ASUS Ling Yao X Double Screen Thin Book Review: Futuristic Design, but the second screen is worth it?

A notebook has two displays? It sounds almost impossible things, ASUS makes it possible. This is how the cooperation with Zenbook 14 Duo, I will tell you in the evaluation.

ASUS is getting more and more try new, futuristic laptop design. ASUS ScreenPad + is also used for ASUS Ling Yao X dual screen light thin. This time, it doesn’t even stand out from the notebook when you open it.

Daily Test – Is the second display really useful?

In daily life, I have completed various tasks with ASUS Ling Yao X Double-screen light. Thanks to the fast SSD and the 7th generation I11 processor, these (as expected) For Huashuo Ling Yao X double screen light, it is a small piece of dish.

In addition, there is also a home office of Microsoft Teams, as well as a small game. During my test, there is neither WiFi problem and there is no other crash. Everything is performed, and the second display is simply identified as the second display in Windows. Therefore, all demo functions (mirror, extensions, only on one display) can be implemented here.

Both monitors are touch screens, so you can use the included handwritten pen on both. However, in my opinion, it is most meaningful in ScreenPad +.

The operating system I have chosen is Windows 10 as an operating system. It can set fan speed, battery mode, etc. Feeling it better than before.

ScreenPad + achieved better than expected

ScreenPad + can be freely arranged in the integrated software panel, which can be used to trigger a variety of functions. In addition to other outside, the organizational window, open the application in a fixed position, etc. Screenpad + helps me very much in daily life.

Even if I have a little doubtful, the second monitor is really meaningful. It may not do this for anyone, but this is an extraordinary experience for me. ASUS refers to other use cases of video editing and image editing using Adobe Photoshop as other use cases of ScreenPad +.

Keyboard and touchpad: habits are necessary

If you look at the ASUS Ling Yao X dual screen light thin, you will immediately notice that the keyboard and mouse have slipped. The mouse is even sliding left to avoid the compact size.

I can only say that the keyboard has a good pressure point, you can use it. It feels high quality, just like a high-end laptop. On the other hand, if you are accustomed to normal central design, the touchpad or mouse takes a lot of time to adapt. After a period of habits, this is useful for me, there is no major obstacle.

Connection and speaker

Here you can see the left side of the most port. We have a perfect HDMI port, two USB Type-C Thunderbolt ports (so data, power, images, etc. can be output by two Type-C ports). The only lack in these varieties is actually a LAN socket, but due to thin design, it has to be allowed. There is still a complete USB-A 3.1 port on the right side.

As for the speaker, I can only say that they are surprising. ASUS has a professional voice from Harman Kardon here. This will immediately causten to pay attention, because even at the highest level, the sound is very full, there is no tiny sound. The high point is very good, the low point (for the notebook) is very good.

The figure also shows the bracket provided by ASUS for ASUS Ling Yao X Double Screen. This can vertically erect the notebook to better read the two screens. ASUS Ling Yao X Double Screen Microcompansion This is open, and ScreenPad + will tilt up.


In the configuration I am allowed to test, ASUS Ling Yao X dual screen light thin book’s suggestion retail price is 9999 yuan. This is a lot of money, but you can still get top equipment and excellent workmanship. In addition, there is an almost complete second display.

As well as bright main display. Hardware such as CPU and 32 GB RAM completes the rest of the work, making it a very fast work device. But there may be many people prefer traditional laptops.

Either because the second monitor is too bold to some people, or because they only need a display. Therefore, I recommend ASUS Ling Yao X dual screen to the main arguments that are passionate about experiments and regard video editing and image processing as a useful second monitor.

Application of low temperature micro-solid nitrogen particles and its semiconductor wafer cleaning technology


In recent years, the high-functional high functionality of micrometer low-temperature solid particulates has been concerned in the field of ultra-high thermal flux cooling technology applied to high heat emission devices. In order to effectively utilize such low-temperature solid particles in advanced nanotechnology, our laboratory has developed a new physical semiconductor cleaning method, which uses a low temperature spray.

In the present method, in order to clarify the detailed mechanism of microscopic (SN2) particle behavior, a combined calculation of fluid kinetic analysis is carried out to clarify the micro-low temperature monolithic particulate heat transfer mechanism of the traditional measurement. For the expression of the control equation, the thermodynamic behavior of a single micro SN2 particle phase change is controlled by the Navier Stokes equation, the continuity equation, and the energy equation. The decisive feature of this phenomenon is to occur in strong evaporation (and later condensation) in the SN2 particles and the surrounding air phase interface. In addition to these thermodynamic analysis, the application of micro SN2 spray in semiconductor wafer cleaning technology was also studied. The SN2 particles impact silicon wafer heating machinery removal cleaning characteristics were clarified from the experimental and numerical values. Effects of ultra-high thermal flux cooling on removal properties of the heat shrink resist of organic materials were studied. In addition, the effect of ultrasonic atomizing micro-solid nitrogen on wafer ultra-clean performance.


For wafer samples used in the process, the peeling properties of the polysilicon / gate silicon oxide / silicon substrate coated with the positive KrF photoresist were examined. These wafers are manufactured as follows. First, a hot oxidation of 8 inch P-type silicon substrates and a 6-nanometer thick gate oxide layer is deposited on the substrate. A 150 nm thick polysilicon layer was deposited on the gate oxide using LPCVD (low pressure chemical vapor deposition). The HMDS (hexamethylene silicon) layer is applied to the surface of the polysilicon to help the photoresist adhere to the polysilicon, and then the rotary coater is used to form 500 nm thick photoresist layers on the HMDS layer. . Photoresist is patterned using 193 nm KrF excitation light. The door length is 0.34m, and the door width is 10m. Polysilicon is electrocardiated by an inductive coupled plasma etch system (silicon etch system, application material company) to form bromide / oxygen chemical etching into a pattern. These wafers are cut into a rectangular sheet of approximately 5 mm × 5 mm.

