapdong flagship chip.

After all, other manufacturers have long been coveted with this name, and the explosion shows the flagship release of four Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 in December.

You think that the Xiaomi 12 series possessions have been arranged at the end of the month, how big can the first probability?

At present, the old manufacturer Motorola is likely to sit on the first position.

According to the previous official preheating, Motorola will release the Edge X flagship mobile phone in the near future. At present, 3C certification, radio approval, and enter the network license, and the progress is very fast.

Although the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 has not been released, the general manager of China Mobile’s mobile phone business (note, Motorola mobile phone has been acquired) has been revealed in Weibo. The actual performance of this chip.

For example, "network signal is strong", "a god frame rate line", and "performance ceiling is not unexpected or we", etc.

A bit look forward to the real machine ~

In addition, Motorola EDGE X also has 1080P / 144Hz screen, DC dimming, rear 1 / 1.55 inches, front 60 million pixel lens (you don’t have a mistake, 60 million), etc.

There is no doubt that this is the most important model after Motorola re-established the domestic market. Coupled with the first Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, the attention is certainly not awkward.

Of course, no matter who is released first, optimize in place, the price is appropriate, the stock is enough.

Baidu Intelligent Cloud Digital Technology Deep Integrated | Race Hyper

Digital Technology Reconstruction The speed of the financial industry is getting faster and faster. Many technology companies are participating in this change in its own technical advantages.

As the first echelon of domestic AI technology, Baidu Company, which occupies the leading position, constructs independent innovative multi-form Yunzhi integrated infrastructure, creating core scene applications such as full channel services, numerous marketing, synergy office, etc.,

Introducing a new generation of AI tool terminal solutions, "Baidu Smart Cloud Hurricane" intelligent engine and digital consultation full stack solution, reaching AI technology to financial institutions.

From the perspective of technical logic and implementation, Baidu AI technology layout financial field is far-reaching. Financial institutions are the empowerment of the development of the digital age, Baidu Intelligent Cloud uses AI to help financial institutions. At the same time, the digital technology will extend to the industrial manufacturing field, improve the financial model of industry Internet, and lay a solid foundation for building competitive intelligent manufacturing. Base.

Baidu AI + Finance=?

Baidu Intelligent Cloud’s "Yun Zhi Intega" wisdom financial solution, its overall architecture can be specifically presented as three layers: the first layer is a digital base, with core products such as financial exclusive clouds, aircraft paddle + Kunlun, load balancing (BFE) Ability; the second layer includes intelligent engine, including AI middle platform, two core products of knowledge in knowledge.

The first layer and the second layer constitute "multi-morphological cloud-integrated infrastructure of independent innovation".

The third layer is a plurality of scene application solutions, such as "AI +" scene envoys, digital marketing and growth programs, content digital intelligence schemes, etc.

On November 26th, Baidu Smart Officer’s "Scene Application": New Generation AI Machine Terminal Solution, "Baidu Smart Cloud Hurricane" Intelligent Engine and Digital Consultation Suitable Stack Solution.

Wall Street knows that "Yun Zhi Intega" wisdom financial solutions, abide by "AI technology" positioning, facing the entire financial system.

"Baidu technical features based on ‘ai’, this is the most important engine and starting technique when we help financial institutions have advanced digital work. At present, the current status of financial industry is very strong, so if you only provide simple ‘On the cloud’ service, the business gain effect of (financial) institution is not very obvious. "Li Shuo said," But AI technology management has its operation and maintenance, the effect is completely different. "

Wall Street knows that Baidu Smart Cloud AI technology has a large-scale depth in the back-end service system of the financial institution.

In 2019, Baidu Intelligent Cloud and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank have opened the scene of Baidu AI technology in financial institutions. By 2021, both parties cooperated from the first financial digital, intelligent customer service to extend to the "deep learning platform" and the AI ??optimization platform, etc., with great expansion in depth and breadth.

Unlike industrial Internet, it has just begun to apply AI digital technology, and the financial industry has very high acception and application for AI digital technology. The sake of the financial institution’s pure application of digital technology has reached the extent of from point-like to system planning.

Because of this, the financial industry is not limited to the concept of pursuing shape when adopting AI technology, and it is very focused on the effectiveness of the promotion of its business.

