Intelligent grid platform boost grassroots governance

This newspaper, Chengdu, November 30 (Reporter Zhang Wen) "Discovered Fire!" Not long ago, there was a unattended warehouse in Chengdu, Sichuan Province.The "Large Linkage · Microscale" intelligent grid analysis platform automatic alarm, information is pushed to the handheld terminal of the full-time grid and fire rescue personnel, and the fire is avoided.

Since last year, the Qudu District has been organized by public areas, introducing the front-end video intelligence analysis algorithm, built a "large linkage, micelling" intelligent grid analysis platform.The platform can automatically capture the electric bicycle into the elevator, the motor vehicle is chaos, the sudden fire, the water quality pollution of the river is automatically captured, synchronized.Introduction to the person in charge of the Grid Services Management Center of the Sub-Surface: "It can be found with the intelligent grid analysis platform, and it can be found that the abnormal situation is convenient and efficient."

"People’s Daily" (December 01, 2021)