Domestic cloud server public network bandwarest analysis

Cloud server public network bandwidth Ali Cloud, Tencent cloud and other cloud manufacturers are not cheap, why is domestic server public network bandwidth so expensive? Foreign server bandwidth is very cheap, and the server bandwidth network ( is detailed from the monopoly, shared exclusive, public IP address, etc.Domestic server bandwidth is so expensive:

Take Ali Yun and Tencent Cloud as an example. Public network bandwidth takes Beijing’s region as an example, generally 1M bandwidth price is 23 yuan / month, when the bandwidth reaches 6m and above, each M bandwidth rose to 80 yuan / month, how ? The price is very expensive. The server bandwidth network is moving, seeing foreign VPS, the upper 100 megabytes of bandwidth dozens of dollars, a few hundred yuan price, why is the price gap so much? As shown below:

Server bandwidth price

refer to:

The server bandwidth network will detail the reason for the domestic server, welcome to supplement:

Domestic server bandwidth mainly surround the three major operators, telecommunications, mobile and Unicom, like Ali Cloud, Tencent Yun is the bandwidth of renting operators, monopoly possessed leading, the price is that.

The server bandwidth network takes Ali Yun as an example, as long as the cloud server purchases the public network bandwidth, Alibaba Cloud system will assign an exclusive public network IP address to the cloud server. The public network IPv4 address is controlled by the United States, and the IP address of Ali Cloud is also an application for rents to ICANN. The server bandwidth network remembers that when the network engineer was taken, the teacher said that IPv4 address is facing depletion.

In Ali Cloud, Tencent Cloud Renting Cloud Servers, public network cables with broad domestic BGP high-speed network lines. When the cloud server provides services through the public network bandwidth, the cloud server must cover operators such as telecommunications, mobile, China Unicom, Tung Tong and Education Network. Regardless of which network access to cloud servers, the cloud server is to meet fast and efficient.

The server bandwidth network sees many VPS bands in foreign countries, the price is still very cheap, but this is VPS, non-server, many cases to limit traffic.

Like Ali Cloud, Tencent Cloud provides exclusive bandwidth, and sometimes users see 100g bandwidth, actually shared bandwidth, at all, unique effects at the network peak period. And some are shared bandwidth, even in us, it is not reached.

In fact, the public network bandwidth does not have to pursue how big, as an example of the web site, many times the big bandwidth is not used. For example, the server has a website with a website, the daily IP2000, the Alibaba Cloud 1M bandwidth server, the website is connected to the CDN, the 1M bandwidth is also enough, but many webmasters will vomit 1M bandwidth small water pipe, this server bandwidth network It is not a solution, it is not a big station, most small websites on the network, and there are hundreds of IP. Due to the waste of bandwidth resources, many times the user does not use so many bandwidth, so on the shared bandwidth problem on the 5th point, the banner of 100 megabytes is actually multi-tenant mode.

The above is a few more analysis of the server bandwidth network on why expensive domestic server bandwidth, for reference only, you also welcome you. Finally, Pushui Cloud, Domestic Cloud Server Selection Server Bring Wide Network Suggestion or the first choice of Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud This major factory, whether it is cloud server performance, network bandwidth or reliability is guaranteed, Ali Cloud and Tencent Cloud The public network bandwidth is exclusive, and now the price is very cheap, everyone can pay attention to:

If you pull the 14 billion people, pull it to a WeChat group

"Recently, I know that there is a very popular problem:" Can I pull the 14 billion Chinese people to a WeChat group can be realized? " "

Public data based on "WeChat Data Report" in 2017 [Reference 1]:In September 2017, the WeChat day landed 902 million people, and the average daily message was 38 billion.

This means an average of 42 messages per person per day.

So more information is just a constant speed, taking into account everyone’s sleep, sleeping 8 hours, then the information to receive per second is:

Wow, more than 1 million per second! Currently, one of the most frequent mobile phone CPUs, Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 has 2.8GHz processing capabilities [Reference 2], a total of 8 cores.

If the Android system is not calculated, the CPU operation of the refresh, the network IO is displayed, and the computing power that can be assigned each message is:

What is this concept? The world’s first microprocessor is Intel 4004 in 1971 Intel, and this old antique’s clock is 108kHz. So 21.9khz is nothing.

Fortunately, the IT world has a mole law:The CPU performance is doubled every 18 months (or the price is half). Although existing technology is hard to make the main frequency increase (a toothpaste factory is desirable, only 5 GHz is also

But suppose we use black technology to improve the frequency. When the 2025 mole of the law failed [Reference 4], our mobile phone CPU clock should be reached:

It looks good, but the computing power for each message will reach:

Oh, there is still no level of Intel 4004, so the result is that you wait for 7 years, or can’t enter this national group to grab a red envelope.

Ok, let’s let your mobile phone access a powerful computer. For example, the world’s super-cost Taihu Lake, 1 million CPU core [reference 5] to help handle the first large WeChat group of this universe. The problem of interactiveness is final.

We assume that there is 10 Chinese characters per message, which is probably equivalent to 30 byte, counting the application layer will add certain control characters, plus the data consumption of the TCP / IP network layer is about 74 byte, take a whole, Averages each message has 100 Byte, each byte equivalent to 8 bit.

At this time, the network bandwidth required per second is:

If someone has a red envelope, the required bandwidth is bigger.

In theory, 4G network can support 1000 Mbps [Reference 6], but don’t forget, it is the people of the whole country in the same group, and people around you need the same bandwidth, which makes your vicinity, causing .

In order to avoid network paralysis, you can’t grab the red envelope or look at the group, you need to move to a base station around no one, such as the summer vacation, only when you haven’t gone home yet.

However, the day of the operator is not good, because the traffic in this second is amazing:

This is equivalent to 65.7% of the total traffic traffic in April 2017 [Reference 7], which means that every 18 seconds can be used in full country a year. Operators Surse trembling .gif

If 1.146 EBIT data is loaded with a 2tbyte 3.5-inch hard drive (20 mm high), then stacked, there are 1433.25 m, compared to the world’s top floor – Dubai’s Harry Pacific Tower only zone 828m.

Of course, if there is really a need, I believe that telecom operators are sure heavy gold to build the world’s largest broadband network.

However, it is not an operator who will spend money – but Tencent.

In order to deal with this 1.146 EBPS traffic, Tencent needs to prepare 114.66 million sets of switches and servers.

At present, a large factory is about 4,000 yuan, and a cheap server is about 10,000 yuan, and the cost of these two adds is:

Hey, just these two GDPs are equivalent to Shenzhen 2014 year-round GDP [Reference 8].

It does not include network cables, wires, server racks, computer room hosted, electricity, and operational expenditures …

So multi-device storage is also a problem. A 2U server with 10Gbps port has 88.9 mm high, so it is stacked:

This is almost the distance between China’s aircraft route to the United States, and it is enough to repair the railway.

Ok, I have so many devices, which you can finally get a group.

But you are surprised to find that in addition to the white screen, nothing – this is because your eyes can’t receive such fast data!

The visual stay time of the human eye is 100-400 milliseconds [refer to 9], and our group will show 1020,000 information every second, and each message is only about 0.001 milliseconds. In contrast, the movie and TV are 41 milliseconds.

So you haven’t come to see the news, it has disappeared, and finally leaving a white color block on the center of the screen.

Xiaobian selection some netizen message:

@ 大 哥 has tenderness:

1.4 billion is not terrible in a group. Terrible, every holiday group will make the group of red envelopes!

@ 后 知 Next:

It has been done, and 1.4 billion people pull to a WeChat group. Everyone sees all news broadcasts.


Simply put, your phone will collapse immediately because it does not carry a second volume of information.

@ 三毛 fish

Can be implemented, but there are several restrictions:

1 All WeChat accounts are enforced to this WeChat group.

2 WeChat group can only say a limited number of people, others can’t speak.

3 WeChat groups can only be fixed daily time period messages.

4 Other WeChat groups cannot send messages at a fixed time, or can only forward this WeChat group message.

This can be achieved, there is no difficulty in technology.

@ 程 墨 Morgan

"Pull" is not difficult to implement in a group. Anyway, the user information is on the server, and a group to build a micro-signal containing all users is also adding a record.

However, this group must do not let anyone speak, and the diversity of our people, various words, map mad, advertising madman … Massive information instantly can put servers, operators networks and The battery of your mobile phone defeats.

@ 世安 先

Telling, from the theory, the current technology is still feasible, cough, I have to force it.

Looking at other answers, people, terminal, transmission, processing, storage, analysis, etc. are defective or shortboard, can’t keep up with a large amount of data, in fact, personal feeling is still implemented. , Only the relationship between cost and profit.

First of all, how many billion information is to be considered, and the amount of information is not limited to 0 for a particular individual. I personally don’t pay attention to this information, because the efficiency of obtaining information is too low.

This leads to ninety-nine people directly ignored the existence of this group. The rest of the news is nothing more than the top announcement, set the top news, red envelopes and idiots, browsing announcements and news.

Considering the problem of concurrency, the general current server can be done, after all, there is a lot of news APP can do; red envelope, be a algorithm, not to grab, don’t grab, he will seriously affect the experience, giving billions Users are randomly assigned a data. It should be difficult to have a difficulty.

The rest is to chat, data directly cloud storage in server side, analysis processing summary out a center idea for a few seconds to push to individual users once, it is almost, the server retrieved, personal, I feel that I feel The pressure of the terminal will not be too large.

Second, transmission, this is a link I think the smallest problem, why? After solving the problem of the personal terminal, the personal data transmission is not large, and the existing transmission network can be satisfied.

The transmission of the server is to see how this server is a Jian method. If centralized processing and storage, you can only use the 100 G line and build a three or five.

Only the corresponding supporting switch router has to build a huge system. If it is distributed storage and processing, 10G or even GE is special. This is transmission.

Third, processing, if you have to process a large amount of data concentration, you have to build a largest and even the largest and most complex data center in China to carry this system.

But if distributed, I believe that the current system is also enough. After all, the existing volume is so big, and the amount of data will never explode in this group.

Fourth, storage and processing work can complete storage and definitely not a problem, and even store data to the personal terminal, transfer the contradiction of investment equipment to data security and management.

