I like to see the little sister on the B station? Python crawler helps you automatically download cover

Hello everyone, welcome to Crossin’s programming classroom!

Bilibili, that is, commonly known as B station, I believe everyone is not strange. What video do you like to see on the B station? Chasing, gaming, funny video, or intellectual area? Of course, there is also a small sister in the dance area.

A development case to share today is: How to climb the video cover of B station small sister with Python

Note: This article is only discussed as programming technology, and the relevant code and data are not available for commercial purposes, otherwise the consequences are at your own risk.

Page analysis

Open the Bilibili search "small sister":

There is a total of 5 pages, take Page 2 as an example, F12 opens the web source code:

About the use of the F12 tool, you can refer to our previous article:

Search the first Title, we can find the corresponding XHR request, carefully analyze all the data exists in a JSON format, and our goals are in the Result list.

Check if Headers is as follows:

This is a GET request, requiring two items and keywords corresponding to the request.

View more pages to find the rules:

You can see that in addition to page 1, there is only one page parameter in the URL in other pages. So we try to request the URL of other pages in the first page, and the result will find the result that can be wanted (yourself Try).

Conclusion: All pages URL only Page parameters are different, and others are consistent.

2. Data crawling

2.1 Import Module

2.2 Get page information

Request data according to the URL of the analysis:

2.3 Get concrete picture information

The code parses the video title, time, playback, release time, author, picture link, etc. Here we take the title and picture link, other parameters can be increased, delete as needed.

2.4 Save Pictures

Here we use the title as the picture name to store, you need to note that the file name cannot contain four species, here is "/,. |" And other four types (a daily video is displayed, there may be entry, you need to adjust yourself, you can also use the title Make a name).

3. Result

Some pictures:

It took 5 years to discover that the seven hidden features of WeChat, each strong and practical

It took 5 years to discover that the seven hidden features of WeChat, each strong and practical

There are a lot of easy-to-use features on WeChat, but you don’t know every one.

Here, I will use it for 5 years to discover. WeChat seven hidden features, each strong and practical, learn to rise.

1, shortcut

2, shortcut icon

Based on the first feature, these shortcuts can also be split into a shortcut icon. If you click on these icons, press and hold the unreasonable words and then move to the blank, you can become an icon separately, use it more convenient.

3, folding group news

There are too many WeChat groups, and many are not common, but it is inconvenient to exit. But now you can choose a folding group message. If you don’t use the group chat, you don’t have to worry about excess messages.

4, care mode

There is a care mode in WeChat settings. After opening, the font, icons will become bigger, the color of the font and the color of the icon change, it seems more obvious.

5, see a friend circle many years ago

WeChat Search a search page, you can see the function item of the circle, click Go to select a friend, then select the time, you can jump to the content circle of the specified time, check.

6, fast PDF converter

If the PDF file is processed, you can find a fast PDF converter in the applet, where you can turn the PDF file to Word, Excel, PPT, etc., and also directly perform PDF file editing, merge, etc.

7, WeChat account switch login

WeChat can now switch the account to log in, but you may not know. In the WeChat account to switch the login page, you can directly switch the account to log in, equal to WeChat can directly open the trumpet, which is very convenient.

It took 5 years to find that the seven hidden features of WeChat, every one is strong and practical, are you using it?

IT Blackboard No. 28: Realme new machine looks like Google Nexus 6p, Norolith is bad

Hi, the people of the audience, everyone, I am water. Today, the community streets and parks in the IT home are all sent to the statistics, everyone to play the needle, and if you guess, there is still a small one-third of colleagues. Are you playing before the screen? I didn’t hit it, I don’t start, don’t let go, go out or wear a hood.

Ok, I have finished opening, hurry to see what new and interesting information recently.

First, the video, the following is the graphic version.

1, Realme new machine exposure, lens appearance Google Nexus 6P

The first is the rendering diagram of the outleaks of the outbound of the external network.

The machine will be equipped with a high pass, 8 Gen1 SOC and 6.8-inch 2K / 120Hz OLED screen, with 50MP main photo + 50MP super wide angle, pre-installed Android 12 system, support 125W fast charge.

It is expected to be released in the first quarter of next year, and it is also the first flagship product of the RealMe series. Don’t say anything else, after the water is seen this appearance, I always feel that there is a feeling that I have acquired.

Turned the comment area of ??the IT home, this netizen called the smoke and rain truthfully, Meizu 17 and Google Nexus 6P drunk, a short sentence is blushing, and it is imagined. It is necessary to know that the 6th prince can grow Huawei’s birthmark, and the four rounds is Huawei and the Meizu PY crystals.

There are also netizens to say that the temperature meter and POS machine, the identification is full. Do you think this appearance looks nice? To say water, at least not ugly.

▲ OPPO Find x3


I thought that when the OPPO Find X3 series was just out, a bunch of people said ugly, and finally not really fragrant? And if the real machine is not bad, the right angle is supplemented by small fresh color matching, then do the narrow border of Reno7 Pro, I think it is completely acceptable.

2, domestic TV drama the story, Nokia function machine is bad

I have to say, the current TV series is really screaming. Recently, the "two people" of the Oriental Satellite TV have appeared such a scene, the male owner called by the woman’s mobile phone, and the result was hit by the passers-by, and Have been stepped on, then the phone is broken. At first glance, there is no problem, can be fell is a pink Nokia 3100. The netizens are not calm, and they have spit the scriptta too young, lack common sense.

