A large number of artificial intelligent startups enter IPO? Do you see the huge trading market?

In the view of venture capitalists, the startup of the artificial intelligence is already time to enter the open market, and they have made more, larger, and earlier. For artificial intelligence startup, it is now a good time to raise funds. Although many of the financing records of the startups have risen in 2021, the more powerful and intelligent startups, which seems to have a broader customer demand, including more young and very long investors.

The frontier data from CB Insights describes in detail a global artificial intelligent financing market that is active. Of course, market financing may be slightly different in different regions. For these data, the AppHire Ventures Partner Jai Das and Glasswing Venture Partner Rudina Sseri conducted deep-depth research and analysis, further clarifying the flow of funds and development prospects in today’s artificial intelligent entrepreneurial market.

Record of transactions

The report of CB Insights shows that in the third quarter of 2021, investors have invested $ 17.9 billion to the world’s artificial intelligent startup. Since the first quarter of 2020, the financing amount of these enterprises has risen in quarterly. The artificial intelligent startup of the initiative is 6.3 billion US dollars, frequent transactions and recorded transactions have prompted these companies to usher in. Dramatic performance growth.

The total risk investment in the start-up industry has continued to rise in more large-scale huge round finance and billion or even more investment amounts, and the artificial intelligent entrepreneurial market is no exception. In the third quarter of 2021, a total of 45 super round financing was obtained in the third quarter of 2021. This is a huge financing of 45 or more in three consecutive quarters. In the first quarter of 2021 and the second quarter, 47 and 46 financing transactions were obtained separately.

The large trading amount shows the super round growth rate of artificial intelligent entrepreneurial companies, which is compared to how different years ago. According to CB Insights’s data and TechCrunch measurement, in 2020, an average of 19.75 huge transactions were obtained per quarter in the field of artificial intelligence. In 2019, this figure is only 13.5 per quarter, 12.25 in 2018, 2017 is only 6.

It is worth noting that accompanying time’s transition and growth of medium-term investment, the early stage of transactions is currently declining compared to the transaction share of the entire artificial intelligence startup. In 2020, early artificial intelligent investment accounted for 65% of total transactions, while medium-term transactions accounted for 20%. By 2021, this number is 61% and 22%, respectively; in 2020, there are 2,412 rounds of A1 round financing in the artificial intelligence field, including 2,073 rounds of financing in the third quarter. From this investment trend, it is foreseeable that the total investment volume of human intelligent industry in 2021 will continue to rise, compared to early transactions, the medium and long-term investment amount will have a new high.

In fact, in the financing of artificial intelligence, the oversized financing has fallen to 70% peak in the first quarter of 2021, fell to 57% in the third quarter. Early and mid-term artificial intelligent entrepreneurial companies are also expanding. The average transaction scale of artificial intelligence startup has increased from $ 18 million in 2020 to $ 3.3 million this year. Considering that the average data may have deviation due to some big transactions, we are more concerned with the median of the transaction size, which is also accelerating growth, which has increased from $ 5 million in 2020 to 700 to date. Wan Dollars, the increase is about 40%. More specifically, to the third quarter of 2021, the annuality of the angel wheel is a median of $ 6 million, above 2020 US $ 4 million.

These data seem to help us associate, a batch of startups are growing at high speed, busy solving a scene of another technical issue. Glasswing’s investors SSERI believes that although companies have become more extensive in recent years in recent years, artificial intelligence and machine learning products are also welcoming and challenge in various fields, which will further promote market demand. It also puts forward higher requirements for integrated operations from sales and marketing to cyber security.

Creating a wider range of customer bases and more advanced applications means that startup needs to invest a lot of money. Combined with data, we can draw the following conclusions:

  • The huge trading of artificially intelligent startups is constantly accelerating, which means that the initial company group is born more than ever. Most of these companies will need funds to drive their own exit, rather than seeking enterprises soft landing.
  • From the rising trading value, the transaction volume can be seen that the early financing market of artificial intelligence startups is strong, and the expansion of the medium-term transaction share should give post-investment to sufficient reserves. In a foreseeable future, this will also make the IPO of artificially intelligent startups continue to rise.

Of course, at the same time we also need to admit that all artificial intelligence startups we have focused can reach expectations with the above.

Artificial intelligence is everywhere

Although we are more interested in future technologies and cutting-edge artificial intelligence, many of these companies are actually handling more monotonous tasks every day. Of course, this will not cut the enthusiasm of the wind. Sapphire Ventures Investors DAS is very optimistic about these "bored artificial intelligence", which are used to solve many simple problems. As an example, the company is providing transcription and subtitle services that rely on artificial intelligence, and has been committed to "humanized" management, and maximize the accuracy of work.

Standing in sapphire’s pragmatic perspective, it does not oppose human cooperation with the machine, which is known through its attitude toward Verbit and some healthcare companies. DAS believes that "artificial intelligence will not replace human beings, but will make humans do better at work. Artificial intelligence is outbreak out in all fields, I think any development software will have built-in artificial intelligence."

It is because of artificial intelligence becomes universal in people’s lives, and it is easier to create an artificial intelligent startup or investment. "In the past few years, the market gauge has been significantly reduced," Glasswing’s investor Sseri said, "AI / ML is no longer simple in depth technology, it takes two or three years to realize business feasibility." She It also tries to explain this with the extensive model (Openai’s language generator GPT-3), template and powerful open source community, trying to explain this, in her opinion, "startup can use them to generate innovative solutions."

At the same time, SSERI added that accompanying artificial intelligence has increasingly significant added value, people’s demand is increasing, "company, especially enterprises, have been put in their data infrastructure and practice More and more funds, they can now get huge profits now. As the value of the bottom line tends to be clear, suppliers with cutting-edge, high-value innovation technology may require the improvement of the product service price. "

This is also reflected in the supply and demand resonance map proposed by the venture capital company PI Ventures, and the value of artificial intelligence has a significant change in the two axes in the figure: as the technology is simpler, the supply of artificial intelligence is increased; As demand increases, the previous potential demand is now "surface".

