Clouds have received "consumers trust the top ten smart home brands" leading the new era of intelligent home

"Home" is the most soft holy place in many people, the most warm harbor. In this era of new day of technology development, maybe you live alone, but when you return to the snow, the smart house can also illuminate a warm light. Today, the intelligence of the whole house is no longer an unbearable imagination, and is gradually become a new trend of smart home. LifeSmart Yunqi as a global smart home brand, after many selection and ticket review, the "consumer trust top ten smart home brands" of Sina Home selection ".

"2021 consumers trust the top ten smart home brands"

This selection is jointly hosted by Leju Home and Sina Home, and the common guidance of many home brands. After seven months, from "product" "innovation" "brand power" three dimensions, Thousands of home companies in one hundred cities conduct online voting, and the expert reviews composed of multiple industry associations and senior experts will be a comprehensive review of fairness, fair and openness. It can be said that the selection not only looks at the scientific and technological strength and comprehensive standards of home enterprises. The participation of consumers and home practitioners also proves that these enterprises not only have the strict test of the market, but also with their own brand strength. It has established a good reputation in the consumer group, and the smart home brand in the cloud is in this strict and fair assessment system.

"1 + 2 + 6" whole house intelligent strategy

The cloud is promoting "1 + 2 + 6" housing intelligence strategy, that is, "1 Wisdom Center + 2 Interaction Entrance +6 Intelligent System", this is not difficult to understand, the smart center is the brain associated with smart equipment in the whole house, can be effectively passed Interactive entrance to ensure smart lighting, safety care, smart shading, audio and video entertainment. Such excellent intelligent home solutions have made clouds to get the favor of many real estate brands, and to achieve cooperation, even the smart home in Winter Olympics can also see the figure of the clouds, ensuring that global athletes can enjoy smart, comfortable While staying at the same time, China’s smart home high-tech level is also shown in the world.

Simple home products, not simple quality of life

Since the birth, the cloud has always adhered to the design philosophy of the cumbersome detail to provide users with high-end smart home products and services to the industry’s artificial intelligence and whole house intelligence solutions to provide users with simple but easy to use. Home products, let smart home truly bring convenient and comfortable services to users, improve users’ quality of life. In this era of advocating "breaking", the clouds quickly let home products simply, and the quality of life is not simple.

In this era of artificial intelligence applications, smart homes can be said to be a general trend, LifeSmart has risen with advanced intelligent home products and wisdom customized services, and it has taken a place in the market, and also has received respect for the same industry. And praise. I believe that the future will continue to adhere to consumers to provide better smart home products and services, and will also make better presentations, inheriting their typical cases and demonstration spirit, and become a solid in carrying new economic system foundation.