ZOL technology breakfast: Apple will return to the Chinese market, Xiaomi 12 series

December 1st morning, the technology news for you

01 iPhone 13 sale, Apple will return to the Chinese market

According to the latest data of the research company Counterpoint Research, Apple’s iPhone sales in the Chinese market increased by 46% in October, with sales of 6.5 million sales, accounting for 22%, and became the largest smartphone manufacturer. This is also 6 years, and Apple returns to the first throne of China Smartphone.

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02 millet 12 series flagship mobile phone start mass production

According to Weibo blogger @ 数码 站: "The three products of Xiaomi 12 Series No. L1 / L2 / L3a have been put into production, and the maximum quasi is L3A / L3, L2, and L1 is still in NPI. Like 2k high-brush 5X + Babwat fast charge 5X super telephoto, choose Xiaomi 12 Pro high match. "In addition, the blogger also said:" Xiaomi 12 series mobile phone is tested in internal test MIUI 13, and internal feedback is good. "

03 shake response short video payment viewing function

Recently, there is news that the shake is testing the short dramatic payment function, and the payment model is similar to the payment novel. It is paid according to the number, and each episode is 10,000 yuan. The person in charge of the shake said that the short-play business is still exploring the stage, I hope to encourage more quality content creations.

04 WeChat already opens Taobao treasure links

Tencent released an update note on the "External Link Content Management Specification", which will directly access the external link in the WeChat point chat scenario; try the open e-commerce external link directly to the group chat scenario. After the measurement, you can already open the Taobao Tudo link in the WeChat group chat. In the open window, the user needs to log in to the account. At the same time, after opening the link, click "Open by default" to the Taobao.

05 Qualcomm Snapdragon Technology Summit opened today

The Snapdragon Technology Summit is open in Beijing time today at 7:00 today, Qualcom will introduce the progress from mobile phones to PC, XR, intelligence wear, and automotive. In the official information released by Qualcomm, the founder of Xiaomi Group, Chairman and CEO of the CEO appeared in the list of partner guests.