Results and discussion

Figure 7 shows the calculation results of the non-organized internal stress distribution of the SN2 particles and the deformed resist. It can be seen that the interaction between the SN2 particles and the resist is reasonably simulated. The size of the stress in the wafer resist increases as the plastic deformation increases. The pressure between the SN2 particles and the pressure of the wafer resist increases with the impact of the SN2 particles. It may be possible to predict the collision of SN2 particles and plastic deformation, and the collision causes the shear deformation of the resist – polysilicon interface. As a result, the resist removal performance is improved by the scratching effect of the micro-recess in the narrow recess between the wiring pattern.

Figure 7 Replace the calculation of the stress distribution of the reaction particles and deformation resists

Figure 8 shows an experimental result (scanning electron microscopy) using micro SN2 spray produced by the Lavar nozzle method (scanning electron microscopy). The resist can be effectively removed, and the main contaminants on the surface of the wafer are also successfully removed. This improved resist removal cleaning performance is a result of the removal of the motion resist removal of the very fine (nanoscale diameter dimension) SN2 particles. At the current stage of technological development, a given Sn2 particle digital density condition is a small amount of residual resist in the concave portion of the wiring pattern. However, we have successfully developed a single component of a single component that does not use gaseous helium.

Figure 8 Remove the experimental result of the photoresist with a micro SN2 spray (scanning electron microscope image)

Values ??and experiments have found that due to the ultra-high heat transfer characteristics, the mixed interaction of the fluid mechanical force and the thermal mechanical force contributes to the resist removal – the cleaning process. In particular, the effect of ultra-high thermal flux cooling on the resistance properties of thermal shrinkage removing resistance of the resist material was found, and the effect of ultrasonic atomized micro Sn2 particles on the ultra-clean performance of the semiconductor wafer was newly discovered.


When the micro-solid nitrogen particles are used in the heated substrate together with the refrigerant, the ultra-high cooling heat flux level is achieved during operation, and therefore, the cooling performance is better than conventional liquid spray cooling. Since the micro SN2 cooling has the advantage of avoiding direct contact and latent heat transfer of the membrane boiling state, the ultra-short time scale heat transfer in the thin boundary layer is more likely to be in the liquid spray.

Numerical and experiments have found that the impact and ultra-high heat transfer characteristics of the micro-solid particles contribute to the resist removal – the cleaning process. An important discovery is that the impact of ultra-high thermal flux cooling plays an important role in removal properties related to thermal contraction of resistant materials.

The results obtained are of great significance in the field of low temperature cooling technology of advanced high heat emission devices, but will also help nano-devices engineering, which is closely related to semiconductor wafer cleaning technology.

Tea packaging design company analysis to replace the advantages and disadvantages of packaging color?

That color makes your product in the mall. After the goods arrive, the buyer will tear open the transport envelope or cardboard box, and they will first see the inside of the goods. Color is part of the brand, which tells what you are suitable for your product, and what buyers can get from it.

When you consider changing the color on the package, you need to consider a lot of things. Changing the color scheme may be your product needs to attract new or more users. It is also possible to destroy everything you have established so far. Even a tiny color change will greatly change the public to your brand.

Now we have to make it simple. Based on the following guidelines, a list of advantages and disadvantages is established to see if you change the packaging color in the future. Think about how long your brand, it is now like, the photo of the photo, competitors’ packaging color, and the reasons behind the change. These two factors will determine if you should take action.

Packaging design can contact @ 元化 design, free design recommendations and various industrial packaging design references.

When can you change the packaging color?

No matter how you choose the original color of the packaging, you need a lot to consider.

Perhaps you have designed a perfect super-target audience packaging with color psychology. Or you ask your friends how they look. Perhaps you have chosen a color scheme that is very important to you. Maybe you just have to choose a color at all.

But since you are considering changing your packaging, please remember that you are not creating new things. You are tampering with something.

First ask why you should consider changing.

Will you launch a new product? Or will you separate a product and other products you sell? Perhaps this product should be able to attract users different from you already established.

Do you want to delete some content? Changes in your industry or arguments related to your brand may prompt you to redesign the way you have a product.

Is your company merged with another company? You need a way to integrate these two brands, and you will not lose your identity.

Does your brand present your initiality? That’s it. Smart entrepreneurs will choose their own products according to their own market.

Are you ready to update? If you have already existed for a long time, your packaging may belong to another era. Sometimes, color and patterns will appear at a certain point in time. Imagine the iconic design of the 90s paper cup. For a certain day, now popular things will be eliminated like Solo Jazz Cup.

Your most important job is to ensure that changes are not random. You are changing the consumer view of your brand, so if you want to turn your packaging into blue, you need to have a better reason to "because I like blue".

Replace the benefits of packaging colors

Can attract new audience.

The color you choose will affect the feelings and ideas of the audience to your product. Watch them as target objects and why they have to do this.

Your product and its pure white packaging, attract consumers in a simple, clean beauty. You want to emphasize your company’s commitment to sustainable development, consider adding green elements in your packaging. This will attract young, pay attention to environmentally friendly consumers, they will pay attention to the ingredients of the products they purchased.

Please explain that you want to attract who join your brand and as accurate as possible. You are young, paying attention to environmentally friendly consumers may also have political progress and like to go outdoors. When you create a new palette of the package, you need to consider some factors now.

You can go to the old meaning.

Color has a high-end product that connotes customers want black packaging. As we said, green is representative, "Hey, we are environmentally friendly! Both people’s things usually use cold tones, while girls’ things are usually packaged with warm colors.

Perhaps at the beginning of your company, you are specializing in women’s products, but now you have products that are suitable for different genders. Your original pink packaging is no longer suitable for your company, so you need to use a more neutral color.

Consider the color change you want to display in the new package. Orange color and other bright colors show an exciting, interesting new role. Add black or purple to the packaging palette, indicating that you have become high-end products.

You will adapt to the current trend.

The color scheme will not exist forever. If you don’t have a very simple palette, it seems that something looks good 10 years ago. Sometimes, this situation will even occur in monochrome design. Imagine mud, avocado 70s, or neon lights in the 1980s, in a specific era, use it to match the color. Think about how to be defined in the 1990s, neutral, blue tones and minimalist designs.

