Anobong Technology Co., Ltd. founder Su Changjun: Hug new technologies should keep a stunned attitude, but pursue a hot spot

November 27-28, 2021, "Financial" annual meeting 2022: Forecast and strategy are held online. Si Changjun, founder Su Changjun, founder, Beijing Anbotong Technology Co., Ltd. attended and speaking.

From the IT industry, Su Changjun indicated intelligent technology, green computing technology, and biological computing technology is a very important future area. Many new innovations in these areas, including hardware innovation, software innovation, application innovation, etc. can be vigorously developed. . The future digital transformation makes human society more sustainable development.

Su Changjun pointed out that informationalization is mainly in terms of increasing efficiency, consumption, new digital government, in the people’s livelihood, "I am more expecting is that the future technology is likely to be in the emotional level, the cultural art level of cultural art is some new Technology has emerged, there is a possible new digital art or even digital beliefs, I think this is more expected. "Su Changjun added to emphasize.

"Sometimes (some companies) feel very excited, the wind is coming, sometimes we have a kind of mentality, I have not accumulated, this business we haven’t touched before, we will be overtaking." Su Changjun bluntly .

Regarding the embrace new technology embraces all kinds of frontier technology, Su Changjun believes that it should be stunned, and cannot be overwhelmed with a hot spot.

"Just like artificial intelligence is very hot, this world will not have the best artificial intelligence company, because artificial intelligence itself is a technology, not a product. If a consumer company uses artificial intelligence technology to do better New consumption, I think he is a consumer company that uses artificial intelligence technology. "Su Changjun said.

"Shouldn’t be chasing technology, you have to use it, what industry is still what industry is still, this is an understanding of my new technology and new business. It is constant, sometimes it is still necessary to ensure your chassis, yourself Business, your own essence can’t change, but in the process of change, you must use good technology. "He said.

In the enterprise research, Su Changjun mentioned two points: First, the company has a small, large enterprise like Intel, Huawei and other special research institutes, even their own academicians, their research is very comprehensive, very likely It is a realistic power of the truth, the second, for SMEs, some innovative business companies, it is difficult to invest in a department to do research, how to improve the research capacity of such enterprises.

First, choose one or two points, scientific research can’t do, don’t engage in research, the most basic competitiveness will lose, so we must find the pain points of the industry. At this time, you must not be greedy, but you must be greedy, you must find the most The most solved the problem, enlarge this point, unlimited research.

Second, the research of enterprises must use good ecology. "There are many scientific research enterprises, there are large research institutes, have research institutes, there are universities, have large scientific research companies, and there are numerous entrepreneurial companies, small and medium-sized companies, after forming an ecology, you can use it together, I don’t have to go very Blindly completed other short plates, put the long plate infinitely long, and talked with someone else’s plate, it must be greedy, must be inclusive, more cooperation with you, and forces. " Su Changjun said.

Finally, Su Changjun said comparative support supervision.

"I think technological innovation is easy to bring some negative things, because the technology itself is invisible, and it is flat, it will break the original unsightly, I’m broken, I still support supervision, be sure to be unwell Technological innovation has something to curb or suppress, and now often speaks technology to be good, technology should always love to beauty. If technology can create 100 yuan, let 100 people use, such policies should be us Support, this is my point of view. "Su Changjun finally said.