GALAXY RTX 3060 Metal Master MINI Graphics Card Tu Reward: All metal shell, small clever

The demand for small size graphics has never existed. The RTX 3060 of this generation is a GPU that is now well-sized with only 170W power consumption with nice game performance and only 170W. Previously there were ITX graphics cards such as MSI, IGAME RTX 3060 Mini OC 12G L graphics card, now another graphics card GALAKA also released their own ITX Specification graphics card – GALAXY RTX 3060 Master Mini.

GALAXY RTX 3060 Metal Master Mini’s overall size of only 168 x 115 x 40 mm, compared with seven rainbow Igame mini series, positive close to normal adult palm size. Its radiator housing is used as a die cast aluminum alloy, equipped with a metal reinforcement plate, which is quite durable, and the silver appearance is also filled with a metal.

This card still has a certain degree of shoulder, but compared to the previous MSI RTX 3060 Aero ITX OC graphics card, the card is much smaller, the front pattern cooperates with the black circular single fan especially like a eye, as adopted Ying Weida RTX 3060 GPU’s graphics card, talking about the eyes can’t help but remember the eyes of Ying Weida’s eyes, this unintentional join is a bit means.

And the biggest wonderful of the GALAKIMAR’s RTX 3060 Master Mini is that it is supporting fan intelligent start-stop technology. When the GPU is idle, the fan will automatically stop, reduce noise and power consumption, this feature is previously tested MSI RTX 3060 Aero ITX OC and IGAME RTX 3060 Mini OC 12g L do not have it on both ITX graphics cards.

Finally, the GALAXY RTX 3060 Metal Master Mini is equipped with a single 8PIN external power supply interface, like the public version of the TGP power consumption of 170W, and an HDMI2.1 and three DP 1.4A interfaces are also configured. GALAXY RTX 3060 Metal Master Mini also supports GALAXY 30 Series New Times Market, and users can monitor and adjust the graphics.