System construction, technical research, vitality excitation … Promote intelligent manufacturing high quality development Tianjin ready to do so

On November 26, the Tianjin Municipal Government Information Office held a press conference of the "Regulations on Promoting Intelligent Manufacturing Development in Tianjin". The reporter learned from the meeting that the Regulations will innovate the driver as the first principle, and intelligent manufacturing and innovative capabilities are primarily focused. After the "Ordinance" introduced, the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau will implement the intelligent manufacturing technological innovation system, accelerate key core technical research, and promote cross-disciplined innovation and production research cooperation, technical integration and application and achievement transformation efforts to do three aspects.

In terms of construction of scientific and technological innovation system, the city will intelligently manufacturing as a key direction for the layout of Haihe Lab, Municipal Key Lab, Municipal Technology Innovation Center, Municipal Industrial Technology Research Institute. It has formed a modern Chinese medicine Haihe Lab. One of the research directions has intelligent modern Chinese medicine manufacturing equipment, and the synthetic biology Haihe Lab also has intelligent layout. University Science Park, which is being formed, will also transform the intelligent manufacturing technology to focus as key directions. Through the layout and improvement of innovation system, forming basic research, application technology development, and reforming industrialization. At the same time, the city is promoting the new generation of artificial intelligent innovation and development test areas in the construction, intelligent manufacturing is also one of the important tasks of the test area. By strengthening intelligent manufacturing application scene traction research and development and integrated demonstration, accelerating the promotion of Internet, big data, manual A new generation of information technology represented by intelligence is integrated with manufacturing depth.

In terms of key core technical research, the city has focused on research and development research and development, multidisciplinary research and development technology, and the integration of intelligent manufacturing technology solutions, with the application as a traction, and "unveiling" is the grounding mode. The formation and implementation mechanism of innovative scientific research projects, providing effective science and technology support for the construction of advanced manufacturing R & D bases and manufacturing.

In terms of stimulating the innovation of technological innovation, this city fully plays the status role of the technology innovation of leaders and industry leaders, focusing on intelligent manufacturing key core common technological research and development applications, actively exploring the innovative community model of industrial research cooperation, and realizing industries Chain and innovative chain depth fusion. Cultivate a batch of eagle companies, 瞪 企业 企业业 and leading companies around the key hardware, basic software, data processing, intelligent sensing, IoT, etc. The industry has accelerated intelligence, digitized, networked and green, and fully built a high level of national advanced manufacturing research and development base.