Changing the packaging color is to adapt to the changes in the times and tastes, reshape part of the brand. And don’t use the fashion trend to reuse the package without updating the package. They can, but you don’t know which trend will return, when to return, and how to return. You can’t make your brand becomes dull during this time.

So I want to combine your brand goals and today’s palette. PANTONE annual color is a good start. From a short term, a wide popular color may work, although it will return you to the original position later. If you want to change the color of the packaging to update the brand, then you will go out.

Change the packaging color is unfavorable.

Your product has not been recognized.

If your product is known for its brown box, don’t turn over a blue box overnight.

For consumers, it seems that the change will make people confused, and it will impair your image. Even if your trademark will still appear on the package after you change the packaging, your unique color design can also tell your product existence. You need to do this when your product is close to the competitorship product.

Minimalistic packaging design retains similar colors, but they have lost opportunities for them to stand out in the store.

Your color is too similar to other companies’ colors.

There are too many colors there. Different combinations of nature, color and color, make it easier for you to find your own unique, but create a color palette that is suitable for your brand is too similar to other companies.

After determining the new color, ask yourself two questions:

How do your competitors pack their products?

Is the combination you consider by other companies?

This is not a problem, if another company using the palette is small, in a completely different industry. But if you want a national brand’s iconic color, then choose a different palette so you will not look like imitating them or wants to be this brand. For example, select pink, orange and white palette will make your package

Regeneration brand is very expensive.

Designers spend money research is spending money. The brand is not cheap.

That doesn’t mean that you should not change the color of the package, but you have to consider changes in investment conditions. If your research finds that the color does not affect your profit, don’t change the packaging color during this time. If a large-scale redesign is too high, it is not possible to bring a valuable return, then find a smaller and cheap update method.

Changing the packaging color is always risky, but it should be able to be calculated. Spotify has considered more than 5,000 greens before choosing a perfect hue for its new logo.

As long as the color is changed, it is easy.

Change the package after the merger, which may be the most effective way to keep your identity and integrate it with other identity. When Google acquired Motorola, Motorola changed its own logo to Google’s new positioning.

If you want to maintain a specific market, you want to make your packaging more new, you can consider keeping your color scheme, but only keeps brightness and color. Even a small change can make your picture more bold, soft, or more modern, and will not deviate from the style you have established. Try to use the dark color you have used to see what is different after your packaging appearance is different.

Intelligent grid platform boost grassroots governance

This newspaper, Chengdu, November 30 (Reporter Zhang Wen) "Discovered Fire!" Not long ago, there was a unattended warehouse in Chengdu, Sichuan Province.The "Large Linkage · Microscale" intelligent grid analysis platform automatic alarm, information is pushed to the handheld terminal of the full-time grid and fire rescue personnel, and the fire is avoided.

Since last year, the Qudu District has been organized by public areas, introducing the front-end video intelligence analysis algorithm, built a "large linkage, micelling" intelligent grid analysis platform.The platform can automatically capture the electric bicycle into the elevator, the motor vehicle is chaos, the sudden fire, the water quality pollution of the river is automatically captured, synchronized.Introduction to the person in charge of the Grid Services Management Center of the Sub-Surface: "It can be found with the intelligent grid analysis platform, and it can be found that the abnormal situation is convenient and efficient."

"People’s Daily" (December 01, 2021)

Yuan Universe is still far, but the change of social socialism has begun.

The Yuanhe Wan is picking up a new wave of social and content creation iteration.

Facebook changed its company name to Meta, founder Zuckerberg announced to the outside world to create a "Yuan Universe" including new social. China’s Internet companies such as Tencent, byte, Baidu are also layout in this field.

The essence of social communication is the connection between people. What new type will be displayed in the Yuancosian? What new content and business models may these connections?

With regard to these issues, a product named Xi Xup provides a lot of ideas.

In the universe, everyone is the modeling of the digital world.

Despite the definition of the Yuan Universe, there is a consensus that this will be a virtual and realistic combination of realities, with the realistic parallel world.

The most important thing in this world is still "people". Every real person must create its own role, ie digitized furnish. It is unique, it is controllable.

As a result, the starup APP is to help users build a digital identity. Landing Xing Puppet app, you must create your own image, from the face, hairstyle to the clothing, these can be free to match.

On the character, there are millions of PUGC materials, hundreds of action editing, and combinations of thousands of action editing, and combinations of thousands of action and expressions can achieve various scenarios. This is to ensure that each user can create a single role according to the preferences.

The Yuan Universe is a world with realistic parallel, so like a platform for "virtual self" platforms like this, it is possible to become the entrance of the Yuan Universe, as well as an indispensable infrastructure.

In fact, the stars are also trying to become a content creation platform for a Yuancosian era. In addition to creating their own virtual image, starpiece also offers a variety of scenes, role matching, and even the creation of virtual idol groups. Users can give their character, story, and complex animation, have even detailed production guidance around their character, story, and complex animation. This allows users to have an open capacity.

Star-even clothing props production status | stars

If the essence of the Yuan Universe is a 3D version of the Internet. The construction of the Yuan Universe requires a large number of digital world constructor, and they spontaneously build digital content, and add bricks to the Yuancos.

The stars are doing to provide a set of tools to reduce users’ thresholds for digital identity and related content. These digital content will be hairstyle, expressions, personality backgrounds, etc. In the star team, if the Yuancos is really coming, its demand will be very large, and even a new profession – Yuan Cosmian modeling.

Like the charming artist and stylist in the real world, the Yuan Cosmic stylist helps you build a exclusive image in the Yuancosian – pinch face, wear, personalized story, etc., from all aspects to become in the Yuanhezhou people.

The Roblox Joint Founder Neil Rimer has pointed out: "The energy of the Yuan Universe will come from the user, not the company." Determine the content standard, form a set of low-threshold standardization production mechanisms, excitation more users to produce content in UGC, this is When the product of the Yuan universe is trying to solve in the product.

"Self-sufficient" yuan universe, how to do it?

The risk investment in the Yuan Cosmo’s risk investment home made a set of basic frameworks about the Yuancosian. In his opinion, the Yuan Universe must have a ripe economic system.