Fifth, data analysis, this is the difficult point in the heavy, difficult points, how to effectively analyze useful information in such a large amount of data and push to a specific individual talent is the core key.

Although the technology has no large-scale commercialization, I believe this technology is that there is already a trial or even commercial existence, but the public is not clear, after all, this kind of thing thinks about it is a bit a little horrible.

In short, how to achieve this system or build this group, nothing more than the contradiction between demand and resources, transferring the contradiction between storage demand and investment to data security and operation management, put big data The amount transmitted dispersion, analyzes a large amount of data, and the tailor-to-direction, the most core investment is the complete intelligent effective data analysis system.

Nokia God Machine 8 years ago, what is the experience?

Polycarbonate fuselage, domineering camera module, 41 million pixels, PureView, Zeiss certification.

This is Nokia Lumia 1020. It is the old flagship, a generation of video benchmarks, and many people memories of Nokia and Windows Phone. This time, we re-experienced this classic mobile phone. After 8 years, he will tell us what kind of story?

01 Can it still use it?

sure. I don’t think about it, we really want to take it with the usual machines, try to use it to complete some daily tasks, electronic payment, instant messaging, etc. Using the iPhone, Android phone response. Unfortunately, time did not give it a chance, the old high-pass S4 dual-core processor is overwhelmed, we have to make a good job.

Let’s talk about what is completely can’t be used. Two instant messaging, electronic payment giants, WeChat, Alipay, and their small procedures are basically unavailable. A health code for payment, is the absence of these two, and it is difficult to take it on the day.

QQ,Sina WeiboIt is possible to install, but the service has been stopped. All major banks app and e-commerce platforms are not worth noting.

Other aspects, although it is difficult to be elegant, it is still available. Anyway, it’s not not possible.

02 experience

Back to the topic talking on the phone. Nokia Lumia 1020 is most striking, as this polycarbonate body, as well as domineering camera modules.SquareThe front face is equipped with a rounded back curve, and it does not lose the grip. Compared with the time, the rounded R angle, the curved screen, and there is a unique temperament.

It has a huge round camera module, which has been draped "Olio". For the time of the mobile phone, 41 million pixels are flat, but in eight years ago, this 41 megapixel camera with Xenon flash, Zeiss certified, is an unkno-opponent.

Of course, it is also full of historical traces, such as hanging rope holes, micro usb interface, Windows mobile phone exclusive entity buttons, and "extremely advanced 3.5mm" headphone interface. Its SIM card slot is Microsim, and the strange thing is that it supports SIM card hot swap, but not supported, each exchange system needs to be restarted.

Nokia Lumia 1020 is equipped 1 / 1.5 inch 41 million pixel cameraThe 1/1 1.2 inches of 808 PureView is slightly smaller than the end of the destination, but it is better than the software advantage. Its imaging effect is better than 808 PureView.

From the perspective, the camera ability of Nokia Lumia 1020 is still very hitting today, the soil sensor, good OIS optical anti-shake, has a good imaging quality. It also has such problems, such as camera start and imaging speed, the strange white balance of Nokia ancestors, and the place where the paste is still passed, the software will not give you too much correction.

Of course, old fansMindDo not forget, there is it Lumia professional camera. Manually adjust the various options, Raw’s original picture, which is accustomed to calculating photography, these options may be a bit cumbersome, but for use skilled users, they are the existence of making mobile phones into tools.

Let’s first come from the easiest requirements. When a mobile phone is the mission of the mobile phone, it is at least to act as a player.ListenSong, look at the video.

Lumia 1020 is still selected in this regard.The UWP period is very active NetEy cloud music, still downloading installation in the Microsoft Store.If you can’t install on your phone, you may need to install your phone via the Microsoft Store operation of the Windows PC, or join your own software library and transfer it to your phone.

Log inNeteaseAfter Yunyun, the Metro UI that did not change was reflected in the eye. Founded interface, refreshing and streamlined, songs can be played normally, search, and songs can be used, but dynamics, recommendations, etc. have not been acquired. Long-term lack of updates, Netease cloud music Windows mobile version is very streamlined, and it is also missing a lot of functions, such as the entry of the purchased digital album is not found.

Foreign famous flow media music platform Spotify can log inBut the core recommended song list, the search function has been invalid, and can only be opened from the individual music library, it is actually half-disabled.

Video aspect,哩 哩, Iqiyi’s official UWP version can be installedHowever, the B station account password login may report an error, and you need to use iOS, Android version of the APP scan code.Bilibili UWP version supports 1080P playback, video speed, etc., experienced good experience. It still has a good third-party UWP version, but it is no longer available to play video.

It’s not the right thing. Compared to the other audio and video applications on Windows Phone, or only empty housings.Youkuvideo,SohuVideo is the latter, the application can be downloaded, but the video cannot play normally.

Step by back, we can also retro it, introduce the audio and video into your mobile phone. You can play with Groove music, movies and TV, classic FOOBAR 2000 Mobile, VLC Player, ACG Player is also a good third party. choose. But today, there should be no one like this cumbersome experience, the streaming service has completely changed our way we listening to the song.

The Windows mobile phones can do not much in other daily applications. The application ecology is very lacking, and after many years, it is a desert.

If you want to use, you can only return it, solve the problem through the browser. takeMicrobloggingFor the Microsoft Store, the Weibo can also be downloaded, but it has already stopped support. Brush Weibo can only pass the browser, experience very original.

ShakeOn the lineWeb version, so the brush roast on the Windows phone is also possible. However, there is only a desktop version without a mobile version, which is very uncomfortable on this small screen, because performance issues, Carton is more serious.

The map of the system can work normally. If you need to find your car or bus route, it can help you.

If we rely on the browser, we have another option. In recent years, progressive network applications PWA is a general purpose application, which is based on a normal web page, but is similar to traditional meaning. We are commonly used by Weibo, shake, etc., and Apple Music, Spotify, TeT, Telegraph, etc. have a PWA version.

It is a pity that the Lumia 1020 not only keeps the era, but also the EDGE browser that has not been updated for many years is also the foundation, but also the general application such as PWA can’t save it. Spotify no longer supports the mobile EDGE browser to log in, and the Apple Music web version is not possible to perform the next step after opening.

General applications can’t save you, it is really unharmonic.

Office software isMicrosoftSignboard. Windows 10 mobile version of Office getGood support, experience is not much different from the Duration And Zhuo version. Microsoft’s Office suite on this platform has been supporting until January 2021, and there is no too much.

Because of performance issues, today’s Lumia 1020 will occasionally appear when using the Office suite, and the connection speed of OneDrive has also been.Anxious. However, using mobile version on the phone, it is mainly dealing with some simple or urgent needs to achieve a level of consensus.

In Windows UWP applications, the XODO PDF reader is not much, supporting a PC, mobile dual platform, and a complete feature of the application, and the usual features such as ink writing are basically available. In addition, there is an 8 zip which is quite similar to the 7-ZIP name. For mobile phones, the plate is optimized, it is convenient for touch screen operation, but the PC side experience is not so beautiful, slightly cumbersome.

Other applications include free version of Adobe Photoshop Express, support simple diagrams and image editing; Pic Collage This old puzzle application can now be used.

03 How Windows mobile phone is falling

In 2021, I took this Lumia 1020, and we can get it almost these. Worse battery, occasionally stuck and loaded, as if to talk to us 8 years it experienced.

On October 8, 2017, the Vice President of Microsoft Operating System Department, "Joopi Feng" Joe Belfiore, said that Windows 10 Mobile has stopped developing new version and new features, only for existing versions and devices, safe patches and maintenance. On January 14, 2020, the Windows 10 Mobile system officially stopped updating.

Why can’t Microsoft’s leadership of Nokia, PC and Communications Empire, why can’t I make the Windows mobile phone succeed?

The most important reason is of course Microsoft’s death. Microsoft’s mobile phone dreams in 2000 Pocket PC, which is later Windows Mobile platform. In 2010, Windows Phone 7 is released, and the existing Windows Mobile is abandoned and cannot be upgraded.

When Windows Phone 8 is released, the system’s kernel turns by Windows CE to Windows NT, sharing a lot of constituent elements with the PC system, theoretically constructing apps more convenient, system hardware requirements are double cores. This out, the majority of Windows Phone 7 devices cannot upgrade Windows Phone 8, only get a Windows Phone 7.8 as "Consolation Award".

With the release of Windows 10, Microsoft renamed the mobile phone platform to Windows 10 Mobile, and strive to implement unified ecology. The familiar scenes will happen again. Although Microsoft promises all Windows Phone 8 models to upgrade Windows 10 Mobile, after multiple delays, only less than 20 models have been upgraded, and the remaining models can only be previewed. The user was once again abandoned.

So unloading killing, hurting consumers and tortured developers. From Windows Phone 7 to 8, 8.1, then to the later UWP, multiple internal changes, forcing the developers to follow the application. Original Microsoft’s mobile application ecology is not rich, the market share is not high, where can I get this toss? Sina Weibo, Taobao like the number one player, I didn’t have a few years.

In addition, Microsoft’s mobile partnership strategy is also substantive. The earlier Windows Phone is similar to the PC system. OEM vendors want to pre-installed to pay a certain authorization fee to Microsoft. ZTE has disclosed the number of $ 20-30. In contrast, open source and free Android systems are easier to get the favor of mobile phone manufacturers.

Microsoft is waking up in 2014, announced that the Windows mobile phone system will exempt the OEM license fee, but it is too late. iOS and Android are almost two-year world, and the third mobile phone operating system is no longer required in the world.

In general, the Windows system can be able to cross the PC field, and it is extensive compatibility. Microsoft’s Windows mobile phone history, completely with compatibility design, and it is not unexpected.

04 Lumia will come back again?

Nokia Lumia mobile phone is going to think about thousands of thoughts. So in 2021, is we like to see Lumia’s classic new mobile phone?

We have pinned the hope of lumia literary revival in HMD. The Nokia Android phone built by HMD has been popular in the Chinese market, and the flagship machine design is eye-catching. Unfortunately, the flagship market is not good, the middle-end machine is not making money, and HMD can only turn the center of gravity to overseas market. Nowadays, domestic entry is quickly popularized, and there are still many models of HMD to use water drops, and the design is mediocre.

