Difficulties and hope under community fresh mix

The whole fresh collar has become a red sea, under the melee, the industry profit becomes more and more thin. In a visible persistence battle, no matter which mode, return to retail essence, pay attention to product quality, supply chain construction, refine management, and more close to users will stand out.

Special authors in this publication? Minghui / Wen

As early as 2019, the community is fresh, unmanned retail, O2O and other new retail models are endless, the author is still firmly optimistic about the outstanding line of the business management, and the changes in the model are just "phase". Service, quality and supply chain are "such as", this requires enterprises to make the foundation, cultivate internal strength.

The industry insiders ridicule the new retail the biggest pit is "new", and retail is not so many "new", all new models first look at it half a year. Two years later, the fresh industry has undergone major changes – the Internet giants imported, daily, such as fresh e-commerce, such as fresh e-commerce, etc. Therefore, the industry’s landscape becomes a chain supermarket, the farmer’s market, the Internet, and community stores and many other characters, competition is more intense, and the model is more diverse.

Professional fresh e-commerce loss pressure is still large

In November, the daily premium and smashed vegetables released the three quarterly reports, and the cuisine campaign was 6.2 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 111%, GMV is 7 billion yuan. The daily excellent third quarter revenue is 2.1 billion yuan, an increase of 47% year-on-year, and GMV is 2.6 billion yuan.

Both companies use the front position of heavy asset mode. The front position mode attracted the capital market in the early days of entering the market, attracting consumers through delivery efficiency, price subsidies, etc., and thus torn in the fresh retail market of channels. As can be seen from income growth, number of users, background construction, etc., the front bin is basically a conventional state, which will not be eliminated by the market in the short period of time. For example, the number of new users in the third quarter is 14.7% in the second quarter. The number of monthly subscribers increased by 26.5%, and the first breakthrough of 10 million. It can be seen that its user size has a certain degree of natural growth. The current position of the position has achieved a certain scale, and the relatively stable user group has become a regular fresh shop.

Although the two companies revenue grow, the loss is expanded sequentially, in the third quarter of 2021, the revenue of the buyers is 38 billion yuan, 4.6 billion yuan and 6.2 billion yuan, net loss, respectively. 1.4 billion yuan, 1.9 billion yuan and 2 billion yuan, the loss is increasing, the total amount of money exceeds 5 billion yuan in the first three quarters, which has greatly over 2020 throughout the year of 3.2 billion yuan. It is also very good daily, with a loss of 900 million yuan in the third quarter, and a total loss of more than 3 billion yuan in the first three quarters.

From the perspective of the profitable form, the high growth of the two companies is exchanged by "burning money", especially the sales costs continue to grow. In the third quarter, buy vegetable sales and marketing costs of 430 million yuan, an increase of 207% year-on-year, mainly the increase in the new expenditure. It is preferentially similar.

The front position mode requires high performance cost. The faster delivery, the more the front position needs, the higher the natural cost.

As of the third quarter of 2021, 咚 买 菜 has 1375 front positions. But from late August, start adjusting strategic play, from "scale priority, balance efficiency", adjustment to "efficiency priority, balance scale". At the same time, buy vegetables to emphasize the product, increase the front end of the supply, expand the number of self-processing plants, and launch their own brands. The current self-owned brand has accounted for 5.8% of the total GMV, and the future hopes to 30%.咚 买菜 表示 As the order density increases, the cost of performance in the new area is also more remarkable, for example, the three-quarter, the new Southwestern regional performance rate is 8.1% in the second quarter. Founder Liang Changlin said, "Hey has a healthy cash flow, the listing is not for circle, so it is relatively fascinating to do some difficulty, right, long-term things, such as continuing to enhance the area layout density, supply upstream Chain extension, increase technical investment, etc. "

The daily premium is proposed to "platform operation" strategy, hoping to weaken the front position, reducing the asset layout, forming a new business map of the front position, smart food, retail cloud, transforming from self-operated fresh e-commerce to digitalization platform. But still in the early stage, it also needs to continue to observe.

Overall, Ali and other Internet giants join the battlefield, and they also take the "burning money" model, but they naturally have traffic advantages, which brings larger pressure to fresh e-commerce, improve gross profit, reduce costs, solve the loss, and become urgent issues that need resolving.

Internet community group purchase in a lasting battle

Before you benefit from the new crown epidemic, it is more than expected. This gives the community group purchase a large number of challenges and consumption opportunities, some consumer shopping habits have formed: Community group purchase has become an important purchase channel. With the entry of the Internet giants, with traffic and capital advantages, the competitive pattern of community group purchases quickly improved. But the profit prospect of community group purchase is still not optimistic. Internet companies have hoped to copy the "burning" model of the past, seize the user’s mind, grow rapidly, but the complexity of the fresh industry is exceeded, competition has evolved into a long-lasting battle.

First, the community group purchase hopes to use high-frequency consumption to cultivate consumption habits, but fresh cold chain, procurement, and automation problems still plague all players, many problems are difficult to solve in the short term. Stable fresh products require a mature cold chain supply. However, the low-priced fresh profits purchased by community groups cannot support the cost of warehousing logistics, and the investment of heavy assets is exceeded. Even if Jingdong self-built logistics, it has been covered in most parts of the country, and it is not possible to completely solve the problem, and its fresh products are only sold in part of the cold-chain logistics.

Second, the community group purchase should face complex procurement of upstream agricultural products. It is difficult for fresh products, concentrated large-scale procurement. Because most of the freshmen have planted, the price fluctuates, there may be a local more cheaper in the transportation, and the distribution and transportation of goods will cause loss. Therefore, most of the goods are also concentrated in two batches and three cars, and the idea of ??changing production ends from consumer ends is still far away.

Finally, the ultimate goal of the community group purchase is to become the mainstream purchase channel of the mainstream user, but the industry faces an embarrassment is that doing more logistics warehouses, do not meet the needs.