There have also been a lot of topic stars on Weibo. The top of the heat is # 不 不 诺 诺 # # 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 区 发 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区

The netizens of this I experienced the refund say that his university classmates quarrel with his girlfriend, fell down the second floor, put it down, put the battery is good, it is possible to express Nokia is very resistant, who knows the reply to the water friend Sao, ask the girlfriend that is installed by the battery. Hey, the teacher of Chicken Wings is really unfortunately.

The other is more direct, the old friend’s wife is derailed, I am the door lock of Nova, this information is full, I don’t know why his friend saw this comment. The hot review is a needle, a word. I will not read, you carefully.

It is said that these so-called artists now, it has been detached with the life of the people. Just like the one day, the food cost is 650 yuan, Zhumen wine is odor.

3, the first high-performance 4K-level GPU "Fenghua No.1", theoretical performance

The first two days sent an AMD, Intel and the Yingwei Daxida three giants for the global reficing problem. The senior executives in the third industry in the text expressed the short-term unprofitable, and the fastest will wait until 2023 ordinary consumer graphics card. Can restore normal prices.

However, yesterday, a manufacturer called core technology has officially released the first domestic GPU chip "Fenghua No.1" in Shanghai.

Although it is not a lot of relationship with the game players, it still has aroused a lot of netizens discussions. Some people say this is a turning point of domestic graphics card to break the international market technology monopoly. The domestic graphics market is expected to achieve self-sufficiency, but the truth is true?

I gave you the parameters of these two GPU products. You will find that there is a model. In fact, many technologies are based on international standards, especially the first BXT architecture is the IP obtained from the graphics card manufacturer IMG. Licensing, so how is the strength, but also a big question mark.

At present, the theoretical performance guess of these two GPUs is also the words, everyone is still treated, keeping normal heart.

PEG Derivatives Pyrene-PEG-NHS Ester Precautions Sharing

Pyrene-PEG-NHS is one of many polyethylene glycoolenoid derivatives for carbon nanotubes and graphene derivatives, by strongness between the anthracene and the aromatic ring on the single wall and the multi-walled carbon nanotubes. (Close to irreversible) π-π accumulation. The anthracene is bonded to PEG by very stable amide bond. This is a very simple process, only need to disperse carbon nanotubes well with polyethylene glycol-pyrene reagents in an organic solvent or aqueous solution. The same polyethylene glycolite reagent is also applicable to the surface of the carbon nanoparticles that are very matched in graphene or any curvature and the anthracene structure.

Xi’an Kaikin Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a domestic PEG supplier, which can provide different molecular weight PEG derivatives. The circular festival of small molecule PEG can be 1-36, and the molecular PEG molecular weight is from 1000-40000, which can be modified. The groups are: amino groups, NHBOC, FMOC, carboxylic acid, MAL, NHS, laminated nitrogen, DBCO, CY3 / CY5 / CY7, THP, benzyl group, propynyl group, Bromo-propionate, tert-butyl acetate, tert-butyl acetate, methyl class, biotin, pentafluorophenol, sulfonate, mercapto, product purity is more than 98%.

From the "People – Ship – Field" three-dimensional comparison e-commerce, what is the community group purchase?

Putting the community group purchase as a channel change of Internet e-commerce, based on the "People – Shop – Field" E-commerce Research Framework and look at the community group purchase, analyzes the stage in the retail process, and analyzes the three major indicators affecting market size. "Number of users – purchase frequency – guest price", explore the current future development trend of the industry.

Source / CRE Securities

Author / Liu Xin



The user’s further sinking

Seeking double elevation for retail rates and conversion rates

From the element of "people", the initial development of traditional e-commerce develops is the bonus of users. As the number of users close to the ceiling, the subject is more in the subject, and the user’s retaining and consumption transfer.

1. Traditional electricity supplier What has changed?

Traditional integrated e-commerce has met the basic online shopping needs of online users.

With the gradual maturity of the development of the e-commerce industry, from the traditional retail channel to a variety of Internet retail coexistence, the number of online shopping population has increased, and the total amount of active users is constantly expanding.

From the user online shopping related data, as of June 2021, my country’s online shopping users had reached 812 million, and online shopping users were 23% in the 14-year compound growth rate between 2007 to 2020.

In June 2021, the penetration rate of online users was increased to 80.34%, and the penetration was basically stable. Online shopping has become a general, fast, efficient, unsabricated consumption method.

At the same time, we also see that the growth rate of per capita online shopping scale will slow down year by year, and the e-commerce industry needs further breakthroughs.

2. Community optimize buy what?

The community group purchase further activated the penetration of the sinking market line.

From a user point of view, compared to traditional comprehensive e-commerce, community group purchase can cover more sinking markets, so that they enjoy the dividend of the Internet 3.0.

If you say, the rise of more rises benefits from the victory of "sinking users", the community group purchase is the further penetration of the sinking market in the stock era. Community group purchases and spelling more users are similar, but they have different.

The number of users in the community group purchase in the three-wire and three wires is 70%, and the users of the three-wire and three-wire under the three-wire and third wires below is about 60%. my country’s total population is approximately 68% in the three-wire and third lines. In the distribution of online shopping users, only 34% of the three lines and three lines.

Description and spelling compared to a lot of community group purchases to the sinking market.

3. The future that the future can break through "people" is?

We have obtained in the analysis of the previous article, there are two factors affecting "people", one is the traffic input to the platform with the scene, further keeping a platform for the platform, the user’s ceiling is restricted by "goods"; The user’s transformation is also the impact of the platform "goods" by paying conversion to platform.

