Invoice inspection interface intelligently

Nowadays, with the continuous development of my country’s economic construction, the focus and basic points of the accounting workers are constantly changing, and the company has new requirements for the accounting workers, and cannot stay onlyInvoice inspection, Entry, accounting, accounting, etc. However, for the company, the invoice is digitally entered, archived, and the inspection that helps enterprises financial sharing and circumvents enterprises and personal property damage caused by false tickets.

Therefore, whether business employees or financial staff, the first priority is the authenticity of the invoice when receiving the invoice. Traditionary Tax Tax Site, manually enter the invoice four elements of information for authenticity, slow speed, low efficiency, high labor cost, have not met the needs of enterprises with large demand for invoices in the current invoice. In this era that is constantly mature in this artificial intelligence technology, in order to help enterprises to resolve invoices, check problems, simplify invoice management processes, the auxiliary supervision department is moved from "Taking Tax Tax" to "Tax Tax", Xiangyun artificial intelligent open platform An invoice recognition + invoice check API service is available.

Xiang YunInvoice recognitionAPI, fast, accurate identification of VAT invoices, train tickets, PDF electronic invoices, etc., all-in-flight information, autonomous OCR core, technical support is guaranteed. In combination with Xiangyun invoice identification interface, I only need to upload the invoice picture to realize the automatic extraction, entry, and verification of the invoice four elements information. In the promotion of the cumbersome, reducing the manual input, reducing the probability of digital error While promoting the actual work efficiency, further reduce the operating costs of the company, providing technical support for the intelligent management of the enterprise to realize the invoice information.

Under the promotion of digital economic trends, "Internet + Intelligence" brings strong development kinetic energy to enterprises.Xiang YunArtificial intelligent open platform will also comply with the development trend of the times, providing companies with a more complete invoice identification + invoice check API solution.