Beidou navigation on the phone, actually appeared on the Bosideng down jacket

Speaking of the Beidou System, the ambassaders may be unfamiliar.

The brother is thinking, like Beidou so good, if there is more equipment, it will definitely play a big role.

It is very surprisingly that the Beidou System has appeared in a very novel figure in addition to common technology products such as mobile phones, watches, cars.

Good guy, according to the common sense, the down jacket is not a technology product, why is it related to Beidou? The opportunity of the opportunity is in an instant, trying to study it.

This is equipped with an Beidou positioning chip.Bosideng new release limited number: Dengfeng 2.0 down jacket.

Bosideng this Chinese brand, if the machine friends have bought down jackets, they should be familiar. Founded in 1976, it has been 45 years, it is said that there are 200 million people around the world through.

Among them, there is a hiking team in our country.

In 2019, Bosidenden released Dengfeng 1.0 series down jacket to help the Chinese mountaineering team to attack the cold wind.

In the end, China’s mountaineering team detected the new height of the world: 8848.86 meters.

Do you still remember your air friends? Middle school geography classes said that each elevation is 1000 meters per liter, and the temperature is reduced by 6 degrees Celsius. There are more cold in Everest, as can be imasons.

And climbers, to persist in this low temperature environment for several days. The warm performance of clothes is undoubtedly a very important point.

It can be seen from this matter that the warm performance of Dengfeng 1.0 is very amazing, properly an example of a domestic product.

I didn’t expect it to come in the past two years, this series iteration is now.

I checked the information found that the R & D team of Dengfeng 2.0 is very strong, with hundreds of experts, including national mountaineering teams, Antarctic examination team.

A large number of professionals join, which makes the game’s effect on Dengfeng 2.0 finally realized.

This time Dengfeng 2.0, warm performance increased by 15%, and the temperature rise effect is 14% higher than the national standard. Under the premise of such a fierce, it also achieved a weight reduction of 20%.

If you use the phone circle to summarize, then it is "lightweight flagship."

And, for this iteration of this latter 2.0, Bosideng has joined a large number of "100% China Original" technology.

The Beidou System is one of them.

I think about watching, like climbing athletes, extreme enthusiasts, they often cross the rare place. If an accident occurs, rescuers can position them in the first time, which is a security guarantee.

Because of this, Bosideng is equipped with Dengfeng 2.0 Beidou.Beidou positioning chipIt can join our smartphone.

Within the mobile phone base station signal, as long as the associated person is set in advance, the rescue signal can be actively transmitted during the distress.

The reason why chooses my country’s self-developed Beidou system is because it is accurate and is one of the world’s three satellite navigation systems.

When I introduced the Beidou system before the game, I have achieved a high-precision positioning of 5 meters. In today’s many navigation systems, there is no doubt that is the level of the first echelon.

International First-class Satellite Navigation Technology Experts – Han Xiaopeng, this time, I also praised Dengfeng 2.0:

Dengfeng 2.0 integrates Beidou Satellite Navigation Positioning Technology and 5G communication technology, which can connect smartphones, bind emergency contacts, so outdoor sports people never lose. When you encounter danger, take the initiative to launch a rescue signal, let search and rescue in time, reliable.

So for the extreme outdoor classmates, wearing Dengfeng 2.0 Beidou, is equivalent to a safe guarantee.

However, on the road of Chinese original technology in the down jacket, Bosideng did not stop.

On the cold wind, the warm performance of the down jacket is also the top priority.

I want to have a similar experience, and when exercise continuously, the body will exude huge heat. When we stop, you will feel the coolness of the face.

If you say, a piece of clothes can be absorbed when the temperature is higher in the clothes, and the temperature is released from the heat when the temperature is low. Is it not equivalent to the air conditioner?

Bosideng Dengfeng 2.0, it really did this.

This time, we must first turn your attention to China’s first Mars: Zhu Rong.

In May of this year, the Mars Detector Zhu Rong successfully landed on Mars, meaning that China has taken a step forward. And Zhu Rong wants to overcome the complex climate on Mars, you need to useIntelligent temperature control material.

In fact, this material is not only used on Mars detectors, but also in the fields of aviation military, renewable energy, new energy vehicles.

This time, Dengfeng 2.0 is in the next, sleeves, windshields, and four parts of the bag, and use the same type of intelligent temperature regulation material. And the world is the first to use the aviation technology materials in the case of the field of clothing.

The machine users may be difficult to imagine, in Dengfeng 2.0 in all 1 square meter cloth, there is more than1 millionThe temperature of the temperature can be automatically adjusted, each of which is below 3 microns.

Don’t underestimate this energy storage unit, its role is big: support two-way temperature adjustment.

At high temperatures, heat insulation, low temperature release heat heating. Even in extreme cold and extremely hot environments, it can maintain a body temperature of 31 ° C to 33 ° C.

Before the machine, I thought this technology, I only appeared in the sci-fi movie, I didn’t expect it to see it today.

In addition to the thermal insulation of the body, Bosideng even puts the insulation of the electronic equipment in our clothes pockets. Don’t say the limit environment, the Northeast of the body will talk to me every winter: When you go outside, the phone will happen in your pocket, you will also freeze yourself.

What’s more, you have to go to the peak, go to the pole … researchers pockets are all precision electronic instruments.

In the face of ice and snow, the wind is raining, how is this?

So, Bosideng began to think about it and see how to solve it. Finally, they foundSpace Temperature Control Materials: Airgel.

This airborne gel is currently known for the best insulation material because of the extreme cold and liquid nitrogen spraying of -196 degrees, which is ideal for aerospace.

At Dengfeng 2.0, the Bosidene airborne gel made an electronic instrument protection bag, which can effectively avoid the impact of electronic instruments from being low-temperature.

Good guy, Beidou, Zhu Rong, Long March 5 … Machine brother feels, Dengfeng 2.0 is under Chinese original technology.

It turns out that these fresh technologies are not far from us, and even condense in a down jacket.

It can be seen, and all the configurations of Dengfeng 2.0 are top-level: the best dessert, the most powerful process, reference the best technology.

Machine brother can imagine that researchers feel a little warm in the cold wind, what happiness is.

Like China Antarctic Kunlun Station first webmaster – Li Sanheng, this time is sent:

Dengfeng 2.0 has a function of rapid wicking at the same time, and the weight of the whole clothes is also reduced, and it is more light and flexible, especially suitable for operations in a harsh weather environment in the Antarctic inland.