Li Shuo said that "In the past few years, financial institutions have been considering the combination of digital technology in combination with specific business scenarios, and this is used as a procurement criteria for the use of digital technology or services."

In the actual application, Baidu Smart Cloud AI technology capabilities contain two types of landing directions, very popular with financial institutions.

First, such as the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank mode. When the Baidu AI technology capabilities apply to the service and marketing team, the overall performance has been significantly improved, and the cost does not increase accordingly, this is "the actual transformation effect that can be seen". Today, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank has generally tried AI technology to empowerment in multiple business scenarios.

Second, Baidu Intelligent Cloud Power Calligraphy Digital Transformation Path and Pudong Development Bank are different, and Baidu Ai technology capabilities are applied to wind control and operation. Baidu provides in-depth technical services for the Postal Savings: Building Baidu Smart Cloud AI (PaaS). With this, the Postal Savings Bank builds a personalized application SaaS tool that meets the specific business scenarios of the bank, and is widely used, and the trade-in business operation efficiency is very significant.

What did Baidu, November 26?

Pay attention to the effectiveness of AI technology in the financial industry, Baidu Smart Cloud adopts these market strategies, what is the actual market performance?

Wall Street knows that Baidu Intelligent Cloud all kinds of solutions have served approximately 300 financial industry agencies, covering 83% of national banks.

According to IDC’s "China Financial Cloud Market (2021, first half) tracking" report, the China Financial Cloud Market has reached 2.65 billion US dollars in the first half of 2021, and the market growth rate is 40.2%.

Among them, Baidu Intelligent Cloud ranched 86.56% year-on-year in the overall market of China’s Financial Cloud Solutions, twice as a year in China’s financial cloud market.

It is worth noting that the report summarizes the current financial cloud market: financial cloud construction enters "deep water area", and innovative formal infrastructure has become optional. According to the report, the growth rate of infrastructure and solutions reached 38.3% and 44.8% respectively.

In terms of infrastructure, Baidu Smart Cloud has improved the ability of this field on November 26.

Observing Baidu Smart Cloud’s technical system layout in the financial sector, it can be seen that through platform AI technology open source, in the context of the supervision requirements of "14th Five-Year" digital technology independent innovation, combined with Baidu smart cloud financial exclusive cloud, Baidu Intelligent Cloud AI Taiwanese adaptation business scenario needs multi-application form tool "averaged integration", "Baidu advantage may be more obvious in the next two or three years." Li Shui believes.

Baidu intelligent clouds, some of the multi-form cloud-integrated infrastructure constructed in the financial sector; Baidu Intelligent Cloud Finance is also a part of the infrastructure, which is a feasible option for future financial industry users.

According to IDC, after the formal landing of the support policy and management, the relevant program may become an important or even main way for SMEs.

As the core "Corps" of Baidu Intelligent Cloud in the financial industry, "Corps", "Yun Zhi Intega" wisdom financial solutions in fact were given the mission of "all-round empower financial institutions" by Baidu Intelligent Cloud.

How to do this?

In addition to previously released digital base-related core products and intelligent engine related products, this new generation of AI machine terminal solutions, "Baidu Smart Cloud Hurricane" Intelligent Engine and Digital Consultation Full Stack Solution.

In summary, that is, through the PaaS software empower multi-functional equipment intelligent interactive terminal, improve terminal and user interaction efficiency and experience, with "accompanying" joint operation method, jointly build full processes to digitally licensed capabilities, and then match To help financial institutions have across digital transformation thresholds with the "digital consultation" full stack of business class, planning and management.

That is, on November 26, Baidu Smart Cloud further enhanced the "cloud-integrated" smart financial solution to promote the technical empowerment of the financial industry to promote digital transformation.

Baidu’s design is also in line with the requirements of the financial cloud market development.

The IDC report shows that in the first half of 2021, the financial cloud infrastructure market has reached 1.83 billion US dollars, including 54.0% and 28.5%, respectively, with public clouds and private cloud infrastructure markets.

IDC believes that China’s financial cloud infrastructure construction process has not ended, and the head financial institution has adopted "Self-research Program + Cloud Computing Service Provider" to synchronize the strategy to speed up private cloud infrastructure construction.