In fact, the Lumia can be revived, and the decisive factor is in Microsoft. Although Microsoft licensing the 10-year rights of Nokia brand use to HMD,But there is a Lumia brand and a large number of design patents in your hand.Maybe its mobile phone dream is still going. Unfortunately, on the two generations of Surface Duo mobile phones launched in Microsoft, we have never found the shadow of the Lumia era.

On this Nokia Lumia 1020, we can still experience the exquisite industrial design, innovative magnetic posters, as well as Nokia’s unique temperament, and the classic slogan of "technology people-oriented".

Nokia, the old fans of Windows Phone may also remember that at the 2018 Inspire Conference, Microsoft CEO Nadla personally used the Android mobile phone to demonstrate Microsoft application, and I can’t forget that Wuwei Chen. However, the mobile phone market is a king defeated. If it is not a strong man of Nadla, Microsoft is probably not to regain new students, and become a 2.5 trillion market value company that is now with Apple and drive.

Remnant. Don’t look back in an anger, don’t worry about it.

Love and intelligence behind a package

Okay ~ I am in history, my daily life is a scientific and technological big cow that opens five lakes and four seas. I will try all kinds of postures to tell you the boundless brain and warm story. If you want to be friends with me,).

Love and intelligence behind a package
Wen | History
(Zero) a small problem
You are an ordinary Beijing Chaoyang, you hate the life of the nine and fifth and want to start a business.
You have developed a "cat eye sunglasses", not only look cool, but also has a built-in high-tech function, eye movement control taking pictures, and the eyebrows can also be alarm.
You will set up 100 glasses from the factory, piled in the living room, personally play live broadcast. Product useful, pricing and conscience, really popular, sell light in a few minutes.
Turning, you called "Puppy Express", the brother of "Puppy" is pulled away from your home and sent it to the buyer in all parts of the country.
Not long, your business is, the greater, and you can sell thousands of "cat eye sunglasses every day."

(Because the islands in the South Sea are too wide, it is particularly emphasized for the picture expression, and the picture is not particularly emphasized. Middle brothers resolutely support the unity and territorial integrity of the motherland, and struggle with all the dissection of the motherland.) This statement.)

In addition, you have encountered a small problem – your living room is not big enough.
One car smart glasses are sent from the factory every week, and the at home is not in the home.
No way, you decided to take the money in the piggy bank, rent a real warehouse, hired a special warehouse administrator, I also made a system that automatically fills in the order address, puppy express is also arranged. Special car, go to your warehouse every day.

(Because the islands in the South Sea are too wide, it is particularly emphasized for the picture expression, and the picture is not particularly emphasized. Middle brothers resolutely support the unity and territorial integrity of the motherland, and struggle with all the dissection of the motherland.) This statement.)

However, the more business is more, you encounter a new problem – a warehouse is not enough.
"Cat Powder" (fans of cat eyellaway) will place an order, but you only have a warehouse in Beijing.
The receipt of the area around Beijing is very fast, but Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and the western friends can wait for two days. Everyone gave a message to spitting, you shipped slow. . .
No way, for cat powder, you bite your teeth, add two warehouses in Chengdu and Shenzhen to allow the factory to send the goods to these three warehouses.
Take the principle of "recent delivery": Hu Jian fans will be shipped from Shenzhen Warehouse, and Chongqing friends will ship from Chengdu warehouse.
In this way, although the cost of transportation has increased, your delivery speed is guaranteed, and the word of mouth is saved.
Subsequently, under the "恿" of the fans, you enrich the product line, launched a cat eye headset, cat eye camera, cat eye brush, razor, and a lot of various types.
This brings a new problem – people in the warehouse are not enough.
Various products are different, different placement positions, after the customer order, the few teachers in the warehouse ran to ran all kinds of picking, they can participate in the marathon competition. This is much more efficient than just picking a product. . .
So you have to make more staff of the warehouse, but also have to give them training, and the cost has increased a lot.
Soon, you are already a famous brand of small, starting to participate in 618, double 11, and a variety of promotions.
But there is a problem with promotion, which will cause sales of sales. One wave of big promotion, some warehouses sell, and some warehouses still have left.
So you have to face a new issue – inventory lacks coordination.
So, you find two experts’ big cattle:
One is responsible for "sales prediction", he will measure the future sales according to the historical data at the time of the previous promotion, reasonably arrange the stock reasonably; one is responsible for "balancing inventory", he will adjust inventory according to the sales situation, such as put a The warehouse is saplified to the B warehouse.
Although experts have high salary, sometimes forecasts will be mistaken, but after all, there are many "out of stock" and "slow sales", and overall is still very cost-effective.
However, the world has not ended from you.
Look at the previous map, no matter how many people in your warehouse, how many people in your warehouse, from "Your Warehouse" to "User Hand", the paragraph still needs puppy express delivery + delivery .
One day, your Beijing warehouse is going to send a lot of goods, the manager of the puppy is telling you in the phone: "Why didn’t you say it in advance, today we are super busy, the capacity is not enough, can’t make so many goods …"
The next day, your Beijing warehouse suddenly shipped very small, the manager of the puppy is spit: "Yesterday, the car is not enough, I deliberately give you a few cars today …"
Thus, a deep problem is highlighted – the lack of coordination on the supply chain.
You have to play a big hand, and the puppy express has established a deep cooperation. Dock your sales system and puppy logistics system, sales of key data to the puppy express in real time so that they can make arrangements in advance according to data.
Hey, you are not forgotten, and it’s actually a company that is a product. . .
Every day, the "breaking" of the supply chain is dealing with the supply chain. It has taken a lot of energy (° ゝ °) ╭, slightly does not pay attention, the supply chain cost will soar, this is not a lot of profits. trace. You are getting more and more time to study the feedback of "cat powder", and there is no new product, and the word of mouth is gradually out of control.
Yue Yue is tired, the cat powder began to spit in social media, and you are a capital home that is not conscience, your sales also begins to decline. . .
In the middle of the night, you have a big green stick suspect a life: My initial heart just wants to be a good product, why is it last? ?
Turning, you can’t bear it.
You don’t find someone, we do"Integrated supply chain "just can solve your problem.
Our puppy logistics has a warehouse in all parts, and the warehouse is all intelligent robot sorting and handling, which is much higher than pure artificial efficiency; we also have system intelligently predict sales, calculate the number of replenishments, automatically balance the inventory of each area – These all can be used!
Moreover, with an integrated supply chain, the data is naturally open, and the distribution scheduling is also easier. In the future, you only do your products, pay the hardships of the supply chain to us, this is not very cool?
Your tears come: "Big Brother, I have tossed a few years of supply chain, next time, can you tell me a few years …"
Lausa said: "Brothers, sorry, we are late …"
Ok, today’s brick story will talk about it first, we go back to reality.
It is estimated that you also guess it, this story is to adapt from the real incident. The puppy inside is – "Jingdong Logistics".
According to my secret observation, ordinary people’s understanding of Jingdong retail (Ji Dong Mall, usually buying things), but there are many misunderstandings for Jingdong logistics.
The biggest misunderstanding is: Is Jingdong Logistics not shipped by Jingdong?
I have talked about several old drivers in Jingdong logistics in the last month. I found that they did, I have already written a popular science article immediately.
As I mentioned earlier, Jingdong Logistics The present is "integrated supply chain".
Tell, this name is not sexy. I thought how to use a sentence for a long time to describe "integrated supply chain." Later, I found that one sentence is not, a picture may be.
If you take the goods from the factory than a drop of ink, the technology integrated supply chain is like detergent, as long as it is dropped, it will make the pigment instantly to the place where they should go.
Brush, just like this.
The Creator’s ghosts are of course very cool, but the teachers of Jingdong logistics must use human limited technology to simulate this "speed spread" effect in the "real supply chain scene" on the nine million square kilometers of land, difficulty It is really not small.
Don’t worry, I will give you detailed science these punk technology, before this, I want to spend a little time to discuss a question:
The supply chain will come to the point where you need such complex technology today?
More than ten years ago, there may be 10% of people with a soft. May I have such a big proportion? It is certainly won’t have, because everyone has their own shampoo brands and products.
Jingdong Logistics CEO Yu Rui sits in front of it describes such a rushed common phenomenon.
Yu Rui
Everyone has feelings, because our needs are like explosive fireworks"Segment". Today is in the consumer field, no matter how much star’s products are hard to make a rivers and lakes.
But why is demand to be subdivided?
My thoughts began to float, and there was an interesting demonstration logic in front of them:
Everyone has countless "demand" inner heart, these needs are spel, which is the unique graphic of everyone.
We may have a common demand, and some of our graphics is coincident.
When the level of economic development is relatively low, everyone’s needs are basic demand, such as eating and full of food, washing their eyes. So this time, if you draw a "demand map", everyone’s demand pattern is squeezed.
In the face of this map, the most insurance method of merchants is to produce the highest demand of demand.
So before ten years ago, there will be "a lot of people with the same goods".
However, with economic development, new companies have produced new companies.
At first glance, the previous demand height-catching products have long been done, and the new brand can only find "although the coincidence, but less than the number of people" can only be found on the map. Just like here.
After more subdivided products, interesting things begin to happen:
People find that it is best to buy things that suits you most, there is no need to use a lot of gentle.
This kind of thinking is like "breeding grass", and everyone has repeatedly re-examined their hearts and ask yourself what you need.
After thinking, their needs have also begun to change.
Note that I am in describing a mutual process: the product is getting more and more, and the demand for people is getting faster and faster, in turn promotes the product segment, and then promotes demand variation.
If you are an entrepreneur, there will be a "unlocking process" in front of you: the user’s needs are locking, your product is the key.
In the past, the demand is stable, the user is like a traditional general lock – you only have a key, you can open the user’s atrium; now the user needs floating, like a password lock – your hand is still Can open the user’s heart, will change your password tomorrow. . .
First, you have to send as many goods as possible to the user’s hands in the shortest time. There is not much time for the Chinese team, hesitating will be defeated.
Second, I still don’t dare to prepare too many stocks, because I don’t know if I have a "password" in my hand. During the night, users used the big brother, I still hold a bunch of BP, but it can be too irradiated.
In the movie "riding the wind and waves", there is a plot of a bunch of BP machines.