From the perspective of venture capital, the results are obvious: "More entrepreneurs can enter this area, prove the attraction of the industry, and get more funds from investors. But if you are the founder, don’t expect The interests of investors have been fair allocation, at least yet now, "SESESERI said.

Geographical dilemma

When we study the flow of artificial intelligent funds, the situation will become uncertain when it is specifically areaful. Taking the United States as an example, in the third quarter of 2021, the American artificially intelligent startup company received $ 10.4 billion in investment, a total of 324 transactions. In Asia, the total financing of these 321 similar transactions is only $ 4.8 billion. The Europe is less, and it only has a value of 1.6 billion US dollars from artificial intelligence starting funds from 142 transactions. There are also Latin America, with only 12 transactions, worth $ 500 million. In fact, Canada won 24 rounds of financing in the third quarter, achieving $ 400 million in capital flow, and its artificial intelligent risk investment amount, almost all venture capital acquired in Latin America.

In contrast, it is not difficult to conclusion. If the startup of the initial company wants to raise labor intelligence funds, it must be established in North America, Asia or Europe, and the other markets are not active. Of course, if an early trading leads to a small market that has been born in a small market, the current situation may change.

Many times, we will see similar intergenerational differences in various entrepreneurial markets. North America, Asia and Europe may be farther in certain areas such as financial technology, which promotes the efficient solution of startups to a series of issues.

In contrast, emerging markets in developing countries such as Latin America and Africa have emerged in huge financial science and technology investments in recent years, which may be because of their average economic levels, and there is less interference from financial ecosystems. If this status is true, we should see that the number of financing numbers in Latin America and Africa in the next few years will rise.

ASUS Ling Yao X Double Screen Thin Book Review: Futuristic Design, but the second screen is worth it?

A notebook has two displays? It sounds almost impossible things, ASUS makes it possible. This is how the cooperation with Zenbook 14 Duo, I will tell you in the evaluation.

ASUS is getting more and more try new, futuristic laptop design. ASUS ScreenPad + is also used for ASUS Ling Yao X dual screen light thin. This time, it doesn’t even stand out from the notebook when you open it.

Daily Test – Is the second display really useful?

In daily life, I have completed various tasks with ASUS Ling Yao X Double-screen light. Thanks to the fast SSD and the 7th generation I11 processor, these (as expected) For Huashuo Ling Yao X double screen light, it is a small piece of dish.

In addition, there is also a home office of Microsoft Teams, as well as a small game. During my test, there is neither WiFi problem and there is no other crash. Everything is performed, and the second display is simply identified as the second display in Windows. Therefore, all demo functions (mirror, extensions, only on one display) can be implemented here.

Both monitors are touch screens, so you can use the included handwritten pen on both. However, in my opinion, it is most meaningful in ScreenPad +.

The operating system I have chosen is Windows 10 as an operating system. It can set fan speed, battery mode, etc. Feeling it better than before.

ScreenPad + achieved better than expected

ScreenPad + can be freely arranged in the integrated software panel, which can be used to trigger a variety of functions. In addition to other outside, the organizational window, open the application in a fixed position, etc. Screenpad + helps me very much in daily life.

Even if I have a little doubtful, the second monitor is really meaningful. It may not do this for anyone, but this is an extraordinary experience for me. ASUS refers to other use cases of video editing and image editing using Adobe Photoshop as other use cases of ScreenPad +.

Keyboard and touchpad: habits are necessary

If you look at the ASUS Ling Yao X dual screen light thin, you will immediately notice that the keyboard and mouse have slipped. The mouse is even sliding left to avoid the compact size.

I can only say that the keyboard has a good pressure point, you can use it. It feels high quality, just like a high-end laptop. On the other hand, if you are accustomed to normal central design, the touchpad or mouse takes a lot of time to adapt. After a period of habits, this is useful for me, there is no major obstacle.

Connection and speaker

Here you can see the left side of the most port. We have a perfect HDMI port, two USB Type-C Thunderbolt ports (so data, power, images, etc. can be output by two Type-C ports). The only lack in these varieties is actually a LAN socket, but due to thin design, it has to be allowed. There is still a complete USB-A 3.1 port on the right side.

As for the speaker, I can only say that they are surprising. ASUS has a professional voice from Harman Kardon here. This will immediately causten to pay attention, because even at the highest level, the sound is very full, there is no tiny sound. The high point is very good, the low point (for the notebook) is very good.

The figure also shows the bracket provided by ASUS for ASUS Ling Yao X Double Screen. This can vertically erect the notebook to better read the two screens. ASUS Ling Yao X Double Screen Microcompansion This is open, and ScreenPad + will tilt up.


In the configuration I am allowed to test, ASUS Ling Yao X dual screen light thin book’s suggestion retail price is 9999 yuan. This is a lot of money, but you can still get top equipment and excellent workmanship. In addition, there is an almost complete second display.

As well as bright main display. Hardware such as CPU and 32 GB RAM completes the rest of the work, making it a very fast work device. But there may be many people prefer traditional laptops.

Either because the second monitor is too bold to some people, or because they only need a display. Therefore, I recommend ASUS Ling Yao X dual screen to the main arguments that are passionate about experiments and regard video editing and image processing as a useful second monitor.

Difficulties and hope under community fresh mix

The whole fresh collar has become a red sea, under the melee, the industry profit becomes more and more thin. In a visible persistence battle, no matter which mode, return to retail essence, pay attention to product quality, supply chain construction, refine management, and more close to users will stand out.

Special authors in this publication? Minghui / Wen

As early as 2019, the community is fresh, unmanned retail, O2O and other new retail models are endless, the author is still firmly optimistic about the outstanding line of the business management, and the changes in the model are just "phase". Service, quality and supply chain are "such as", this requires enterprises to make the foundation, cultivate internal strength.

The industry insiders ridicule the new retail the biggest pit is "new", and retail is not so many "new", all new models first look at it half a year. Two years later, the fresh industry has undergone major changes – the Internet giants imported, daily, such as fresh e-commerce, such as fresh e-commerce, etc. Therefore, the industry’s landscape becomes a chain supermarket, the farmer’s market, the Internet, and community stores and many other characters, competition is more intense, and the model is more diverse.