Dengfeng 2.0, maybe Bosideng’s 45 years ago.As for the price, Dengfeng 2.0 Beidou is 14900 yuan.

In fact, there is no price, but it is good. And the same price down jacket, performance may be good.

Machine brother is easy to see. For the down jacket, the velvet is very important.

The same product, Canada, a well-known brand, usually 80%. The Bosideng peak series of goose velvet is 95%, which is also the theoretical limit of velvet.

Therefore, for thousands of products from other foreign brands, Bosideng’s 10,000 yuan is cost-effective.

Can be used to be a product with your heart. Machine brother thinks, Bosideng maintained this initial heart, it is representative of Chinese brands that have been innovation and breakthrough.

If the machine friends go to the Boske’s official website, they will find that they will not stop there are 10,000 yuan, and there are many down jackets that are more expensive.

It is, this is why Boside is implemented, and the domestic sales in China has sold in 72 countries in the world.

A Chinese brand is in silent efforts, gradually gets the consumers of many countries around the world, in fact, it is also very difficult.

On the day of the game, I saw Bosideng said that their initial heart is warm worldwide and created a higher quality down jacket. It seems that they did it.

Perhaps, Bosideng down jacket, not only warms the body of countless people, but also warms a lot of people.

I looked back and saw that there were many Bosideng’s figure in the big events that came in so many years.

At the beginning of 2020, the new crown epidemic has touched everyone’s heart. Even if Wuhan minimum temperature is close to 0 degrees Celsius, countless medical staff also insist on the anti-vloal.

At that time, Bosideng donated 150,000 pieces worth 3 billion down jackets to the anti-vloar.

Top, 2013 Ya’an earthquake, in 2008 Southern snow disaster, 2010 Yushu earthquake, 2021 Shanxi Hanchao, Bosideng is also an urgent need for disaster relief in the first time.

Bosideng tells us with its actions, this is "warm world".

Although there are many ways to go through Chinese brands, we must also innovate this effort, adhere to China, and have a rich brand applaud and encourage.

Over the years, Bosideng has increasing more and more. Like this year, I just took the ISPO Award 2021 Global Design Award and got international recognition.

Machine brother believes that Chinese brands can also create high quality products.

Under the VUCA era, how do companies have "vision" decisions?

Users first become the logical starting point of business operations

In the traditional industrial era, due to technical and cost, in addition to the minority of high-end custom brands can realize user demand, "user-supreme" is ideal for most companies, more like an ideal Laboratory values.

In digital commercial age, Internet, 5G, cloud computing, artificial technology, etc. On this basis, the ability to optimize the service capacity by continuous operation. "User-on" has become the logical starting point of all enterprises, and the rear ended R & D, production, transportation, retail, organization and other competitions are reflected.

Over the past two decades, the Internet of the Internet, the connection between people, people, people and information has formed a huge network covering the human life workfrup, created new business civilization, precipitating massive data . In the next 20 years, massive data will bring a greater subversive change to the entire business and society along this network.

The data has become a new production element, which has become a strategic resource that achieves high quality development must rely on high-quality development, and digital transformation has become a must option in all walks of life. During this process, data is important, but more important is insights and analysis.

Throughout the history of China’s insightural and analyzing industry, the data is scarce in the early 1990s, and the data is scarce. We are worried that there is not enough data. Today, the amount of data is no longer a problem, how is the key use: How to do deeper insights based on data? How to make decisions based on insight How to finally land the decision? How to set up experience precipitation as a replicable methodology?

These issues not only do not have too many ready-made experience, but also varies from industry. As the data is also like oil and coal, it needs to be refined to play a greater value. At present, in the development of the industry, it is also facing some challenges:

1, insight distortion, loss:Sometimes there will be some confusion, such as the insight analysis conclusions of multiple data institutions, let users have no decision. The difference in insights is that the source of research is not uniform, and some are not unified because the statistical caliber is not unified. These problems have led to the final insights, often lack rigorous and objective, and difficult to help scientific accurate decisions.

2. Analyze the supply and demand of talents:Each industry is thirsty to professional data analysts, giving birth to a large number of talent needs, but there is currently a contradiction between supply and demolition. In the demand side, the potential stocks that wanted to enter the market on the market, suffering from the quality of teaching content and practical opportunities. In the supply, senior analysts on the workplace lack a platform and opportunity to show their strength and vocal.

Digital economy is booming, seizing opportunities need consensus to win

On Thursday, I participated in the "Vision 2021 Research Alliance Summit" held by the people’s data and the huge number of engines, which announced the establishment of the "Counting Research Alliance", and the alliance will jointly research institutions and industry experts and integrate quality insights. Analyze the service resources, establish a data common language, create insight into the topic, create a multi-solution, and contribute to more business cooperation.

During the meeting, many institutions, analysts, brands, media representatives, etc., together, together, together from different perspectives and dimensions, explore the value and significance of "vision" under the VUCA era, and how companies have "far" Decision. Not long before the summit, I have been visiting the 8 industry leaders and preliminary discussion with them on the above issues.

1, huge imagination of digital economy

As the "Big Data National Team", Zheng Guangkui mentioned in the summit: "The establishment of the Alliance has stood in the mainstream trend of social and economic, and the data is becoming the basic strategic resources and revolutionary key elements. The new driver of business decision-making, new content of commodity service trade, new means of social governance, bringing new value added, and the alliance will bring long-term value for industry. "

At the same time, the Zheng Guangkui Manager will also mention a very important macro number:"In 2020, my country’s digital industrialization has reached 7.5 trillion yuan, accounting for 19.1% of digital economic proportion. It is predicted that 65% of my country GDP will be related to data in 2022."

According to the "China Digital Economic Development White Paper" authority issued in April this April this year, the China Digital Economic Scale is up to 39.2 trillion, accounting for 38.6% GDP. Future Digital Economy will be the main contribution of increment and half-Wanjiang Mountain, which will account for a very important location in China.

In the process of helping the high quality development of all walks of life,Alliance members will also adhere to the original intention of "Big Data to Civilized People". By helping more ordinary people, more industries have enjoyed digital and beautiful life and development dividends to achieve their business value and social value.