All brands want to use fewer stocks, faster speed, to meet more potential sales opportunities. This is the future we see, and it is also our service available from the perspective of the supply chain!
Yu Rui said that he had to have 10,000 times, and he had already considered it.
Now you probably understand what the ink drops into milk is saying.
Just a drop of ink, this is "less stock"; spreading the whole water, this is "more potential sales opportunities"; instantly spread, this is "faster turnaround speed";

Look at it again

How can it be done?
To be a brother, it is very simple. Just need two magic weapons: First, there is "Zhuge Liang"; second, there is "five tigers".
What is "Zhuge Liang"?
You still remember in the example of "Cat Eye Mirror", we invited a few big cattle experts to help us do "sales forecasts" and "inventory balance"? These two characters are part of "Zhuge Liang".
The most cattle Zhuge Liang need to do "whole knowledge":
In the brain, the sales volume of the next period of time is determined from the factory to order how many goods will be booked from the factory. Which bin is put into it; also consider the sortie in the warehouse, the number of distributors in the area is not enough; if you have a hair loss, you have to think Inventory supplementary strategy; slow sales, you have to get out of the stock promotion strategy.
How is it, is there a strategic taste?
Why is it "five tigers"?
This is better understood, you have a magical calculation, no Guan Yu Zhang Fei gives you the charge, do you have to pay more?
You still remember that in the example of "Cat Eye Mirror", we rented a lot of warehouses, and also hired a lot of masters in the warehouse to help sorting, and the goods had many little brothers after coming out of the warehouse. These are part of the "five tigers".
The most cattle five tigers will be "all-round":
Any order, the system wants to pick the goods within five minutes, I can pick it; the system hopes to send it within 12 hours, I can send it. Send a trip to the goods, the tea in the cup is still cold. . .
How is it, is there a warm wine Huaxion?
"Zhuge Liang + Five Tigers", is this what the "integrated supply chain" of Jingdong logistics is doing?
Yes, but not accurate enough.
In fact, from the beginning, Zhong Ge is deliberately hiding a small secret.
When you see my "cat eye sunglasses", you are saying to find experts to do forecasting. To find a master to pick up, find a little brother to help the goods, these are pure people’s labor (whether physical strength is still brain power .
As long as it is a person’s labor, there are two unable to host a gap: The first is that the marginal cost is very large. If you want to do more, you will have a person; the second is to play unstable, people will always be emotionally And physical restrictions, sometimes complete the task, sometimes it is a bit.
Therefore, a supply chain system coordinated by all the links is impossible to do efficiency.
The things that Jingdong logistics is doing, in key places, "brain labor" with "large-scale data" and "artificial intelligence algorithm"; "intelligent robot" and "Internet of Things Technology" assistant "physical labor ", Combining people and machines.
The conclusion came: they want to create – "Saibo Zipue Liang" + "Sai Bo Wuhu will".
First look at a few pictures.
This is an ordinary warehouse ↓↓
This is the warehouse of literary, ↓↓↓
This is the warehouse of Jingdong logistics ↓↓