At present, many community group purchase companies have not let the industry becomes better, according to relevant reports, the US group has no significant growth since the third quarter of 2021. It is also reported that due to the supervision requirements, the US group is preferred, and there are many buyers to start profit rather than the scale.

Today’s community group purchase, no cognition of all-class categories, the user-end viscosity does not reach the expected value, can only depend on the platform compression cost, improve the quality, slowly attract users with a speed below the platform expectation. When the market growth gradually slows, complicated retail business imagination has been greatly compressed, and the company may be unknown after the long return cycle or even long-term investment. Under national supervision, the model of the Internet burning subsidy is difficult to continue, and the community group purchase has returned to retail, and now it is also the Internet giants, and it is also difficult to retreat.

Where is this lasting battle, most people on the battlefield disappeared.

Supermarket chain collective is in trouble

Since the epidemic disrupts people’s normal life, consumers are more biased to online consumption, and the community group purchase quickly diversified some passengers that belong to the supermarket. At the same time 2021 high price, consumer daily life pressure increases, more turning to cheap channels, and strikes underline. Community e-commerce benefits from capital influx, the price is cheap, and it is more convenient, close to consumers. Therefore, the supermarket chain company has universal performance.

The leader Yonghui Supermarket three-quarter loss is about 1.1 billion yuan, but the income is turned. It refers to the comprehensive impact of external environments such as the epidemic and community group purchases and the company’s first half of the initiative, the company has declined in the first three quarters of income and gross profit margin. Step is high in the same level. The third quarter of the family continues to decline in the third quarter, and it is only slightly profitable.

Many people have become pessimistic about the supermarket industry, will the fresh chain supermarket become next department store?

For this problem, the author believes that it is not a simple class. China’s fresh industry industry chain is porpocaround, because of this, the Internet giants have failed to overcome, which is not a technical problem, but a cost issue and return on investment. Due to the characteristics of the fresh industry, short shelf life, short consumption, installment of consumption, this is a bitter, tired. The Internet industry has been difficult to do in the fresh industry, and they also need new organizational evolution and find balance in investment and output.

For regional intensive fresh chain companies such as similar home, with the supply chain system, increase the intensive layout of the community store, there is a chance to transform into community supermarkets, which is close enough from customers, sufficiently convenient, and avoid lack line The upper flow of the short board. Moreover, the community store is more able to do a localization service. The community is fresh is a typical regional economy. The winners in the Internet industry does not apply to community group purchases. Just, in the current multi-party, under the vicious competition environment, add the upgrade of its own operations, refined management, etc., the model of the community supermarket has a long way to go.

The current line of fresh supermarkets is facing the macro background of consumption, which affects the mentality of retail entrepreneurs in offline. Wang Tao, general manager of Tianhong Supermarket mentioned in an interview: At this time, everyone did not so pessimistic. After the entrepreneur fantasy, the industry can return to the past, but the data in the third quarter of 202 years runs down, everyone I feel more disappointed; what kind of art is to face the future, and there is no answer to anyone.

The market capitalization of listed companies such as Yonghui and Da Runfa also affected the development of regional retail companies.

For investment, the entire fresh collar has become a red sea, under the melee, the industry profit becomes more and more thin. In a visible persistence battle, no matter which mode, return to retail essence, pay attention to product quality, supply chain construction, refine management, and more close to users will stand out.

Nifo launches smart tag: Leafclock rejuvenation, let the towel life cycle visualize

Recently, Shanghai Ring Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (NIFO Tunet Technology) launched a new generation of black technology intelligent labels: Leafclock rejacity. LeafClock is a visual monitoring product lifecycle biometric intelligence technology, through graphic color change, reminding users to replace towels three months and develop health habits.

In recent years, there have been authority media such as CCTV News, randomly takes out towels from ordinary families to do test, found a three-month towel, its colony amount exceeds the standard 125 times, this means, a 34cm * 76cm Regular household towels, colonies are close to 3 million. It took more than a year of towels that have no number of bacteria. Simple home washing mode, unable to completely remove large amounts of bacteria in the fibers. Therefore, there is no timely replacement, there will be safety hazards.

Leafclock rejuvenation, let the towel life cycle visualize, remind users to replace regularly through color changes, avoid us using the brush-filled towels to make life healthier and more hygienic.

It is reported that the NiFo ecological sensing technology and products used by LeafClock smart labels (rejuvenation) have been used in North America, and they will log in to the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, and the most relevant manual intelligence project ". Finalist, Hong Kong Design Future TechStyle Global Innovation Competition Finalist, received a 2nd prize of Shanghai Double Chuangjie, 2021 China Sustainable Design Awards, Gold Design Awards, and Scientific Research Teams Save the Forbes U30 List, and continue to receive CCTV, CCTV two sets and Oriental TV and other authoritative reports.

The URL URI is stupid, Dart tells you how to use

If we have to access a website, you need to know the address of this website, the address of the website is generally called URL, and his full name is Uniform Resource Locator. So what is the URI?

The entire process of the URI is Uniform Resource Identifier, namely a unified resource icon.

The URI is used to mark the resource, and the URL is tagged on the network, so the URL is a subset of the URI.

After understanding the relationship between the URI and the URL, let’s take a look at the support of the DART language on the URI.

A specialty class named URI is created in DART:

The URI is an abstract class that he defines some basic operations to the URI. It has three implementations, named _uri, _datauri and _simpleuri.

Next, let’s take a look at the URI in Dart.

Why do you want to Encode URI?

In general, there may be some special characters in the URI, such as space or Chinese, and so on. These characters may not be known by the other party in the transfer. So we need to encode the URI.

But for some special but meaningful characters in the URI, such as: /,:, &, #, which are not essential.

So we need a method of unifying encoding and decoding.

