Canadian Master’s Application Notice

Profitfully master the orientation of software engineering, select the applicable itself:

Technical Professional Overview: Computer Science (CS) is closely combined with mobile phone software and mobile phone software. Teaching system software. Professional wide caliber technology using it. According to the teaching and professional training of professional lesson, this technical professional uses scientific research in computer science and technology. Cultural education. Development and design and high-end talents.

In general, Australian software engineering majors can be divided into the following orientation:

Computer Science:

Computer science includes many branch industries; there are some calculations that pay attention to special results, such as electronic computer image processing; not what is the characteristics of the measurement of the problem, such as calculating diversification; The basic theory of computer language is a scientific research narrative measurement, and programming design is to handle special measurement problems in special computer languages. Summarket, computer science depends on basic mathematics, learning and training is highlighted by mobile phone software, for mathematics lessons. Optimization algorithm. Measurement. Effects of entity models. There are some colleges and even the establishment of computer science and technology in the field of art, such as Herch’s famous Waterloo University.

Computer science is particularly suitable for students with high school work ability. To strengthen your own competitiveness, you can have a planned participation in mathematics.

2. Internet big data

Learning content is all levels related to database management, including data storage, text retrieval, statistical analysis, and visual effects. If you develop design efficient optimization algorithms for the extra large data information group, a large and medium-sized information system is created for a wide range of newly used main purposes. It is also a scientific research with other industries, and there are online games. Design, data information personal privacy and security, etc.

3. Artificial intelligence technology

The key to learning content includes equipment concepts (including deep learning, expertise, intelligence), dynamic simulation system, kinetic model measurement, tactile control (HAPTIC control) natural language understanding and solving, human machine interaction technology, Nervous system estimation, machine vision, visual effect scenario cognitive capacity, computer vision, artificial immunity, manufacturing and control theory.

4. Information Management System

MIS, as a new technical professional, key goal is to maximize the use of modern computer and network communication technology to improve company information management, based on human resources, material resources, funds. Fund. Machine equipment. Technical The investigation of resources, create proper data information, production and processing solutions and make a variety of data materials to give administrators to manage, facilitate proper management decisions, and continue to enhance the company’s management capabilities and economic benefits.

Software Engineering Major School Rankings and Related Application Conditions:

University of Toronto:

Location: An province, Toronto

Ranking: McColin Medal Boys NO.2, Duo Duo NO.1

Admission regulations: related undergraduate majors, GPA: proposal 85 points

IELTS: 7.0 (single project 6.5) or TOEFL: 93 (creation. English speaking 22)

Waterloo University:

Location: An province, Waterloo

Rank: McColen Medical Boat Rank No.3, Duplex NO.3

Admission regulations: related undergraduate majors, GPA: 3.0 (2 years)

IELTS: 6.5 (single project 6.0) or TOEFL: 90

British American Columbia University:

Location: BC Province, Los Angeles

Rank: McColen Medical Boat Rank No.3, Duplex NO.3

Admission regulations: About the undergraduate professional environment and stipulate that a certain amount of computer professional courses have been taken, GPA: The proposed 85 points (985 211 proposes 80 points)

IELTS: 7 (Various parts of 6.5) or 100 (reading article 22 Creation 21 English Listening 22 English Speaking 21)

Location: Alberta, Edmonton

Australian postgraduate new semester started, most schools have only one season in each year, the key is to enroll in autumn. For schools and technical professional precision positioning. Language expression and GPA regulations. Procedures for application and raw materials are prepared in advance.