Based on this, we believe that community group purchase can be broken through two aspects:

(1) From the traffic to the user, the remaining rate is further improved

According to the "China Shopping Veter Report" released by the Kaid Consumers Index, the penetration rate of community group purchases in the first quarter of this year is 27%. There is still a lot of rising space compared to 79% of my country’s online shopping residents.

As the core owner of the traffic resource, the head Internet company has a stronger external traffic import ability, which has a natural advantage on the user’s attraction, which can also be used as a second reason for the explanation of the small platforms. The first reason is that the community group purchase has a huge demand for funds, and the financial platform is insufficient, and there is a certain inevitability in the long run).

From the space, the upper limit of the electric business industry is the whole of China’s netizens, the difference between the size of online shopping users and netizens is the potential new increase of traffic pools to user pool, and the number of users of the community group purchase more than traditional e-commerce platform With a large lifting space, of course, based on the previous discussion, the number of the number of ceiling is subject to the type of goods. In addition, the WeChat applet is a high-frequency entrance, and the implementation of interconnection interoperability will further contribute to the community group purchase.

(2) From the user to pay buyers, the conversion rate is further improved

The promotion of conversion determines the number of buyers who truly pay at the platform. Community group purchase with novel and explosive drainage, the limitations of categories have caused user portraits.

On the one hand, the user ceilings are limited; on the other hand, the categories are insufficient to affect the purchase frequency, which in turn affects the transformation of the user to the buyer.

In 2020, the growth rate of rural social retail sales was -3.2%, and the growth rate of rural community is negative. The growth rate of online retail sales is positive, indicating that there is a strong demand for online consumption in rural areas in my country. With the consumer online consumption habits and viscosity, the consumption demand in the sinking market will be further stimulated.



Solved the problem of raising

The improvement of multi-product line rate is key

1. Traditional electricity supplier What has changed?

Traditional e-commerce promotes the linearization of clothing, 3C, fast food, beauty, etc.Different product products have significant differences in the penetration of different channels due to different product characteristics, and traditional comprehensive e-commerce has enhanced the online level of clothing, 3C, fast food, beauty, etc. Higher level.

From three major comprehensive e-commerce, Tmall products are the most abundant, with clothing box, digital appliances, etc. Bags, digital electrical appliances share the proportion to 50%, and it is relatively low compared with Tmall.

Although traditional e-commerce achieves great achievement of partial categories from online to online consumption transfer, some of the linearization rates of some kinds of lines are still insufficient. Numerous is sensitive, high consumption, consumers more attention to cost-effective, and integrated e-commerce compliance chains cannot meet the quality of novel in transportation.

Fresh products still have a large pain point in the demand of "Happy Province". The emergence of fresh e-commerce has driven the process of raising the fresh line, but the pre-position, the warehouse store is currently still there in the difficulty of sinking and the high price.

The emergence of fresh e-commerce has greatly satisfied consumers in time and quality demand, but due to high performance rates, the problem of high price is too high.

From the user properties from the front position, more concentrated in high-line cities, June 2021, 咚 buy dishes and daily prodigroups in three wires and three wires account for only 7.3% and 6.8%.

2. Community optimize buy what?

Community group purchases are a community e-commerce model that puts fresh lines and the user’s downstream. The community group purchase is made as a drainage, compared to traditional e-commerce to achieve a fresh line, and the SKU of the statistics of the community group purchase head platform, with a fresh product ratio of approximately 30-35%, including vegetables, fruits , Meat egg poultry and seafood, etc.

In contrast, the community group purchase can effectively reduce at least two circulation links while ensuring a lower price increase rate and loss rate, which can provide a product of quality and price, improve the front position. Waiting for the pain of fresh e-commerce model.

3. What is the good category that I can sell in the future "goods"?

The community group purchases will extend from all kinds of fresh products.Based on the analysis of the e-commerce research framework, "goods" creation and how much affect the purchase frequency and customer bills, although nice is high-frequency consumer goods, the passenger bill and gross profit margin are not high. Therefore, the community group purchase model, which is fresh as a drainage, is mainly expanded from all kinds of fresh products.

The Third Eye is calculated according to retail research data, the average consumption of the user community buy frequency of about 2.4 times / week, customer price is about 30 yuan.

Compared with the user community to buy the portrait is similar to a lot of fight, a lot of active buyers in 2020 to fight the consumption frequency of 49 times / year, customer price of 44 yuan, the higher the proportion of community buy fresh category, lack of richness category Since fresh are high-frequency and low-margin category, as compared with a lot of fight, consumer community buy higher frequency and lower customer price.

We believe that with the expansion and training of community buy consumer shopping viscous category, the consumer can buy the future of the community while ensuring the frequency of consumption, improve customer unit.

With the near-field community to buy electricity supplier stage model gradually mature, SKU and ceiling will significantly expand the user.

We believe that the community buy in the "goods" to further expand mainly from the category penetration and rich brand of drive: Other fresh food outside, such as drinks, milk drinks, cereals, oil, snacks, frozen food and so on, that part in the comprehensive category a lower proportion of electricity supplier channels to buy, the main sales channel is still the supermarkets, convenience stores and so on, just to be as high frequency goods, provide more cost-effective to buy the community has a certain appeal to consumers.

The category current sales channel structure, there have been more obvious changes, based GMV caliber, a community group purchase platform for the sales of the two largest categories of wine to drink milk and grain spices, monthly GMV reached 900 million and 700 million.

