If you pull the 14 billion people, pull it to a WeChat group

"Recently, I know that there is a very popular problem:" Can I pull the 14 billion Chinese people to a WeChat group can be realized? " "

Public data based on "WeChat Data Report" in 2017 [Reference 1]:In September 2017, the WeChat day landed 902 million people, and the average daily message was 38 billion.

This means an average of 42 messages per person per day.

So more information is just a constant speed, taking into account everyone’s sleep, sleeping 8 hours, then the information to receive per second is:

Wow, more than 1 million per second! Currently, one of the most frequent mobile phone CPUs, Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 has 2.8GHz processing capabilities [Reference 2], a total of 8 cores.

If the Android system is not calculated, the CPU operation of the refresh, the network IO is displayed, and the computing power that can be assigned each message is:

What is this concept? The world’s first microprocessor is Intel 4004 in 1971 Intel, and this old antique’s clock is 108kHz. So 21.9khz is nothing.

Fortunately, the IT world has a mole law:The CPU performance is doubled every 18 months (or the price is half). Although existing technology is hard to make the main frequency increase (a toothpaste factory is desirable, only 5 GHz is also

But suppose we use black technology to improve the frequency. When the 2025 mole of the law failed [Reference 4], our mobile phone CPU clock should be reached:

It looks good, but the computing power for each message will reach:

Oh, there is still no level of Intel 4004, so the result is that you wait for 7 years, or can’t enter this national group to grab a red envelope.

Ok, let’s let your mobile phone access a powerful computer. For example, the world’s super-cost Taihu Lake, 1 million CPU core [reference 5] to help handle the first large WeChat group of this universe. The problem of interactiveness is final.

We assume that there is 10 Chinese characters per message, which is probably equivalent to 30 byte, counting the application layer will add certain control characters, plus the data consumption of the TCP / IP network layer is about 74 byte, take a whole, Averages each message has 100 Byte, each byte equivalent to 8 bit.

At this time, the network bandwidth required per second is:

If someone has a red envelope, the required bandwidth is bigger.

In theory, 4G network can support 1000 Mbps [Reference 6], but don’t forget, it is the people of the whole country in the same group, and people around you need the same bandwidth, which makes your vicinity, causing .

In order to avoid network paralysis, you can’t grab the red envelope or look at the group, you need to move to a base station around no one, such as the summer vacation, only when you haven’t gone home yet.

However, the day of the operator is not good, because the traffic in this second is amazing:

This is equivalent to 65.7% of the total traffic traffic in April 2017 [Reference 7], which means that every 18 seconds can be used in full country a year. Operators Surse trembling .gif

If 1.146 EBIT data is loaded with a 2tbyte 3.5-inch hard drive (20 mm high), then stacked, there are 1433.25 m, compared to the world’s top floor – Dubai’s Harry Pacific Tower only zone 828m.

Of course, if there is really a need, I believe that telecom operators are sure heavy gold to build the world’s largest broadband network.

However, it is not an operator who will spend money – but Tencent.

In order to deal with this 1.146 EBPS traffic, Tencent needs to prepare 114.66 million sets of switches and servers.

At present, a large factory is about 4,000 yuan, and a cheap server is about 10,000 yuan, and the cost of these two adds is:

Hey, just these two GDPs are equivalent to Shenzhen 2014 year-round GDP [Reference 8].

It does not include network cables, wires, server racks, computer room hosted, electricity, and operational expenditures …

So multi-device storage is also a problem. A 2U server with 10Gbps port has 88.9 mm high, so it is stacked:

This is almost the distance between China’s aircraft route to the United States, and it is enough to repair the railway.

Ok, I have so many devices, which you can finally get a group.

But you are surprised to find that in addition to the white screen, nothing – this is because your eyes can’t receive such fast data!

The visual stay time of the human eye is 100-400 milliseconds [refer to 9], and our group will show 1020,000 information every second, and each message is only about 0.001 milliseconds. In contrast, the movie and TV are 41 milliseconds.

So you haven’t come to see the news, it has disappeared, and finally leaving a white color block on the center of the screen.

Xiaobian selection some netizen message:

@ 大 哥 has tenderness:

1.4 billion is not terrible in a group. Terrible, every holiday group will make the group of red envelopes!

@ 后 知 Next:

It has been done, and 1.4 billion people pull to a WeChat group. Everyone sees all news broadcasts.


Simply put, your phone will collapse immediately because it does not carry a second volume of information.

@ 三毛 fish

Can be implemented, but there are several restrictions:

1 All WeChat accounts are enforced to this WeChat group.

2 WeChat group can only say a limited number of people, others can’t speak.

3 WeChat groups can only be fixed daily time period messages.

4 Other WeChat groups cannot send messages at a fixed time, or can only forward this WeChat group message.

This can be achieved, there is no difficulty in technology.

@ 程 墨 Morgan

"Pull" is not difficult to implement in a group. Anyway, the user information is on the server, and a group to build a micro-signal containing all users is also adding a record.

However, this group must do not let anyone speak, and the diversity of our people, various words, map mad, advertising madman … Massive information instantly can put servers, operators networks and The battery of your mobile phone defeats.

@ 世安 先

Telling, from the theory, the current technology is still feasible, cough, I have to force it.

Looking at other answers, people, terminal, transmission, processing, storage, analysis, etc. are defective or shortboard, can’t keep up with a large amount of data, in fact, personal feeling is still implemented. , Only the relationship between cost and profit.

First of all, how many billion information is to be considered, and the amount of information is not limited to 0 for a particular individual. I personally don’t pay attention to this information, because the efficiency of obtaining information is too low.

This leads to ninety-nine people directly ignored the existence of this group. The rest of the news is nothing more than the top announcement, set the top news, red envelopes and idiots, browsing announcements and news.

Considering the problem of concurrency, the general current server can be done, after all, there is a lot of news APP can do; red envelope, be a algorithm, not to grab, don’t grab, he will seriously affect the experience, giving billions Users are randomly assigned a data. It should be difficult to have a difficulty.

The rest is to chat, data directly cloud storage in server side, analysis processing summary out a center idea for a few seconds to push to individual users once, it is almost, the server retrieved, personal, I feel that I feel The pressure of the terminal will not be too large.

Second, transmission, this is a link I think the smallest problem, why? After solving the problem of the personal terminal, the personal data transmission is not large, and the existing transmission network can be satisfied.

The transmission of the server is to see how this server is a Jian method. If centralized processing and storage, you can only use the 100 G line and build a three or five.

Only the corresponding supporting switch router has to build a huge system. If it is distributed storage and processing, 10G or even GE is special. This is transmission.

Third, processing, if you have to process a large amount of data concentration, you have to build a largest and even the largest and most complex data center in China to carry this system.

But if distributed, I believe that the current system is also enough. After all, the existing volume is so big, and the amount of data will never explode in this group.

Fourth, storage and processing work can complete storage and definitely not a problem, and even store data to the personal terminal, transfer the contradiction of investment equipment to data security and management.

Fifth, data analysis, this is the difficult point in the heavy, difficult points, how to effectively analyze useful information in such a large amount of data and push to a specific individual talent is the core key.

Although the technology has no large-scale commercialization, I believe this technology is that there is already a trial or even commercial existence, but the public is not clear, after all, this kind of thing thinks about it is a bit a little horrible.

In short, how to achieve this system or build this group, nothing more than the contradiction between demand and resources, transferring the contradiction between storage demand and investment to data security and operation management, put big data The amount transmitted dispersion, analyzes a large amount of data, and the tailor-to-direction, the most core investment is the complete intelligent effective data analysis system.