Tencent Cloud carries with Ruisong Technology, jointly build China’s leading SAAS industrial software

On November 25th, Tencent Cloud and Ruisong Technology reached a strategic cooperation. The two sides will integrate Tencent Cloud in technology, product, ecology, etc., and the advanced experience of Ruisong Technology in industrial software, together to help China’s manufacturing digital, networking, Intelligent level.

Rising Technology is a business covering robot intelligence technology, high-end intelligent equipment field R & D, design, manufacturing, application and sales services, providing customers with high-tech enterprises for flexible automation, intelligent system solutions. As China’s leading cloud computing vendor, Tencent is based on Tencent’s more than 20 years of precipitation technology advantages, providing cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, security, etc., to help enterprise digital transformation and upgrading for enterprises and developers.

According to the agreement, the partners will focus on the digital upgrade of Ruisong Technology, the development of domestic industrial software, the industry-grade AI solution, the robotic industry, China Industrial Internet Capacity promotion.

First of all, for the current rapid development of Ruisong Technology, both parties will give full play to Tencent Cloud Internet Technology advantages, launched a full-scale cooperation in the fields of desktop cloud, enterprise office, enterprise SaaS applications, accelerate the digital development process of Ruisong Science and Technology, and further enhance its enterprises. Operation efficiency, reduce the cost of operation.

Second, Tencent Cloud will play the advantages of platform, operation, safety, and end users, combined with Ruisong Technology in the advanced experience of industrial software, and is committed to the study of industrial software pool technology, jointly build domestic SaaS. Industrial software and further help the development of domestic industrial software.

The two sides will also fully combine Tencent Cloud Ai, large data capabilities and Ruisong Technology in the industry experience and deep moving advantages in robots, automobiles, motorcycles, etc., the equipment, process capabilities of Rui Song’s multi-year accumulation, and process capabilities are carried out in the form of data trip and micro service. Precipitation, jointly build an industry-grade AI solution and provide assistance to the industry’s customer’s digital development.

In addition, relying on the technical advantages of Tencent Wemake National Double-cross-Industrial Internet Platform, the two sides will jointly build industrial Internet platforms with intelligent robots – Ruisong Industrial Internet Platform, providing industry-grade industrial Internet solutions for customers in China. At the same time, the demand scenario on Tencent’s large-scale platform will fully match each other with each other, and continue to work together to win industry solutions.

At present, China has attached great importance to industrial software autonomy. The "Industrial Software" key special 2021 project declaration guide recommended in February this year, it is estimated that by 2025, industrial software has significant development capacity, promoting manufacturing Industrial ecological innovation and technical system, production model, industrial form and value chain.

As the global key partner of Siemens Industrial Software, future Rui Song Technology will jointly launch technical cooperation with Tencent and Siemens Industrial software to jointly develop industry software and intelligent manufacturing technology in China.