In Dart, this method is called Encodefull and Decodefull:

If you want to encode all characters, including those meaningful characters: /,:, &, #, then EncodeComponent and DecodeComponent:

The URI is composed of Scheme, Host, Path, and Fragment. We can decompose the URI through these properties in the URI:

So how do you construct the URI? We can use the constructor of the URI:

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Miwen Power CTO Su Jun: Edge Ai Enable Factory Wisdom Upgrade

Hello everyone, I am very happy to participate in the "Edge Calculation Frontal Practice" series of rice, this series of public classes focuses on the application cases of rice dynamics in edge computing practice, and prospects to the edge computing technology route.

This issue will focus on the application of edge calculation in smart plants. My name is Su Jun, is the cto of rice.

01, what is the utilization of rice?

As a video-assisted AIOT edge solution provider, rice power is committed to solving all problems encountered during the batch landing process for edge computing scene users.

HardwareMilin power provides a variety of low-power, different powerful hardware computational products for different scene requirements.

Software aspectTo provide hardware users with a variety of free value-added services such as remote system upgrades, bulk burning tools.

At the same time,Part of the sceneMiwen’s power also provides a complete solution of clouds, clearing obstacles to customers, solving the final artificial intelligence scenes.

Therefore, if you want to solve a edge problem, your questions will be answered in rice.

Today, I will combine the actual application scenarios, and everyone to explore the application of the edge AI in the intelligence of the factory.

02, the development trend of smart plants

The concept of smart factory, the earliest industry 4.0 proposed by Germany, generally equipped with the following characteristics:

The first is the digitalization of the factory, can automatically monitor the device, the management of information resources, and information services to the user;

Secondly, the equipment status is monitored by Internet of Things technology, which combines Internet network technology, information management and information service technology;

Based on these technologies, information-based energy saving and consumption consumption is realized, and the purpose of achieving green intelligence.

03, pain points applied in smart plants

For the goal of factory wisdom, it will always fall to the essence of factory production, such as:

How to shorten the order production time?
How to improve product quality, reduce manufacturing costs?
How to reduce inventory?
How to control the human cost of production and management?
How to monitor production site?
How to make production management transparency, visualization, can be quantified?
How to provide complete, accurate manufacturing data?
How to effectively control product quality?

04, the edge application inside the wisdom factory

Of course, there are many solutions to these problems, and in the edge computing application of rice dynamics, it will mainly involve the following aspects:

Industrial Quality Inspection: Find out the defects caused by the product in the production process, classify the product itself, main purpose is to strengthen the control of product quality, improve quality inspection efficiency, transparent, visualization, and quantification of quality inspection Management.

Safety production: refers to the production activities, in order to avoid the accident prevention and control measures to avoid personal injury and property loss accidents, ensure the personal safety and health, equipment and facilities of employees, and the environment is protected from damage. .

Wisdom operations: including safety production, but broader, the purpose is to make the information related information transparent and visualize.

existIndustrial quality inspectionAs shown in the figure, it is a feather grading application in partners. In this system, there will be 21 different levels of different grades of feathers.Its accuracy exceeds 98%, and the operational efficiency is 100 times that of manual detection.

This type of application scenario has highly requested the efficiency, real-time and response speed, and is usually high temperature, high humidity in industrial quality inspection. It is, with the company’s industrial specifications and powerful computing power of rice power EVO Xavier, it can achieve such high efficiency.

In terms of safety productionUsing the factory’s existing monitoring camera, whether the employee wears a hard hat, whether it is detected in violations such as smoking in the factory, timely warning fireworks, gas leaks and other safety accidents.

Smart operations often contain safe production, but the range is wider.

In the wisdom operationIt is necessary to confirm that the personnel entering the warehouse, performs perimeter inspection on the important area of ??the factory, and inspects whether the workers work is qualified, and the employees are departed, and the monitoring of sleeping posts. These are all could not data or quantifically, and now you can provide more dimensions for operational decisions by dataization.

05,Edge VS cloud

Maybe someone will ask, these things seem to be made through the cloud, what is the benefit of using the edge of the edge?

A comparison is carried out for the dressing (such as safety cap detection, hand suit compliance, etc.) to simultaneously access 15 channels.

Divide costs into hardware costs and communication costs

In terms of hardware costs, it is also 30T computing power, and it takes 28,000 / year’s high cost in the cloud. At the edge of the edge, only 12 million / year, while enjoying the three-year warranty,Cost difference reached 7 times.

In terms of communication costs, it is assumed that the data path is free. One minute needs to upload a 1M data to the cloud.The communication cost that needs to spend approximately 100 yuan.. And the cloud program, due to the cost of video traffic, it takes 6,000 yuan.

06, embedded edge VS desktop GPU

Of course, the cost of clouds and ends has long been self-evident.

However, in many applications, users use the GPU of the desktop as the edge computing equipment, the embedded edge devices provided by the desktop GPU and rice power supply?

Taking industrial vision as an example, comparison from both power costs and downtime probability.

Petitude is electrified: 0.725 yuan per degree, 12 hours of full load. Due to power differences, in terms of electricity cost, use Jetson Xavier embedded and using desktop GPUs, the gap is large, the year is 600 yuan, but for an expensive testing equipment, 600 yuan is completely what.

Industrial use scenarios: We found that workers’ switchgear operations will not be carried out in accordance with the manual, press the power button to use the most habitual use of them. This habit has caused the maintenance probability to make both gaps more than 20 times.

For equipment manufacturers, this is an additional maintenance cost; for factories, it will face the loss caused by stopping.. This is where we think is the largest difference in embedded edge devices and desktop GPUs.

We will look at the difference between desktops and embedded GPUs in terms of integrity:

In this figure, we can see that the left half of the Y-axis is an embedded edge device, that is, the Jetson series, the right half of the Y-axis is usually the graphics card.

It can be seen that so far, even the strongest embedded edge device – Jetson AGX Xavier, its strength is just a brother relative to the graphics card on the right, is only equivalent to the previous 1050Ti graphics card.

The poor of the force is one of the reasons why the embedded edge equipment is currently used in industrial scenarios. However, everyone can see,ORIN’s emergence has brought very huge changes to the entire pattern..