Professional fresh e-commerce loss pressure is still large

In November, the daily premium and smashed vegetables released the three quarterly reports, and the cuisine campaign was 6.2 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 111%, GMV is 7 billion yuan. The daily excellent third quarter revenue is 2.1 billion yuan, an increase of 47% year-on-year, and GMV is 2.6 billion yuan.

Both companies use the front position of heavy asset mode. The front position mode attracted the capital market in the early days of entering the market, attracting consumers through delivery efficiency, price subsidies, etc., and thus torn in the fresh retail market of channels. As can be seen from income growth, number of users, background construction, etc., the front bin is basically a conventional state, which will not be eliminated by the market in the short period of time. For example, the number of new users in the third quarter is 14.7% in the second quarter. The number of monthly subscribers increased by 26.5%, and the first breakthrough of 10 million. It can be seen that its user size has a certain degree of natural growth. The current position of the position has achieved a certain scale, and the relatively stable user group has become a regular fresh shop.

Although the two companies revenue grow, the loss is expanded sequentially, in the third quarter of 2021, the revenue of the buyers is 38 billion yuan, 4.6 billion yuan and 6.2 billion yuan, net loss, respectively. 1.4 billion yuan, 1.9 billion yuan and 2 billion yuan, the loss is increasing, the total amount of money exceeds 5 billion yuan in the first three quarters, which has greatly over 2020 throughout the year of 3.2 billion yuan. It is also very good daily, with a loss of 900 million yuan in the third quarter, and a total loss of more than 3 billion yuan in the first three quarters.

From the perspective of the profitable form, the high growth of the two companies is exchanged by "burning money", especially the sales costs continue to grow. In the third quarter, buy vegetable sales and marketing costs of 430 million yuan, an increase of 207% year-on-year, mainly the increase in the new expenditure. It is preferentially similar.

The front position mode requires high performance cost. The faster delivery, the more the front position needs, the higher the natural cost.

As of the third quarter of 2021, 咚 买 菜 has 1375 front positions. But from late August, start adjusting strategic play, from "scale priority, balance efficiency", adjustment to "efficiency priority, balance scale". At the same time, buy vegetables to emphasize the product, increase the front end of the supply, expand the number of self-processing plants, and launch their own brands. The current self-owned brand has accounted for 5.8% of the total GMV, and the future hopes to 30%.咚 买菜 表示 As the order density increases, the cost of performance in the new area is also more remarkable, for example, the three-quarter, the new Southwestern regional performance rate is 8.1% in the second quarter. Founder Liang Changlin said, "Hey has a healthy cash flow, the listing is not for circle, so it is relatively fascinating to do some difficulty, right, long-term things, such as continuing to enhance the area layout density, supply upstream Chain extension, increase technical investment, etc. "

The daily premium is proposed to "platform operation" strategy, hoping to weaken the front position, reducing the asset layout, forming a new business map of the front position, smart food, retail cloud, transforming from self-operated fresh e-commerce to digitalization platform. But still in the early stage, it also needs to continue to observe.

Overall, Ali and other Internet giants join the battlefield, and they also take the "burning money" model, but they naturally have traffic advantages, which brings larger pressure to fresh e-commerce, improve gross profit, reduce costs, solve the loss, and become urgent issues that need resolving.

Internet community group purchase in a lasting battle

Before you benefit from the new crown epidemic, it is more than expected. This gives the community group purchase a large number of challenges and consumption opportunities, some consumer shopping habits have formed: Community group purchase has become an important purchase channel. With the entry of the Internet giants, with traffic and capital advantages, the competitive pattern of community group purchases quickly improved. But the profit prospect of community group purchase is still not optimistic. Internet companies have hoped to copy the "burning" model of the past, seize the user’s mind, grow rapidly, but the complexity of the fresh industry is exceeded, competition has evolved into a long-lasting battle.

First, the community group purchase hopes to use high-frequency consumption to cultivate consumption habits, but fresh cold chain, procurement, and automation problems still plague all players, many problems are difficult to solve in the short term. Stable fresh products require a mature cold chain supply. However, the low-priced fresh profits purchased by community groups cannot support the cost of warehousing logistics, and the investment of heavy assets is exceeded. Even if Jingdong self-built logistics, it has been covered in most parts of the country, and it is not possible to completely solve the problem, and its fresh products are only sold in part of the cold-chain logistics.

Second, the community group purchase should face complex procurement of upstream agricultural products. It is difficult for fresh products, concentrated large-scale procurement. Because most of the freshmen have planted, the price fluctuates, there may be a local more cheaper in the transportation, and the distribution and transportation of goods will cause loss. Therefore, most of the goods are also concentrated in two batches and three cars, and the idea of ??changing production ends from consumer ends is still far away.

Finally, the ultimate goal of the community group purchase is to become the mainstream purchase channel of the mainstream user, but the industry faces an embarrassment is that doing more logistics warehouses, do not meet the needs.

At present, many community group purchase companies have not let the industry becomes better, according to relevant reports, the US group has no significant growth since the third quarter of 2021. It is also reported that due to the supervision requirements, the US group is preferred, and there are many buyers to start profit rather than the scale.

Today’s community group purchase, no cognition of all-class categories, the user-end viscosity does not reach the expected value, can only depend on the platform compression cost, improve the quality, slowly attract users with a speed below the platform expectation. When the market growth gradually slows, complicated retail business imagination has been greatly compressed, and the company may be unknown after the long return cycle or even long-term investment. Under national supervision, the model of the Internet burning subsidy is difficult to continue, and the community group purchase has returned to retail, and now it is also the Internet giants, and it is also difficult to retreat.

Where is this lasting battle, most people on the battlefield disappeared.

Supermarket chain collective is in trouble

Since the epidemic disrupts people’s normal life, consumers are more biased to online consumption, and the community group purchase quickly diversified some passengers that belong to the supermarket. At the same time 2021 high price, consumer daily life pressure increases, more turning to cheap channels, and strikes underline. Community e-commerce benefits from capital influx, the price is cheap, and it is more convenient, close to consumers. Therefore, the supermarket chain company has universal performance.