Just like the Roblox called the "First Share", the homemade game can be traded within the platform, and it will give itself a practical benefit. Only 2020, 300 developer revenue reached 100,000 US dollars on Roblox.

This actually means that the content created in the platform can become its own digital asset. The platform provides a complete business system to ensure that this asset can circulate within the ecology and eventually produce economic benefits. In this regard, the starpiece also built an economic system.

Simply put, the puppet station supports PUGC’s virtual role and elemental accessories transactions, and the contents of the creators have real business value. Whether it is a simple sock, it is a set of a set and a complete small theater, and users can maribe the price to sell and get the "Diamond" reward.

At the same time, the official will also launch a competition and various theme activities in the station. Through these ways, the content of user creation can achieve greater exposure, and if someone bought the set or accessories, the creator can also be divided into.

According to reports, the user-creative system of starpiece has done an incentive closed loop for the creator. At present, the number of goods on the platform has exceeded 2 million. Hundreds of creators have received over 10,000 income, with the highest quality creators sold their total cost of clothing more than 60,000 pieces.

As of October 2021, the total number of stars of stars exceeds 20 million, and the number of active users exceeds 4 million. The company’s global users have 150 million, the month is 8 million. A larger user base is the basis for the product to the Yuan Universe. Because there is only enough users, the social relational chain can be built in the virtual world.

On the social basis, starpiece also has the creation and consumption of digital content, trading behavior and model, there is a general currency, and there are two parties to buy and sell. This means that the stars already have a full-commercial ecology, and the future can develop different branching studies in the platform economy. For example, virtual idol packaging, etc. based on the star platform.

Yuancos’ socialchangeIt is inevitable, but it is not so fast.

Roblox CEO David Bashuki put forward eight elements required by the "Yuancos", namely, friends, immersion, low delay, diversification, anywhere, economic system and civilization. Specifically to the social field, the "Yuancosian" will eventually give birth to new social relationships in the online line.

Shenyang, Executive Director of Tsinghua University New Media Research Center, said that the "Yuan Coso" expanded the survival dimension of people, and people live in the real world and virtual world integrated integrated environment. On the other hand, it expands the sense of sensory dimension of the person, bringing a comprehensive experience of reality / virtual vision, hearing, and tactile combination.

Our new attempt to social products is also iterative in this generous direction.

Star Piece Product Interface | Star Puppet

After having a digital identity, the user can launch virtual social intersection in the stars. Send a video to share everyday life, create the small theater to share the cerebral world.

In multiplayers, starpiece supports users spontaneously form a family group. Each family has a declaration and a leader that needs to apply. Adding a family has certain requirements, most of them will create a creative task, PK get exclusive rewards.

These gameplay let a group of people with the same hobbies together, with more clear, precise emotional projection and honor in higher frequency interaction. Xi Xiang also launched the "photo" and "family photo". When you have a virtual idol, you can choose other virtual idols to take photos, and friends in the same family can take a photo of "Family Family".

Star puppet attempts to build a new common experience. It is from two-dimensional to three-dimensional, integrated theme, space, scene, and even plots, is a kind of collective creation, so that everyone’s expression is more technically and rich.

It is understood that the common 3D virtual image of Xiupiusa will be applied to the Ar / VR platform, and the future will also consider the standards of different types of platforms in the metamorceae, and even launch their customized VR equipment. When referring to future vision, the star founder said: "I hope that Xi Xiang can become the most important content of the young people, the most daily, and most can express the idea social platform."

But Rome is not built a day. At the moment, the industry has gradually formed a consensus, that is, the Yuan Universe cannot be built from a company.

In fact, from the PC era, human real world has begun to digitally process. We chat online online, have access to information, social games, collaborative office, usually spend more and more time on the Internet, realistic life in virtual networks is getting bigger and bigger. This is already in the process of leading to the Yuan universe.

Although the metamorphic is still far away, the change in content platforms and social products along this direction has begun.

First graph Source: stars

Baidu Intelligent Cloud Digital Technology Deep Integrated | Race Hyper

Digital Technology Reconstruction The speed of the financial industry is getting faster and faster. Many technology companies are participating in this change in its own technical advantages.

As the first echelon of domestic AI technology, Baidu Company, which occupies the leading position, constructs independent innovative multi-form Yunzhi integrated infrastructure, creating core scene applications such as full channel services, numerous marketing, synergy office, etc.,

Introducing a new generation of AI tool terminal solutions, "Baidu Smart Cloud Hurricane" intelligent engine and digital consultation full stack solution, reaching AI technology to financial institutions.

From the perspective of technical logic and implementation, Baidu AI technology layout financial field is far-reaching. Financial institutions are the empowerment of the development of the digital age, Baidu Intelligent Cloud uses AI to help financial institutions. At the same time, the digital technology will extend to the industrial manufacturing field, improve the financial model of industry Internet, and lay a solid foundation for building competitive intelligent manufacturing. Base.

Baidu AI + Finance=?

Baidu Intelligent Cloud’s "Yun Zhi Intega" wisdom financial solution, its overall architecture can be specifically presented as three layers: the first layer is a digital base, with core products such as financial exclusive clouds, aircraft paddle + Kunlun, load balancing (BFE) Ability; the second layer includes intelligent engine, including AI middle platform, two core products of knowledge in knowledge.

The first layer and the second layer constitute "multi-morphological cloud-integrated infrastructure of independent innovation".

The third layer is a plurality of scene application solutions, such as "AI +" scene envoys, digital marketing and growth programs, content digital intelligence schemes, etc.

On November 26th, Baidu Smart Officer’s "Scene Application": New Generation AI Machine Terminal Solution, "Baidu Smart Cloud Hurricane" Intelligent Engine and Digital Consultation Suitable Stack Solution.

Wall Street knows that "Yun Zhi Intega" wisdom financial solutions, abide by "AI technology" positioning, facing the entire financial system.

"Baidu technical features based on ‘ai’, this is the most important engine and starting technique when we help financial institutions have advanced digital work. At present, the current status of financial industry is very strong, so if you only provide simple ‘On the cloud’ service, the business gain effect of (financial) institution is not very obvious. "Li Shuo said," But AI technology management has its operation and maintenance, the effect is completely different. "

Wall Street knows that Baidu Smart Cloud AI technology has a large-scale depth in the back-end service system of the financial institution.