Although its computational power is still not as follows, the power consumption of 3080Ti is 350 watts, while ORIN is just an embedded device.

In this case, the force problem of embedded edge devices is no longer a big problem, butHigh reliability, strong energy savingThe advantages will continue to keep it.

Therefore, the application of embedded edge devices in the future industry will be more extensive.

07, the exploration of rice power in the smart factory scene

In order to make the edge calculation in industrial scenes, it is more likely to land.End users who have business needs, rice power and partners jointly launched a series of tools and products that are closer to application practices..

In terms of industrial quality inspection, there are very many small parts in industrial requirement, and Miwen Power Joint Partners Commentary provides a one-stop solution for industrial quality inspection. The standardization machine is launched.

For parts such as seals such as seals, screws, lamp holders, buttons, this standardized machine can be used to effectively detect, and only a small transformation is required, and it can be docked with the current production lines, and a set of " Fool "training tools to help users perform rapid tuning.

Similarly, in the factory scene, due to the very sensitive production process data, a large number of customers want themselves to hold this data to ensure data security.

Based on this consideration, we provide the following models with our partners:

Firstly, the common model is preset, enabling users to perform fast verification.

At the same time, support users to perform scenario selection and model design, allowing users to perform quick validation without giving data.

In the industrial sector, how to use a small amount of data to achieve the best effect is still a technical challenge, and the user does not exclude the user in the case of using our model, it is still unsatisfactory. Based on this requirement, rice dynamics also provides custom algorithm services to provide users with algorithms.

In a variety of modes, the user data security is not only protected, but also meet the performance requirements of different levels of users.

These tools are for users who ultimately have business needs.

Provide a series of easy-to-use software tools for developer user needs

Demand 1: Remote operation of the dispersed edge device

The application scenario of the edge calculation is usually very dispersed. For development types, customers who serve their customers are often far away from the city, relatively dispersed. When remote maintenance is required, they have to pay more high travel and human costs, so they want to be able to pass remotely as much as possible. True question.

These pain points and demand for users,Miwen’s power independent research and development cloud management platformThis platform is managed by enterprises. The information of different enterprises is isolated from each other and can simultaneously supervise different projects and various devices in each project.When the user needs remote maintenance, open the remote access function (green icon), click to jump to the device interface, you can view the device usage statusYou can also use the web terminal to make a more in-depth command line debug.

It is worth noting that in addition toThe user has permission settings, view, modify the username and password of the device, anyone includes merit power, there is no need to set up, check the accountIt greatly guarantees the security of equipment data.

In addition to remote operation and maintenance,The platform can also remotely monitor the CPU usage, hard disk usage, temperature, etc.. The hard drive is often the main reason for the problem of users. If the hard disk is full, the system cannot start, the remote monitoring function can effectively view the abnormal state, timely alarm, and make the corresponding countermeasure. As shown above, both the hard disk and the CPU have a sharp concave, indicating that the device is restarted at this point in time.

at the same time,Big screen display function is also availableIt is convenient for users to control the equipment in the project.

Demand 2: Application and model deployment, update

Milin motivationProvide graphical batch burn toolsIt can simultaneously support multiple devices to burn and mirror clones, and users can issue themselves from the volume of the containers and models.

Demand 3: Need a large number of engineers to customize development

Take the remote monitoring production site as an example, develop this function requires embedded engineers, front-end engineers, backend engineers, etc. Users who have limited resources have more hope that they can focus on the part that is really good, this part may be business functions, or the algorithm performance.

The video is an example of the production management system used in our company, showing rice powerBox, ready-to-use platform functionHelp users better integrate artificial intelligence with their business systems, speed up the speed of the project.

This production management system can remotely detect intrusion, fireworks, temperature and humidity sensor data, etc., system background reception, record, analysis of abnormal data, and further manage the library. In addition to providing a similar set of outlookable features in addition to different users’ needs, Milin Dynamics can also be passed directly to users, or allow users to upload their own algorithms themselves to quickly verify their algorithms.

08, the future calculation

Let’s discuss the future of the edge calculation.

As we all know,Next year NVIDIA will release the Embedded GPU of Orin.

For Xavier, in the CPU, ORIN’s CPU core is 50% more Xavier, and the single core performance will have further improvement. The CUDA core of GPU is 4 times that of Xavier, and the force reaches 254T, close to 3080ti and 3090. The level, although the memory bandwidth is not as good as Apple’s latest IMAX (400GB / s), but also reached an amazing 200Gb / s, it is possible to play the GPU computational performance very well.

Under the bonding of this chip, more industrial scenes will solve faster, and that is the top peak of embedded GPU?

No, let’s take another picture.

Atlan is the chip that NVIDIA announces that the chip is being developed. The power will reach 1000T, and 1000T is 4 times the most powerful 3090 desktop video card. Therefore, from ORIN, the performance of the edge calculation will be improved. At the same time, in various applications of the edge, it is no longer using SOC designed specifically for the data center, but has a strong powerful new chip specifically suitable for edge scenarios.

This change will push the edge application to a higher dimension, in the scene calculated,Use chips and programs designed specifically for edges to the future of the edge.

My sharing content is over, thank you for your listening.

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Yuan universe is a what? Listen to co-workers to decode Professor

Recently, the concept of the universe yuan fire. Foreign and domestic Internet companies, technology companies actively layout, have entered the relevant fields. Yuan universe has become a hot topic in the scientific community, to circle the streets of the capital.

What is the dollar universe? Its present and future of the world may have any effect? Today, the official micro invited Software Institute Professor Xue, you decode "hot" meta-universe.

History and current situation of the universe yuan

English yuan universe is Metaverse, Meta said, "Yuan", verse represents the "universe". This concept is based on a parallel Stephenson’s novel "avalanche" depicted in the virtual reality world of digital world – "put on headphones and eyepiece, find the connection terminal, will be able to enter a virtual avatar of the way by a computer simulation, and real parallel virtual world space. "

This idea has a strong sci-fi color are now virtual reality, social gaming, artificial intelligence technology giant mining company, and become a popular technology concept this year, the capital has become a hot chase.