The leader Yonghui Supermarket three-quarter loss is about 1.1 billion yuan, but the income is turned. It refers to the comprehensive impact of external environments such as the epidemic and community group purchases and the company’s first half of the initiative, the company has declined in the first three quarters of income and gross profit margin. Step is high in the same level. The third quarter of the family continues to decline in the third quarter, and it is only slightly profitable.

Many people have become pessimistic about the supermarket industry, will the fresh chain supermarket become next department store?

For this problem, the author believes that it is not a simple class. China’s fresh industry industry chain is porpocaround, because of this, the Internet giants have failed to overcome, which is not a technical problem, but a cost issue and return on investment. Due to the characteristics of the fresh industry, short shelf life, short consumption, installment of consumption, this is a bitter, tired. The Internet industry has been difficult to do in the fresh industry, and they also need new organizational evolution and find balance in investment and output.

For regional intensive fresh chain companies such as similar home, with the supply chain system, increase the intensive layout of the community store, there is a chance to transform into community supermarkets, which is close enough from customers, sufficiently convenient, and avoid lack line The upper flow of the short board. Moreover, the community store is more able to do a localization service. The community is fresh is a typical regional economy. The winners in the Internet industry does not apply to community group purchases. Just, in the current multi-party, under the vicious competition environment, add the upgrade of its own operations, refined management, etc., the model of the community supermarket has a long way to go.

The current line of fresh supermarkets is facing the macro background of consumption, which affects the mentality of retail entrepreneurs in offline. Wang Tao, general manager of Tianhong Supermarket mentioned in an interview: At this time, everyone did not so pessimistic. After the entrepreneur fantasy, the industry can return to the past, but the data in the third quarter of 202 years runs down, everyone I feel more disappointed; what kind of art is to face the future, and there is no answer to anyone.

The market capitalization of listed companies such as Yonghui and Da Runfa also affected the development of regional retail companies.

For investment, the entire fresh collar has become a red sea, under the melee, the industry profit becomes more and more thin. In a visible persistence battle, no matter which mode, return to retail essence, pay attention to product quality, supply chain construction, refine management, and more close to users will stand out.

Domestic cloud server public network bandwarest analysis

Cloud server public network bandwidth Ali Cloud, Tencent cloud and other cloud manufacturers are not cheap, why is domestic server public network bandwidth so expensive? Foreign server bandwidth is very cheap, and the server bandwidth network (Fuwuqidaikuan.com) is detailed from the monopoly, shared exclusive, public IP address, etc.Domestic server bandwidth is so expensive:

Take Ali Yun and Tencent Cloud as an example. Public network bandwidth takes Beijing’s region as an example, generally 1M bandwidth price is 23 yuan / month, when the bandwidth reaches 6m and above, each M bandwidth rose to 80 yuan / month, how ? The price is very expensive. The server bandwidth network is moving, seeing foreign VPS, the upper 100 megabytes of bandwidth dozens of dollars, a few hundred yuan price, why is the price gap so much? As shown below:

Server bandwidth price

refer to: Dashi.aliyun.com/site/cloud/daikuan

The server bandwidth network will detail the reason for the domestic server, welcome to supplement:

Domestic server bandwidth mainly surround the three major operators, telecommunications, mobile and Unicom, like Ali Cloud, Tencent Yun is the bandwidth of renting operators, monopoly possessed leading, the price is that.

The server bandwidth network takes Ali Yun as an example, as long as the cloud server purchases the public network bandwidth, Alibaba Cloud system will assign an exclusive public network IP address to the cloud server. The public network IPv4 address is controlled by the United States, and the IP address of Ali Cloud is also an application for rents to ICANN. The server bandwidth network remembers that when the network engineer was taken, the teacher said that IPv4 address is facing depletion.

In Ali Cloud, Tencent Cloud Renting Cloud Servers, public network cables with broad domestic BGP high-speed network lines. When the cloud server provides services through the public network bandwidth, the cloud server must cover operators such as telecommunications, mobile, China Unicom, Tung Tong and Education Network. Regardless of which network access to cloud servers, the cloud server is to meet fast and efficient.

The server bandwidth network sees many VPS bands in foreign countries, the price is still very cheap, but this is VPS, non-server, many cases to limit traffic.

Like Ali Cloud, Tencent Cloud provides exclusive bandwidth, and sometimes users see 100g bandwidth, actually shared bandwidth, at all, unique effects at the network peak period. And some are shared bandwidth, even in us, it is not reached.

In fact, the public network bandwidth does not have to pursue how big, as an example of the web site, many times the big bandwidth is not used. For example, the server has a website with a website, the daily IP2000, the Alibaba Cloud 1M bandwidth server, the website is connected to the CDN, the 1M bandwidth is also enough, but many webmasters will vomit 1M bandwidth small water pipe, this server bandwidth network It is not a solution, it is not a big station, most small websites on the network, and there are hundreds of IP. Due to the waste of bandwidth resources, many times the user does not use so many bandwidth, so on the shared bandwidth problem on the 5th point, the banner of 100 megabytes is actually multi-tenant mode.

The above is a few more analysis of the server bandwidth network on why expensive domestic server bandwidth, for reference only, you also welcome you. Finally, Pushui Cloud, Domestic Cloud Server Selection Server Bring Wide Network Suggestion or the first choice of Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud This major factory, whether it is cloud server performance, network bandwidth or reliability is guaranteed, Ali Cloud and Tencent Cloud The public network bandwidth is exclusive, and now the price is very cheap, everyone can pay attention to:

I like to see the little sister on the B station? Python crawler helps you automatically download cover

Hello everyone, welcome to Crossin’s programming classroom!

Bilibili, that is, commonly known as B station, I believe everyone is not strange. What video do you like to see on the B station? Chasing, gaming, funny video, or intellectual area? Of course, there is also a small sister in the dance area.

A development case to share today is: How to climb the video cover of B station small sister with Python

Note: This article is only discussed as programming technology, and the relevant code and data are not available for commercial purposes, otherwise the consequences are at your own risk.