Ms. Wang Yu, President of Kaid Group, Global President Wang, believes that data-oriented innovation and sustainable development, not only important to enterprises, but also social development is also crucial.Whether it is impatched domestic demand, or rural revitalization, it is fundamental to people’s insights."Consumer’s attitude management has given us some very clear instructions. Our companies must innovate, to transform (to meet these needs). The more important value of calculation alliance is how to create better through analysis and insight into data. Enterprise value and social value. "

Unilever (China) Data and Digital Marketing Vice President Fangjun believesDigital development has great influence on the entity industry. The real way is still based on consumption upgrade, environmental protection and other trends to innovate, create value increments."How to see the direction of our technological innovation through consumer trends, how to use these trends to continue to innovate, this is the opportunity of our entity industry."

2, consensus, win-win, symbiosis can achieve real long-termism

Under such a large-scale economic change, there is no industry and enterprises to be in addition to the exception, and they are even. Data explosion age, each company has survived in a digital complex environment, facing how this living environment can better analyze and inspect the changes within the inside and outside, pre-judging the future, and make scientific decisions in time, grasp development opportunities to become the market just need Insight and analysis industries that can fully excavate data value have also ushered in new opportunities.

In this context, the establishment of the alliance is necessary and timelyThe "Big Data National Team" such as the people’s data is the development standard, the rules, and the rules, also BCG, Kaid, Yiposo, Fosun International, Source Capital, CITIC Construction, China International E-Commerce Co., Ltd., etc. The top international and top intelligence tank organizations have been added.

Why do you serve different industries? The intelligence organizations of different business sessions in the same industry will gather in the same league?

I do this to this: Because today’s business is facing a systematic problem, it is more expected to be a systemic solution given by each server to integrate their own professional advantages.

Due to the high complexity of business operations, in the past 100 years of modern enterprise development, all aspects of the production and operation of the company have been derived from the division of the wiskin organization, providing professional services from different fields, which is our common sense. Party B, and the company being served is called Party A.

Any problem is often clear, and there will be answers. For example, enterprises need to develop a macro development trend, formulate strategic blueprints, change organization mode, to find management consulting agencies; need to make mergers and acquisitions, investment and other capital activities, requires the help of venture capital and brokerage institutions; Before developing new products, you want to know the local market or the latest consumer characteristics and trend. Market research institutions are not bilateral choices; as for the product to start investing in the market to carry out a lot of marketing activities, there is a large number of creativity and media talents. When the advertisement agent is a big boxing, it is a large number of professional and managed talents.

During the process of migration from the traditional economy, Party A will not have a fixed solution in most cases, but a new, subversion, which also proposed New requirements and challenges. They were born because Party A resolved problems, and now it will be reborn due to the new issues proposed by Party A.

The more subversive change, the more you need professional people in different fields, the new dealing. The establishment of the counting research alliance is like a top consultation in the medical platform. In the face of the problem of incurable diseases, the alliance members are like the best attending physicians in each department, from different professional perspectives to diagnose pulses, and propose the most effective and most authoritative treatment.

How to realize a win-win situation for the alliance, just as Wang Xing said in the round table discussion of the summit: "Everyone is a real ecology party in the calculation of the study alliance.The eco side has to win a common, to contribute to some of the most distinctive, most important professional capabilities.We really need (counting research alliance) platforms, as well as ecological partners to create a win-win situation.Only an ecology is only a union, only the symbiosis can truly long-termism."

Director of the Institute of CITIC Jianota, Managing Director General Managing Wu Chao believed: "Although everyone talks different languages, considering their most urgent things, can provide a relatively universal production tool on the (alliance) platform, everyone You can come here to create some of the available applications. We count the establishment of the alliance hopes to bring you some new inspiration in the era of rapid changes, and eventually create some consensus. If you can create some win-win, Perfect. "

Industry leaders’ assignment: new research, new opportunities, new prosperity

To provide a systematic diagnosis and solution for the brand, the establishment of the counting of the alliance must face the first major problem in the industry: insight distortion. In this regard, the solution given by the Alliance is to play the professional advantages of alliance members, gather quality research resources.

First, as a consumption trend of consumption trend in the huge number of engines,Huge amountRelying on strong products and analysis advantages, it has been working with more than 60 professional institutions, and has conducted deep research on more than 20 key industries and more than 1,000 brands. Perfect system to "vane insight".

Alliance members come from international and local top thinkulecience, which is both familiar with the Chinese market, but also have a global field of vision, which not only has a macro-trend of various countries and regions, and the precision of the consumption trend, but also has strong knowledge assets and talents. Assets – Decades to serve the industry Know-how to accumulate domestic and foreign brands, as well as a large number of outstanding professional analysts and researchers.

Members co-constructed high-quality research resources, including but not limited to: high-quality one-hand research materials, efficient, convenient, easy-to-use insights, innovationResearch methodsScience, depthIndustry research model, Loudspread(Authoritative Experts and Wisdom Books, Authoritative Reports Joint Publishing, etc.). Based on high quality research resources, we can jointly explore trend research, focus on important topics construction research models and solutions, and truly help brand owners to grasp digital economic opportunities.

Any emerging industry has been accompanied by a large number of professional talents. Prior to this, there must be a professional, highly self-disciplined industry association, stand up from the industry chaos, and actively assume the responsibility of the industry’s high-quality development, establishing the industry development standards, and building new development Order, for the members of the association to achieve new opportunities, promote the development of the industry to achieve new prosperity.

It is now facing the flourishing of digital civilization, the establishment of the counting of the alliance is like the past 100 years of industrial civilization, and the CPAs in the CPAs, the US Investment Management and Research Association in the US Investment Management and Research Association to Chartered Finance Analytics (CFA) .

At present, in addition to the members of the organization, the Alliance also opened recruitment to individual analysts, promoting the indoor and research process of insights and analyzing industries, and mitigating the contradiction between industry talent supply and demand. For example, help your personal IP to create, better business chances (identity certification system, training courses, traffic support), etc.

In the future, the Alliance will also actively build industry norms, actively organize the development of exchange interactive activities such as Salon / Seminar, and the implementation of a perfect industry development system, advocate self-discipline and professionalism, and promote industry prosperity.

When the order is standardized, self-disciplined, professional, and authoritative will promote the benign development of the industry, and the multi-business cooperation opportunities will naturally gather.

Future competition is the competition of ecological bodies

In this business ecology today, the parties are no longer a simple Party B, but complex symbiotic relationship.