In 2019, Baidu Intelligent Cloud and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank have opened the scene of Baidu AI technology in financial institutions. By 2021, both parties cooperated from the first financial digital, intelligent customer service to extend to the "deep learning platform" and the AI ??optimization platform, etc., with great expansion in depth and breadth.

Unlike industrial Internet, it has just begun to apply AI digital technology, and the financial industry has very high acception and application for AI digital technology. The sake of the financial institution’s pure application of digital technology has reached the extent of from point-like to system planning.

Because of this, the financial industry is not limited to the concept of pursuing shape when adopting AI technology, and it is very focused on the effectiveness of the promotion of its business.

Li Shuo said that "In the past few years, financial institutions have been considering the combination of digital technology in combination with specific business scenarios, and this is used as a procurement criteria for the use of digital technology or services."

In the actual application, Baidu Smart Cloud AI technology capabilities contain two types of landing directions, very popular with financial institutions.

First, such as the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank mode. When the Baidu AI technology capabilities apply to the service and marketing team, the overall performance has been significantly improved, and the cost does not increase accordingly, this is "the actual transformation effect that can be seen". Today, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank has generally tried AI technology to empowerment in multiple business scenarios.

Second, Baidu Intelligent Cloud Power Calligraphy Digital Transformation Path and Pudong Development Bank are different, and Baidu Ai technology capabilities are applied to wind control and operation. Baidu provides in-depth technical services for the Postal Savings: Building Baidu Smart Cloud AI (PaaS). With this, the Postal Savings Bank builds a personalized application SaaS tool that meets the specific business scenarios of the bank, and is widely used, and the trade-in business operation efficiency is very significant.

What did Baidu, November 26?

Pay attention to the effectiveness of AI technology in the financial industry, Baidu Smart Cloud adopts these market strategies, what is the actual market performance?

Wall Street knows that Baidu Intelligent Cloud all kinds of solutions have served approximately 300 financial industry agencies, covering 83% of national banks.

According to IDC’s "China Financial Cloud Market (2021, first half) tracking" report, the China Financial Cloud Market has reached 2.65 billion US dollars in the first half of 2021, and the market growth rate is 40.2%.

Among them, Baidu Intelligent Cloud ranched 86.56% year-on-year in the overall market of China’s Financial Cloud Solutions, twice as a year in China’s financial cloud market.

It is worth noting that the report summarizes the current financial cloud market: financial cloud construction enters "deep water area", and innovative formal infrastructure has become optional. According to the report, the growth rate of infrastructure and solutions reached 38.3% and 44.8% respectively.

In terms of infrastructure, Baidu Smart Cloud has improved the ability of this field on November 26.

Observing Baidu Smart Cloud’s technical system layout in the financial sector, it can be seen that through platform AI technology open source, in the context of the supervision requirements of "14th Five-Year" digital technology independent innovation, combined with Baidu smart cloud financial exclusive cloud, Baidu Intelligent Cloud AI Taiwanese adaptation business scenario needs multi-application form tool "averaged integration", "Baidu advantage may be more obvious in the next two or three years." Li Shui believes.

Baidu intelligent clouds, some of the multi-form cloud-integrated infrastructure constructed in the financial sector; Baidu Intelligent Cloud Finance is also a part of the infrastructure, which is a feasible option for future financial industry users.

According to IDC, after the formal landing of the support policy and management, the relevant program may become an important or even main way for SMEs.

As the core "Corps" of Baidu Intelligent Cloud in the financial industry, "Corps", "Yun Zhi Intega" wisdom financial solutions in fact were given the mission of "all-round empower financial institutions" by Baidu Intelligent Cloud.

How to do this?

In addition to previously released digital base-related core products and intelligent engine related products, this new generation of AI machine terminal solutions, "Baidu Smart Cloud Hurricane" Intelligent Engine and Digital Consultation Full Stack Solution.

In summary, that is, through the PaaS software empower multi-functional equipment intelligent interactive terminal, improve terminal and user interaction efficiency and experience, with "accompanying" joint operation method, jointly build full processes to digitally licensed capabilities, and then match To help financial institutions have across digital transformation thresholds with the "digital consultation" full stack of business class, planning and management.

That is, on November 26, Baidu Smart Cloud further enhanced the "cloud-integrated" smart financial solution to promote the technical empowerment of the financial industry to promote digital transformation.

Baidu’s design is also in line with the requirements of the financial cloud market development.

The IDC report shows that in the first half of 2021, the financial cloud infrastructure market has reached 1.83 billion US dollars, including 54.0% and 28.5%, respectively, with public clouds and private cloud infrastructure markets.

IDC believes that China’s financial cloud infrastructure construction process has not ended, and the head financial institution has adopted "Self-research Program + Cloud Computing Service Provider" to synchronize the strategy to speed up private cloud infrastructure construction.

Baidu Smart Cloud did not show its focus on public cloud or private clouds, and Li Shuo also proposed its planning and head financial institutions to promote the industry cloud.

"In the future, Baidu Plan, according to the supervision guidance, focusing on the large-scale financial technology company, such as Jianxin Jinke (CCB Digital Platform Company), etc.," Li Shuo said, "through the industry cloud platform, available Financial institutions use, in line with the digital technical capabilities requiring data and business requirements. "

Deep Objective: To make strong services

What is the deep direction of Baidu Intelligent Cloudy Financial Industry Technology Ending?

From Baidu Ai Technical Logic, becoming a head digital technology company in the financial field, it is likely not the technical endpoint of Baidu Intelligent Cloud.

Wall Street is noted that financial institutions promote digital financial purposes to enhance their business income; but from national goal, financial institutions, especially large banks, support industry, and manufacturing business strength and technical capabilities are the top Heavy.

From is the view, this is all the efforts of the digital technology company engaged in technical empowering financial institutions, Baidu smart clouds are no exception.

The problem is how the technical core advantage of Baidu Smart Cloud is matched with this country’s goal?