Page analysis

Open the Bilibili search "small sister":

There is a total of 5 pages, take Page 2 as an example, F12 opens the web source code:

About the use of the F12 tool, you can refer to our previous article:

Search the first Title, we can find the corresponding XHR request, carefully analyze all the data exists in a JSON format, and our goals are in the Result list.

Check if Headers is as follows:

This is a GET request, requiring two items and keywords corresponding to the request.

View more pages to find the rules:

You can see that in addition to page 1, there is only one page parameter in the URL in other pages. So we try to request the URL of other pages in the first page, and the result will find the result that can be wanted (yourself Try).

Conclusion: All pages URL only Page parameters are different, and others are consistent.

2. Data crawling

2.1 Import Module

2.2 Get page information

Request data according to the URL of the analysis:

2.3 Get concrete picture information

The code parses the video title, time, playback, release time, author, picture link, etc. Here we take the title and picture link, other parameters can be increased, delete as needed.

2.4 Save Pictures

Here we use the title as the picture name to store, you need to note that the file name cannot contain four species, here is "/,. |" And other four types (a daily video is displayed, there may be entry, you need to adjust yourself, you can also use the title Make a name).

3. Result

Some pictures:

Double twelve phones worth buying? Smart people will choose these

First paragraph: Red rice K40

This mobile phone double eleven is very hot, there are many people who have not grabbed it, and they don’t miss it again. This phone is equipped with the Snapdragon 870 processor, with 120 Hz refresh rate, and AMOLED screen, which uses Corning’s five-generation gorilla glass screen. The camera has a front 20 million pixel + rear 48 megapixel +8 million long focal microspace lens + 5 million pixels. There are 4520 mAh batteries + 33W fast charge. Supports NFC functions and infrared features. Overall, it is still very good, it can be said that it is the cheapest mobile phone for 370 processors. At present, 6 + 128g reference price is 1799 yuan. It is estimated that double twelve will fall.

Second article: iqoo neo5

This phone is also a hot-selling item of double eleven. The pattern is equipped with the Snapdragon 870 processor, but it has a separate display chip. This is why so many people choose it. There is 120 Hz refresh rate and full-coverage cold cooling system, with AMOLD competitive screen. Front 16 megapixel + rear 48 million pixel main photo +13 million pixel wide-angle lens +2 million pixel black and white cameras. 4400 mAh battery + 66W fast charge in the battery, 30 minutes can be full, and the battery life is very good. Support NFC function and screen fingerprint unlock. At present, 8 + 128g price is 2438 yuan. Double 12 estimates are around 2200 yuan.

Section 3: Red rice 9a

This mobile phone sales is the third place in this year, 8 + 128G less than 900 yuan can be bought, there is a top 5 million AI beauty camera and 13 million HD main photos. The 3D surface fuselage adds a high level. There are also 5000 mAh batteries and infrared features. The appearance is also very nice. Very suitable for useless elders, give yourself a backup machine. And during the double twelve will fall.

Quaternary: Glory 50PRO

This phone is very popular, and the double 12 will definitely fall. If you like to buy Huawei, it is also recommended to buy glory 60, double twelve before it will be officially sold. Glory 50PRO can also be purchased, it has a 6.72-inch OLED superclapp, 120Hz screen refresh rate + 360 Hz screen harness rate. There is a front 32 megapixel high-definition lens + 12 million VLOG video lens, the back is 100 million pixel super clear lens + 8 million wide-angle lens + 2 million macro lens + 200 million deep lens, the camera ability is still very good. There are 4000 mAh batteries +1 million super fast charge in the battery, 25 minutes can be full. Supports NFC features and screen fingerprint unlocks. At present, the price is 8 + 128G in 3199 yuan, and the double 12 estimation will drop to around 3,000 yuan.

Article 5: OPPO Reno7 Pro

This mobile phone is a mobile phone that has recently been put on the shelves. All aspects are very good, and the double 12-one price reduction must have a lot of people to buy. It is equipped with the Tianzhu 1200-Max processor, AMOLED screen, and the camera has a top 32 million pixel lens + rear 50 million pixel main photo +8 million wide-angle lens + 2 million macro lenses. There are 4500 mAh batteries and 65W super fast charge. The appearance is really very nice, and the details of all aspects are very good. At present, 8 + 256G reference prices are 3639 yuan, and the double 12 estimates will drop to around 3,400 yuan.

If you pull the 14 billion people, pull it to a WeChat group

"Recently, I know that there is a very popular problem:" Can I pull the 14 billion Chinese people to a WeChat group can be realized? " "

Public data based on "WeChat Data Report" in 2017 [Reference 1]:In September 2017, the WeChat day landed 902 million people, and the average daily message was 38 billion.

This means an average of 42 messages per person per day.

So more information is just a constant speed, taking into account everyone’s sleep, sleeping 8 hours, then the information to receive per second is:

Wow, more than 1 million per second! Currently, one of the most frequent mobile phone CPUs, Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 has 2.8GHz processing capabilities [Reference 2], a total of 8 cores.

If the Android system is not calculated, the CPU operation of the refresh, the network IO is displayed, and the computing power that can be assigned each message is:

What is this concept? The world’s first microprocessor is Intel 4004 in 1971 Intel, and this old antique’s clock is 108kHz. So 21.9khz is nothing.

Fortunately, the IT world has a mole law:The CPU performance is doubled every 18 months (or the price is half). Although existing technology is hard to make the main frequency increase (a toothpaste factory is desirable, only 5 GHz is also

But suppose we use black technology to improve the frequency. When the 2025 mole of the law failed [Reference 4], our mobile phone CPU clock should be reached:

It looks good, but the computing power for each message will reach:

Oh, there is still no level of Intel 4004, so the result is that you wait for 7 years, or can’t enter this national group to grab a red envelope.

Ok, let’s let your mobile phone access a powerful computer. For example, the world’s super-cost Taihu Lake, 1 million CPU core [reference 5] to help handle the first large WeChat group of this universe. The problem of interactiveness is final.

We assume that there is 10 Chinese characters per message, which is probably equivalent to 30 byte, counting the application layer will add certain control characters, plus the data consumption of the TCP / IP network layer is about 74 byte, take a whole, Averages each message has 100 Byte, each byte equivalent to 8 bit.