That is like a ladder, it is calledWolfIt can take the designated item from the three-dimensional shelf, hand it over to the picking staff; carry the shelf on the ground, callWolfIt is also used to transport goods to pickers.
That cart between the same place like a beetleAGV sorterAfter the pick-in-chip is finished, I will be thrown into it, it can be sent to the designated "pit". Then there is the automatic cross-band sorter to carry the express mail, waiting for the loading.
Have you found that all the heavy efforts involving human beings running, are giving these two "wolves" and cars. Picklepers only need to complete "light and serious thinking" in the original place.
Originally requires a master to eat 10 buns, now only need "wolf" to do it, and "Wolf" will not have lumbar muscles, but also the efficiency improvement is obvious, but also protects human workers.
Two "wolves" is just the most common creatures in Jingdong’s warehouses, in fact, there are many interesting technologies around them.
Before introducing interesting technologies, give you an interesting friend.
Civilization is the person in charge of the technology innovation of Jingdong logistics intelligent supply chain platform. He is a non-critical technical control. In 2014, he helped Jingdong logistics distribution system as a general architect.
In these two years, he received a new task, using the technique of various "evil gates" on the "Sai Bowang".
For example, these wolves that have just been said, it will be full of rooms. If each wolf is dragging a signal line to run, you will be entangled into a scorpion. So in real time, the command is accepted, and the wireless signal must be used.
However, the problem is that the area in the warehouse is large, the structure is very complicated, and some are blocked, and some are interference. To ensure that each corner has a signal, and the signal is to be reachedIndustrial stability.
In this way, traditional Wi-Fi has no way to provide a stable network guarantee. Civilization, they are introduced5G special network technology, The wireless network becomes low, and it is reliable, which can guarantee that the business is killed.
Just like this to evenly cover the entire area
For example, the warehouse is once a "inventory" every day or week. Inventory, it is to see the number of actual products and the number of records recorded in the system.
The traditional inventory method is that the masters take the scanning gun standing next to the shelves, a box, a box, and enters the system.
But this method is not very good. As a result, sweep sweep is easy to fatigue, missing some; second, hand-working speed is unhappy, the big warehouse requires many people to do it.
The civilized team came to the inspiration and made a "automatic inventory system" of the sword.
They used the RFID tag.
RFID listened to a bit strange, in fact, the access card and bus card technology you used every day. Put a "bus card" on the product, then design a "reader" with a high sensitivity antenna, so that the robotic car is pulling the reader in the channel, and the goods are "disc" arrive.
Of course, this thing is nothing to say so easily. For example, if the sign is never pair, it may halt; if it is too close, it may cause interference.
In 2020, the civilized team also specially went to a warehouse for a few months, which is a variety of tests: how to put the goods can make the inventory most accurate.
The masters of the warehouse felt annoyed: This helped us, this is a drum, we still have a matter to do, how can you have a leisurely with them to move. . .
Civilization, they have to accompany their hands with their hands.
Later, the experiment was successful, and the civilization made a master to walk from the roadway from the roadway. The signal was adsorned like a magnet. After the brush brush is completed, everyone will release light: "It turns out that you are still something what!"
In 2021, this "automatic inventory technology" has been promoted in many warehouses in Jingdong logistics, saving a lot of time costs.
In other words, there is one less one less than one less, but the other thing, but there is no mistake.
This is safe.
The civilized team has made a complete set of "smart security systems" with computer vision (CV). Through artificial intelligence to identify abnormalities, such as the fire passage is blocked by things, the parcel is from the conveyor belt, or a "wolf" fault Smoking, even strangers are mixed into the warehouse, they can be pulled out in one second.
Just said, the sorted express mail will be all, waiting for the truck to pull away. The place where the express mail is loaded is called the platform.
After the truck is coming, it is necessary to stop at which month platform is manually directed by the staff. Civilization, they have made a "digital platform system". According to the data packaged in the warehouse, the truck is allocated for the truck in advance, and then automatically directs the truck with the mobile app.
On the backbensorship screen, each of the staff is all in the entire platform, the real-time progress of the loading is also clear.
After the goods transfer from the warehouse to the truck, there will be a "signing handover" action, and there will be a problem to trace responsibility.
It turned out that this handover work is to fill the paper, and we must print four or five A4 paper, sign a few words. Now, civilization they have made a "chain sign" block chain system, and the transfer work only needs the driver master to click the button on the phone, and it will never be wrong, no one can reliably.
Is this what is it?
for example. The mobile phone of the driver is certified by the certificate, that is, only through his mobile phone accessing this system, it has the right to click "Receipt".
Once the driver is confirmed, this information will broadcast on the entire block chain. The block chain, you know, anyone wants to change this record, which is comparable to the day.
Don’t look at this small technology upgrade, not only save a lot of paper, but also save a lot of valuable time – it is half an hour for half an hour, now a minute. This means that you buy things from Jingdong, eliminating out half an hour.
This is the past paper signproofer.
After the team opened, the intelligent system also uses the land.
All the Mercedes-Benz trucks on the road will be reported to the cloud "big data scheduling system" every three seconds; there is "auxiliary driving system" on the car. If the front car is close, or the driver mental state is not good, the system will Reminder; and, if transported is cold, there will be a special temperature and humidity detector on the car; if transported is valuables, the car will also have an anti-theft alarm device.
For example, the car, the anti-theft equipment on the car, the anti-theft equipment on the convection is tens of thousands of costs, which will not be secondary.
Pull the goods to the grassroots distribution station, which will be delivered by the little brother. Isn’t it a high technology? No, there is.
You may have seen this delivery trolley, it is purely driving, proper human scientific peak.
In these two years, the smart express bus is in some regional pilots. Jingdong little brothers can adopt "express bus". Most roads can make the courier to help, when the little brother, when you encounter the climb, your little brother is personally, so it works together Many quicks can be sent more times every day, and the income can also increase a lot.
This is a courier that I took in Beijing Yizhuang.
Note that the technical, the surface is independent, but in fact, the links between them are more than the imagination.
That is the "data" associated with them. Whether it is a Wolf Wolf, Wi-Fi base station, a digital platform, a smart truck, and a distribution robot, and the data of these devices can be summarized on one platform, and unified is managed.
This platform is called "Jingdong Stroller".
Interesting things are still behind.
Since all the data is collected on this platform, there is a virtual world that wants to correspond to the real world – how many goods in the real world, how many goods in the virtual world; the real world is in, where, virtual world Where is the cargo; where the real world is in, where the truck in the virtual world is also.
Even the rotation of each track, the state of each switch, can also correspond one in the virtual world.
This two world like the same relationship like the mirror is called "Digital Twins".
You may ask, do you have any use of digital twins?
It is much larger. The relationship between the real world and the virtual world is like "writing" and "WeChat" – your handwritten letter and send WeChat, you can write the same content, convey the same information.
But think about it, do you really like this?
You can check with any historical keywords at any time in WeChat, you can also record the quotation of the big segment into text, you can also collect the article, forward, you think about it, the letter can be done?
For details, the most important place for numbers twins is:
1) Map the relationship between the objects of the real world to the virtual world, thus generating the "model" of the real world in the virtual world.
2) With a model, you have the opportunity to exploit the model to find, experiment, reorganize, tun, to find the best guidance reality.
This is a bit abstraction, or a real example:
Just now, the truck will report the location to the big data system every few seconds, why is these location information?
They can create a "twin" for all trucks on the virtual map, and the scheduling system can calculate the current most suitable navigation route for each car after large-scale calculation of the data.
For example, the navigation system can open data with the traffic system.
A place happened to traffic, this data immediately reported to the navigation system, next second, all the navigation routes that will pass through the trucks will change in an instant, bypass this congestion point.
For example, a warehouse suddenly has a batch of goods to be expedited, this time the system should adjust the recent empty car to support.
However, when the system has mastered all the information, it will find that although there is a car is now full, but it is coming to unloading, it is just that it can support this distribution, no need to transfer it. (Just as the webmaster sent a passenger, I just received you in the original place.)
All kinds of arrangements under the guidance of numbers, not only make the obsessive disorder is extremely comfortable, but also saves the cost of arrival of the freedom of gold.
Simple summary:
If the operation of the entire supply chain is more than a person, then the "Saiban Tiger will" consists of this person’s "body".
Note that it is not mechanically executing the head of the head, but "adaptive" implementation tasks.
For example, the brain said "walk", the body should coordinate the control of the swing arm, balance, and hundreds of muscles complete the task of "walking"; in the process of encounter ice, fire, sharp or squeezed to make a vision avoidance Reaction.
Will walk just a must have an indispensable basic ability, but this person will have a better future, that is, "Sai Bojie Liang" This "head" should be thinking.
You and your bodny encountered a bear in the forest, you don’t have to run than the bear, just just run better than him.
Every company wants to predict the market, your forecast does not have a 100% and facts, just need to predict more than others.
Retail is red sea since ancient times.
You may not know that Jingdong is killing from the blood sea of ??corpse. One of the main reasons is that it is more expensive than others.
I have compared this prediction in an article "Autumn Mountain."
In fact, you can sell 100 mobile phones. If you predict 50 sets, you will be out of stock, everyone is playing with monkeys, the mouth is worrying; if you predict 200 sets, you will backal 100 units, real gold silver losses, cost Burst; only your forecast is 100, you will neither be, will not pay for money.
Yes, it is so difficult to do business.
How can Jingdong predict it?
It is data that they use data.
As early as before and after the Beijing Olympics, Jingdong did digitally transform sales system, and all data were completely retained and accumulated.
A beer invited the traffic to make a endorsement, how many people will support buy? How long can the belt effect of traffic? What curve is attenuated?
When you are promoting 618 promotion, a mobile phone has a purchase of 100 yuan, will you prefer a few customers? How many people are willing to pay in advance? How many people are willing to pay a full amount?
Chongqing’s average temperature in June this year is 1 degree higher than last year, how much will people who want to buy air conditioners? How many people buy it when I first arrived in summer? How many people buy it in the hottest day?
I can also mention hundreds like these problems.
Of course, refer to last year’s data, human beings can also guess this year’s data eight or nine; but by calculating the full amount of large data by calculation, the system will result in more precise predictions than human experts.
This is very like the Go War in 2016 – Ke Jie is also a meat head, and there is no victory in front of a few thousand servers.
When Jingdong, China has begun to sell home appliances, it is full of confidence, because they hold a magic weapon in their hands – based on the "sales prediction system" based on big data. (I am writing this story."Secret 618: A" Supply Chain War "across a decadeIn the case, you can go see. )
The result of the "sales prediction system" is like a shell, which can be used directly to the "intelligent replenishment system".
For example: the prediction system says that it can sell 100 units, there will be a positive and negative errors, and the replenishment system may determine 105 units. The entire process automatically dies all data. As for people, just look at it next to it, don’t look at it.
Sales predictions and intelligent replenishment systems are the core components of "Sai Bojie Liang", but they are not all.
When the data is enough, you can not only predict the national sales, but also predict the sales of each province and each city. Based on these sales predictions, you can clearly know what location should be set in your warehouse.
This system based on the data to help your warehouse is the "Warehouse Network Optimization System".
But there is a problem here: the location of the warehouse network is designed according to your current sales situation.
But the situation is changing, if you are hitting the Shanghai market, in a few days, the Shanghai market broke out, the sales volume is ten times, are you now in the warehouse?
At this time, you can’t do a real trial, but don’t forget that you have a "digital twin" system. You can directly increase Shanghai purchase quantity in the virtual world, then look at the top.
This system is called "global simulation system".
With the development of enterprises, your product line will definitely be rich, that is, say that you will not put a product in your warehouse.So how many goods are you want to put in this warehouse?
This thing also has a smart system to help you make a plan according to big data, this is the "commodity layout system".
Previously, we stressed that the NB system prediction can only approximate the reality, and it is impossible to completely and reality. Therefore, the real world will still happen "sell goods" or "backlog".
The problem is coming: If you avoid selling free shipping, you may have to prepare a lot of stocks, increasing the risk of backlog; however, if to tolerate some extent, you can reduce a lot of stock costs, overall or cost-effective.
So,How much is the extent to which the goods in a warehouse allows the extent to which it can achieve the overall cost-effectiveIt is necessary to make a system to calculate, this is the "inventory optimization system".
Just taking these systems, it is also assumed that you are only selling in a channel. However, in reality, many brands have many sales channels, such as selling in Jingdong, Tmall, hanging e-commerce, agents, supermarkets, offline direct stores.
If each channel uses these systems separately, the data between them has no way.
This will bring a question: For example, I have sold the inventory for the Shanghai warehouse to Jingdong, but in the same warehouse to prepare for the stock, I can not put the "supermarket channel" to "Jingdong" Channel "?
This is the hottest concept in the supply chain theory – "a plate".
In fact, this is not difficult to logically.
Because all the inventory data in your channel is in the "Integrated Supply Chain System", as long as the master of Jingdong logistics writes a few lines of code, the data between the different channels can flow freely, isn’t it?
In the same warehouse, a bottle of mineral water, on the surface, it has been placed on the shelf, in fact, the objective time behind it is transferred.
This second is also a supermarket channel. The next second may be an e-commerce channel; the last second may be in the brand, and the next second is already a dealer.
The above system has been integrated by Jingdong Logistics in a platform called "Jing Hui". Their common point is to use "large scale calculation" to deal with "large scale data", thus rolling human experts and realizes More Nb’s operations – this is the true meaning of "Sai Bojie".
Now, I have to witness the miracle moment:
If the "Sai Bozi Guliang" just said, "Sai Boji will" can put a very punk, which can do 99% of the complex supply chain of 99% of the world.
Although this "Transformers" is honent in the Jingdong retail system. However, Jingdong Logistics This group of teachers "Heart is higher than the sky". They want to go, just serve Jingdong retail a customer, isn’t it a waste of such bovine X? Is there a way to reach a good world!
So they made a punk decision: open the "integrated supply chain" to the whole society.
Since then, as long as there is a need, no matter what you are "cat eye sunglasses" or "Gang Coffee", no matter whether you are talents or a small buyer, you can enjoy the supply chain technology that is as high as Jingdong.
A epicard-level wind is vaguely appeared in front.
But the work of the next story is some of the way. . .
The more big leading enterprises, the more you can’t be a poor two white, and you have built your own supply chain system more or less.
For example, some enterprises are more mature, only the sales prediction system of "Zhuge Liang"; some enterprises sells very stable, just use "five tigers" to increase the management efficiency of the warehouse; some warehouse has, just want It is necessary to reduce labor costs; some don’t need anything, just want Jingdong brothers to wear neat uniforms to help them deliver goods, and Dare has a face.
If the "Transformers" is metaphor, then some customers have already had hands and feet, only need torso; some have a body, only need head. . .
Going to the deep water area, the old driver of Jingdong Logistics found that the characteristics of all walks of life are particularly large. They also have five flowers in the supply chain system. Some want to use the Optimus, and some want to use the Wei Zhenti. Some want to think To run fast, some want to force.
Some will speak the cross.
In this way, there is no way to sell standard platforms to them, but to remove some key subsystems from the entire platform according to the needs of others, and then cooperate with people’s existing systems to fight a new Transformers just row.
You may say: The customer is God, since others need, then you will open it.
But where the transformers are you want to remove, you want to remove it. . .
This difficulty is probably beyond the imagination of most people, and even the old drivers of Jingdong logistics also specialize in high-level name-decoupling.
(4) decoupling
Wang Qiang, the head of the intelligent supply chain platform of Jingdong Logistics, is one of the drivers of the decoupling.
When I saw him in October 2021, he has just released the latest generation of "Jinghui Platform", "Jingdong", "Tianshi", "Tian Wolf" and "Express Vehicle" in Beijing 798 huge venue.
In the past two years, in order to promote the decoupling of Jingdong supply chain platform, he has made a decimal number.
Wang Qiang
Before Wang Qiang joined Jingdong logistics, Wang Quan was working in Huawei. From the communication industry cross-border to the logistics technology industry, he not only did not adapt, but found the commonality of these two industries:
The core of the communication industry is to organize a network, highly transmitted information;
The core of the logistics industry is to organize a network and highly transmitting objects efficiently.
One effect goal isElectrical signal-based digital worldOne action objective isAtom-based physical worldFrom the mode, it can be completely classified.
Wang Qiang explained the first principle.
A more carefully, in the communication industry, in fact, has experienced a long decoupling process.
He gave me an example:
For example, you play 114 query information. Your query needs becomes a control command, which will find the information you want to query, and combine into a voice to return to you, this voice is called "resource".
The earliest communication network, resources and control are coupling together, so "Seven countries", unable to interconnect between different devices. This is a bit like private cars, and it will only open themselves in most cases.
Later, resource and control did "decouple", specifically there is a resource pool, and the control command to find resources in the resource pool. Such different instructions can share resources, a bit like sharing bicycles.
In fact, this "decoupling of control and resources" can also be implemented in the logistics industry.
For example, "Warehouse Management System" and "devices in the warehouse" can be classified more than this routine.
Specifically, you can do this:
The warehouse management system needs to specify some standard data interfaces, whether it is Jingdong’s Wolf Wolf, or what the robot arm of others, as long as it meets this data interface, you can use the management system "conversation", the management system can absorb it. Come in, for me, unified dispatch.
This is a bit like our computer, no one stipulates that a computer can only match a U disk, as long as the "USB socket" is inserted, it can happily play. As a result, the scalability becomes unlimited.
According to this concept, "Logistics Scheduling System" and "Warehouse Management System" can also be decoupled.
For example, Jingdong logistics "Yuncang" – a park has 5,000 mu of land, Jingdong logistics own warehouse may only be 500 mu, and 4,500 mu belongs to other companies.
As long as you meet the "Interface Standards", other warehouses can easily follow Jingdong logistics "grid".
In this way, there are many benefits:
Usually these warehouses have independent tasks. If you encounter a big promotion, Jingdong logistics warehouse is not enough, they can easily use the warehouse resources to Jingdong logistics. On the contrary, when the Jingdong logistics warehouse is rich, others can also call.
This is like a dormitory, when I have no money, you will be dismissed, I will lend you when you have no money, I am a sister, you are a charm, your sister, I am, the resource multiplex rate is very high.
According to this logic, you can continue, such as the decoupling of "distribution system" and "distribution capacity (Jingdong brother)".
For example, there is a grain and oil company that has had its own warehouse across the country. They want to let the Jingdong brothers in each city will help them send their delivery to the customer.
In order to meet their needs, Jingdong logistics has been "decoupled" pilot in several cities, so that this company passes the standard interface between the system, and the little brother picks up the list. The Jingdong logistics is still sent by other companies, as long as the execution is good.
Such a "sending single" is increasing, the capacity load will become a balanced, and the little brother’s income is of course better.
I saw the following examples, I guess you probably a little bit of "decoupling".
According to this logic, all subsystems, "5G special network", "sign-up inspection", "cargo inventory", etc. before, and even each subsystem can continue to split into a more basic module. .
Once the decoupling is successful, this huge transformer can become a pile of "Lego" and combined with other components.
However, it is easy to do.
Jingdong Logistics was established in 2007. Liu Qiangdong was "delivery not timely", "delivery service", and "Delivery service is poor" and "Delivery Service".
At that time, Jingdong’s survival was the most important. Who would think of more than ten years after Jingdong logistics can have the opportunity to provide services to the whole society?
Therefore, the sector settings and product designs of Jingdong Logistics in the past are for practical, not "decoupled".
Now I want to decoup, I have to face two historical burdens:
One is a technical burden.
Many system design is "sticky together", just like laptop’s keyboard inlaid on the panel, you want to remove it, don’t know how to start. At this time, the old driver will take the time to re-fold the code logic, define a variety of interfaces, and then package the two systems that open into independent modules.
One is to organize the burden.
It turns out that the overall operation indicators of a warehouse are back to the entire team, now decoupling as a "warehouse management system", "Tianwolf", "Wolf", etc., then to re-establish performance for each part standard. Moreover, the original Jingdong logistics is divided into many business lines, and all business lines have a similar system, and now they must be integrated into a system a team.
These two bags, which is not well solved, and which one is unhappy.
However, the business of business is just to do "difficult and correct things." In my opinion, I can constantly do "difficult and correct things" is that Jingdong has always been aimed at the oysters.
In the past six months, the executives of Jingdong logistics died, while advancing technology decoupling, while meeting, discussing, discussing the rights and interests – It is simply in the intersection of humanities and technology to use life command traffic.
Decoupling can not close the door, Jingdong logistics practice is to find the best-looking enterprises in various industries, accelerate the decoupling progress bar in actual battle.
Wang Qiang told me that I recently served a world’s five hundred car companies in Jingdong logistics, Volvo.
In all parts of the country, there are Volvo’s 4S shop and certification repair factories, and all parts need to be all spare parts every day. You understand, the accessories on a car are tens of thousands, even more than one thousand new energy car parts, so many models are sent to hundreds of sites in the country, and the supply chain is Hell mode.
"Explosive Chart" of a car.
Hesi will be defeated, Volvo finds Jingdong logistics to engage in a wave of deep cooperation – deep forecast, intelligent replenishment, global simulation, dynamic search source, can be gave up. Sure enough.
The new system has reached 95% compared to the previous one-time order, and the performance of the performance is 20%, and the management can increase by 38%.
Wang Qiang can bring the data into a brain.
The news of the car and enterprises is very good, and it does not look at the efficacy of advertising. Not long, other brands have also found all kinds of Jingdong logistics: you gave Volvo, we also come to a same package. . .
Volvo is not a lonely, in the last or two years, direct sales brand Amway, footwear brand Skeic, dairy brand Yili, major companies in all industry companies realize the urgency of supply chain reform, and many of Jingdong logistics has explored a lot. cooperate.
At this moment, Jingdong Logistics is just over, while continuing to advance its own technical decoupling, while trying to serve the customers, they are busy.
Nearby Say, Yu Rui gave me an interesting observation:
There are many old brands in all walks of life, recently can’t see their figure in the big shopping mall.
In fact, their operations do not have any problems, just in the "Strong Shutdown", take the initiative to give up the traditional agents and channels, and establish a "intelligent supply chain system" step by step, master the details of the goods in their hands. .
Whether these big companies are still our Jingdong logistics, they have seen the future. We believe this future, so we are trying to play the role of the future world.
He said.
I have an jungle in front of my eyes, big fog, quiet, but some people are deciding to walk towards a direction.
(5) a socket of a society
Historical truly turns, often more quiet than imagination.
From the surface, "supply chain technology" is the difference between inventory and turnover, is "cheap" and "expensive".
But the essence, "supply chain technology" is the ability to transport larger materials to the designated location in the specified time, and is the difference between "energy" and "unable".
In my opinion, although the supply chain technology is rooted on the Internet and the business, it will never stop in business.
This truth has already been seen.
In 2020, the new crown epidemic just broke out, Wuhan Fengcheng, mask was shortaged. This extreme situation has fully exceeded the business experience border.
Due to isolation policies, Jingdong logistics staff can’t enter Wuhan Central Warehouse; while Fengcheng Policy stipulates that even if there is a special task, once it enters Wuhan, it must be isolated, and it is not possible to go out again.
No one knows when Wuhan is unsappur, and Jingdong Logistics will be stranded, and the loss cannot be estimated.
If you make a pros and cons calculation according to commercial parameters and logic, the best choice is in the main page of Jingdong to show out of stock.
But the actual situation is exactly the opposite. Some epidemic do not affect the area (just because of panic and snapped up masks) will see out of stock, but Wuhan users have never been out of stock.
Back to the historical scene: in the virtual world, a batch of orders is issued; in the real world, the truck of Jingdong logistics is like a bullet, and there is no need to reverse the smoke.
The courage, determination and sacrifice of the driver and express delivery are worth admiring.But the technicians and technology behind them should also be warm and trustworthy.
That Spring Festival, Jingdong Retail and Jingdong Logistics Supply Chain Team emergency overgent, all previously mentioned supply chain technologies were transformed and called:
People are buying masks, so demand data has fallen. The sales prediction system has been adjusted and turned according to the national epidemic model, combined with epidemics model, to develop the real needs of each urban epidemic prevention material for each province to determine the number of supplies;
The inventory balance system is in the first time of the "Digital Twins", the Wuhan Center warehouse is taken away, and the inventory of the surrounding province is automatically rejected, and Hubei is supported by the highest efficiency;
Epidemic prevention and control needs, the warehouse people in all parts are insufficient. Automatic sorting equipment and courier vehicles have been dispatched, unattended and unmanned distribution;
The logistics scheduling system cancels all the programs that enter Wuhan’s trucks, and the country’s trucks are returned to balance in the shortest possible time.
In this way, a supply chain system originally used for balancing costs and user experience has been transformed into a social support system for calculation time and life.
In these moments, the supply chain technology shines as a more essential light of a society "base".
From a local perspective, the supply chain technology is a warehouse in the park, a truck running on a road, and the sweat of the little brother is sprinkled up and down, they are too flat.
However, when these local connectments are integral, they will transition becomes a living body. This body is silent, but it can perform a social will of steel without discount.
It is awake around us.
Whenever the sun is rising, we brush your teeth, put on the shoe morning exercise, buy a cup of coffee on the store. It is still familiar with what you use. Just, they came to your way to the same day.
The dark tide under the water is surging, and it has never been a chapter of the waves.