March 2021

It is called "meta-universe" Roblox first unit was successfully listed on the New York Stock Exchange, which is also recognized as the starting point for this year yuan outside the concept of the universe outbreak.

MetaApp (Sandbox mobile platform developers) announced the completion of C $ 100 million round of financing, led by the SIG SIG Asia Investment Capital, Cloud Nine Capital, Genesis Partners CCV old shareholders with the cast.

In mid-April 2021

The world’s leading game company Epic Games raise $ 1 billion for the "meta-universe" related business development, setting a "meta-universe" highest track record of financing. At the same time, the game engine developer codes universe (known as the Chinese version of Roblox) won byte beating nearly 100 million yuan of investment strategy.

July 29, 2021

After the release of quarterly earnings data Facebook, Zuckerberg highlighted "the Facebook universe yuan into the company’s ambition", and activate the virtual community program Horizon.

October 28, 2021

Facebook announced that the company will change the name of Meta, reflecting the ambitions of the social media company yuan universe.

Facebook changed its name to Meta (Xinhua)

The main action of the domestic industry are:

By the end of 2020

Tencent launched a smart city cloud the underlying platform CityBase, the main direction is the construction of new smart city. This was seen as a landmark action Tencent to enter all true age of the Internet.

April 2021

Byte beating invested in mobile game developer code is heaven and earth.

August 2021

Byte beating spent 9 billion yuan acquisition of VR equipment developer Pico and set VR division, marking the official incoming bytes beating VR track.

Huawei Technologies breakthrough in AR / VR field to accelerate the implementation of immersive experience, but also provides a platform for the HUAWEIVR VR content developers.

Yuan universe far away from us (Economic Times)

"Meta-universe" Although attracted enthusiastic attention, but can really bring about a new round of industrial revolution, but also objective analysis, careful judgment.

The core elements of the universe and challenges yuan

Yuan essence of the universe can be seen at two levels:

The first level, from a development perspective sequential technology, industry point of view, at this stage yuan universe is more like an enhanced version of virtual reality, its technical form dependency modeling of virtual worlds, virtual human-computer interaction technology, its application scenarios dependence virtual role-playing games.

The second level, from a giant company and capital to promote the vision of view, the essential mission yuan universe is to re-model a new virtual world, then there must be a lot of reconstruction required elements, which can anticipate a flood of opportunities exist – this is also the reason for these tech giants are willing to invest heavily.

So, the core elements yuan universe, what does?

Technical elements

Virtual reality is one of the basic technical metadata universe, visual, hearing, touch and even smell and other senses extent of coverage of the universe is real or not important yuan mark, and related products industry in these years and not showing a trend of vigorous development, virtual headset is facing such a portable device is not enough, the lack of natural interaction and feedback tools, vision and action by the many challenges bound, dizziness and other users need to be addressed, in order to constitute a support for the dollar universe of technology still has a long way go. Meanwhile, 5G also support the development of the universe yuan basic technology, in order to achieve synchronization in parallel with the actual situation of the binary world, vast amounts of data transfer operations are essential aspects of our technology in leading 5G provides a good storage elements. Artificial intelligence is another important need to rely on the technology yuan universe, if you want the virtual world and the real world as prosperous rich, and to face the real world of humans to understand the real world, people do all kinds of brain structure based on the judgment made, forecast, which is the core mission of artificial intelligence. AI research is currently in full swing in the dollar universe from the real mature, prosperity before should not constitute a technical bottleneck.

The use of spatial intelligence and virtual reality technology, will be designed by a child

Amusement Park superimposed on top of the office building real (Xinhua News Agency Ma Xiao Chengshe)

Content elements

To construct meta description prosperous universe virtual world scene, the contents of the virtual character design configuration is another important element in addition to the technical elements. This space is facing great difficulties: Interactive actual situation of duality is the highest demand for yuan universe, if not meet this functional requirement, finally falling to sensory stimulation targeted virtual game level cliche, but to participants in the universe for each one yuan, two yuan experience who realize the actual situation of the interactive space and mapping, scenario, content design, production, real-time updates will be a huge challenge. So, for the foreseeable future, the development of the universe result yuan is likely to be the local scene, the local universe yuan period, local activities, and it is difficult to form a logical sequence relationship, such as cause and effect between these "local", is still an independent virtual reality applications.

Human Factor

Novel "avalanche" in the description of the yuan spirit of the universe is actually one kind CyberPunk (cyberpunk) conception, characters in the novel embodies a sense of rebellion and escape, to perform another world in cyberspace (CyberSpace) exploration. Now society, may be part of a virtual character in the game, although players to entertainment, leisure original intention to participate, but there are a considerable number of players is because in the real world does not look the part, the lack of full fighting spirit, and even into a high-tech low life kind of decadence. So entertainment, social property accounted for oversized yuan to promote universe if excessive, over-development, there may be with positive energy, not quite matching the theme of the issue is the community, especially in the face of government level requires careful, there is also a need for society as a whole kind of humanistic nature of the atmosphere, mechanisms to guide and encourage.

The opinions and recommendations


Yuan universe focused on the short term

Online games, virtual reality and other interactive applications

Yuan universe, all sectors are currently no definition of a precise meaning. Although the first practitioners such as Facebook, beating bytes, Tencent and other domestic yuan for the ultimate description of the universe yuan universe is very ambitious, but from the perspective of technology development and technology can achieve in the future visible point of view, more like a traditional virtual reality converged applications and social networking applications, it is not a from there to, from zero to a concept and industry, a vision but a high degree of integration of existing technologies, and external performance can only be a short-term network games, virtual social networking, virtual electricity providers and other traditional application-based.