At this time, the network bandwidth required per second is:

If someone has a red envelope, the required bandwidth is bigger.

In theory, 4G network can support 1000 Mbps [Reference 6], but don’t forget, it is the people of the whole country in the same group, and people around you need the same bandwidth, which makes your vicinity, causing .

In order to avoid network paralysis, you can’t grab the red envelope or look at the group, you need to move to a base station around no one, such as the summer vacation, only when you haven’t gone home yet.

However, the day of the operator is not good, because the traffic in this second is amazing:

This is equivalent to 65.7% of the total traffic traffic in April 2017 [Reference 7], which means that every 18 seconds can be used in full country a year. Operators Surse trembling .gif

If 1.146 EBIT data is loaded with a 2tbyte 3.5-inch hard drive (20 mm high), then stacked, there are 1433.25 m, compared to the world’s top floor – Dubai’s Harry Pacific Tower only zone 828m.

Of course, if there is really a need, I believe that telecom operators are sure heavy gold to build the world’s largest broadband network.

However, it is not an operator who will spend money – but Tencent.

In order to deal with this 1.146 EBPS traffic, Tencent needs to prepare 114.66 million sets of switches and servers.

At present, a large factory is about 4,000 yuan, and a cheap server is about 10,000 yuan, and the cost of these two adds is:

Hey, just these two GDPs are equivalent to Shenzhen 2014 year-round GDP [Reference 8].

It does not include network cables, wires, server racks, computer room hosted, electricity, and operational expenditures …

So multi-device storage is also a problem. A 2U server with 10Gbps port has 88.9 mm high, so it is stacked:

This is almost the distance between China’s aircraft route to the United States, and it is enough to repair the railway.

Ok, I have so many devices, which you can finally get a group.

But you are surprised to find that in addition to the white screen, nothing – this is because your eyes can’t receive such fast data!

The visual stay time of the human eye is 100-400 milliseconds [refer to 9], and our group will show 1020,000 information every second, and each message is only about 0.001 milliseconds. In contrast, the movie and TV are 41 milliseconds.

So you haven’t come to see the news, it has disappeared, and finally leaving a white color block on the center of the screen.

Xiaobian selection some netizen message:

@ 大 哥 has tenderness:

1.4 billion is not terrible in a group. Terrible, every holiday group will make the group of red envelopes!

@ 后 知 Next:

It has been done, and 1.4 billion people pull to a WeChat group. Everyone sees all news broadcasts.


Simply put, your phone will collapse immediately because it does not carry a second volume of information.

@ 三毛 fish

Can be implemented, but there are several restrictions:

1 All WeChat accounts are enforced to this WeChat group.

2 WeChat group can only say a limited number of people, others can’t speak.

3 WeChat groups can only be fixed daily time period messages.

4 Other WeChat groups cannot send messages at a fixed time, or can only forward this WeChat group message.

This can be achieved, there is no difficulty in technology.

@ 程 墨 Morgan

"Pull" is not difficult to implement in a group. Anyway, the user information is on the server, and a group to build a micro-signal containing all users is also adding a record.

However, this group must do not let anyone speak, and the diversity of our people, various words, map mad, advertising madman … Massive information instantly can put servers, operators networks and The battery of your mobile phone defeats.

@ 世安 先

Telling, from the theory, the current technology is still feasible, cough, I have to force it.

Looking at other answers, people, terminal, transmission, processing, storage, analysis, etc. are defective or shortboard, can’t keep up with a large amount of data, in fact, personal feeling is still implemented. , Only the relationship between cost and profit.

First of all, how many billion information is to be considered, and the amount of information is not limited to 0 for a particular individual. I personally don’t pay attention to this information, because the efficiency of obtaining information is too low.

This leads to ninety-nine people directly ignored the existence of this group. The rest of the news is nothing more than the top announcement, set the top news, red envelopes and idiots, browsing announcements and news.

Considering the problem of concurrency, the general current server can be done, after all, there is a lot of news APP can do; red envelope, be a algorithm, not to grab, don’t grab, he will seriously affect the experience, giving billions Users are randomly assigned a data. It should be difficult to have a difficulty.

The rest is to chat, data directly cloud storage in server side, analysis processing summary out a center idea for a few seconds to push to individual users once, it is almost, the server retrieved, personal, I feel that I feel The pressure of the terminal will not be too large.

Second, transmission, this is a link I think the smallest problem, why? After solving the problem of the personal terminal, the personal data transmission is not large, and the existing transmission network can be satisfied.

The transmission of the server is to see how this server is a Jian method. If centralized processing and storage, you can only use the 100 G line and build a three or five.

Only the corresponding supporting switch router has to build a huge system. If it is distributed storage and processing, 10G or even GE is special. This is transmission.

Third, processing, if you have to process a large amount of data concentration, you have to build a largest and even the largest and most complex data center in China to carry this system.

But if distributed, I believe that the current system is also enough. After all, the existing volume is so big, and the amount of data will never explode in this group.

Fourth, storage and processing work can complete storage and definitely not a problem, and even store data to the personal terminal, transfer the contradiction of investment equipment to data security and management.

Fifth, data analysis, this is the difficult point in the heavy, difficult points, how to effectively analyze useful information in such a large amount of data and push to a specific individual talent is the core key.

Although the technology has no large-scale commercialization, I believe this technology is that there is already a trial or even commercial existence, but the public is not clear, after all, this kind of thing thinks about it is a bit a little horrible.

In short, how to achieve this system or build this group, nothing more than the contradiction between demand and resources, transferring the contradiction between storage demand and investment to data security and operation management, put big data The amount transmitted dispersion, analyzes a large amount of data, and the tailor-to-direction, the most core investment is the complete intelligent effective data analysis system.

Nifo launches smart tag: Leafclock rejuvenation, let the towel life cycle visualize

Recently, Shanghai Ring Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (NIFO Tunet Technology) launched a new generation of black technology intelligent labels: Leafclock rejacity. LeafClock is a visual monitoring product lifecycle biometric intelligence technology, through graphic color change, reminding users to replace towels three months and develop health habits.