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Ith in beijing

[Video] Capture Guangdong Intelligent Institute, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences reveals "brain science"

Wen, Figure, video / Yangcheng Evening News full media reporter He Ben

Intern Liu Ying

On November 28th, "Tongxin Guang and Macau and Dawang District" network theme activity media rises in Zhuhai, "Treasure Hunt", explore the Guangdong Intelligent Science and Technology Research Institute of Hengqin High-tech R & D Park (hereinafter referred to as "smart hospital" .

As an important scientific and technological guarantee for the important starting of artificial intelligent industrial ecotropic circles and Hengqin Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, the intelligent hospital exhibited an important role in the "Guangzhu Australian Technology Innovation Corridor".

First generation machine head

The world’s first U m R 5T high field system magnetic resonance imaging system

Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhang Xu, Dean of the Guangdong Intelligent Science and Technology Research Institute, introduced that the primary task of the smart house is to carry out "brain science" research.

Human can do, learn, think, speech, etc., attributed to the magical and precise brain. In Zhang Xu, "Brain Science" is the crown in scientific research, combining the research results of "brain science" and artificial intelligence play an important role in social development, especially for emerging technology development. force.

Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhang Xu (right), Dean of the Guangdong Intelligent Science and Technology Research Institute, received a reporter interview

It is understood that six major research centers in the intelligent hospital, undertake forward-looking basic research and key core technology research, including intelligent information network technology research centers, cerebral computing system research centers, Wanwei Titra Research Center, Class Brain Model Research Center, recognition Knowing the Neural Network Research Center, the Financial Industrial and Commercial Research Center, etc., the cerebral model research center is committed to changing the powerful AI in science fiction into reality.

Researcher in anatomy mouse

Zhang Xu revealed that the current intelligent hospital has a number of technologies worldwide, and the future will make full use of Macao strategic status advantages, and focus on the high-level talent team and high-end technology innovation resources, and build the International Science and Technology Center of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau. Two corridor "strategic supported important science and technology platforms.