Articles for daily use, the product category labeled as a high frequency of consumption, the consumer shift from offline to online scene more easily, the current electricity provider channel sales accounted for only 15%, the category is not currently buy high penetration in the community platform, but the long-term penetration of larger space.

Other consumer discretionary categories, 3C, clothing, a beauty care, etc., and other electricity providers in the online consumer channel has a higher penetration rate and the demand for timeliness is not high, long-term buy penetrate the space community still needs to be investigated , if the use of C2M models, factory direct docking, is expected to seek a breakthrough in price.



Sinking market distribution chain has been restructured

Supply chain and warehouse re-start

We believe that the previous analysis of the "field" which includes a change in the physical space, innovative consumer scene, construction supply chain and warehouse distribution system, this part of the changes in the first two we do not discuss the main issues discussed in the supply chain and warehousing.

Future changes at multiple levels of "goods" category at the end of penetration and "field" (a new scene, logistics efficiency) are closely related.

Only the "field" in the supply chain and compliance system set up perfect, in order to improve the "goods" category and quantity, to further improve customer price and the number of active buyers.

1. Traditional electricity supplier What has changed?

(1) scenario: the consumption of traditional electricity supplier scene is transferred from the line to the line

In the era of Internet 3.0, between the user and the consumer network closely integrated at all levels and other basic necessities, electricity providers have changed the traditional choice of social consumption of the main consumer, the consumer has been generally accepted "line the shelves, online browsing" consumption patterns, online shopping scene has become an integral part of everyday life.

2020 new crown the impact of the epidemic, accounting for the rapid increase of online channels, irreversible changes in the minds of consumers.

(2) Supply Chain: reducing circulation upstream docking

Traditional industries and enterprises in circulation long, low efficiency and high cost.Starting from traditional B2B business demand for electricity, the Internet plays fast and efficient characteristics, raw material suppliers and buyers to conduct electronic business platform through the integration of resources, improve the consideration of their transactions, but also reduces the cost of downstream buyers.

C2M clock is a lot of fight fight factory pattern to provide consumers with cost-effective products. On the demand side through the "goods to find someone," innovation "to fight social group", "invite bargain", "help free single" and other new marketing methods, in a short time and efficient gathering of large-scale orders; the supply side of the upstream and downstream demand directly factory connected to achieve accurate "need to quotas."

C2M efficient connecting the upstream manufacturers, end users and the production of goods, shortening the supply chain to reduce distribution costs, to provide consumers with cost-effective product.

(3) cartridge with: a conventional power distribution end to provide

Join the system Express: With the rise in recent years, shared economic concepts in the field of logistics, the traditional electricity supplier logistics and distribution end of the formation of the traditional distribution model, since the question crowdsourcing distribution model and distribution model joint development of the situation.

To access as the representative of the Department of express delivery companies to join the system, the establishment of a more comprehensive network delivery model, the parcel electricity supplier by "get pieces – end distribution logistics approach to the operation of transit – transport route – – transit" in operation mode.

According to the annual report disclosure of express delivery industry leader in the pass, go to the country that has 91 transit centers, 30,000 terminal outlets, county-level city coverage of 99%. Traditional join the system Express compliance costs include delivery costs headquarters, network operating costs and delivery fee.

2. Community optimize buy what?

We explained above traditional electricity supplier in the realization of the product line has failed to break fresh category, although fresh electricity providers to achieve a line of fresh, but the front compartment positioned high consumer segments, with higher spending power, high time-sensitive, front closer to the consumer from the warehouse, fast response and specialist distribution leads to higher compliance costs.

"Head of the pre-sale system + system", the central warehouse – grid positions – Head of sinking market distribution chain has been restructured.

(1) pre-sale, to market ability to reduce inventory, reduce inventory storage costs, reduce the rate of loss of natural commodities.

(2) from mentioning, eliminating end distribution costs, reduce transportation costs corresponding artificial.

(3) flow, shorten the links increase rate reduction.

3. Future trends in the "field"?

The supply chain, farm direct mining C2M + standard products is expected to complement the channel; the storage and processing of fresh self-built warehouse and cold chain distribution problem is still the focus of investment; on the performance, the role of the head will continue to be weakened.

Community buy platform assumed the role of sales to the second issue of business, although given the optimized consumer prices increase in the rate, but in all aspects of performance still has many problems and pain points, such as vendor stability is not strong, lack SKU supply; central warehouse performance will limit consumers to buy poor quality to enhance the frequency and so on; there is standardization of the layout, number, location of the grid positions; change in the head end of the end will bring change from mentioning the way.

The future, the center will face merger or warehouse building warehouse processing two types of test, the number of center positions of influence supply efficiency and average compliance costs suppliers, warehouse construction process is to ensure low temperature conditions conducive to some of the high temperature requirements of category quality improvement.


Future community buy

1. Perspective electricity supplier analytical framework

We, the community buy in accordance with the framework of electronic business trend of the future "people – – goods field," the three elements of the analysis of the number of users, purchase frequency, customer price corresponding to predict, determine community buy future trends and market space .

People: According to Kay index of consumer release of "Chinese shoppers report," Community buy in the first quarter of this year on my country’s household penetration rate of 27%, in 2019 my country’s total number of households 466 700 000, corresponding to the number of households community buy 1.26 one hundred million (community consumer buy the family unit, so when calculating the number of households to scale as the number of buyers).

Under the new marketing research shows that community buy in our line, a new line, second line, third line, four-user accounting and the following cities were 2.6%, 7.4%, 13.4%, 20.3%, 56.3%, corresponding to penetration cities They were 12.7%, 15.1%, 25.6%, 22.1%, 33.2%.