In recent years, there have been authority media such as CCTV News, randomly takes out towels from ordinary families to do test, found a three-month towel, its colony amount exceeds the standard 125 times, this means, a 34cm * 76cm Regular household towels, colonies are close to 3 million. It took more than a year of towels that have no number of bacteria. Simple home washing mode, unable to completely remove large amounts of bacteria in the fibers. Therefore, there is no timely replacement, there will be safety hazards.

Leafclock rejuvenation, let the towel life cycle visualize, remind users to replace regularly through color changes, avoid us using the brush-filled towels to make life healthier and more hygienic.

It is reported that the NiFo ecological sensing technology and products used by LeafClock smart labels (rejuvenation) have been used in North America, and they will log in to the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, and the most relevant manual intelligence project ". Finalist, Hong Kong Design Future TechStyle Global Innovation Competition Finalist, received a 2nd prize of Shanghai Double Chuangjie, 2021 China Sustainable Design Awards, Gold Design Awards, and Scientific Research Teams Save the Forbes U30 List, and continue to receive CCTV, CCTV two sets and Oriental TV and other authoritative reports.

Nokia God Machine 8 years ago, what is the experience?

Polycarbonate fuselage, domineering camera module, 41 million pixels, PureView, Zeiss certification.

This is Nokia Lumia 1020. It is the old flagship, a generation of video benchmarks, and many people memories of Nokia and Windows Phone. This time, we re-experienced this classic mobile phone. After 8 years, he will tell us what kind of story?

01 Can it still use it?

sure. I don’t think about it, we really want to take it with the usual machines, try to use it to complete some daily tasks, electronic payment, instant messaging, etc. Using the iPhone, Android phone response. Unfortunately, time did not give it a chance, the old high-pass S4 dual-core processor is overwhelmed, we have to make a good job.

Let’s talk about what is completely can’t be used. Two instant messaging, electronic payment giants, WeChat, Alipay, and their small procedures are basically unavailable. A health code for payment, is the absence of these two, and it is difficult to take it on the day.

QQ,Sina WeiboIt is possible to install, but the service has been stopped. All major banks app and e-commerce platforms are not worth noting.

Other aspects, although it is difficult to be elegant, it is still available. Anyway, it’s not not possible.

02 experience

Back to the topic talking on the phone. Nokia Lumia 1020 is most striking, as this polycarbonate body, as well as domineering camera modules.SquareThe front face is equipped with a rounded back curve, and it does not lose the grip. Compared with the time, the rounded R angle, the curved screen, and there is a unique temperament.

It has a huge round camera module, which has been draped "Olio". For the time of the mobile phone, 41 million pixels are flat, but in eight years ago, this 41 megapixel camera with Xenon flash, Zeiss certified, is an unkno-opponent.

Of course, it is also full of historical traces, such as hanging rope holes, micro usb interface, Windows mobile phone exclusive entity buttons, and "extremely advanced 3.5mm" headphone interface. Its SIM card slot is Microsim, and the strange thing is that it supports SIM card hot swap, but not supported, each exchange system needs to be restarted.

Nokia Lumia 1020 is equipped 1 / 1.5 inch 41 million pixel cameraThe 1/1 1.2 inches of 808 PureView is slightly smaller than the end of the destination, but it is better than the software advantage. Its imaging effect is better than 808 PureView.

From the perspective, the camera ability of Nokia Lumia 1020 is still very hitting today, the soil sensor, good OIS optical anti-shake, has a good imaging quality. It also has such problems, such as camera start and imaging speed, the strange white balance of Nokia ancestors, and the place where the paste is still passed, the software will not give you too much correction.

Of course, old fansMindDo not forget, there is it Lumia professional camera. Manually adjust the various options, Raw’s original picture, which is accustomed to calculating photography, these options may be a bit cumbersome, but for use skilled users, they are the existence of making mobile phones into tools.

Let’s first come from the easiest requirements. When a mobile phone is the mission of the mobile phone, it is at least to act as a player.ListenSong, look at the video.

Lumia 1020 is still selected in this regard.The UWP period is very active NetEy cloud music, still downloading installation in the Microsoft Store.If you can’t install on your phone, you may need to install your phone via the Microsoft Store operation of the Windows PC, or join your own software library and transfer it to your phone.

Log inNeteaseAfter Yunyun, the Metro UI that did not change was reflected in the eye. Founded interface, refreshing and streamlined, songs can be played normally, search, and songs can be used, but dynamics, recommendations, etc. have not been acquired. Long-term lack of updates, Netease cloud music Windows mobile version is very streamlined, and it is also missing a lot of functions, such as the entry of the purchased digital album is not found.

Foreign famous flow media music platform Spotify can log inBut the core recommended song list, the search function has been invalid, and can only be opened from the individual music library, it is actually half-disabled.

Video aspect,哩 哩, Iqiyi’s official UWP version can be installedHowever, the B station account password login may report an error, and you need to use iOS, Android version of the APP scan code.Bilibili UWP version supports 1080P playback, video speed, etc., experienced good experience. It still has a good third-party UWP version, but it is no longer available to play video.

It’s not the right thing. Compared to the other audio and video applications on Windows Phone, or only empty housings.Youkuvideo,SohuVideo is the latter, the application can be downloaded, but the video cannot play normally.

Step by back, we can also retro it, introduce the audio and video into your mobile phone. You can play with Groove music, movies and TV, classic FOOBAR 2000 Mobile, VLC Player, ACG Player is also a good third party. choose. But today, there should be no one like this cumbersome experience, the streaming service has completely changed our way we listening to the song.

The Windows mobile phones can do not much in other daily applications. The application ecology is very lacking, and after many years, it is a desert.

If you want to use, you can only return it, solve the problem through the browser. takeMicrobloggingFor the Microsoft Store, the Weibo can also be downloaded, but it has already stopped support. Brush Weibo can only pass the browser, experience very original.

ShakeOn the lineWeb version, so the brush roast on the Windows phone is also possible. However, there is only a desktop version without a mobile version, which is very uncomfortable on this small screen, because performance issues, Carton is more serious.