Through the deep communication with Baidu Intelligent Cloud, Wall Street saw that Baidu Intelligent Cloud believes that the industrial finance has experienced three stages: 1.0 stage: doing a financial service of large core enterprises; 2.0 stage: Financial services to the core enterprises, For upstream enterprises, they can do payments in accounts, and order financing can be done downstream.

At 3.0, the industrial data financial mode is truly realized. The overall multi-dimensional angle verification is made through the multidimensional data. It is truly exploring the risk information of enterprises in technology, whereby a new wind control model can be developed, and the ability to obtain multidimensional data assessment is the core key element.

To obtain multidimensional data assessment capabilities, Baidu Smart Cloud believes that it is necessary to construct an industrial Internet industry financial platform with AI-based industrial Internet industries.

In practice, Baidu Smart Cloud found that through industrial Internet and financial institutions, it can play an important role in serving the national manufacturing power of the country: financial institutions provide strong financial support to industrial Internet enterprises, industrial Internet generation enterprise full processes Data can also be improved in the financial control model.

Baidu Intelligent Cloud found in the process of doing industrial Internet technology, and the needs of financial services have two pain points: First, the company itself wants to do digital transformation, but no funds, it is necessary to loary; second, after obtaining loans, In the repayment pressure, companies will also consider whether digitized transformation gives the business to bring practical value. If it is not, it is difficult to drive the digital technology choice of the enterprise.

Therefore, Baidu intelligent cloud is based on Baidu Industrial Internet Foundation. It has built a Baidu Mini platform with AI technology as the core: where the government is one end, the bank is one end, the company is one end, Baidu’s role is based on the abilities service platform, As a three-party connection point.

The technical structure of the Baidu Mini platform is the bottom layer is a data platform, and the wind control platform is built on this base to achieve risk management before the loan, loan and loan.

Wall Street saw that Baidu has landed this industrial Internet abundance platform in a municipality in China, where the wind control platform penetrates the underlying data layer, decision-making layer and application layer. It is currently possible to make anti-fraudware before the loan, the loan to realize the risk level identification and real-time synchronization, and after the loan can make a warning and push, according to the corresponding management measures.

From this perspective, Baidu Intelligent Cloud promotes AI technology in the financial field, which can be seen as a small part of the industrial Internet industry financial platform, will also become a manufacturing strong country to make technical support for China.

By intelligent manufacturing energy! Nanjing Wisdom Park to create high quality development model

The 2021 World Intelligent Manufacturing Conference will be held in Nanjing from December 8th to December 10. At that time, the world’s intelligent manufacturing industry big coffee, experts scholars, industry elites will show the latest technology and top products of intelligent manufacturing in the conference. Recently, the reporter followed the organizing committee into several industrial parks in Nanjing, understanding the achievements of smart industrial parks in promoting digital transformation and empowering industrial development.

Accelerate industrial transformation and development to do a good job in industrial layout

"In the past, it takes a month to manufacture the entire subway car. Now there is intelligent manufacturing, only one week can produce a subway." Xu Xiujun, deputy general manager of Jiangsu Zhongxing Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd. Is a specialized enterprise with a comprehensive intelligent manufacturing comprehensive solution, and an overall solution to traditional manufacturing output intelligence. At present, the digital products and solutions of the middle cars are applied to multiple fields such as rail transit, mechanical manufacturing.

"Compared to intelligent manufacturing and traditional artificial, one is greatly reduced production cycle, and the second is that the quality of the product is also greatly improved, and it is more fine." Xu Xiujun said.

Jiangbei New Area Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Park has a deep rail transit production manufacturing basis. In this context, Jiangsu Zhongxing Digital Technology Co., Ltd. came into being. The industrial manufacturing multi-business synergy system is constructed, starting from the "Intelligent Manufacturing + Business Cooperation", combined with industrial Internet technology, forming a complete manufacturing system of digital, networked, intelligent and corporate business, hardware and software linkage, meeting high-end equipment Personalized customization of complex parts.

"Jiangbei New District Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Park focused on electronic information and large health, around the two industries, the park is stepped by step to strengthen the industrial energy level, the energy development kinetic energy." Chen Hongbin, the intelligent manufacturing industry park statistics station, Jiangbei New District In the past 5 years, the park around the overall requirements of high quality development, focusing on "two cities and one center", accelerating new and old kinetic energy conversions, and promoting the leading industry to make great strength.

It is understood that the new district around the industrial layout, the park support, encourage enterprises to market demand-oriented, good technology system layout, and actively encourage enterprises to strengthen R & D power operator, to break the key blocking points, adapting software to enhance energy levels, build the hardware, software linkage development pattern.

Leading Innovative R & D convergence "smart" talent

Intelligent cleaning robot, robot disinfection epidemic prevention, spinning robots, intelligent robots …… retail in Nanjing Kirin Technology Innovation Park, there is a focus on robotic automation systems integration, intelligent robotics and vision inspection systems for civil, entertainment robots developed by the company – Nanjing King Yao intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. In this company, "robots map" display on the wall, you can see the robot is used in a wide range of different industries and fields.

"Our products have been deep into different industries, such as industrial manufacturing, aerospace, logistics, security, etc., according to the company, the industry needs to help develop the appropriate robot products that can greatly enhance the performance of the industry." Nanjing King Yao Intelligent Technology Deputy General Manager Liao Yongxiang introduction, there is a smart product inspection robot, designed for high-speed rail chassis, parts and other safety testing, compared with the manual, check the robot more accurate, more efficient manner, can help immediately removed Security risks.

Relying Park, Nanjing King Yao Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has also been a lot of research and development personnel. Deputy director of Kirin Technology Park Zone Economic Development Bank said Yu, Nanjing Kirin Technology Innovation Park has a rich scientific and educational resources, more than 30 colleges and universities in Nanjing University, Southeast University, Nanjing University and other distributed around the park, the park development It provides a wealth of technological and personnel support. Park Nanjing Kirin Technology City for the development of the carrier, the CAS Nanjing Branch of "a hospital four" University Chinese Academy of Sciences Nanjing Institute at the core, gathering system and technological innovation resources Chinese Academy of Sciences, has taken shape in the CAS "1 + N" (National Science and Technology Institute of China Nanjing Institute + number of Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute) system innovation and development, and efforts to introduce outside the province well-known university research institutions, to create "a multi-hospital school" scientific and technological innovation layout.

