Sitting in more than 3,500 scientists engineers, three years have lost 24 billion, Shang Dynasty is not going to market?

Professor and doctoral gather, plus thousands of scientists and engineers, if such a dream lineup is used to build a company, will it be a pair of scenes?

As you say, you may not believe that such companies really exist.

Not long ago, Ai, a business Tang Technology, passed the HKCO listed hearing.

The unicorn in this AI is gathers more than 40 professors, more than 250 doctors. In addition, more than 5,000 employees, two-thirds are scientists and engineers.

What is even more cow has been founded in 2014, and Shang Tang has issued more than 600 papers in various journals, and there are more than 8,000 patents.

Describe with a sentence, that is, the scientific and technological content burst.

More unexpectedly, there is so many cow people, Shang Tang three years is still over 24 billion. . .

And today, the bad reviews are also preparing to smash the small hotspots listed on the market, and spend the story of the company, this company has the story of "AI Si Xiaolong’s head".

First of all, I said that I had to mention Tang Xiao ‘s big cow.

He graduated from the 1990s, he chose to go to the United States, and pursued a doctorate in Mirace, and he was in this period. He touched his face recognition algorithm.

After getting a doctoral degree, the big 佬 continued in research on computer visual algorithms at the Hong Kong University of Chinese University and Microsoft Asia.

He has also formed a multimedia laboratory of Hong Kong Chinese University, and Shang Dynasty Technology is also initially created here.

At that time, the field of face recognition has always been a bottleneck, which is how to improve the recognition accuracy of the algorithm.

Simply put, it is to improve the ability to judge that two photos are not the same. The accuracy of 97.53% of the human eye is considered to be a ceiling of the algorithm.

However, Tang Xiaou did not agree. In 2014, the Tang Xiao Team used the original GaussianFace algorithm to transcend his eyes, and the "monster" of 98.52% of the accuracy was created.

Subsequently, the high-yield Tang Xiao Team immediately released a more variatory DeepID algorithm, directly increased the experimental score to more than 99%.

The data of the anti-day is out, IDG’s investors also smell the wind and plan to invest tens of millions of dollars, helping the business of people’s face recognition technology, and Shang Tang Technology has also been formally established.

As for the company, I was named "Shangshuo", and their official explanation is that Shang Dynasty is currently the era of Chinese civilization, and the emergence of text has brought about human civilization. They think that technology is also the same. The founding emperor of Shang Dynasty was just calling soup.

Just, everyone is more likely to explain, that is, Tang Xiao will turn it from the professor to the business, and the professional soup, refer to business soup.

Shang Tang Technology has always been the fragrance of the capital market.

From 2015, the company has experienced 12 rounds of financing, with a total of $ 5.2 billion, and the business of Shang Dynasties is also greater.

In the computer visual field of its home, it is said that there is more than 400 million mobile phones in more than 400 million mobile phones in more than 400 million mobile phones.

The Chengdu Shuangliu Airport, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, Zhengzhou’s subway station also uses brush face ban on Shang Sang Technology.

In other aspects, Shang Tang also established a universal artificial intelligence infrastructure based on his own old, and helping a AI for each field.

Take the smart city as an example, the merchant soup can use visual analysis, detect the displacement of the well cover, the fence guardrail, grab the image of illegal parking.

It is also possible to estimate traffic congestion, predict the occurrence of fires.

In this way, the technology of Shang Tang is used in life, and the corners of the city.

According to the last year’s data, Shang Dynasty also became China’s largest computer vision software company, Asia’s largest artificial intelligence software company.

And in comparison with clouds, according to the map, 视, etc., there are nearly 10 billion months of Shangjun, which has become the first of AI Si Xiaolong.

When I saw this, I would say that there is a friend who will say, since Shang Dynasty technology is so top, after the listing, I just can only rush to Rapuha, directly selling the business soup stock!

The bad review may be said to stop, be impulsive, because Shang Dynasty technology seems to be full of fruits, it is actually the money.

Shang Tang Technology can also be said to be a perfect representative of the AI ??industry, behind the light and bright, actually a huge loss. . .

Just say this, although the revenue of Shangshui Technology in the past three years is 1.85 billion, 30.3 billion and 3450 million. But after the various costs of research and development, in fact, Shangshui is a loss every year.

Among them, the light is more than 24 billion due to the three years.

Why do you burn this?

The bad review is simple to give an example, and the Shang Tang Guang is in order to build their own Ai superior centers, and the merchant soup has invested 5 billion.

But the superior center is in this place, but it can be eternal once after it is finished, because it is a truly anti-Gold beast.

The researchers of Shang Tang have been slightly estimated. Press the super-budget center that labeled Run (running) button, the iteration of the data training is at least 500,000 yuan.

So, selling hundreds of hot pots, it can be not enough.

So many scientists and engineers inside Shang Tang, every day, relying on "run" to train their own AI models.

And, this hasn’t counted the salary of scientists, and there are hundreds of millions of costs that have added the purchase of GPU clusters every year. Yes, AI is such a game of burning money.

This is not an example of Shang Dynasties. Other AI San Xiaolong’s investment in R & D is not small. It does not move to billions or even billion R & D.

However, it doesn’t necessarily have a result, and there is no need to commercialize. If you don’t invest money, it is afraid of being eliminated. The AI ??industry has fallen into such a strange circle.

Plus the construction cycle of the smart city project such as subway, airport, and the return period is also long; and many mobile phone manufacturers have implemented the AI ??algorithm, you don’t have money to make new stings, they will not pay again. you.

Loss, that is, it has become a homewinner in the AI ??industry.

These two years have attached importance to personal information, especially human face data, but also make simple face recognition data more difficult, so, "Shang Tang", who rely on this family, really encountered some bottlenecks. If this time is, the establishment is also a wave of direction adjustment.

The listed plan of this business soup is ready to raise 60% of the IPO, and then invested in Ai R & D.

So, as a research institution, these explosions and crazy money "Shang Tang" are really excellent.

But as a company, profitability and commercialization is their purpose. In this regard, "Shangjou" is still not a matter of time.

In addition, the story of the AI ??industry also reminds me of an innovative field a theory called "Valley of Death".

Simply put, technology innovation has been proposed, and there is still a long way to go between the technology innovation. Most of these projects will die on this road, and this divide from scientific research to industrialization is also called "Valley of Death".

In the past few years, the AI ??frenzies, after the PPT, the era of increasing, today’s AI industry seems to be in this deep valley.

Although AI has been applied in many fields, 97% to 99% accuracy of the leap, may take hundreds of millions of real gold and silver investment, but to tell the truth to the people of bad reviews, I feel true. not very big.

And from now on the performance of the AI ??industry, losses are likely to become a homemade.

Finally, the profitability of these AI industries may have doubts, but for the future of AI, the bad review is still very optimistic.

Just like a lot of money, in the 1950s, the "modern communication theory", UNIX operating system, mobile phone technology Bell laboratory, did not expect that these technologies can be decades later Root root germination, even change the world.

The AI ??industry may also be the same, I believe that all the way to burn money all the way to the current "Shangjun", will also plant a seeds, and they are also likely to change the fruits of the world.