Everything we see today is the beginning of a new era, and a great journey of human society from agricultural civilization to industrial civilization to digital civilization. The digital wave is from the Internet, and gradually began to spread in the whole industry.What we face is not a simple traditional industry upgrade, but a big revolution in business paradigm..

In this new competition, competition is not only a competition between a single company, or even the competition for the value chain in the industry, because the border of the industry may be broken, the high-dimensional attack of the new species Not uncommon, just like the Internet media platform to traditional media organizations, smartphones in traditional mobile phones, and smart cars that are happening to traditional cars.The commercial competition in the Internet age is often intended to interleave, and the ecological competition is integrated.

Faced with different backgrounds and different consumers, the company’s strategy naturally changes. In the context of data into the fifth largest production factor, companies need more quality analysis insights to conduct scientific precision decisions, reduce future uncertainty, and it is better to be more accurate, in order to see more, farther.


Edit: Opening

Director: Shen Shuai

Ali’s CTO: Announced 20 years of architectural truth

When people like to recall the past, I have dinked with friends before, and my friends said that he had touched the big cow that came into contact with Ali.

Inciical Big Bulls, we generally think that it is more than Du Long, Episodes, Lu Su, and Taoist, but today we talk to Gu Dongbai, he is my front boss of my friend, we generally call him Ali’s flower name "Albai".

Maybe you have not heard of him, I was also because my friend said that there was a big man to arrive, I only knew him. Remember that Albao or the Mini Seller’s Ministry of Technical Director, there is a double eleven vendor trading volume of more than 20 million, and the system of six global level big banks is rushing, and the result is almost selling. The system has increased at 300% of peak trading volume, and the thief is stable.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have much intersection with him. The impression is a series of articles on the Ali internal technology platform ATA, have domain models and AE architectures. Ah is a 14-year arrival of Ali. It is more than 20 years (it is a group company of the melon used car), and I also finally have the opportunity to see the complete history of Albai:

Guo Dongbai, a lot of groups of new Joined the car, graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University, and then went to Brown University to study a master’s and doctoral degree.

During 2000 to 2010, Guo Dongbai took more than 10 years in software giant Oracle (Oracle), and then went to Microsoft and Amazon.

In September 2014, Guo Dongbai joined Aliexpress in the identity of the Chief Architect, and promoted to CTO in March 2017; December 2018, Guo Dongbai promoted to the Lazada Group CTO, which was responsible for 6 people in the world. More than 600 engineers in the R & D center and cooperated with the department of Alibaba Group to support Lazada’s business growth.

It is worth mentioning that this is not a lot of cars (the melon used car) first introduced the former Ali executives to serve as the company.

湃: Exclusive | Front Lazada Group CTO Guo Dongbai franchise a lot of groups

Learning tyrant + foreign head IT factoryI feel that he should call him "giant", P10 is probably only more than 400 in Ali (left ear mouse and Li Yunhua are the first P9), CTO is even more, not to mention the CTO of the independent business line, estimated Ali Just seven eight with him.

Recently, I heard that Albai opened a new column in the extreme time, called"Guo Dongbai’s Architecture Class". He said that he has experienced a complete process of architect career development. From programmers, he has done a part-time architect, and has also done cross-domain architects and general architects, and has made pure technology CTO, and also taking a product Team’s CTO. So this column combines a lot of his own true experience, writing in the decades of architectural methods and growth recommendations, giving them to now you and twenty years ago.

This column records very many architectural methods of architecture, many growth methods and the principles of avoiding pits, including the "Six Survival of Architects", "eight key nodes implemented by architect activities", "architect capacity improvement Five major key powers, etc. Suitable for people who are working hard or in the future, they want to become a architect, now the best price is the best, it is time to start.

Hand ¥ 89, Password only "first 100 people" effective

The entire column is divided into four modules, covering the four different dimensions of architect careers.

Module 1: Six major survival laws of architects.A Bai binds to the six principles who have a concluding summary of their decades experienced as a architect must respect.

Module 2: Architect’s value creation.Considering the implementation level of large architecture projects, you must pay attention to and intervene as an important node that must be paid attention to and intervene, teach you how to create value in architectural activities.

Module 3: Focus on you, help you plan to grow in the professionals of architects.The challenges facing each stage of architect growth are different. It is not the same, and the essence of the problem is different. Abain will combine the experience and observation summary of themselves in these characters, and propose specific recommendations to help you break through obstacles and complete the ability to transition. .

The module fourth is the last module: thinking.Thinking as the core ability of architect survival, even the core ability of any occupation in the future. Ah Bai offers some methods he and its own team to improve the quality of thinking, including logical thinking, critical thinking, reverse engineering, reflection, cross boundary and data analysis.

Specific details, you can check the directory:

Nowadays, many technicians want to be architects. I feel more than the money, the power is big, and if I leave the motivation, I don’t think it is, I am more agree that the teacher said.Architect does not have a quick class. I hope that these experiences and principles of Mr. Dongbai can help us do well, take less and more successful opportunities, let you have a clearer path plan for your career growth.

Which is the best computer class?Choose the most important thing for you

What professional direction is the most popular?Computer class profession is definitely the first to rush, then which one is the best in computer class?How to determine which direction is suitable?Talk to me today and talk to me.

These majors are all computer classes, and some are not very familiar.There are now many schools in accordance with a large-class enrollment, such as a computer-class enrollment plan of a 985 college, including computer science and technology, software engineering, network space safety, artificial intelligence.Colleges and universities are first in accordance with the large-class enrollment. After studying for a period of time, everyone fully understands the development of the various directions, and then depends on specific professional directions.

Next we detailed analysis about the direction of several popular computer class, and these professional parents and students asked more than, you can also determine which direction to look more suited to their development.

computer science and Technology :

This is the most common, this is the main professional design and manufacture of computer research, research carried out by computer to obtain information, representation, storage, processing, control theory and a method of discipline and so on. Computer Science and Technology is the theoretical basis of the most professional, learning content including computer hardware, software and applications, are software and hardware must learn.