China Mobile launched a number of sports fields iT people Meet GU (People’s Post and Telecommunication)


Development prospects of the universe can not be blindly optimistic yuan

Some people predict will be the next generation of the Internet universe yuan, with a modern digital subversion of the potential economic landscape the grounds that the AR / VR glasses is about to be popular next-generation mobile computing platforms, and the Internet industry yuan universe is presented on this new platform. Personally I feel that this view is too optimistic, and there are two key points:

First, as a meta-universe strongly dependent on infrastructure AR / VR headset is not yet mature, a short time is difficult to support large-scale development of the universe yuan. AR / VR headset as the most typical display and interactive virtual reality technology equipment, made from twenty years has not been long since the short break the bottleneck caused by the use of the user dizziness, and this is virtual reality technology these years have not been the main reason for the rapid development (although there have been one or two middle outlet become hot short scene).

Second yuan universe there are a lot of applications in the real world be aware, reconstruction and enhancement tasks, is up-dimensional virtual world to the real world, this process is important to detect, identify, 3D reconstruction, mathematical modeling process basically by hand realize that the current hot artificial intelligence technology, to provide yuan universe of perception of the world a promising way, but limited force count, still fall short fine perception level.

Therefore, the actual situation in the short term in order to achieve full synchronization effects meta-universe is not possible, the expected dollar universe can only be degraded to the local scene, local time, topical application of "point-like" actual situation sync, and the reality of this partial synchronization it is some modern virtual reality applications or upgrade its limited edition, stay in the gradual quantitative stage, it is difficult to achieve the desired effect led to the formation of a strong track. Though not happen overnight, but based on the current concern about the breadth of style can be expected once the outbreak of related technologies, verification and integration, the researchers in this field is a rare opportunity.


A reasonable guide the industry and the public’s attention

The current meta universe is mainly sponsored by the Internet giant in the field of social networking, games, and other electricity providers, can be considered after the concept of virtual reality, 5G, chain blocks, artificial intelligence and other related businesses ahead of the layout of the respective hardware and software technologies and resources the concept of integration, the occupation of the initiative. Fame and fortune in itself is an understandable business practices, but technology in over-conceptualized under the operating capital, entertainment, not necessarily conducive to the development of its own. Without occupying too much public resources, does not lead to excessive waste of human resources, does not bring significant indulge virtual space and other social issues, we expect the dollar to 100 cents universe, you might get 70-80 points harvest, but also not a bad idea to explore and choices.

(Respondents: Xue Feng, a professor of software Hefei University of Technology.)

History knows the science school situation

November 25, 1950, bombing of the US Air Force command post of a large elm hole Volunteers, the volunteer headquarters and confidential work as a Russian translation of the unfortunate death of Mao Anying, when he was 28 years old.

[Today] the history of the school

November 2014, the State School Professor Zhu Shixin first teaching master funded projects, Professor Wang Meng won the International Association of Computer Multimedia Section first "Science Star" award.

Creative Source: People’s Daily, "Hefei Industrial University History (2005-2015)"

Student Editors: He Kainan, Liqiu Chen, Han Bin ni

Editor: Li Qingyu, Wei Tingting





Student editors | Caohao Peng

Editor | Wei Tingting

Nanjing Mobile "5G + Beidou" smart driving application to create a new highland of the industry – Nanjing finalists in the country’s first "5G + Beidou Application Demonstration Base"

Recently, at the 5G + Beidou High Accuracy Positioning Conference, China Mobile issued a top ten 5G + Beidou high-precision positioning application scene, which announced the list of "5G + Beidou Application Demonstration Base". Among them, Nanjing Mobile 5G Intelligent Network Automobile Test Site Project is located in the top ten application scenarios, and Nanjing will surveillance the first batch of "5G + Beidou Application Demonstration Base" in the country.

At the 5G + Beidou High Accuracy Location Conference, China Mobile released smart driving, smart portal, smart logistics, monitoring testing, smart bus, sharing bicycle, drone, precision navigation, precision agriculture, measurement and mapping ten 5g + Beidou High Accuracy Positioning the application scenario and releases a scene solution. It is reported that China Mobile will use 5G + Beidou as a carrier, integrated AICDE (artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, edge calculation), etc. New, ie, 5g + Beidou High Accuracy Positioning Network "New Cormeal", deep tillage 5G + Beidou high-precision positioning application "new scene", together with 5G + Beidou high precision positioning ecology "new prosperity".

"This time, the 5G + Beidou application demonstration base shows that Nanjing Mobile leads the smart driving application technology benchmark, which will create a new highland of the industry." According to Nanjing Mobile, Luo Yan, 5G intelligent network car test site is located in the water area In the new city, it is funded by the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology. It is a government demonstration project, a key construction project, and an investment construction of the Shui Shui Technology Co., Ltd. Luo Yan further stated that the project combines the advantages of the local automotive industry, the layout intelligent network industry, guides the industrial agglomeration and upgrade. The project is China Mobile’s first scene business test site in the country, with 5G-V2X, edge computing, and Beidou high-precision is positioned as core key technologies. In the test area, the intelligent network car public test road totaled 8.5 kilometers, and Nanjing’s first 5G car road collaborative public service platform was built, providing construction standards for 5G automatic driving and demonstration applications in the country.

Sitting in more than 3,500 scientists engineers, three years have lost 24 billion, Shang Dynasty is not going to market?

Professor and doctoral gather, plus thousands of scientists and engineers, if such a dream lineup is used to build a company, will it be a pair of scenes?

As you say, you may not believe that such companies really exist.

Not long ago, Ai, a business Tang Technology, passed the HKCO listed hearing.

The unicorn in this AI is gathers more than 40 professors, more than 250 doctors. In addition, more than 5,000 employees, two-thirds are scientists and engineers.

What is even more cow has been founded in 2014, and Shang Tang has issued more than 600 papers in various journals, and there are more than 8,000 patents.

Describe with a sentence, that is, the scientific and technological content burst.

More unexpectedly, there is so many cow people, Shang Tang three years is still over 24 billion. . .

And today, the bad reviews are also preparing to smash the small hotspots listed on the market, and spend the story of the company, this company has the story of "AI Si Xiaolong’s head".

