Big data + AI empower area medical digital, build new structure of industrial ecotropic circles

"Since May 2020, Chongqing Nanpeng Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Research Institute has cooperated more than 20 hospitals in the western province, with more than 40 cumulative cooperation projects. Among them, the health medical large data innovation platform project has been nearly 10 in Chongqing.The hospital is online, and the hospital is more than 5. In addition to Chongqing, Nan Peng Institute has been cooperated with more than 10 medical institutions in the western province. "In the health medical big data and artificial intelligence application innovation platform project landing Chongqing two rivers New DistrictAfter more than a year, Guangzhou Tianpeng Computer Technology Co., Ltd. ("Tianpeng Tianyuan Data") President, Chongqing Nanpeng Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Research Institute ("Nanpeng Research Institute") Executive Dean Lu Guanglin recently announced the mediaProject propulsion.

Zhong Nanshan bring the team to create a "big data cloud platform respiratory specialist."

Guangzhou Tianpeng Computer Technology Co., Ltd. (Tianpeng Tianyuan data), is to provide a large area of ??Medicine and the National High-tech data center construction company artificial intelligence data services and applications.

Keen Tianyuan data, Peng Peng Institute and Cornell data relying on the Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Health, in cooperation with experts academician Zhong Nanshan, etc., through accurate data and artificial intelligence technology-driven, has established regional "respiratory medicine big data cloud platform "" big data respiratory medicine quality control platform "and other platforms and applications, covering major medical institutions in the region and to achieve interoperability of medical data, for the municipal areas of respiratory medicine big data to predict areas of Chongqing Municipality smart infectious diseases and emergency medical treatment areas construction of three platforms to lay a solid foundation, to promote large data Liangjiang New area, Chongqing and even the western region, the integration of artificial intelligence and depth of major health industry, to enhance local clinical research, epidemic prevention and control, public health emergency, health services, clinical big data research, real-world study, chronic disease management, medical quality management, improve the health of the people, the establishment of large health care and public health data management system, to create a new pattern of industry ecosystem to provide strong support.

Construction of regional tertiary care institutions collaborative network to promote the classification diagnosis and treatment

2020 May, Chongqing Liangjiang New Area Management Committee, the Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Health, Guangzhou Tianpeng Computer Technology Co., Ltd. started "healthcare big data and artificial intelligence application platform for innovation" cooperation, the establishment of Chongqing Peng Kang Data Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Peng Kang big data") and Neil Chongqing Institute of artificial Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Neil Research Institute"), to undertake large health care data related topics west six provinces. Keen Tianyuan data, Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Health, Chongqing Liangjiang New Area Government’s "1 + 1 + 1 mode," the official landing.

Chongqing Liangjiang New Area healthcare big data and artificial intelligence application platform for innovation projects signed

Neil Institute / Peng Kang big data specialist area deployed big data platform system, is the establishment of regional tertiary care facility collaborative network: including grassroots community hospital early screening for chronic respiratory diseases; secondary hospital diagnosis, evaluation and treatment; difficult referral to a tertiary hospital diagnosis and treatment of disease; patients back to grass-roots community rehabilitation hospital management.

"As of October this year, Keen Tianyuan data, Neil Institute / Peng Kang Big Data has completed the Chongqing Municipal People’s Hospital (Hospital of Chongqing University, Chinese Academy of Sciences), Chongqing Liangjiang New Area People’s Hospital, Lijia community health service centers, nearly 10 top three, dimethyl hospitals and community health care institutions on the line to complete the ‘respiratory medicine big data cloud platform’ construction, the country’s first region-wide open upper respiratory specialist medical big data platform tertiary care institutions and sharing cloud platform line-forming region medical quality control network. "Lu Guanglin introduced to.

Help grassroots respiratory disease early detection and treatment

As part of health care innovation platform for big data projects, in August 2020, Keen Tianyuan by the data, the South Research Institute Peng / Peng Kang big data with pulmonary function tests in Chongqing Liangjiang New Area Lijia, and the other five community health service centers equipment, and on-line lung function wisdom screening system that uses artificial intelligence technology help community hospital doctors who have completed pulmonary function screening and audit reports, to improve to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma screening efficiency as the representative of chronic respiratory disease.

Before community residents must go to the big hospital for early screening, but for now their doorstep device checks at Community Hospital, 15 minutes to get the results, and then the data is automatically uploaded to a higher level medical institutions, hospitals and primary hospitals are involved in higher-level inspection process, turn down when attending the mutual recognition of inspection reports, reduce duplication of inspection, reduce the economic burden on patients.

People in the community hospital for check-ups

In June, the national multi-center clinical study led by academician Zhong Nanshan First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical / Respiratory Guangzhou Institutes of Health / National Center for Respiratory Medicine / National Respiratory Disease Clinical Research Center launched the "Albuterol and ipratropium bromide early treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease project "started, the sub-center clinical study of seven provinces and cities involved. As a research collaboration units of sub-centers in Chongqing, Neil Institute will be involved.

It is reported that the project is intended to promote the diagnosis and treatment of COPD treatment from a passive mode to early screening, early diagnosis, early treatment modalities, to improve lung function decline in patients with increased lung function reversal rate, reduce exacerbations, and improve quality of life symptoms, reduce the burden on the patient’s family and the country.

"Albuterol and ipratropium bromide in the treatment of early chronic obstructive pulmonary disease project" National online startup

Big Data platform from respiratory specialist disciplines extension up

Currently, many provinces Tianpeng Tianyuan data, Neil Institute / Peng Kang big data and the Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Health team of experts, cooperation model of two rivers and the western city of Chongqing has a full range of promotion, "healthcare big data and artificial intelligent application innovation platform "to promote content from respiratory specialist area of ??large data cloud platform to pediatrics, and plans to expand to more specialist oncological, neurological, cardiovascular, and gradually realize big data platform specialist focus full coverage.

In July this year, the Chongqing Children’s Hospital Research Institute affiliated with the Medical University of South Peng formally signed a strategic cooperation health project "Children respiratory illness big data platform cooperation agreement" designed to "big data + artificial intelligence" enabling Chongqing Children’s Hospital respiratory specialist medical research development, and jointly promote the reform and innovation of Chongqing health care industry, a project will be implemented from Chongqing eight hospitals.

At the same time, chronic disease management in cooperation with the six provinces in western medical institutions, large and biological data repository Cloud Platform and other projects are also under construction.

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