The main will learn the core curriculum includes computer composition principle, assembly language, high-level language, database theory, computer architecture, computer networks, algorithms and data structures, artificial intelligence and so on the basis of courses related to computer science; but also to learn mathematical courses, especially in discrete mathematics, theoretical computer course is the basis for the system, so the math is more important; there are electrical courses, you want to understand computer hardware research, we must learn to circuit analysis, analog electronics, signal and curriculum system; another part of the software are also included learning, such as the class teacher so that we may be compiled some simple game, in fact, is also more difficult to develop when you may want to reach thousands of lines of code. So this type of professional practice for you, hands-on ability, or the high demands. There have to be able to sit tight bench research students would be more appropriate. If future graduation to become a programmer, it may take a whole day sitting in front of computer office, if you simply like to play computer games, it’ll have to think about whether they fit the.

Software Engineering:

This professional can be said to be derived in computer science and technology on the basis of practical direction, is specialized in software content direction, during school, more emphasis on training students practical ability. But also to be more focused on the project, in addition to software design developed also stressed the need for maintenance and management of late, forming a project. From requirements analysis to software design, to test, to link maintenance, etc. must take into account.

In fact, these two professional can do a lot of cross-cutting work, but there are some differences, emphasis on theoretical computer science and technology research, large and more solid foundation, but the undergraduate level is not so fine, if you want to continue postgraduate studies, then you can consider computer Science and technology; software engineering small but strong practical number, if you direct employment, consider software engineering, employment would be more handy, graduation general will be able to find suitable jobs in related businesses, if graduate You might do some research and development work. But then some after school tuition for two years the software will be 1 million or more to see whether the bear family, if that high tuition fees, but also to choose computer science and technology.

It should be noted that this is a technology-oriented fields, technology upgrading is very fast, you have to constantly learn new knowledge, college graduation is not the end, for many people that is the starting point. Later to continue to learn personal development is very important, as long as the need for programming where you need software talent, as long as the skillful employment to worry about. But there are some hard, may often work overtime, but the salary is quite good. Like all kinds of programming algorithms and research students may wish to try.

Next we say two computer class talent gap is relatively large, and have more professional development.

first of allData Science and Big Data technologies:

In simple terms, this is a big professional data-centric research object, we found a large data collection, processing, computation, analysis, application, is a cross-discipline, to learn and to apply mathematics + + computer-related statistics knowledge.

This is a national strategy and follow the professional development needs of the information age, powerful place Big Data technology, is able to determine, even if those opportunities are relying on experience may not be able to discern and future development. The earliest applications can be said that field of electronic business, take advantage of big data to understand consumer buying habits, predictive popular consumer trends, and so on. We have now entered the era of big data, municipal transportation, medical industry, the financial sector, unmanned, and so on, all aspects are inseparable from the support of big data. And the salary is relatively high, especially master degree, overall development will be better.

Then there is theinformation security:

It can be said of the Internet and network security are closely related to each of us, we often say that holding a cell phone you can go out, you can online shopping, mobile payment, then the reason why we can be so convenient, that is because our network information security Gu can be proud to protect.

The essence of information security is to protect information networks, information resources information system against all types of threats, interference and sabotage, which is to ensure the security of information, simply: research is how to ensure information security science and technology .

This is also a cross-discipline, will involve the content of mathematics, computer, communications, electronics, legal, of course, the emphasis will be focusing on computer and math, so you need math skills, ability stronger. If you want to learn the studious precision, there are still difficult, and the best are interested in this field. In recent years with the development of Internet technology, information security has become increasingly important, whether national, corporate or personal, for the protection of information more and more attention. According to statistics, as a large domestic payment platform, more than a billion times a day subject to hacker attacks, so this time we need to learn network information security talent to help us protect the information security personnel demand is constantly growing of.

These professional direction from the salary to the future development are relatively good, as to which is best? I think that is the most important of their own! Choose the time, to fully integrate their own situation, hobbies, job development and other comprehensive factors, make the most reasonable judgment. I hope my share to help everyone!

Digital Technology + Centennial Landscape and Lenovo to create a new sample of wisdom

On November 28, Lenovo Group and the Summer and Garden Scenic Sphere Strategic Cooperation Ceremony and the unveiling ceremony of the Lenovo Smart Scenic Area was held in Beijing.Lenovo Wisdom Service Cloud Platform is officially accessed into the 100-year-old Summer Palace, and the Summer Palace Visitor tour, operation management, cultural innovation, etc.The audience to the Summer Palace can enjoy higher-speed network services and HD video content, get better cultural services and digital experience.

The Wisdom Tourists officially unveiled

Wang Xin, the deputy director of the Summer Palace, the vice president of Lenovo Group, the vice president of the general manager of the China Service Division, and the vice president of Lenovo Group, China’s chief market official Wang Chuandong, etc. Attended the signing ceremony. Dai Wei said that national science and technology empowering national cultures, Lenovo will create a wisdom WITTROUSTROG Summer Palace, so that the cultural value of the Summer Palace will continue to make a lot of color in the new era. Wang Xin, Vice President of the Summer Palace, said that with Lenovo’s leading technology, the creation of smart 和 园 will enable this China’s largest royal garden museum to rejuvenate new technology imagination.

modern technology+Classical art,Create a new style of "和 联 想"

The technological innovation has a thousand miles per day, which makes the new wave of intelligent change in all walks of life, and the new era scenic spots are the same. Recently, the Tenth of Wenxiong, the Development and Reform Commission, etc., jointly issued the "Deepening" Internet Tourism "to promote the high-quality development of tourism industry, and propose to accelerate the intensive tourism scenic spots to improve tourism information infrastructure, innovate tourism public service model, and improve tourism management. Ability and other tasks. Since then, the top ten officials "5G application" Sail "action plan (2021-2023)", emphasizing the development of "5G + cultural tourism".

The Summer Palace is the world cultural heritage park, which is also facing new topics to create a wisdom. Visitors need more intelligent, more convenient to play experience, the Summer Palace of the new era, also need to be based on their own valuable cultural genes, expand the value of service value and commercial value, and strive to seek service-oriented, modern information technology The intelligent transformation of "wings".

Smart Tourist Center

Lenovo as a leading new IT product, program and service provider, built "end cloud network network network" full factor intelligent technology architecture. This cooperation, Lenovo set smart cloud platform for the Summer Palace, building a smart, humanized, comprehensive, systematic, effectiveness of the Summer Palace intelligence management and service system, and the overall project will revolve around the intelligence tourism, intelligent management and wisdom. Among them, the smart service is mainly for tourists, providing a better cultural service and digital experience with tourists who have increased year by year; smart management is mainly facing the scenic spot, providing park management optimization intelligence tools, enhancing the management efficiency and ability of scenic spots; Wisdom Text travels to industries, realizing cultural innovation and cultural relics protection, promoting all human sharab sharing of Chinese traditional culture.

