It is worth buying a medal. When I have a sun, I will come from Zhang Aunt, some beautiful surroundings of the hand _ craft gift _ what is worth buying

Creative position statement:Worth buying surroundings! Thank you for your support, ask for a concern!
Adhering to an independent evaluation point is the basic bottom line of the author’s creation, and will never be biased due to the different sources of goods, please rest assured.

The double eleven big promotion of the end is just that I have just ended. The twelve two majors immediately started again. This is not my unremitting effort. I have a medal in the event worth buying. Today, I will take me. I have to get a sun before buying this redemption and participation in the event, I hope to collect more in the future!

Sign in Tianshi Town Building, 3033 days, specially used two supplement cards for 3033 days …

1, share each value

This is just received today, it is very popular! The big red is quite praise! The underground pad is a 1000-day fire paint printing, which is showing off, there is nothing else!

I know that this year is very much, hurry to take the sun! Pick up gold coins ~

There is a logo worth buying technology in the back. I will also buy some stocks worth buying, participate in it!

2,618 Silver badge

Hey, this is the gold coin exchange, or the golden silver is randomly, I will not be very good, I like gold to send silver!

However, in this lighting environment, you have to say it is gold, you can’t see it!

3, 1000 days hot print

I have been got for a long time for a long time, I found that my ID is a small editor, moved! In November 16, I should be more early and a batch of getting this! Unfortunately, there are two years of family, just watching, don’t write something! I missed a lot of wonderful!

4,2000 days commemorative ultrasonic cleaning machine

2000 days worth buying gifts, very practical, you can clean your keyboard cap, eyes, jewelry, this kind, very practical, I have shared it before, connected below!

What is worth buying to the 2000-day gift — Ultrasonic cleaning machine out of the box and practical introduction 2000 days, more than 5 years, suddenly found that I have been here for so long, and I also got a lot of products in public tests ( Secretly said that I haven’t been flimated for a long time, the aunt ran quickly!) I also bought a lot of goods in many gods! Nowadays, the big mom sent a sign-in gift in 2000. It is necessary to take a look, a very practical ultrasonic cleaning machine. Gray packaging box, worth buying, now a variety of surroundings are more and more professional! Unpacking three companies, soul rubber |great5Comment10collect5 View details

5, worth buying a custom blind box keyboard cap

Speaking of the keyboard cap, I am very sad, many times, I have to draw a lot of the keyboard cap, I participated again and again, I can’t win a prize, I am sad. Depressed, but fortunately, I launched a blind box key cap. There is gold coin to redeem, 1888 gold coins can be changed, this is to be exchanged, this keycap 188 yuan! Who makes you feel good, a bit bite, a feet! Change!

I am pumping is the list, a trophy is quite beautiful, and there is no strength to get the year-end trophy worth buying, you have to have a keycap.!

Take it, replace the f button!

6, worth buying a mug

This cup has forgotten the time to exchange, has been in the office, simple and low-key has connotation!

In order to put such a good Logo to the cup, don’t get the cup wall ….

7, worth buying expression stickers, etc.

This sticker is also redeeming the gold coin. It seems that there is this in the year-end reward worth buying. I hide it after exchange, the result is still being found to be gave Huo Huo, ~~ 愁发!

There is also a bookmark, envelope, a tape worth buying, quite a lot!

8, living home badge

I think it is the most beautiful worth buying badge, no one! At that time, there should be chief badges, color matching and this difference, more beautiful! Fortunately, I was fortunate to participate in the event. I got this with acrylic protection box, I also comes with the moon surface, and the small badge worth buying temperament! Can join the big family worth buying, too happy!

Big collection!

Also pay more efforts to collect a variety of friends! Let’s see you next time ~

The other last last! Ask for a attention, thank you very handsome guys and big beautiful!