WeChat finally released this limit

WeChat release announcement, the management measures for external links have been updated once, and"You can access external links in point-to-click chat scenarios".

How do you feel a bit more familiar, it is not open once?

Emm … Machine brother gives a chestnut, you will understand, in September, if you receive a Tmall link, open it, this is true:

There will be a safe tip.

But today, this limit is completely opened. In a pair of chat scene, you can access the outer chain directly.

In addition to the intermediate login, the basic function does not affect.

After the advice of both parties is improved, the daily experience should be improved, beautiful.

WeChat this time, what do you think, what else?Come on the comment areaLet’s talk.

Self-delete technology detailed

Here first, the program is self-deleting implementation: the program creates a batch file, and creates the process execution, then the program ends the process; the function made by the batch is delayed for 5 seconds, delete the specified program and then delete it. In this way, the program self-deleting function is implemented.

The self-deleting implementation can mainly use two methods, one is to use batch technology, and the other is to call the API provided by Windows for implementation.

First, let’s talk about batch technology.Batch treatment (BATCH)Also known as batch scripts. As the name suggests, batch is the process of batching an object, usually considered a simplified scripting language, which is applied to the DOS and Windows systems. The extension of the batch file is BAT. Comparable batch of batch contains two categories: DOS batch and PS batch. PS batch is based on Microsoft’s powerful PowerShell, which is used to process scripts for some tasks; while DOS batch is DOS command, perform DOS commands automatically to implement a specific operation. More complex, you need to use the runtime running procedures such as the command control of IF, for, goto, like advanced languages ??such as C, Basic. If more complex applications are required, it is necessary to use an external program, which includes external commands provided by the system itself and the tools or software provided by third parties. Although the batch program is running in the command line environment, but not only the command line software can be used, and the program running under the current system can be run in the batch file.

Some people think that the meaning of batch language is more widely described above, including many software batch languages, such as Microsoft Office, Visual Studio, Adobe Photoshop’s batch language, users can make them The corresponding software performs an automation operation (for example, adjusting the resolution of all PSD files). And this kind of batch language also provides the function of recording a series of operations as a batch file so that users can get batch programs without writing programs.

In this place, it is also a special language. For example, we must write some commands in CMD, you can write him into a BAT file. Here, it is possible to use a batch implementation self-deletion. One premise is that the batch provides yourself to delete your own command, as shown below

After the batch file executes this command, the file will be deleted directly, not the recycle bin, then we can execute the program we want to perform, then use DEL% 0 after Sleep, you can use DEL% 0 to remove itself.

There is a point here, one is to use the choice command to delay, and the other is delayed using the ping command. It should be noted that the choice this command is from Windows 2003 to have this command. That is, the Windows 2003 version or the above version supports this command, which is not supported for versions below Windows 2003. The Windows XP version is low than the Windows 2003 version, so you don’t support the choice command.

Then we first perform the implementation of the choice command, the BAT code is as follows.

We sort out the idea, to achieve self-deletion, first need to know the directory where the program is located, then generate a batch file and generate a process to execute a batch file, mainly used getModuleFileName this API


Retrieves the fully qualified path of the file containing the specified module.

Then we must first write a function to automatically generate the batch file, here you can write directly with WSPrintf

Then use FOPEN_S, FWRITE generation batch file

The full code is as follows

Then we first get the directory where the program is located

Then put the batch file with the program in the same directory.

Then call the CMD command line

Create a batch file written before calling

Finally, use createProcess to create a process, but there is a relatively special place, that is, we need to hide execution, then we can use the model that does not display the execution program window, this parameter is in the ninth parameters of CreateProcess, first look at CreateProcess structure

It is the parameter of the lpstartupinfoa. This parameter determines how the new process’s main form shows the Startupinfo structure, we continue to follow the StartupInfo structure.

To hide the window, the value of dwflags needs to be set to startf_useshowwindow, and the value of wshowWindow is set to false.

Then call the CREATEPROCESS startup process

Here, you have to look at the effect, you directly exit, nothing, prove is right, because we hide the CMD window

Here we change the value of wshowWindow to True and then check the effect.

It seems that it seems that it is still not obvious, we replace the way, run EXE directly, and found Test.bat in the same directory.

After 10s, it was found that EXE was deleted, proved that our self-deletion was successful.

It is mentioned above, in XP is a command without choice, then use the ping command instead, the BAT code is as follows

Similar to Choice, here is not fine, directly change the code.

Here, you will mention a small TIPS, here we implement the self-starting and deletion of cmd.exe, can you write a self-deletion of the CS’s online EXE? The answer is yes, it will not expand it here.

Let’s take a look at Movefileex this API

DWFlags: Set the mobile flag, indicate how to operate file or directory.

MoveFile_copy_allowed: This value needs to be specified when moving files to different drive characters, otherwise failure, this value cannot be used with MoveFile_delay_until_reboot.

Movefile_delay_until_reboot: The file is not moved immediately. When the next machine is restarted, the file will be moved, can’t be used at the same time as MoveFile_copy_allowed

MoveFile_fail_if_not_trackable: When the source file is moving to the resource failure.

Movefile_replace_existing: When the destination file already exists, replace the contents of the contents of the LPEXistingFileName replace the previous content, at this time, check ACL permissions, may fail

MoveFile_Write_through: Only the function returns when the file is completely reached, the buffer cannot have a not available.

Movefileex This function is called, there are several points, the first is to execute when dwflags is MoveFile_Delay_until_reboot, the second point is if the directory is required to ensure that the directory does not exist, Three points are not to move the directory at different drives.

那么我们这里实现自删除的话,就是好需要设置dwFlags为MOVEFILE_DELAY_UNTIL_REBOOT,这里为什么要system或者administrator权限呢,是因为MoveFileEx是通过写入HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\PendingFileRenameOperations这个注册表路径来达到移动或删除的目的,我们可以看到这个键是位于HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE的,而不是USER,所以必须要administrator权限进行修改

Here we look at this key value, its type is REG_MULTI_SZ, then this key value can be written to multiple strings


So how do you use MoveFileEx to delete it, first raise two concepts, autochk, and page files.

Here is the autochk:

In the official explanation of MSDN, the meaning of Autochk is: Runs When the Computer is Started and Prior To Windows Server Starting to Verify The Logical Integrity of a File System.

That is, Autochk is actually used to verify the logic integrity of the file system, then talk about the page file:

Page files refer to files that the operating system reflects the size of the hard disk space that builds and uses virtual memory. To organize the page file, first move the page file from the original drive to another drive, then organize the original drive, and finally move the page file back to the original drive, at which time the page file is stored in a continuous disk space. bingo. Specifically, under the Windows operating system (Windows 2000 / XP) pagefile.sys file, it is a system page file (which is a well-known virtual memory file), its size depends on the open program how much and you originally set The minimum and maximum value of the page file is constantly changing, sometimes only dozens of MB, sometimes reaching a few hundred or even thousands of MB.

Then there is any relationship between the two concepts, there is a time node that the user performs autochk when starting the computer, but has not created a page file. Under this time node, the user can talk to the operating system yet. , Then you can delete the file that you can’t delete under normal circumstances. My understanding is that when you don’t create a page file, the operating system has not started complete, so this time the executable is actually not fully loaded. of.



Because we have to write the path behind the buffer, you should use LSTRCAT.

Then call MoveFileEx to implement self-deletion

The full code is as follows

Here we directly, discover the error 5, corresponding to getLastError error attribute is insufficient, here we mentioned the need to modify the registry, so use the USER privilege to start is refusal to access.

Here we use the Administrator launcher, you can see successful

Viewing the PENDINGFILENAMEOPERATIONS key value After you have added success, you will be deleted after you restart.

We have implemented two self-deleted ways. We can find that the MoveFileEx method is required to restart the computer before delete, and the batch can be deleted without rebooting. Here, it can be used according to specific uses. Implementation.

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Individual car transport to achieve the lowest cost, cloud drive grapefruit freight vehicle logistics modern wisdom with AI

Intelligent ongoing transformation of traditional industries, the shipping industry, especially the development of intelligence in the field of vehicle logistics is still early.

Specifically, vehicle logistics field current lower overall level of trust, both ends of the dispersion of supply and demand is high, difficult to enhance efficiency, high cost and pricing opaque markets such as widespread pain points, need to intervene with the penetration of digital means.

According to the prospectus disclosure of full help group, in 2020 China car freight market size of about 3.76 trillion yuan, and vehicle logistics industry completed a total of intercity transportation orders of about 997 million, the market size is very impressive. This also meansArtificial intelligence, big data technology vehicle logistics reform drive has enough space for development.

Entrepreneurship recent state contact "cloud grapefruit freight" roots in logistics and transport industry, has erected a new generation of digital vehicle logistics management system, to provide one-stop transportation services for the owner of the cargo terminal at the end of the car by the scheduling algorithm, path planning algorithms to provide efficient and cost optimal combination of orders and route planning for the owners.

At present, the company has developed to B2 round, won from BlueRun, Tencent investment, tens of millions of dollars financing Pentatomic capital, tripods and investment, joy and capital letter and a number of venture capital institutions days, many of the old shareholders continuous investment rounds.

As a set of logistics and transportation technology-enabled in an enterprise,Starting point cloud grapefruit shipments to solve the problem within the logistics industry volumeTo help cargo fleet, lowering the efficiency of individual owners in the plight of the intense competition in the industry to maintain a certain profit margin.

As one of the most intuitive example, in 2021, the annual income level of domestic individual drivers compared with last year dropped by nearly 40 percent, and even lower compared to a decade ago, the entire population of great pressure to survive.

Cloud grapefruit freight founder & CEO Zhou Jilong said: "Cloud technology from grapefruit freight started, hoping to help the freight transport industry practitioners who improve this dilemma has been achievedSingle average net increase operating efficiency of the vehicle and 60% -70%. "

Specific solutions, cloud grapefruit freight was first established with standardized pricing, the ability to send a single self-employed capacity,Erected "AI-driven intelligence team". The adoption of flexible distributed cloud computing architecture for large-scale data analysis in real time, using intelligent real-time scheduling, dynamic bidding strategy, Shortest Path and many other key technologies, will transport the whole process of digitization.