National Science and Technology Employment National Culture Inheritance, Lenovo will create the wisdom Wisdom of Wisdom, let the Summer Palace, let the Summer Palace Glowing New Imagination. With Lenovo’s leading technology, the creation of smart 和 园 will make this China’s largest royal garden museum inserted with scientific and technological wings, release greater human power. The cooperation between the two sides has a demonstration significance in exploring and building a smart park scenic spot.

Beijing’s first park smart tourist service system,Refreshing the new wisdom garden new experience

Taking this cooperation as an opportunity, the Senior and Lenovo Wisdom Scenic Area officially unveiled. The first phase of the project covers the construction and upgrading of intelligent garden services and park smart management, the latest smart tourist service center, providing tourists with digital, visualization, and user-friendly services. After the new system is completed, visitors can operate large screens through the Smart Summer Palace, see the park information in real time, one screen, so on, visitors can self-service query, guidance, cultural display and other services. In the future, Lenovo will also build 5 unmanned tourists in the park to fully realize visual tourists.

Smart Tourist Service System

In terms of leading the innovation of the industry, Lenovo jointly established the first park smart tourist service system in Beijing, enhancing the satisfaction of tourists through Lenovo’s wisdom. In the past, the telephone tourist service system of the Summer Palace was a single customer service phone. Tourists often encountered the problems, and they could not solve the problem. This also brought the rising rate. The newly built smart tourist service system has intelligent, personalized obvious characteristics, such as the use of knowledge maps, intelligent matching, intelligent recommendations, etc. Ai technology, through the "Rubik’s Cube" AI robots learned from big data, not only to complete more than half of customers independently. Consultation, you can also automatically adjust the customer’s machine information and fault record according to user ID, using intelligent recommendation technology, assist engineers accurate quick answering customer problems, all issues of tourists will be accurately understood and respond in the system; emotional monitoring, natural voice The operation of the technology, etc.

Wisdom Rubik Cube Solution

In the whole process of building a smart scenic spot, Lenovo’s integrated service capabilities also showed the exhaustion, the latest system can provide more 园 园 信息 信息 应用 应用 应用 应用 应用 应用 应用 应用 应用 信息 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园 园Through smart health services, the signs of data collection and emergency call rescue linkage management; through 5G technology applications, the full-scale data transmission of 5G high-speed delay is achieved, and the future will continue in the live broadcast, cruise service, display cultural relics, etc. 5G landing application.

With a deep accumulation of 5G technology, the construction of important attractions in the construction of tourists, Delin management, etc. in the construction of tourists, and the management, display cultural relics management and other innovations; using the edge of data processing, implementing the service one The data processing of the equidistant, so that the scenic service is more intelligent; while the Lenovo Wisdom Service Cloud Platform helps easily achieve voice, text, video and other data real-time access storage and analysis, combined with the natural language understanding, semantic identification, knowledge map, etc. Artificial intelligence technology, intelligent applications are available in field applications.

From the wisdom of the Wen Dynasty to thousands of people, Lenovo is the pioneer of the thoroughness of the times, and has become a guide in the tide of intelligent transformation through endogenous externalization. Empouling the intelligence transformation of all industries, the guarantees of the traveler, government finance, etc. The big flag of the soaring, the butterfly trip to the industrial structure.

See you in December! Xiaomi 12 Series all-round prediction

Originally, the first batch of Snapdoo flagship new machines usually appear in the spring. However, millet 11 broke this practice a year ago, put the front to the end of the year.

Will you expect Xiaomi 12, will you also release it before the New Year?

the answer is,Probably.

Recently, a digital blogger released a screenshot, the title is "Xiaomi House Sales Guide".

These include the small rice home promotion activities from November 26 to December 25, when starting to cut the price, when selling outbreaks, all arrange it.

But, this is not a focus.

Let us fall on the last date –12.28, key postings live broadcast, new product appointment start.

It is not difficult to guess, Xiaomi 12 will be officially released on December 28, and the appointment can be made after the conference.

As for the credibility of this picture, I think it is quite high.

First, there is a text-numbered watermark on the screenshot, which does have a formal internal file in the field.

Second, the brokerage blogger also emphasized: "Asked,stableof".

It seems that the phone circle is about to start.

If you want you to know the upcoming millet 12 series, what is worth looking forward to.

If you talk nonsense, this will help you organize a wave.

Xiaomi 12 series

On the design, there are now many versions on the network.

There is a camera in the middle.

There is also put the camera on the left.

There is also a camera on the left and add a piece of sub-screen on the right (should be limited to Ultra models).

However, this is not important, what is important is to put on what shots.

Broken news shows that Xiaomi 12 Series will take 50 million pixels.

That is to say, the direction of the previous standard version of the billion-level pixels is changed.

The ULTRA of the main image will be based on the main subject, and it is familiar with the high-quality super wide angle and telephoto.

After a long time, the Leica camera is jointly, and it is finally true.

Positive, Xiaomi 12 Series can basically be determined to be a centered excavation screen, before the subway testing has confirmed us.

Why don’t you use the camera?

With the current technology, the screen camera is indeed a big impact on the display, and the Selfie effect has a great impact.

"I have to", it is really difficult.

For many people interested, the millet 12 series is also useless.

However, the previous generation of evaluations is more embarrassed, the visual inspection has been cut, and the R angle will definitely look smoothly.

In terms of parameters, Xiaomi 12 Series will support LTPO adaptive refresh rate, the resolution will be mainly 2k, and a model will use 1080P.

Don’t see "1080p", I feel that it is not fragrant. I know that this correspondence is 6.2 ~ 6.3-inch small screen models, the majority of netizens are expected.

At present, you cannot confirm the name of this model, or you can call millet 12 mini, and maybe a millet 12 youth, Xiaomi 12X is not impossible.

But compared to the previous generation youth, the stack of this small screen is completely not at a level.

First processor is the most popular Xiaolong 870 this year.

On performance, affirm that the Standard Edition of Xiaolong 8 Gen 1 (temporarily named), but the sacrifice of a little performance under small screen is difficult to heat dissipation, but may not be a bad thing.