For Competition lot of user structure, we assume that community buy 3.0 stage, first-tier cities subscriber penetration and fight a lot there is a 30% gap, there is a new first-tier cities 20% of the gap, there is a second-tier cities 10% of the gap and third tier cities and fight a lot basically the same, and the following four-city fight a lot of penetration beyond 10%. 2.0 and 3.0 thus corresponds to the number of households stage were 193 million and 265 million.

Goods: the current community to buy fresh, grain and oil seasoning, Hugh food, daily necessities mainly, according to The Third Eye of retail research, community buy single user at a single week frequency of 2.4 times, customer price is about 30 yuan.

Because the current user is still in the stage of mental training, subject to the restrictions of the supply chain and warehousing, due to insufficient customer price category and frequency of consumption there is still room for improvement.

Because of the positioning of the current main community buy fresh and buy relatively higher frequency of traditional electricity supplier, customer price but still a wide gap, with the goods category will expand from one hundred to date and fresh clothing and 3C category, as well as fresh and further enhance the penetration of other food, we assume that community buy 2.0 and 3.0 stages of the purchase frequency was 2.5 / 2.6 weeks / week customer price were raised to 50 yuan and 80 yuan.

Course: Current community still buy three main distribution warehouse, not yet open up the upstream supply chain, warehouse center is still self-oriented platform, the grid positions for the franchisee form, dependent on the head of the beginning of the year declined.

But currently there are still bad cold chain link behind, meat and some other categories of quality problems, resulting in poor consumer experience, while limiting the expansion of the category of goods.

In addition, the central warehouse layout results in lower procurement scale and sorting process efficiency, limit the amount can not be achieved single-diluted compliance costs.

In the long run, supply chain and logistics industry is still the focus of attention of the community to buy.

Market Size:

With the expansion of user penetration depth and goods, bringing the number of active household consumption, purchase frequency, and enhance customer price, we expect the community to buy 2.0 and market space is expected to reach 1.3 trillion.

2. category penetration perspective

Further, based on our category penetration perspective on the judgment inspection. We believe that the main achievement of community buy 1.0 stage fresh, Hugh food, grain and oil seasoning alternative channels.

Medium and long term, clear day one hundred other categories have high penetration space; in the long run, a beauty care, 3C, clothing are expected to buy grafted to the community platform, has a certain impact on the traditional electricity supplier channels, long-term market space is expected to reach 224 million.

Finally, escape the business logic itself, we want to think of the Internet today, what his nature and value in the end is?

Efficiency improvements (such as changing the way retail), rich scene (social entertainment changes the way), all these and so are essentially achieve a Pareto improvement.

Internet companies maximize the value of time should be more from the "new requirements" set out in itself, profit by optimizing the efficiency and profitability rather than by other aspects of the industry chain profit squeeze.

If we say that the industry is consumer demand-oriented supply matches demand; cycle industry is supply-oriented, demand supply decisions.

Then the development of the Internet is undoubtedly the creation of new demand, we mentioned in the first part of 2003, Taobao to make online shopping possible, greatly promoted the rate of online apparel category;

2004 Jingdong to achieve a line rate of 3C category; in 2014 the US group and hungry to help people realize what a stay at home to enjoy the food may be;

2015 appears to fight a lot, so that consumers face manufacturers, not only to promote the rapid expansion of the size of the user’s electricity supplier industry, while allowing market sank to enjoy the convenience and benefits brought about by the electricity supplier;

In 2020, fresh electricity supplier in the rapid development of catalytic epidemic solve the problem of fresh category online rates. When the community buy emerge, perhaps new hopes people see, our market sinking huge crowd (people), and scattered agricultural species complex (cargo), the higher the performance aspects of the complexity of the (field).

Customers will be an unprecedented community infrastructure dividends, realized more than forty thousand villages and towns nationwide next day in the village of commercial activities, we expect the Internet to agriculture-depth gene from the sales side to side effects of the production, but also look forward to the Internet and play thinking on agriculture depth rewritten.

Source / CRE Securities

Author / Liu Xin

Apple HomePod, is it very much?

Someone asked, if there is no iPhone, only iPad, can you use HomePod.Seeing this problem, the first reaction is not to use, but should carefully consider whether it is worth homepod.

One reason is that HomePod is very limited.Inscoup, SIRI is limited. Specifically, SIRI is too small. Especially compared with numerous domestic smart speakers, HomePod is very obvious.

Therefore, some people say HOMEPOD, in addition to listening to Apple’s own Apple Music, other experiences are matched. I am quite agree with this evaluation.

That is, if you are not the faithful user of Apple Music, it is basically not recommended to use HomePod. Of course, if you like to use Siri, homepod is also good. Use Siri with homepod, for example, consult the weather to Siri, ask the encyclopedia knowledge, and so on, this experience is still very good. I often use this. However, users who like to use Siri everyday seems not much.

There is also an important reason for not recommending Homepod, that is, electronic devices cannot connect homepod through Bluetooth, which means that in addition to Apple’s hardware devices, other brands of equipment cannot connect to HomePod. Users in the problem are not using the iPhone, and when other brands can not connect to HomePod through Bluetooth, they may swear.

However, Apple has been working hard to improve the practicality of the HomePod system. In fact, the HOMEPOD system has been improved. For example, a shortcut instruction can be performed recently.

However, if SIRI does not join more practical content, it is hard to make more users satisfaction. For example, an important content is news. However, from the perspective of national conditions, the content of news information is difficult to join Apple.