First of all, I said that I had to mention Tang Xiao ‘s big cow.

He graduated from the 1990s, he chose to go to the United States, and pursued a doctorate in Mirace, and he was in this period. He touched his face recognition algorithm.

After getting a doctoral degree, the big 佬 continued in research on computer visual algorithms at the Hong Kong University of Chinese University and Microsoft Asia.

He has also formed a multimedia laboratory of Hong Kong Chinese University, and Shang Dynasty Technology is also initially created here.

At that time, the field of face recognition has always been a bottleneck, which is how to improve the recognition accuracy of the algorithm.

Simply put, it is to improve the ability to judge that two photos are not the same. The accuracy of 97.53% of the human eye is considered to be a ceiling of the algorithm.

However, Tang Xiaou did not agree. In 2014, the Tang Xiao Team used the original GaussianFace algorithm to transcend his eyes, and the "monster" of 98.52% of the accuracy was created.

Subsequently, the high-yield Tang Xiao Team immediately released a more variatory DeepID algorithm, directly increased the experimental score to more than 99%.

The data of the anti-day is out, IDG’s investors also smell the wind and plan to invest tens of millions of dollars, helping the business of people’s face recognition technology, and Shang Tang Technology has also been formally established.

As for the company, I was named "Shangshuo", and their official explanation is that Shang Dynasty is currently the era of Chinese civilization, and the emergence of text has brought about human civilization. They think that technology is also the same. The founding emperor of Shang Dynasty was just calling soup.

Just, everyone is more likely to explain, that is, Tang Xiao will turn it from the professor to the business, and the professional soup, refer to business soup.

Shang Tang Technology has always been the fragrance of the capital market.

From 2015, the company has experienced 12 rounds of financing, with a total of $ 5.2 billion, and the business of Shang Dynasties is also greater.

In the computer visual field of its home, it is said that there is more than 400 million mobile phones in more than 400 million mobile phones in more than 400 million mobile phones.

The Chengdu Shuangliu Airport, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, Zhengzhou’s subway station also uses brush face ban on Shang Sang Technology.

In other aspects, Shang Tang also established a universal artificial intelligence infrastructure based on his own old, and helping a AI for each field.

Take the smart city as an example, the merchant soup can use visual analysis, detect the displacement of the well cover, the fence guardrail, grab the image of illegal parking.

It is also possible to estimate traffic congestion, predict the occurrence of fires.

In this way, the technology of Shang Tang is used in life, and the corners of the city.

According to the last year’s data, Shang Dynasty also became China’s largest computer vision software company, Asia’s largest artificial intelligence software company.

And in comparison with clouds, according to the map, 视, etc., there are nearly 10 billion months of Shangjun, which has become the first of AI Si Xiaolong.

When I saw this, I would say that there is a friend who will say, since Shang Dynasty technology is so top, after the listing, I just can only rush to Rapuha, directly selling the business soup stock!

The bad review may be said to stop, be impulsive, because Shang Dynasty technology seems to be full of fruits, it is actually the money.

Shang Tang Technology can also be said to be a perfect representative of the AI ??industry, behind the light and bright, actually a huge loss. . .

Just say this, although the revenue of Shangshui Technology in the past three years is 1.85 billion, 30.3 billion and 3450 million. But after the various costs of research and development, in fact, Shangshui is a loss every year.

Among them, the light is more than 24 billion due to the three years.

Why do you burn this?

The bad review is simple to give an example, and the Shang Tang Guang is in order to build their own Ai superior centers, and the merchant soup has invested 5 billion.

But the superior center is in this place, but it can be eternal once after it is finished, because it is a truly anti-Gold beast.

The researchers of Shang Tang have been slightly estimated. Press the super-budget center that labeled Run (running) button, the iteration of the data training is at least 500,000 yuan.

So, selling hundreds of hot pots, it can be not enough.

So many scientists and engineers inside Shang Tang, every day, relying on "run" to train their own AI models.

And, this hasn’t counted the salary of scientists, and there are hundreds of millions of costs that have added the purchase of GPU clusters every year. Yes, AI is such a game of burning money.

This is not an example of Shang Dynasties. Other AI San Xiaolong’s investment in R & D is not small. It does not move to billions or even billion R & D.

However, it doesn’t necessarily have a result, and there is no need to commercialize. If you don’t invest money, it is afraid of being eliminated. The AI ??industry has fallen into such a strange circle.

Plus the construction cycle of the smart city project such as subway, airport, and the return period is also long; and many mobile phone manufacturers have implemented the AI ??algorithm, you don’t have money to make new stings, they will not pay again. you.

Loss, that is, it has become a homewinner in the AI ??industry.

These two years have attached importance to personal information, especially human face data, but also make simple face recognition data more difficult, so, "Shang Tang", who rely on this family, really encountered some bottlenecks. If this time is, the establishment is also a wave of direction adjustment.

The listed plan of this business soup is ready to raise 60% of the IPO, and then invested in Ai R & D.

So, as a research institution, these explosions and crazy money "Shang Tang" are really excellent.

But as a company, profitability and commercialization is their purpose. In this regard, "Shangjou" is still not a matter of time.

In addition, the story of the AI ??industry also reminds me of an innovative field a theory called "Valley of Death".

Simply put, technology innovation has been proposed, and there is still a long way to go between the technology innovation. Most of these projects will die on this road, and this divide from scientific research to industrialization is also called "Valley of Death".

In the past few years, the AI ??frenzies, after the PPT, the era of increasing, today’s AI industry seems to be in this deep valley.

Although AI has been applied in many fields, 97% to 99% accuracy of the leap, may take hundreds of millions of real gold and silver investment, but to tell the truth to the people of bad reviews, I feel true. not very big.

And from now on the performance of the AI ??industry, losses are likely to become a homemade.

Finally, the profitability of these AI industries may have doubts, but for the future of AI, the bad review is still very optimistic.