And the software optimization of 870 has long been in place, there is no much power consumption and fever anxiety.

On this basis, images, cable fast charge, wireless fast charge, double raise, linear motor, NFC, infrared peripheral configuration, one a lot.

These configurations are added together, at least the small screen flagship should be able to meet the most users who have demand for small screens.

Cough, especially the nail household in Xiaomi 6 is still tempting ~

According to these versions of the previous rhythm, Xiaomi 12 series, it should be released twice, and the small screen and standard version are debuted on December 28.

Although this date, only one day after December 29, Xiaomi 11, but does not mean that Xiaomi can once again grab the first hair of the Snapdong flagship chip.

After all, other manufacturers have long been coveted with this name, and the explosion shows the flagship release of four Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 in December.

You think that the Xiaomi 12 series possessions have been arranged at the end of the month, how big can the first probability?

At present, the old manufacturer Motorola is likely to sit on the first position.

According to the previous official preheating, Motorola will release the Edge X flagship mobile phone in the near future. At present, 3C certification, radio approval, and enter the network license, and the progress is very fast.

Although the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 has not been released, the general manager of China Mobile’s mobile phone business (note, Motorola mobile phone has been acquired) has been revealed in Weibo. The actual performance of this chip.

For example, "network signal is strong", "a god frame rate line", and "performance ceiling is not unexpected or we", etc.

A bit look forward to the real machine ~

In addition, Motorola EDGE X also has 1080P / 144Hz screen, DC dimming, rear 1 / 1.55 inches, front 60 million pixel lens (you don’t have a mistake, 60 million), etc.

There is no doubt that this is the most important model after Motorola re-established the domestic market. Coupled with the first Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, the attention is certainly not awkward.

Of course, no matter who is released first, optimize in place, the price is appropriate, the stock is enough.

Information "Tesla Shanghai Plant Investment 1.2 billion expansion / Honda release AI auxiliary driving new technology"

1 Expansion production: Tesla Shanghai factory invests 1.2 billion expansion

The Beijing News reported that Tesla was publicized with the establishment line optimization project in the second phase of Shanghai Super Factory (Phase I). The total amount of o optimization investment in the output is as high as 1.2 billion yuan, including 85 million yuan. The project is expected to start in December this year, completed in April next year.

Comment: Today, Shanghai Super Factory has become the most important production base of Tesla. As the leader in the global electric motor industry, Tesla has been sought after by consumers in the Chinese market, and its success is inseparable from the high-efficiency productivity brought by localization.

2 No urgent: Honda released AI auxiliary driving new technology

According to Japan, Honda has recently released a new technology that supports driving, using artificial intelligence (AI) to cooperate with the driver’s ability and state, informing the danger in advance and reminding attention.

Comment: Honda’s vision is very large, both need to be new energy, and automatically drive to build unscrupulous society, while taking into account fun, this three aspects are very powerful.


New beginning: Baidu radish running toll mode open

The heart of the car, recently, Beijing High-level Automatic Driving Demonstration Zone Work Office officially released the "Beijing Intelligent Network Automobile Policy Pilot Management Implementation Rules", and issued a business to Baidu and other enterprises Pilot service license. The policies are released not only that Baidu’s automatic driving travel service platform "radish is running" truly into a new new process of commercial charging, and also marks the Robotaxi operator headed by Baidu Apollo is leading China’s automatic driving from test demonstration. In the new stage of commercial pilot exploration, this is also the starting point of changing China’s future travel.

Comment: Automatic driving is no longer a unreachable high-tech, the people can get tentacles in their daily travel life, becoming a habit.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 review: Still the best fitness band in the market?

When it comes to tracking daily steps and basic fitness, the Mi Band remains one of the most reliable options in the market. The latest Mi Band 6 builds on this with some big changes. For one, it has a higher price tag at Rs 3,499 compared to the Rs 2,499 tag of the Mi Band 5. Second, it now comes with a bigger 1.56-inch display compared to the 1.1-inch display on the earlier band. Finally, it adds an important change in the form of support for blood oxygen monitoring, which has become a much sought-after feature in the time of Covid-19.

But do the changes justify the higher price? And what makes the Mi Band 6 a better pick compared to the countless fitness trackers and watches in the market? Let’s take a look in our review

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 review: What’s good?

When I first saw the Mi Band 6 and it was hard not to notice the larger screen. The AMOLED display with 326 pixels per inch (PPI) and a maximum brightness of 450 nits is legible even in harsh sunlight. In fact, I would say the display is a bit too bright, especially if you plan on wearing this for sleep tracking.

But the bigger display also means that the Mi Band 6 is now a little bit more suited to display notifications from messaging apps such as WhatsApp. It’s not perfect, and the text is still small, but this definitely adds more usefulness to the device. The Mi Band 6 is now compatible with the Xiaomi Wear app, which was powering fitness watches from the brand.

Users can go into the Xiaomi Wear app and turn on phone notifications, app notifications, etc for them to appear on the device. Mi Band 6 of course connects with Mi Fit app and now the Strava app as well. It is also capable of auto-detecting six fitness modes, including walking, running, cycling, indoor rowing, and elliptical.

The band’s setup now includes a SPO2 monitor for tracking blood oxygen levels. Just make sure you wear the band tightly and stay still when measuring these. The two three times I used this feature, my blood oxygen levels were usually 98-99 per cent, so I’m guessing this works accurately.

As always with steps, the Mi Band 6 remains accurate, and if I may say so, a bit stingy. I did not notice any jump in steps (maybe 3-4) while sitting in a car. The band’s step count was bang on, especially on days where I knew I had not been very active. And the band figured out when I had started walking, as the auto-detect feature worked spot on. Though it usually detected around 5-10 minutes I had started walking.

By the way, if the auto-detect does come on, and you’re not really in the middle of a workout, say you had just stepped out for grocery shopping, you can choose an option for the band to ignore these and turn off auto-detect for an hour or so.

The Mi Band 6 can latch onto your phone’s GPS systems and detect the directions when you are walking or out on a run. Though, you will then need to take your phone along. If you don’t take the phone, then the GPS routes are not recorded.

The two-three walks I took with the Mi Band 6 were pretty accurate. Another feature I really appreciated was that the band would immediately pause if and when I took a break during exercise or walk. I was mighty impressed by the accuracy given this is still a budget fitness tracker.

