Extreme racing skyline 5 login, flashback solution

I saw some small partner feedback said that the ultimate racing skyline 5 logged in, the situation, the storm, immediately entered the game to see if these problems have, tried to play a normal game, so it may not be a game server and The problem of the game itself.

If you have a flashback, if you still have a flashback, if you update the graphics card driver, the update system has tried it, you can try the uninstallation input method.

After the specific process, after the game is flashback, open the start menu and find the input method;

Right click on the method fixer, click uninstall; open the uninstall or change the program window, find the input method right click to uninstall, then open the game after uninstall, open the game smoothly.

If you can’t encounter some games, you can’t connect online, Carton, drop-off and other network problems, you can try to accelerate the extreme racing 5 after entering the game with the storm accelerator.

If you use a tyranny or you can’t play, if you can’t solve it, you can find our customer service, you can find our customer service, you can find our customer service.