Baidu Smart Cloud did not show its focus on public cloud or private clouds, and Li Shuo also proposed its planning and head financial institutions to promote the industry cloud.

"In the future, Baidu Plan, according to the supervision guidance, focusing on the large-scale financial technology company, such as Jianxin Jinke (CCB Digital Platform Company), etc.," Li Shuo said, "through the industry cloud platform, available Financial institutions use, in line with the digital technical capabilities requiring data and business requirements. "

Deep Objective: To make strong services

What is the deep direction of Baidu Intelligent Cloudy Financial Industry Technology Ending?

From Baidu Ai Technical Logic, becoming a head digital technology company in the financial field, it is likely not the technical endpoint of Baidu Intelligent Cloud.

Wall Street is noted that financial institutions promote digital financial purposes to enhance their business income; but from national goal, financial institutions, especially large banks, support industry, and manufacturing business strength and technical capabilities are the top Heavy.

From is the view, this is all the efforts of the digital technology company engaged in technical empowering financial institutions, Baidu smart clouds are no exception.

The problem is how the technical core advantage of Baidu Smart Cloud is matched with this country’s goal?

Through the deep communication with Baidu Intelligent Cloud, Wall Street saw that Baidu Intelligent Cloud believes that the industrial finance has experienced three stages: 1.0 stage: doing a financial service of large core enterprises; 2.0 stage: Financial services to the core enterprises, For upstream enterprises, they can do payments in accounts, and order financing can be done downstream.

At 3.0, the industrial data financial mode is truly realized. The overall multi-dimensional angle verification is made through the multidimensional data. It is truly exploring the risk information of enterprises in technology, whereby a new wind control model can be developed, and the ability to obtain multidimensional data assessment is the core key element.

To obtain multidimensional data assessment capabilities, Baidu Smart Cloud believes that it is necessary to construct an industrial Internet industry financial platform with AI-based industrial Internet industries.

In practice, Baidu Smart Cloud found that through industrial Internet and financial institutions, it can play an important role in serving the national manufacturing power of the country: financial institutions provide strong financial support to industrial Internet enterprises, industrial Internet generation enterprise full processes Data can also be improved in the financial control model.

Baidu Intelligent Cloud found in the process of doing industrial Internet technology, and the needs of financial services have two pain points: First, the company itself wants to do digital transformation, but no funds, it is necessary to loary; second, after obtaining loans, In the repayment pressure, companies will also consider whether digitized transformation gives the business to bring practical value. If it is not, it is difficult to drive the digital technology choice of the enterprise.

Therefore, Baidu intelligent cloud is based on Baidu Industrial Internet Foundation. It has built a Baidu Mini platform with AI technology as the core: where the government is one end, the bank is one end, the company is one end, Baidu’s role is based on the abilities service platform, As a three-party connection point.

The technical structure of the Baidu Mini platform is the bottom layer is a data platform, and the wind control platform is built on this base to achieve risk management before the loan, loan and loan.

Wall Street saw that Baidu has landed this industrial Internet abundance platform in a municipality in China, where the wind control platform penetrates the underlying data layer, decision-making layer and application layer. It is currently possible to make anti-fraudware before the loan, the loan to realize the risk level identification and real-time synchronization, and after the loan can make a warning and push, according to the corresponding management measures.

From this perspective, Baidu Intelligent Cloud promotes AI technology in the financial field, which can be seen as a small part of the industrial Internet industry financial platform, will also become a manufacturing strong country to make technical support for China.

Italian luxury brand launches mangalsutra for India; you won’t believe how much it costs

Italian luxury brand Bulgari has launched its first-ever exclusive-to-India jewellery — a gold mangalsutra. The launch comes after the brand announced Priyanka Chopra Jonas as its global ambassador in August this year.

The mangalsutra, called the ‘Bvlgari Bvlgari necklace’ is made of 18 karat yellow gold “set with round black onyx inserts and pavé diamonds”, according to the brand’s official website.

Defining the necklace as a “contemporary statement of elegance”, the brand writes, “Recalling the curved inscriptions of ancient Roman coins, the double logo represented the first time an emblem had ever become a prominent jewellery design icon and remains a timeless trademark of Bvlgari’s creativity to this day.”