I also took the Mi Band 6 for my outdoor cycle rides, and here’s where I faced some issues. But the band was accurate when it came to distance, elevation during the cycle ride. I also used the band to track indoor cycling sessions, and while it does not show any distance, the calories burnt were in line with what my cycle was showing.

The fitness band is swim-proof and water-resistant. I have not been able to take it for a swim, but I often wore it during baths, and it continues to work fine. The band’s sleep tracker remains accurate as always, one of the best in the business. For instance, when I slept at 1.30 am recently, and woke up early, the band has marked that day as ‘lack of sleep’ and I would wholly agree 100 percent.

The fitness band can also track menstrual cycles for women as well. One can add the dates of their last period and average cycle duration to the Xiaomi Wear app to see the prediction. The band will also reflect when your period is about to happen, ovulation days, etc. It also comes with stress monitoring, breathing exercises for those who wish to use such features.

Apple Watch Series 7: Why I’ll wait for my upgrade

One of my resolutions in 2021 was to lose all my post-pregnancy weight. While I’m halfway there thanks to some strict diet changes and more activity, I have an ulterior motive for this goal. The plan was to get a new Apple Watch this year if I succeeded, and I figured it would end up being the Series 7.

My Apple Watch Series 3 faithful as it is, now has a very cracked display. And while Apple continues to support it, installing a new OS on the Series 3 has become a very annoying exercise since it usually never has enough space for updates. This means I have to follow a cycle of wiping the watch clean, then reinstalling the software. A tedious exercise that I was looking forward to ending this year.

Except the Apple Watch Series 7 has left me a bit confused. And I have decided to wait for an upgrade. Here’s my reasoning. While the bigger display is something that might appeal to most users, for someone like me, this has definitely added to my confusion when considering the new watch. Yes, I’ve made peace with a big screen on the iPhone, but a bigger watch ends up looking terrible on my (still) bony and petite hands. If I were to pick and upgrade, I’ll probably go for the 41mm version, given it will be a better fit for my hands.

But the main reason I would hold out on the upgrade is that the Watch Series 7 doesn’t look like much of a jump, especially compared to the Series 6. Despite the redesign and fancier display, it is underwhelming. For starters, reports are indicating that the Apple Watch Series 7 is running the same processor as the previous version, which is the older S6. Apple didn’t talk too much about the performance jump in the new Watch either, the processor wasn’t mentioned, unlike last year.

Bitcoin inches closer to becoming legal tender globally

SAN SALVADOR: El Salvador on Tuesday becomes the first country in the world to accept bitcoin as legal tender, despite widespread domestic skepticism and international warnings of risks for consumers.

President Nayib Bukele’s government claims the move will give many Salvadorans access to bank services for the first time and save some $400 million in fees on remittances sent home from abroad every year.

“Tomorrow, for the first time in history, all the eyes of the world will be on El Salvador. #Bitcoin did this,” Bukele said on Twitter Monday.

He started the ball rolling Monday evening by announcing El Salvador had bought its first 400 bitcoins, in two tranches of 200, and promised more were coming.

The 400 bitcoins were trading at around $21 million, according to the cryptocurrency exchange app Gemini.

Recent opinion polls showed a majority of El Salvador’s 6.5 million people reject the idea and will continue using the US dollar, the country’s legal currency for the last 20 years.

“This bitcoin is a currency that does not exist, a currency that will not benefit the poor but the rich,” said skeptic Jose Santos Melara, who took part in a protest by several hundred people in the capital San Salvador last week.

“How will a poor person invest (in bitcoin) if they barely have enough to eat?”

In June, El Salvador’s parliament approved a law to allow the crypto money to be accepted as tender for all goods and services in the small Central American nation, along with the US dollar.

The bill, an initiative of Bukele, was approved within 24 hours of being presented to Congress — where the president’s allies have held a majority since March.

Experts and regulators have highlighted concerns about the cryptocurrency’s notorious volatility and the lack of any protections for its users.

– Skepticism –

The government is installing more than 200 bitcoin teller machines, some guarded by soldiers to prevent possible arson by opponents.

And Bukele has promised $30 for each citizen who adopts the currency.

“These are decisions the administration and lawmakers have taken without consulting” the population, said Laura Andrade, director of the Public Opinion Institute of the Central American University, which found in a poll that 70 percent of Salvadorans opposed the move.

“We see that people do not perceive a positive impact to significantly transform their living conditions,” she told AFP.

Nearly two-thirds of Salvadorans questioned for the poll said they had no interest in downloading the “Chivo” electronic wallet that will allow users to buy and spend bitcoin.

Oscar Cabrera, an economist at the University of El Salvador, said the currency’s high volatility will have a “negative impact” on consumers, affecting the price of goods and services.

The currency fell beneath $30,000 in June, less than half its all-time high of more than $64,000 just two months earlier.

For its part, the Salvadoran Foundation for Economic and Social Development (FUSADE) said it was “unconstitutional” to make it compulsory for merchants to accept bitcoin as a form of payment.

– ‘Malign actors’ –

Bukele, who is popular but under fire in several quarters for moves to tighten his grip on power, has accused opponents of seeking to “sow fear” among Salvadorans, few of whom have access to formal banking services.

Remittances account for more than a fifth of GDP in the dollarized economy, mainly sent in dollars via agencies such as Western Union by an estimated 1.5 million expats.

According to World Bank data, El Salvador received more than $5.9 billion in 2020 from nationals living abroad, mainly in the United States.

And the country is relying on this money to boost a struggling economy that contracted 7.9 percent in 2020 due in large part to the coronavirus pandemic.

Economists and international bodies such as the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and Inter-American Development Bank have expressed concerns about El Salvador’s bitcoin adoption.

The United States has urged El Salvador to ensure a “regulated,” “transparent” and “responsible” use of bitcoin, and to protect itself from “malign actors” such as hackers seeking ransom money.

Bitcoin is criticized by regulators for its potential for illegal use — notably in laundering money from criminal activities and financing terrorism.

But not everyone is against it, and according to Bukele in late June, some 50,000 Salvadorans were using bitcoin.

Many of them are in the coastal town of El Zonte, where hundreds of businesses and individuals use the currency for everything from paying utilities bills to buying a can of soda.

Started as a project by an anonymous bitcoin donor, the town until recently boasted El Salvador’s only bitcoin teller machine.