Since Apple launches more affordable HomePod mini, users who use the HomePod series products have increased a lot. More and more people have experienced the features of HomePod.

From the feedback from the user, HOMEPOD is very likely to be very high. Because HomePod can’t play the podcast, I was allowed to be discarded. However, after the recent HOMEPOD system upgrade, re-play the podcast, I started to increase the number of times.

Therefore, it is certainly prudential consideration before starting homepod, considering whether you use HomePod scenes.

Don’t understand the development of business intelligence at home and abroad? It is coming to the era of domestic BI software.

Recently, friends from some companies are discussing the most, how to buy BI products, they feel that foreign Bi products have developed so long, and the technology is certainly mature, but the development of domestic business intelligence software is very fierce, domestic BI should be more advantageous for localized enterprises, do not know how to choose foreign BI or domestic BI?

We know that Gartner first proposes the concept of bi business intelligence in 1996. At the beginning of the development of business intelligence, only technical skilled IT people will use data analysis tools, most of the business people cannot be used. In particular, financial staff spend a lot of time for many times a day, often requires a lot of time and effort, leading to the speed of data analysis, far from the speed of business development, and cannot provide timely and effective support for decision-making.

The first batch of BI was born in the 1980s, the European and American markets in the 1990s, such as MicroStrategy, Cognos, QlikView, etc. have a high visibility in the world.

In 2007, the Bi market ushered in heavy news: SAP acquisition bo, IBM acquisition Cognos, Oracle acquisition HyperionsSolutions. Later, Bi manufacturers began to divide them: a class of comprehensive BI service providers, such as IBM, Oracle, SAP, etc .; the other is independent professional manufacturers, such as Qlik, Tableau, etc.

Since 2010, the shortcomings of traditional BI have gradually exposed, and a battle in the Bi market has set off a unveiled voice. With the development of BI, QlikView and Tableau gradually occupy the traditional BI three giants market share.

As we all know, China’s local commercial intelligence sprouts is over the time of the century, and in the early stage, Guangzhou Fei Nit is the financial and government departments. At that time, manufacturers in SAP, IBM, Cognos were still occupied by most market share.

By 2011, the self-service BI boom began, and the domestic BI manufacturers were emerging as the rain, and the self-service analysis BI began to vigorously develop. At the same time, with the rapid development of the Internet, under traffic, capital, etc., domestic small and medium-sized enterprises have also begun to have a more extensive and in-depth of BI, and the domestic commercial intelligent track ushered in the first round of industry washing. Card. Somitt software was also established in 2011, based on rich experiences originally accumulated on the domestic BI track, and then stood out in numerous BI vendors, and then entered the rapid growth stage.

In 2016, BI development gradually moved towards the intelligent phase. The wide application of natural language, machine learning and artificial intelligence technology makes the development of AI + BI a trend. Especially after the emergence of the epidemic in 2020, smart BI ushered in major era, and domestic BI vendors have already extended the tentacles to the intelligent BI field. In 2017, SmartBi issued Natural Language Analysis Functions NLA, realizing the first "integration" of AI and BI, users can interact through smart wheat, letdata analysisMore intelligence, simpler. In 2021, Somitt software adheres to product innovation and technological innovation, and continuously increase research and development investment, and has also obtained natural language analysis.

At present, we can also see from the domestic BI market, more and more companies are willing to choose and believe in domestic BI software, domestic business intelligence has indeed rising.

Domestic BI softwareThe rise is not to say in all respects, and foreign BI is more mature in technology. But based on China’s large market environment, domestic companies choose domestic BI tools to be better choice. In the future, what is the development direction of domestic BI software? This is a question worth thinking. Xiaobian believes that there will be more and more companies and employees to go deep into the ability of BI, then we should think about the future direction of the BI, in order to go farther. So, how do you think Bi’s future?

At the end of the year! Double 12 These four mobile phones are worth considering, performance and price are "leaders"

As the most important mobile phone in the electronic product, there is no optimal model. As the product is only the most suitable mobile phone for the user, in order to facilitate everyone to choose, Xiaobian is also a lot of people, digital practitioners summarize Several models of this year are more popular for your reference. In terms of performance and price, they are all "leaders" in various fields, and they are double 12 next month. If this year is ready to change, consider considering

October sales king: iPhone13 series

This year, IPHONE13 can say a two net in the market last year. It can be seen that there are 13 series overall strength. The most recommended is the iPhone13pro, which is equipped with the strongest A15 processor, and iPhone13pro support 120Hz high brush, and For the first time, I took the iPhone series to more than 3000mAh. I know that my IOS system’s power consumption is much smaller. This strengthening is undoubtedly two-way enhancements in overall performance and power consumption.

And this year, the iPhone has dropped 300 in previous years. This amplitude is also very big in previous years. For fruit powder, the 13 series this year has brought too many surprises.

Best price ratio: millet Mix4

Mix4 should be the most serious mobile phone this year! Double 11 straight down 1600, to know that it just released more than 2 months, the price of the user can start to a high-end flagship machine, cost-effective, millet Mix4 is the starting model of Xiaolong 888 PLUS and The fuselage is polished by the whole ceramic process, and there are 4500mAh large batteries with small rice stripped charging system 120 watts, seconds, 50 watts, wireless seconds, 120Hz micro-band flexible screen, Harman Carton duplex, at the time At the beginning of the release, 200,000 units, after the double 11 is also a bunch of small rice, it is also the best model for this year.

