By intelligent manufacturing energy! Nanjing Wisdom Park to create high quality development model

The 2021 World Intelligent Manufacturing Conference will be held in Nanjing from December 8th to December 10. At that time, the world’s intelligent manufacturing industry big coffee, experts scholars, industry elites will show the latest technology and top products of intelligent manufacturing in the conference. Recently, the reporter followed the organizing committee into several industrial parks in Nanjing, understanding the achievements of smart industrial parks in promoting digital transformation and empowering industrial development.

Accelerate industrial transformation and development to do a good job in industrial layout

"In the past, it takes a month to manufacture the entire subway car. Now there is intelligent manufacturing, only one week can produce a subway." Xu Xiujun, deputy general manager of Jiangsu Zhongxing Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd. Is a specialized enterprise with a comprehensive intelligent manufacturing comprehensive solution, and an overall solution to traditional manufacturing output intelligence. At present, the digital products and solutions of the middle cars are applied to multiple fields such as rail transit, mechanical manufacturing.

"Compared to intelligent manufacturing and traditional artificial, one is greatly reduced production cycle, and the second is that the quality of the product is also greatly improved, and it is more fine." Xu Xiujun said.

Jiangbei New Area Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Park has a deep rail transit production manufacturing basis. In this context, Jiangsu Zhongxing Digital Technology Co., Ltd. came into being. The industrial manufacturing multi-business synergy system is constructed, starting from the "Intelligent Manufacturing + Business Cooperation", combined with industrial Internet technology, forming a complete manufacturing system of digital, networked, intelligent and corporate business, hardware and software linkage, meeting high-end equipment Personalized customization of complex parts.

"Jiangbei New District Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Park focused on electronic information and large health, around the two industries, the park is stepped by step to strengthen the industrial energy level, the energy development kinetic energy." Chen Hongbin, the intelligent manufacturing industry park statistics station, Jiangbei New District In the past 5 years, the park around the overall requirements of high quality development, focusing on "two cities and one center", accelerating new and old kinetic energy conversions, and promoting the leading industry to make great strength.

It is understood that the new district around the industrial layout, the park support, encourage enterprises to market demand-oriented, good technology system layout, and actively encourage enterprises to strengthen R & D power operator, to break the key blocking points, adapting software to enhance energy levels, build the hardware, software linkage development pattern.

Leading Innovative R & D convergence "smart" talent

Intelligent cleaning robot, robot disinfection epidemic prevention, spinning robots, intelligent robots …… retail in Nanjing Kirin Technology Innovation Park, there is a focus on robotic automation systems integration, intelligent robotics and vision inspection systems for civil, entertainment robots developed by the company – Nanjing King Yao intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. In this company, "robots map" display on the wall, you can see the robot is used in a wide range of different industries and fields.

"Our products have been deep into different industries, such as industrial manufacturing, aerospace, logistics, security, etc., according to the company, the industry needs to help develop the appropriate robot products that can greatly enhance the performance of the industry." Nanjing King Yao Intelligent Technology Deputy General Manager Liao Yongxiang introduction, there is a smart product inspection robot, designed for high-speed rail chassis, parts and other safety testing, compared with the manual, check the robot more accurate, more efficient manner, can help immediately removed Security risks.

Relying Park, Nanjing King Yao Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has also been a lot of research and development personnel. Deputy director of Kirin Technology Park Zone Economic Development Bank said Yu, Nanjing Kirin Technology Innovation Park has a rich scientific and educational resources, more than 30 colleges and universities in Nanjing University, Southeast University, Nanjing University and other distributed around the park, the park development It provides a wealth of technological and personnel support. Park Nanjing Kirin Technology City for the development of the carrier, the CAS Nanjing Branch of "a hospital four" University Chinese Academy of Sciences Nanjing Institute at the core, gathering system and technological innovation resources Chinese Academy of Sciences, has taken shape in the CAS "1 + N" (National Science and Technology Institute of China Nanjing Institute + number of Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute) system innovation and development, and efforts to introduce outside the province well-known university research institutions, to create "a multi-hospital school" scientific and technological innovation layout.

