Nanjing Mobile "5G + Beidou" smart driving application to create a new highland of the industry – Nanjing finalists in the country’s first "5G + Beidou Application Demonstration Base"

Recently, at the 5G + Beidou High Accuracy Positioning Conference, China Mobile issued a top ten 5G + Beidou high-precision positioning application scene, which announced the list of "5G + Beidou Application Demonstration Base". Among them, Nanjing Mobile 5G Intelligent Network Automobile Test Site Project is located in the top ten application scenarios, and Nanjing will surveillance the first batch of "5G + Beidou Application Demonstration Base" in the country.

At the 5G + Beidou High Accuracy Location Conference, China Mobile released smart driving, smart portal, smart logistics, monitoring testing, smart bus, sharing bicycle, drone, precision navigation, precision agriculture, measurement and mapping ten 5g + Beidou High Accuracy Positioning the application scenario and releases a scene solution. It is reported that China Mobile will use 5G + Beidou as a carrier, integrated AICDE (artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, edge calculation), etc. New, ie, 5g + Beidou High Accuracy Positioning Network "New Cormeal", deep tillage 5G + Beidou high-precision positioning application "new scene", together with 5G + Beidou high precision positioning ecology "new prosperity".

"This time, the 5G + Beidou application demonstration base shows that Nanjing Mobile leads the smart driving application technology benchmark, which will create a new highland of the industry." According to Nanjing Mobile, Luo Yan, 5G intelligent network car test site is located in the water area In the new city, it is funded by the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology. It is a government demonstration project, a key construction project, and an investment construction of the Shui Shui Technology Co., Ltd. Luo Yan further stated that the project combines the advantages of the local automotive industry, the layout intelligent network industry, guides the industrial agglomeration and upgrade. The project is China Mobile’s first scene business test site in the country, with 5G-V2X, edge computing, and Beidou high-precision is positioned as core key technologies. In the test area, the intelligent network car public test road totaled 8.5 kilometers, and Nanjing’s first 5G car road collaborative public service platform was built, providing construction standards for 5G automatic driving and demonstration applications in the country.