Just like a lot of money, in the 1950s, the "modern communication theory", UNIX operating system, mobile phone technology Bell laboratory, did not expect that these technologies can be decades later Root root germination, even change the world.

The AI ??industry may also be the same, I believe that all the way to burn money all the way to the current "Shangjun", will also plant a seeds, and they are also likely to change the fruits of the world.

Watch pain points, AnyChat digital solutions for people to create a new era of intelligent customer service

The annual national"Double October" shopping festival gratifying to turnover came to an end. In the new round of technological and industrial change, behind the electricity supplier "double October" promotion, not only presents a feast of consumption, while digital technology is going nowhere. Among them, the AI, big data, and intelligent interaction RPA technology-based intelligent customer service and that consumers have access to the most direct experience of a service that reflects the strength and value of social application of digital technology.

According to market research firm Sullivan released "2021 China Intelligent Service Market Report ", accompanied by the development of Internet technology, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, more and more businesses to invest in building customer service center. By 2020, China’s smart customer service industry market reached 3.01 billion yuan, an increase of 88.1%, 2025, intelligent customer service or market exceeded 10 billion yuan, showing rapid growth.

Based on the form of natural language processing, deep neural networks, artificial intelligence, machine learning technology, intelligent customer service presented more diverse, mainly customer-centric, the efficiency and service coverage, the customer experience of the first place, to build the whole channel, all-weather , intelligent matrix multi-service terminals.

However, according to Ai Media Consulting survey data results show that the answer to the monotony is the largest user encountered in the course of intelligent customer service"Pain points". Moreover, repeated cycles of operation, deflected the question and did not understand the needs, answer lag has become plagued users of several major problems, recognition of customer service are generally lower than artificial intelligent customer service, intelligent call "dumb" in a very acute problem.

Eco-stop audio and video solutions providerAnyChat time perceive pain points above problems, launched a highly intelligent integration of emotion recognition "Digital Man" solutions.

AnyChat digital one can achieve based on a small amount of audio and video data, digital generate rapid migration of people, the integration of voice, image and semantic AI technology, video-related inference engine cover sound synchronization, 3D modeling, synthesis face, lips synthesis, action match and many other aspects. Configure intelligent systems integration and visualization background, simple and convenient, and through multimedia panel customization features can be implemented needs to show the rich dynamic icons and panels based on business scenarios, provide auxiliary digital intelligence service. AnyChat figures who promoted the original empathy intelligent customer service, greatly enhance the company’s operational quality and efficiency.

exist"Intelligent Customer Satisfaction Survey China 2021 "that the future of intelligent customer service enterprises should actively hardcore user needs, from problem solving, all aspects of service efficiency, experience and so on, for users to create a more satisfactory all-round intelligent customer service system.

Anobong Technology Co., Ltd. founder Su Changjun: Hug new technologies should keep a stunned attitude, but pursue a hot spot

November 27-28, 2021, "Financial" annual meeting 2022: Forecast and strategy are held online. Si Changjun, founder Su Changjun, founder, Beijing Anbotong Technology Co., Ltd. attended and speaking.

From the IT industry, Su Changjun indicated intelligent technology, green computing technology, and biological computing technology is a very important future area. Many new innovations in these areas, including hardware innovation, software innovation, application innovation, etc. can be vigorously developed. . The future digital transformation makes human society more sustainable development.

Su Changjun pointed out that informationalization is mainly in terms of increasing efficiency, consumption, new digital government, in the people’s livelihood, "I am more expecting is that the future technology is likely to be in the emotional level, the cultural art level of cultural art is some new Technology has emerged, there is a possible new digital art or even digital beliefs, I think this is more expected. "Su Changjun added to emphasize.

"Sometimes (some companies) feel very excited, the wind is coming, sometimes we have a kind of mentality, I have not accumulated, this business we haven’t touched before, we will be overtaking." Su Changjun bluntly .

Regarding the embrace new technology embraces all kinds of frontier technology, Su Changjun believes that it should be stunned, and cannot be overwhelmed with a hot spot.

"Just like artificial intelligence is very hot, this world will not have the best artificial intelligence company, because artificial intelligence itself is a technology, not a product. If a consumer company uses artificial intelligence technology to do better New consumption, I think he is a consumer company that uses artificial intelligence technology. "Su Changjun said.

"Shouldn’t be chasing technology, you have to use it, what industry is still what industry is still, this is an understanding of my new technology and new business. It is constant, sometimes it is still necessary to ensure your chassis, yourself Business, your own essence can’t change, but in the process of change, you must use good technology. "He said.

In the enterprise research, Su Changjun mentioned two points: First, the company has a small, large enterprise like Intel, Huawei and other special research institutes, even their own academicians, their research is very comprehensive, very likely It is a realistic power of the truth, the second, for SMEs, some innovative business companies, it is difficult to invest in a department to do research, how to improve the research capacity of such enterprises.

First, choose one or two points, scientific research can’t do, don’t engage in research, the most basic competitiveness will lose, so we must find the pain points of the industry. At this time, you must not be greedy, but you must be greedy, you must find the most The most solved the problem, enlarge this point, unlimited research.

Second, the research of enterprises must use good ecology. "There are many scientific research enterprises, there are large research institutes, have research institutes, there are universities, have large scientific research companies, and there are numerous entrepreneurial companies, small and medium-sized companies, after forming an ecology, you can use it together, I don’t have to go very Blindly completed other short plates, put the long plate infinitely long, and talked with someone else’s plate, it must be greedy, must be inclusive, more cooperation with you, and forces. " Su Changjun said.

Finally, Su Changjun said comparative support supervision.

"I think technological innovation is easy to bring some negative things, because the technology itself is invisible, and it is flat, it will break the original unsightly, I’m broken, I still support supervision, be sure to be unwell Technological innovation has something to curb or suppress, and now often speaks technology to be good, technology should always love to beauty. If technology can create 100 yuan, let 100 people use, such policies should be us Support, this is my point of view. "Su Changjun finally said.