Logistics for loading a typical scene, path planning, vehicle scheduling and other issues, grapefruit cloud freight also developed a multi-fusion algorithms, machine learning, and operations research support "smart logistics center of the brain," can help drivers plan in the actual scene They may face the national highway and winding road selection, gas stations and other selection strategy.

Up to now, the cost of a single cloud-km circuit grapefruit freight import car, the monthly number of valid travel mileage and so on a number of parameters significantly better than skilled individual vehicle level.

After the "AI-driven wisdom of the team" business maturity, cloud grapefruit freight capacity by social organizations to establish a logistics service platform, the ability of the algorithm to enhance the efficiency of the drive assigned to give both ends of Logistics market.

At the supply end,Cloud grapefruit has connected hundreds of thousands of individual vehicles, Led by technology trade transportation, and use the "lowest transport costs between any two points," the decision algorithm enabling the individual owners; the demand side, the cloud grapefruit are all kinds of self-development of algorithms and tools package, to form a standard module and Foreign open to help logistics companies to improve efficiency in terms of cost savings drop, vehicle management, financial management, and further the development of logistics business.

Cloud grapefruit freight team, said: "The essence of the logistics industry is to go on time and space, in fact, intelligent transformation of the vehicle in time to fight, we are in the middle of the stitching down time, let’s try to spend less time parked vehicle, and more Take the time to run on the road. before the cloud grapefruit incoming cargo, the car industry may be 60% of the time parked 40% of the time in transit, and we have now put this ratio upside down. "

It is understood that cloud grapefruit existing freight orders rose five times over the past three months, a larger number of users increases, the cloud platform touch of grapefruit freight drivers have hundreds of thousands of individuals, the owner of the enterprise nearly thousand, from social vehicles the business accounted for a larger proportion of revenue.

The company is now the main business model is to charge a commission to the owner, the next plan to open up more business-like way.

In terms of the team, grapefruit cloud freight existing staff of 300 people, including a larger proportion of R & D and strategy team, the company’s core team members come from Peking University, Zurich Federal Institute of Technology, Sichuan University and other famous universities at home and abroad, has served on McKinsey, gold and other enterprises.

From the general direction point of view, cloud grapefruit freight do is intelligent transformation of traditional industries, currently serves upgrade the stock market, the future incremental mainly from two aspects: First, there will be what percentage of logistics scene turned intelligent, Second, the process of turning the stock in intelligence, improved efficiency will also bring incremental benefits to society as a whole.

Zhou Jilong said: "China’s road transport market increment can be expected, intensive, standardization, a clear trend has been well received intelligence of the national strategic level attention, and new infrastructure with two-cycle strategy also promote the development of ‘artificial intelligence + logistics’ of cloud grapefruit freight picked the right track, but also the long-term roots in this circuit. "

Future, cloud grapefruit freight will continue to strengthen product development capabilities and subscriber growth, and strive to order volume, the number of owners and the owner of the connection and then lifted up an order of magnitude. The company will also continue to enhance the ability of algorithms and sensors detect the level of the supply density, density of the order when the platform reaches a certain level, we will consider the incoming carpool track.

Excoucent cloud search guest treasure: help corporate marketing, solve the customer’s problem

Finally, I believe that everyone must pay more attention to the cost-effective price of the search for the search, the inspiration search of the treasure support according to the needs of the company’s own use, providing "data version, marketing version" multiple specification package; help enterprises to achieve high efficiency , High quality, low-cost "smart marketing is visible; , Convenient, no waste.

In summary, everyone should have a certain understanding of the inspirational search guest, will come to the excitation of the search for customers? First point, functionally, for clues follow-up, searching The marketing process is directly closed management, and the second-year sales process is standardized; presenting; second point, from operation To see, the procedures and data of the excitation search guests are included in the Ali Nail Cloud Junji Tower Safety System, with the highest level of security and data monitoring measures in China to ensure the safety of the system and the security of the data.

Big data + AI empower area medical digital, build new structure of industrial ecotropic circles

"Since May 2020, Chongqing Nanpeng Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Research Institute has cooperated more than 20 hospitals in the western province, with more than 40 cumulative cooperation projects. Among them, the health medical large data innovation platform project has been nearly 10 in Chongqing.The hospital is online, and the hospital is more than 5. In addition to Chongqing, Nan Peng Institute has been cooperated with more than 10 medical institutions in the western province. "In the health medical big data and artificial intelligence application innovation platform project landing Chongqing two rivers New DistrictAfter more than a year, Guangzhou Tianpeng Computer Technology Co., Ltd. ("Tianpeng Tianyuan Data") President, Chongqing Nanpeng Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Research Institute ("Nanpeng Research Institute") Executive Dean Lu Guanglin recently announced the mediaProject propulsion.

Zhong Nanshan bring the team to create a "big data cloud platform respiratory specialist."

Guangzhou Tianpeng Computer Technology Co., Ltd. (Tianpeng Tianyuan data), is to provide a large area of ??Medicine and the National High-tech data center construction company artificial intelligence data services and applications.

Keen Tianyuan data, Peng Peng Institute and Cornell data relying on the Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Health, in cooperation with experts academician Zhong Nanshan, etc., through accurate data and artificial intelligence technology-driven, has established regional "respiratory medicine big data cloud platform "" big data respiratory medicine quality control platform "and other platforms and applications, covering major medical institutions in the region and to achieve interoperability of medical data, for the municipal areas of respiratory medicine big data to predict areas of Chongqing Municipality smart infectious diseases and emergency medical treatment areas construction of three platforms to lay a solid foundation, to promote large data Liangjiang New area, Chongqing and even the western region, the integration of artificial intelligence and depth of major health industry, to enhance local clinical research, epidemic prevention and control, public health emergency, health services, clinical big data research, real-world study, chronic disease management, medical quality management, improve the health of the people, the establishment of large health care and public health data management system, to create a new pattern of industry ecosystem to provide strong support.

Construction of regional tertiary care institutions collaborative network to promote the classification diagnosis and treatment

2020 May, Chongqing Liangjiang New Area Management Committee, the Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Health, Guangzhou Tianpeng Computer Technology Co., Ltd. started "healthcare big data and artificial intelligence application platform for innovation" cooperation, the establishment of Chongqing Peng Kang Data Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Peng Kang big data") and Neil Chongqing Institute of artificial Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Neil Research Institute"), to undertake large health care data related topics west six provinces. Keen Tianyuan data, Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Health, Chongqing Liangjiang New Area Government’s "1 + 1 + 1 mode," the official landing.

Chongqing Liangjiang New Area healthcare big data and artificial intelligence application platform for innovation projects signed

Neil Institute / Peng Kang big data specialist area deployed big data platform system, is the establishment of regional tertiary care facility collaborative network: including grassroots community hospital early screening for chronic respiratory diseases; secondary hospital diagnosis, evaluation and treatment; difficult referral to a tertiary hospital diagnosis and treatment of disease; patients back to grass-roots community rehabilitation hospital management.

"As of October this year, Keen Tianyuan data, Neil Institute / Peng Kang Big Data has completed the Chongqing Municipal People’s Hospital (Hospital of Chongqing University, Chinese Academy of Sciences), Chongqing Liangjiang New Area People’s Hospital, Lijia community health service centers, nearly 10 top three, dimethyl hospitals and community health care institutions on the line to complete the ‘respiratory medicine big data cloud platform’ construction, the country’s first region-wide open upper respiratory specialist medical big data platform tertiary care institutions and sharing cloud platform line-forming region medical quality control network. "Lu Guanglin introduced to.

Help grassroots respiratory disease early detection and treatment

As part of health care innovation platform for big data projects, in August 2020, Keen Tianyuan by the data, the South Research Institute Peng / Peng Kang big data with pulmonary function tests in Chongqing Liangjiang New Area Lijia, and the other five community health service centers equipment, and on-line lung function wisdom screening system that uses artificial intelligence technology help community hospital doctors who have completed pulmonary function screening and audit reports, to improve to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma screening efficiency as the representative of chronic respiratory disease.

Before community residents must go to the big hospital for early screening, but for now their doorstep device checks at Community Hospital, 15 minutes to get the results, and then the data is automatically uploaded to a higher level medical institutions, hospitals and primary hospitals are involved in higher-level inspection process, turn down when attending the mutual recognition of inspection reports, reduce duplication of inspection, reduce the economic burden on patients.

People in the community hospital for check-ups

In June, the national multi-center clinical study led by academician Zhong Nanshan First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical / Respiratory Guangzhou Institutes of Health / National Center for Respiratory Medicine / National Respiratory Disease Clinical Research Center launched the "Albuterol and ipratropium bromide early treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease project "started, the sub-center clinical study of seven provinces and cities involved. As a research collaboration units of sub-centers in Chongqing, Neil Institute will be involved.

It is reported that the project is intended to promote the diagnosis and treatment of COPD treatment from a passive mode to early screening, early diagnosis, early treatment modalities, to improve lung function decline in patients with increased lung function reversal rate, reduce exacerbations, and improve quality of life symptoms, reduce the burden on the patient’s family and the country.

"Albuterol and ipratropium bromide in the treatment of early chronic obstructive pulmonary disease project" National online startup

Big Data platform from respiratory specialist disciplines extension up

Currently, many provinces Tianpeng Tianyuan data, Neil Institute / Peng Kang big data and the Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Health team of experts, cooperation model of two rivers and the western city of Chongqing has a full range of promotion, "healthcare big data and artificial intelligent application innovation platform "to promote content from respiratory specialist area of ??large data cloud platform to pediatrics, and plans to expand to more specialist oncological, neurological, cardiovascular, and gradually realize big data platform specialist focus full coverage.

In July this year, the Chongqing Children’s Hospital Research Institute affiliated with the Medical University of South Peng formally signed a strategic cooperation health project "Children respiratory illness big data platform cooperation agreement" designed to "big data + artificial intelligence" enabling Chongqing Children’s Hospital respiratory specialist medical research development, and jointly promote the reform and innovation of Chongqing health care industry, a project will be implemented from Chongqing eight hospitals.

At the same time, chronic disease management in cooperation with the six provinces in western medical institutions, large and biological data repository Cloud Platform and other projects are also under construction.

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[Author] Xu Jiang Europe

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