The mobile phone posting on the first half of this year is actually a small rain point. It is not worth mentioning in front of hard power Vivo X70PRO. It has self-developed image chip V1, and is equipped with the latest Samsung E5 AMOLED. Screen, support 120Hz high brush and 2K resolution, image and screen experience are top!

In particular, Vivo X70PRO is not only more transparent to the imaging of optical glass, but also on Vivo X70 Pro + after Zeiss, has the world’s only ALD coating technology, SWC coating technology, anti-glare and ghosting, It can be said that it is the top flagship machine in this year’s image.

Best thousand yuan: Red rice K40

This year, the "sales crown" model, the force iphone13 and iPhone12 pull the top, can be said that the level of the flagship machine does do the price of the thousand-yuan machine, it is hard to imagine a 2000-incomprehensive hand screen will use E4 material. AMOLED screen, and also support 120Hz high brush, as well as DISPLAYMATE A + authentication, and it is equipped with the Snapdragon 870 processor. There is only only red rice K40 in 2000 yuan to be equipped with the most stable 870 this year, within 2000 in performance Invincible

The battery is equipped with 4500mAh batteries and full-blood version 33W fast charge. Compared with 3000 price of sub-flagship machines, its cost-effective list, the same performance, almost the same endurance, "sales crowns" is also a witness this year.

In general:

This year’s four best is the above four, basically cover the mainstream of the mainstream, the small series is still the same sentence, everyone buy mobile phone to look for your own demand, buy it, don’t buy expensive!

Petrong Shares Develop Agricultural Artificial Intelligence Countermeasures and Suggestions

Shanghai Herong Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. is obviously increasingly driving the development of an agricultural and intelligent technology development, accelerating operational efficiency and resource utilization. Developing agricultural artificial intelligence, making it a challenge and opportunity for my country, it is necessary to live, catch up with advanced technology, develop work should take the absorption, lending, innovation, and beyond the way to improve the research as soon as possible. Innovation? Application system to meet the requirements of agricultural development on agricultural monitoring, agricultural data analysis, agricultural equipment transformation and upgrading, agricultural products supply and marketing chain tracking, etc., improve agricultural intelligence level, promote the development of agricultural modernization, play "head geese Effect, add bricks in the era of human agricultural intelligence. Comprehensive analysis, the following suggestions for the development of agricultural intelligence in my country:

1) Pay attention to the cultivation and management of artificial intelligence related professional talents. The root of promoting science and technology development is talent. Domestic agriculture and forestry universities should conduct professional reforms in accordance with the development trend of intelligence agriculture to meet the needs of new intelligence agricultural industries on new agricultural science and technology talents. In addition, it should be actively encouraged to support enterprises to cultivate composite talents that have both manual intelligence and agricultural background, solve the practical problems of farmers, and provide intelligence and talent support for new technologies such as artificial intelligence in agriculture. In terms of scientific research and team building, it is encouraged research teams with multidisciplinary cross-integration.

2) Promote infrastructure construction of agricultural intelligence development. The development of agricultural artificial intelligence is inseparable from massive data accumulation and network real-time response. The farm agricultural infrastructure is not perfect, and agricultural data has high acquisition costs, which greatly limits the breadth and depth of machine learning in scenarios. It should pay attention to the construction of 5G infrastructure construction in agricultural materials and rural areas, improve the level of infrastructure of intelligent agricultural sensors, build agricultural production information and digitalization projects, introduce agricultural data sharing mechanisms, etc., provide fundamentals for the large-scale application of artificial intelligent agricultural equipment And conditions.

3) Promote research and development of agricultural production intelligent control technology. Promote agricultural production intelligence sensation, identify research and development of operation decision models, for agricultural planting, breeding different environments, establish a multi-source data fusion, agricultural whole process decision support method, building field crops, greenhouses, livestock and poultry, and water products In the field of decision management and intelligent control models, using cloud? Edge-end architecture, realize the intelligent decision system based on "agricultural brain" under data driver management.

4) Strengthen the development of intelligent equipment and systems. For agricultural production needs, accelerate the popularity of intelligent machines, improve resource utilization and agricultural output rate, and improve economic benefits. Cultivate my country’s advantageous intelligent agricultural machinery such as agricultural drones, enhance the cross-boundary technology integration of agriculture and other industries, meet new generation information technology, open innovation model, seamless integration of human wisdom and machinery intelligence, re-assessing agricultural future, and create new business opportunities. First, research and development special equipment should consider reducing cost and improving adaptability, hardware, the sensors on smart devices such as robots and drones can increase or decrease depending on the actual situation, and the control part is indwelling the air interface; software, support secondary development And expand, provide a good platform for human machine collaboration and multi-machine collaboration. Second, Based on the cloud? Side-end architecture to build a "agricultural brain" intelligent decision system: Cloud platform provides storage and computing services, and the edge calculates the robots and other equipment on the Internet of Things and other equipment real-time dynamic management, the clouds are coordinated to the agricultural robot field The job provides decision support. Finally, the future agricultural robot will bear more and more job tasks and become key components in agricultural production. For this purpose, new technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, big data, virtual perception system, multi-sensor fusion, human machine blending is required.

Insight | Federal learning, formation encryption, fuzzy extractor? A new generation of biological identification technology enhanced privacy protection

"Zhi Zhou Insight" is a new research brand of machinery PRO, focusing on new generation of new generation of artificial intelligence technology, surrounding artificial intelligence academic exploration and engineering technology hot research direction in-depth exploration, tracking the latest AI technology route, analyzing mature Situation, insight into potential technology iterative opportunities. "Zhou Yaojing · Trusted AI" special series focuses on building a new generation of artificial intelligence technology for the purpose of building credible AI systems, expanding specific discussion around privacy protection, interpretable, fairness and robustness increase.

