February 8 release, Samsung S22 appearance exposure, small screen mobile phone "ceiling"

In the past years, Qualcomm flagship chip is handed over to Samsung or Xiaomi, the next generation of Snapdragon 8 Gen1 chip is about to debut, so everyone is very curious, the starting model is Samsung S22 or Xiaomi 12. More unfortunately, these two mobile phones have no throne 8 GEN1, which is said to be the right to Motorola Edge X grabbed the right, Xiaomi 12 series followed, Samsung S22 is to postpone until the beginning of next year. At this time, the digital blogger exposure news, Samsung S22 is expected to be released on February 8 next year and plan to officially launch on February 18.

After listening to this news, many Samsung’s death powder began to move, and the next generation of Samsung S22 is expected. According to the supply chain, the Samsung Note series will stop, and the Samsung GALAXY ULTRA and FOLD folding screen products are folded. Considering that most users of the folding screen mobile phone can not afford, everyone will put more attention on the Galaxy product. In addition to the date exposure of the press, there is also a Samsung S22 series of tempered film and lens configuration together, which is a small screen mobile phone "ceiling".

As shown in the figure, the camera specifications of Samsung S22 and Samsung S22 + are completely consistent.It is a 50MP main lens.The blogger also exposed the specific parameters of Galaxy S22 and SS2 + camera, mainly photographing 1 / 1.57 inch CMOS, supplemented with 10 million long focus lens, up to 3 times optical zoom, super wide angle pixels reached 12 million, the front camera is 10 million Pixels, camera parameters are not gorgeous, even the latest GN2 lens is useless. Of course, Samsung next will focus on calculating photography, even if the sensor size is small, the photo quality is not poor.

For Samsung, the screen has always been a proud selling point. The Samsung S22 of this generation is no exception. The front is equipped with a 6.06-inch AMOLED screen, 120Hz high brush design, intermediate punch design can bring a higher screen Compared with the 3D ultrasonic unlock design, the screen experience of Samsung S22 is good. Samsung S22 + screen size is raised to 6.55 inches, strictly in the big screen mobile phone, and larger size means to accommodate larger batteries, so Samsung S22 + endurance will be more powerful. At present, the entry version of Samsung S22 is the small screen hand, positioning the idiogram iPhone12 mini.

In the current market, there are very few small screen mobile phones, like iphonese2, iphone12 mini and other sales are not optimistic, even exploding Apple will stop more MINI version next year, and the future small screen mobile phone will be less and less. In this way, Samsung S22 is likely to be replaced, with a perfect picture quality and a lightweight harvest. Before the Samsung S22 is officially released, the old Samsung S21 is also a new round of price cuts, and the cost performance is obvious. Samsung S21 is equipped with 4000mAh capacity battery, and the weight is controlled near 170g.The peripheral parameters are full, OIS anti-shake, the bottom shot and IP68 waterproof is not absent.

Seeing this, many people are hesitant between Samsung S22 and Samsung S21. From the perspective of performance, the newly equipped is 4nm Snapdragon 8 Gen1 chip. The running score data will exceed 1 million, the same is 8GB + 128GB storage The performance of Samsung S22 will be more powerful. Of course, the old Snapdragon 888 can also take 800,000 runs,Don’t say that running the "Glory of the King", even if you connect the heavy game "God 3".With smooth one UI system, Samsung S21 still gives a full frame rate gaming experience, Samsung S21 price diving 1500 yuan, the lowest to 3499 yuan, suitable for the pursuit of price-effective users.

Talking about the last

Considering that Samsung S22 is equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen1 chip, the material cost is expensive. The starting price is expected to exceed 5K, one pair is more suitable for the "three-character" Samsung S21 is more suitable for the public, and the money is saved. A red rice K40 does it not incense? What do you think?