"The combination innovation technology park resources and advantages, we strive to create artificial intelligence, information technology, science and technology innovation are two peaks, and actively introduce corporate headquarters, the Internet service platform for enterprises and other emerging economies formats, build ‘two high and one new’ economic development pattern." Yu line said.

Improve the supporting services to promote enterprise development

Nanjing Liuhe CNC machine tools Industrial Park was established in June 2001. 56 existing enterprises, of which, 18 Taiwan-funded enterprises, companies on regulation 32, 70% of corporate concentration in the streets Xiongzhou CNC machine tool industry park. The main products are machine PCB, PCB drilling machine, special machine tools, machining centers vertical and horizontal, vertical gantry rail surface grinding machine, CNC lathes and the like.

"The initial formation of industrial cluster development trend is relatively complete processing chain, forming a mold – Casting – Machining – Heat treatment – grinding – a relatively complete industrial chain of machine tool" Plot CNC machine tools Industrial Park Administrative Committee Director of the office Liguangtian said, the park set up by the mayor as head of the CNC machine tool industry working group to promote the Liuhe District, regularly scheduled planning to implement elements of land development of CNC machine tools, and other supporting personnel policy.

Nanjing Zhejiang CNC Machine Tools Co. is a representative of enterprises in the park. Nanjing Zhejiang CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd., general manager Tan said printed books, Nanjing, Zhejiang CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise, relying on the development of the park, the company from product type, degree of automation, intelligence and so on has been greatly improved .

"Now the park is also planned personnel policy, but also conducive to the introduction of talent, but the park also help us improve the workplace, workplace upgrade, to ensure the orderly conduct of the project." Tan said printed book.

It is reported that 2025 Kuni CNC machine tool industry chain in Jiangsu Province will play a strong chain of CNC machine tool industry, 30 billion strategic emerging industry clusters. 2030, will build a 50 billion national strategic emerging industry clusters, the CNC machine tool industry park into a national high-end equipment industry base cluster.

Expert Interpretation: intelligent manufacturing industry for the future development of new energy Fu

Nanjing University of the Yangtze River Industrial Economy Research Institute, researcher Liu Chen said the Intelligent Manufacturing itself is an important industry, on the one hand it comes to information technology, software, artificial intelligence software technology, on the other hand involves sensors, intelligent equipment and other intelligent hardware. "Nanjing, the development of intelligent manufacturing has a very good foundation, because both Nanjing good information technology infrastructure software, also has good equipment manufacturing base."

In the digital economy, intelligent manufacturing industry can be energized. Chen Liu said, can be intelligent manufacturing-based, large-scale technological transformation of enterprises, a series of cloud technology, information technology for development, to extend all kinds of industry chain, to improve the level of automation. Meanwhile, the Intelligent Manufacturing also that the majority of SMEs to provide a relatively low cost, efficient technology sharing platform for the majority of SMEs.

In addition, there is an important direction of intelligent manufacturing and related industries is the Internet. Chen Liu Jieshao, the Internet industry there are two forms, one form of a focused area, covering the Internet industry in the context of regional industrial clusters of. The second form is based on the main business circumstances leading enterprises, chain, covering the Internet industry in a particular scenario, there is a good case in this regard, such as Jiangsu Xugong Group, it is to represent the Internet industry in my country.

Liu Chen seems, to Nanjing, the intelligent manufacturing to give priority to important leading industry energize Nanjing, Nanjing, such as information technology industry, chemical industry and so on. "In these areas, on the one hand can be produced by intelligent efficiency, such as electronic information level can improve manufacturing efficiency and yield of production in the chemical industry can improve its security through intelligent manufacturing production levels, and in some relative risk of production environment, can reduce energy use, improve the level of machine operation. "

"In the future, with artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other cutting-edge technology in the use of intelligent manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing will have a brighter future." Chen Liu said.

Japanese smart shopping cart let supermarket bid farewell information

In a new generation of smart shopping carts in a new generation of supermarkets that achieve efficient operations in digital technology.In this regard, the leading Japanese discount store company Trial Holding introduced about 5,000 smart shopping carts.This shopping cart can save checkout through automatic payment functions, and improve the functionality of the product through data analysis.Amazon,YongwangIt has also begun to adopt smart shopping carts, and competition has become more and more intense.

Trial Holding’s Trial Company opened in the "Super Center Triala" in Fukuoka Prefecture City, opened in October. Here, the clerk is introducing approximately 200 ways of use of smart shopping carts. A 40-year-oldBe satisfiedSay: "Really accident, so simple".

Customers can use the shopping cart as long as you brush a membership card (available for points, and do the recharge card). A liquid crystal screen and a scanner next to the armrests, and a scanning product will sound. There will be a list of goods and total amounts on the screen, and the coupons and goods sent according to the purchase record.Recommendation letterinterest.

You can automatically check out, you can stay in the cashier. Although there is a clerk to conduct a simple examination, but the checkout time is less than half of ordinary artificial cashiers. The humanity and time required for the cashier’s work is more than two0%.

Trial positioned smart shopping carts as an important part of store operations. In 2018, the 51 stores in Jiuzhou, Central, and Nakanda, in Japan, have introduced about 5,000 smart shopping carts. Customers can also choose an ordinary shopping cart. The average utilization rate of smart shopping carts exceeded 40%, and more than half of the 50 years old. Customers who use smart shopping carts have increased by 14%.

The Trial Group’s president of Retail Ai, which is responsible for technology development, said, "Improve shopping experience" by eliminating anxiety and recommended goods at the time of checking. " It is planned to promote smart shopping carts to approximately 60 stores in 2021, an increase of 6,500.

Smart shopping carts are getting more and more popular around the world. Amazon introduced the smart shopping cart "Dash Cart" for identifying the goods in the United States for 2020. When the customer walks through the channel, you can check up the credit card in advance.