Write | Machine heart Pro

This section is selected from the "Zhou Insight" report series "Available Ai" topic "Privacy Protection Enhancement New Generation Biological Recognition Technology". The core of the machine will continue to surround a new generation of AI technology to build "credible AI" to issue technical insights, survey reports, organized online sharing and technical discussions, etc. Get full verse reports and event notifications.

This report has received many experts with great professional opinions. Special acknowledgment (sorted by surname’s first letters): Harbin Institute of Technology Science and Technology, Ph.D. Han Jiqing, Dr. Lei Zhen, Dr. Lei Zhen, Zhejiang University Network Professor Renkui, Dean of Space Safety, Dr. Tang Linpeng, Chief Technology Officer of Muqi Technology, Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Professor Zhang Junping, Computer Science and Technology, Fudan University


  • Dual-law implementation, enhance the privacy protection capacity of biometric system to reduce system security risk, abuse tracking and governance technology, biological information deducting, anonymization, etc.

  • AI Times Biological identification application broke out, biometric authentication replaces password in a large number of scenes, discloses, and the biological template cannot be changed or recovered once it is leaked. Enhanced the protection of biological templates is a key link to enhance biometric system privacy protection capabilities

  • The new generation of credible biometric systems should have irreversible, revocable, non-associated technical features. Feature transformation, biological encryption can enhance protection of biological templates.

  • Head Internet enterprise, AI technology company laboratory, research team has launched the privacy protection technology upgrade of biological identification system, such as strengthening biological template encryption technology research, using federal learning, multi-mode fusion and other computational and verification methods; Some emerging companies are also exploring a biometric technology solution that is more easy to use, higher security, and privacy privacy.

With the implementation of the data security law, the implementation of the personal information protection law, the market is upgraded to the upgrade technology, using the new generation of privacy protection to improve the need to heat up the needs of the biometric system, from the technical breakthrough, improve the safety of biometric system, and realize biometric identification The privacy capacity of the system is imminent. Accordingly, the research and development of biometric technology to construct a new generation of confident AI system capabilities is also rising.

In October 2020, China Xinyiyuan Terminal Laboratory United Telecom Terminal Industry Association, Telecom Terminal Industry Association, China Internet Association, Internet Financial Identification Alliance and Mobile APP Innovation and Personal Information Protection Laboratory joint release "Biological identification privacy protection The research report ", eight dimensions for the privacy protection of biometric system, and extended the technical topics that need to be solved, the machine’s heart is summarized as follows:

New generation biometric technology design for privacy protection

When designing a biometric identity authentication system architecture, the full process of biological data security and biometric verification accuracy is the two most important aspects that need to be considered simultaneously [6]. At the time of the technical selection of biometric applications, the recognition accuracy and ease of use of different biometric techniques also have a large difference, and the following figure shows the different types of biometric technology in terms of recognition accuracy and ease of use. Case.

The credible AI system should have the ability to protect the biological information template when using biometric identification. The ISO / IEC 30136 standard is given a method of evaluating the accuracy, confidentiality and privacy of the biological identification template, specifically indicating that in terms of security and privacy protection, IRREVERSIBILITY, unlinkability Features.

National Standard "Information Technology Safety Technology Biological Characteristics Identification Information" (Draft for Comment) also pointed out that biometric identification systems should meet confidentiality, integrity, and updateability and cancellation, and specify biometric identification information. The following requirements: irreversibility, negligibility, confidentiality. Furthermore, the available biological template protection mechanism achieves the objective features such as irreversibility, cancellation, non-correlation, and features of Performance (Performance) [9].

Increase the core fortress of the privacy capacity of biological identification system: biological template protection

Biometric identity certification is generally divided into two stages of registration and verification. The common biometric identity authentication system architecture is as follows, where t represents the biometric sample obtained when registration, Q is the query biometric sample obtained when identified, XT and XQ are template and query feature set, S represent match results [6 ].

The biometric data is scanned in the registration phase to determine a group of different biometric sets, called biometrics templates. Bioinformatics template data leaks are also the focus of personal information protection. Unlike passwords or secret key schemes, the biological information template is unlike password, once the leaks cannot be changed or recovered [8]. The following figure shows the main security vulnerability zone in the biometric system [6].

Biological template protection: technical methods such as characteristic transformation and bioconagration

Protecting biometric templates from a variety of hacker attacks is a vital issue. Protecting biometric templates Mainly include characteristic transform and biological encryption two sets of technical routes [6], including template encryption, can revoke biological identification, mixing methods, formative encryption, visual cryptography, etc. [6] The following table further summarizes the relevant technical methods.

Trusted biological identification technology upgrade: large factory and start-up enterprises have joined racing

Head Internet enterprise, AI technology company laboratory, research team has launched the privacy protection technology upgrade of biological identification system, such as strengthening biological template encryption technology research, using federal learning, multi-mode fusion and other computational and verification methods; Some emerging companies are also exploring more easy, high security, privacy biological identification programs and products, such as Miqi Technology, with non-contact finger and refer to the vein collection method, using multi-scale-based multi-scale Feature extraction and heterogeneous high performance ratio algorithm, push privacy protection enhanced biometric identification in a multi-scale image representation and cryptographic binding.