"The combination innovation technology park resources and advantages, we strive to create artificial intelligence, information technology, science and technology innovation are two peaks, and actively introduce corporate headquarters, the Internet service platform for enterprises and other emerging economies formats, build ‘two high and one new’ economic development pattern." Yu line said.

Improve the supporting services to promote enterprise development

Nanjing Liuhe CNC machine tools Industrial Park was established in June 2001. 56 existing enterprises, of which, 18 Taiwan-funded enterprises, companies on regulation 32, 70% of corporate concentration in the streets Xiongzhou CNC machine tool industry park. The main products are machine PCB, PCB drilling machine, special machine tools, machining centers vertical and horizontal, vertical gantry rail surface grinding machine, CNC lathes and the like.

"The initial formation of industrial cluster development trend is relatively complete processing chain, forming a mold – Casting – Machining – Heat treatment – grinding – a relatively complete industrial chain of machine tool" Plot CNC machine tools Industrial Park Administrative Committee Director of the office Liguangtian said, the park set up by the mayor as head of the CNC machine tool industry working group to promote the Liuhe District, regularly scheduled planning to implement elements of land development of CNC machine tools, and other supporting personnel policy.

Nanjing Zhejiang CNC Machine Tools Co. is a representative of enterprises in the park. Nanjing Zhejiang CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd., general manager Tan said printed books, Nanjing, Zhejiang CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise, relying on the development of the park, the company from product type, degree of automation, intelligence and so on has been greatly improved .

"Now the park is also planned personnel policy, but also conducive to the introduction of talent, but the park also help us improve the workplace, workplace upgrade, to ensure the orderly conduct of the project." Tan said printed book.

It is reported that 2025 Kuni CNC machine tool industry chain in Jiangsu Province will play a strong chain of CNC machine tool industry, 30 billion strategic emerging industry clusters. 2030, will build a 50 billion national strategic emerging industry clusters, the CNC machine tool industry park into a national high-end equipment industry base cluster.

Expert Interpretation: intelligent manufacturing industry for the future development of new energy Fu

Nanjing University of the Yangtze River Industrial Economy Research Institute, researcher Liu Chen said the Intelligent Manufacturing itself is an important industry, on the one hand it comes to information technology, software, artificial intelligence software technology, on the other hand involves sensors, intelligent equipment and other intelligent hardware. "Nanjing, the development of intelligent manufacturing has a very good foundation, because both Nanjing good information technology infrastructure software, also has good equipment manufacturing base."

In the digital economy, intelligent manufacturing industry can be energized. Chen Liu said, can be intelligent manufacturing-based, large-scale technological transformation of enterprises, a series of cloud technology, information technology for development, to extend all kinds of industry chain, to improve the level of automation. Meanwhile, the Intelligent Manufacturing also that the majority of SMEs to provide a relatively low cost, efficient technology sharing platform for the majority of SMEs.

In addition, there is an important direction of intelligent manufacturing and related industries is the Internet. Chen Liu Jieshao, the Internet industry there are two forms, one form of a focused area, covering the Internet industry in the context of regional industrial clusters of. The second form is based on the main business circumstances leading enterprises, chain, covering the Internet industry in a particular scenario, there is a good case in this regard, such as Jiangsu Xugong Group, it is to represent the Internet industry in my country.

Liu Chen seems, to Nanjing, the intelligent manufacturing to give priority to important leading industry energize Nanjing, Nanjing, such as information technology industry, chemical industry and so on. "In these areas, on the one hand can be produced by intelligent efficiency, such as electronic information level can improve manufacturing efficiency and yield of production in the chemical industry can improve its security through intelligent manufacturing production levels, and in some relative risk of production environment, can reduce energy use, improve the level of machine operation. "

"In the future, with artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other cutting-edge technology in the use of intelligent manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing will have a brighter future." Chen Liu said.