Small store "Amazon Go" captures customers and goods through the sensors and cameras in the store, and achieves non-acceptance space terms. Although Amazon does not disclose relevant data, it is more than 100 million yen according to estimation of the introduction of the camera. The more large shops, the more difficult to introduce the sensors and cameras directly, so the smart shopping cart will debut.

Yongwang Retail began in some stores in some stores. App "Regigo", customers can rent smartphones, put them on the shopping cart to read the barcodes, and obtain approximately two-standing customers.

The advantage of leading Trial Holdings on the introduction time and scale is recommended. Trial Holdings will be based on approximately 27 billion "ID-POS data", and it is improvingSolemnRecommended algorithm.

It turned out to be recommended from hundreds of items set in advance, and now it is fully automated through artificial intelligence (AI), it can be recommended from thousands of items. Technical basis is a collaborative filtering algorithm, which is recommended to have a similar preferred goods.

Trial Holdings is a characterful retail company, and the ancestral industry is system development. Including China’s legal people, there are more than 500 technicians. The company quickly improves business model through independent design software and hardware. A new generation store will also set hundreds of cameras and electronic billboards that detect out-of-stock and activity routes, and obtain data with the shopping cart.

The Yongtian, which has an entrepreneurial experience in Silicon Valley, "" It is also improving technology to improve technology, "also attaches importance to external cooperation. The cooperation platform is a general community’s legal person "Retail AI Research Association", Trial has also joined this organization. Members include approximately 250 companies such as manufacturers and circulation enterprises. Verification experiments are provided by Trial, and data and technology are also shared with competitors.

The research will verify the product recommendation method of "natural language processing" technology used in Fukuoka in the store in Fukuoka City. Analyze the propaganda points introduced by each commodity, and classified according to the language.

At first glance, sesame oil and sugar beer have "alcohol thickness · soft · natural" these same keywords, so it is determined to be a product similar to values. When the customer scans sesame oil, the shopping cart will display "I recommend you to enjoy high quality, mellow taste" and recommend beer, and you can also discover the goods that are not easy to be recommended before.

Trial was opened in the palace of Miyu City became an experimental field. Trial recovered multiple abandoned schools in the city, built an Internet of Things (IoT) and AI development base, which will verify the technology as soon as possible.

Enough to detect the new shopping cart for customers forget to scan the product to charge 20 simultaneously

Trial also provides smart shopping carts outside. 2020 in China (one of Japan’s region, refers to Retail Partners in the Kuang Mountain, Hiroshima, Yamaguchi, Island, and Birds) and the Kyushu area. The supermarket in Kyushu introduced Trial’s shopping cart. . Trial will also develop a new smart shopping cart that can detect customers forgetting the product scan, but also charging 20 shopping carts. Will introduce in Trial and other enterprises in the store, and will be exported to China after 2022.

Under the promotion of non-contact demand in the new crown epidemic, emerging companies such as Caper will also develop smart shopping carts. The development and introduction of smart shopping carts will be more intense.

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Merely listening to Ricky Ponting’s dressing room speech gives you goosebumps: Avesh

When Ricky Ponting speaks, all Avesh Khan does is listen to the former Australian captain with rapt attention.

The Delhi Capitals fast bowler, who has taken 18 wickets from 11 games, has been in good form during this season and he feels that his head coach inputs on cricket as well as the mental aspect of the game, helped him evolve as a player.

“It is my fourth year with Ricky sir and I can say that he has been a legendary player and an equally great coach. He talks about the mental aspect of the game. Just listening to him in the dressing room gives me goosebumps. He has an open mind and you can discuss anything you wish with him,” Avesh told PTI Bhasha in an interview.

His toe-crushing yorkers has earned praise from none other than world’s fastest bowler Anrich Nortje, who wants to understand how he is so consistent with that kind of an effort ball.

Well, Avesh revealed that his process of fine-tuning blockhole deliveries is no different from other speed merchants who also either keep a shoe or a handkerchief at the front-crease.

“I always try to practice as much as yorkers at the nets. It is a wicket-taking delivery and one can bring perfection with practice only. I use a bottle or cone or even my shoe for that. When the ball hits the target, it enhances my confidence too ,” said the Indore lad, who is enjoying a breakthrough season in IPL.

“It is very important to land perfect yorkers in pressure situations at it is the only delivery which can save a bowler from getting punished by the batter. I always try to welcome the new batter with a perfectly executed yorker,” he added.

Happy with his performance in the current IPL season Avesh is aiming to maintain this form to help Delhi Capitals winning their maiden title.

“It has been a dream-like journey so far. I started playing Cricket as a hobby and was always very passionate about the game. When I used to play with a tennis ball in Indore , I had never thought of coming so far,’ said the former India U-19 pacer, who was in the reserves during the tour of England before a fracture cut short his tour.

With Kagiso Rabada, Nortje and Avesh in their armoury, Delhi Capitals have one of the strongest fast bowling attacks in IPL 2021 and all three of them are eager to learn and feed from each other’s success.
“I have been learning a lot from them. I keep asking them about the pitch, which bowl will work for a particular batter or what to bowl in a particular situation. Our focus remains on working as a unit , not on individual performances,” he said.

He was first spotted by former cricketer Amay Khurasia , his mentor, at an MPCA trial at the age of 13. The Indore quick had been a regular feature in the India A sides . His Ranji coach Chandrakant Pandit also helped him to improve and till now he speaks to him before or after every match.

He also sought advice from Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who has always been an inspiration for small-town boys who have made it big in cricket.

“Mahi bhai has inspired a lot of youngsters . I also wanted to play under his captaincy. I spoke to him after the match against CSK and he told me many things about the game which I will always follow,” said the pacer who also took Dhoni’s wicket in the previous match and called it ‘ dream wicket’.

Building more inclusive, welcoming schools for LGBTQ+ children

Earlier this month, while speaking at the Shiksha Parv conclave, the prime minister emphasised the need for inclusive and equitable education. In the same week, the Kerala High Court brought attention to medical textbooks that described non-binary gender identities as “offensive perversions” and “mental disorders”. This had continued despite Kerala becoming the first state to adopt a transgender policy six years ago. A similar concern over “queerphobia” in medical education was raised by the Madras HC earlier this year.