ASUS Ling Yao X Double Screen Thin Book Review: Futuristic Design, but the second screen is worth it?

A notebook has two displays? It sounds almost impossible things, ASUS makes it possible. This is how the cooperation with Zenbook 14 Duo, I will tell you in the evaluation.

ASUS is getting more and more try new, futuristic laptop design. ASUS ScreenPad + is also used for ASUS Ling Yao X dual screen light thin. This time, it doesn’t even stand out from the notebook when you open it.

Daily Test – Is the second display really useful?

In daily life, I have completed various tasks with ASUS Ling Yao X Double-screen light. Thanks to the fast SSD and the 7th generation I11 processor, these (as expected) For Huashuo Ling Yao X double screen light, it is a small piece of dish.

In addition, there is also a home office of Microsoft Teams, as well as a small game. During my test, there is neither WiFi problem and there is no other crash. Everything is performed, and the second display is simply identified as the second display in Windows. Therefore, all demo functions (mirror, extensions, only on one display) can be implemented here.

Both monitors are touch screens, so you can use the included handwritten pen on both. However, in my opinion, it is most meaningful in ScreenPad +.

The operating system I have chosen is Windows 10 as an operating system. It can set fan speed, battery mode, etc. Feeling it better than before.

ScreenPad + achieved better than expected

ScreenPad + can be freely arranged in the integrated software panel, which can be used to trigger a variety of functions. In addition to other outside, the organizational window, open the application in a fixed position, etc. Screenpad + helps me very much in daily life.

Even if I have a little doubtful, the second monitor is really meaningful. It may not do this for anyone, but this is an extraordinary experience for me. ASUS refers to other use cases of video editing and image editing using Adobe Photoshop as other use cases of ScreenPad +.

Keyboard and touchpad: habits are necessary

If you look at the ASUS Ling Yao X dual screen light thin, you will immediately notice that the keyboard and mouse have slipped. The mouse is even sliding left to avoid the compact size.

I can only say that the keyboard has a good pressure point, you can use it. It feels high quality, just like a high-end laptop. On the other hand, if you are accustomed to normal central design, the touchpad or mouse takes a lot of time to adapt. After a period of habits, this is useful for me, there is no major obstacle.

Connection and speaker

Here you can see the left side of the most port. We have a perfect HDMI port, two USB Type-C Thunderbolt ports (so data, power, images, etc. can be output by two Type-C ports). The only lack in these varieties is actually a LAN socket, but due to thin design, it has to be allowed. There is still a complete USB-A 3.1 port on the right side.

As for the speaker, I can only say that they are surprising. ASUS has a professional voice from Harman Kardon here. This will immediately causten to pay attention, because even at the highest level, the sound is very full, there is no tiny sound. The high point is very good, the low point (for the notebook) is very good.

The figure also shows the bracket provided by ASUS for ASUS Ling Yao X Double Screen. This can vertically erect the notebook to better read the two screens. ASUS Ling Yao X Double Screen Microcompansion This is open, and ScreenPad + will tilt up.


In the configuration I am allowed to test, ASUS Ling Yao X dual screen light thin book’s suggestion retail price is 9999 yuan. This is a lot of money, but you can still get top equipment and excellent workmanship. In addition, there is an almost complete second display.

As well as bright main display. Hardware such as CPU and 32 GB RAM completes the rest of the work, making it a very fast work device. But there may be many people prefer traditional laptops.

Either because the second monitor is too bold to some people, or because they only need a display. Therefore, I recommend ASUS Ling Yao X dual screen to the main arguments that are passionate about experiments and regard video editing and image processing as a useful second monitor.