The map of the system can work normally. If you need to find your car or bus route, it can help you.

If we rely on the browser, we have another option. In recent years, progressive network applications PWA is a general purpose application, which is based on a normal web page, but is similar to traditional meaning. We are commonly used by Weibo, shake, etc., and Apple Music, Spotify, TeT, Telegraph, etc. have a PWA version.

It is a pity that the Lumia 1020 not only keeps the era, but also the EDGE browser that has not been updated for many years is also the foundation, but also the general application such as PWA can’t save it. Spotify no longer supports the mobile EDGE browser to log in, and the Apple Music web version is not possible to perform the next step after opening.

General applications can’t save you, it is really unharmonic.

Office software isMicrosoftSignboard. Windows 10 mobile version of Office getGood support, experience is not much different from the Duration And Zhuo version. Microsoft’s Office suite on this platform has been supporting until January 2021, and there is no too much.

Because of performance issues, today’s Lumia 1020 will occasionally appear when using the Office suite, and the connection speed of OneDrive has also been.Anxious. However, using mobile version on the phone, it is mainly dealing with some simple or urgent needs to achieve a level of consensus.

In Windows UWP applications, the XODO PDF reader is not much, supporting a PC, mobile dual platform, and a complete feature of the application, and the usual features such as ink writing are basically available. In addition, there is an 8 zip which is quite similar to the 7-ZIP name. For mobile phones, the plate is optimized, it is convenient for touch screen operation, but the PC side experience is not so beautiful, slightly cumbersome.

Other applications include free version of Adobe Photoshop Express, support simple diagrams and image editing; Pic Collage This old puzzle application can now be used.

03 How Windows mobile phone is falling

In 2021, I took this Lumia 1020, and we can get it almost these. Worse battery, occasionally stuck and loaded, as if to talk to us 8 years it experienced.

On October 8, 2017, the Vice President of Microsoft Operating System Department, "Joopi Feng" Joe Belfiore, said that Windows 10 Mobile has stopped developing new version and new features, only for existing versions and devices, safe patches and maintenance. On January 14, 2020, the Windows 10 Mobile system officially stopped updating.

Why can’t Microsoft’s leadership of Nokia, PC and Communications Empire, why can’t I make the Windows mobile phone succeed?

The most important reason is of course Microsoft’s death. Microsoft’s mobile phone dreams in 2000 Pocket PC, which is later Windows Mobile platform. In 2010, Windows Phone 7 is released, and the existing Windows Mobile is abandoned and cannot be upgraded.

When Windows Phone 8 is released, the system’s kernel turns by Windows CE to Windows NT, sharing a lot of constituent elements with the PC system, theoretically constructing apps more convenient, system hardware requirements are double cores. This out, the majority of Windows Phone 7 devices cannot upgrade Windows Phone 8, only get a Windows Phone 7.8 as "Consolation Award".

With the release of Windows 10, Microsoft renamed the mobile phone platform to Windows 10 Mobile, and strive to implement unified ecology. The familiar scenes will happen again. Although Microsoft promises all Windows Phone 8 models to upgrade Windows 10 Mobile, after multiple delays, only less than 20 models have been upgraded, and the remaining models can only be previewed. The user was once again abandoned.

So unloading killing, hurting consumers and tortured developers. From Windows Phone 7 to 8, 8.1, then to the later UWP, multiple internal changes, forcing the developers to follow the application. Original Microsoft’s mobile application ecology is not rich, the market share is not high, where can I get this toss? Sina Weibo, Taobao like the number one player, I didn’t have a few years.

In addition, Microsoft’s mobile partnership strategy is also substantive. The earlier Windows Phone is similar to the PC system. OEM vendors want to pre-installed to pay a certain authorization fee to Microsoft. ZTE has disclosed the number of $ 20-30. In contrast, open source and free Android systems are easier to get the favor of mobile phone manufacturers.

Microsoft is waking up in 2014, announced that the Windows mobile phone system will exempt the OEM license fee, but it is too late. iOS and Android are almost two-year world, and the third mobile phone operating system is no longer required in the world.

In general, the Windows system can be able to cross the PC field, and it is extensive compatibility. Microsoft’s Windows mobile phone history, completely with compatibility design, and it is not unexpected.

04 Lumia will come back again?

Nokia Lumia mobile phone is going to think about thousands of thoughts. So in 2021, is we like to see Lumia’s classic new mobile phone?

We have pinned the hope of lumia literary revival in HMD. The Nokia Android phone built by HMD has been popular in the Chinese market, and the flagship machine design is eye-catching. Unfortunately, the flagship market is not good, the middle-end machine is not making money, and HMD can only turn the center of gravity to overseas market. Nowadays, domestic entry is quickly popularized, and there are still many models of HMD to use water drops, and the design is mediocre.

In fact, the Lumia can be revived, and the decisive factor is in Microsoft. Although Microsoft licensing the 10-year rights of Nokia brand use to HMD,But there is a Lumia brand and a large number of design patents in your hand.Maybe its mobile phone dream is still going. Unfortunately, on the two generations of Surface Duo mobile phones launched in Microsoft, we have never found the shadow of the Lumia era.

On this Nokia Lumia 1020, we can still experience the exquisite industrial design, innovative magnetic posters, as well as Nokia’s unique temperament, and the classic slogan of "technology people-oriented".

Nokia, the old fans of Windows Phone may also remember that at the 2018 Inspire Conference, Microsoft CEO Nadla personally used the Android mobile phone to demonstrate Microsoft application, and I can’t forget that Wuwei Chen. However, the mobile phone market is a king defeated. If it is not a strong man of Nadla, Microsoft is probably not to regain new students, and become a 2.5 trillion market value company that is now with Apple and drive.

Remnant. Don’t look back in an anger, don’t worry about it.

Stanford’s latest breakthrough: logical door calculation is super simple with light quantum!

Today’s many quantum computers are complicated, it is difficult to expand the scale, and it is necessary to run more colder than the interstellar space.These challenges cause researchers to explore the possibility of constructing quantum computers operating using photon (photon).Photons can easily transfer information from one place to another, and photonic quantum computers can operate at room temperature, so this method is very promising.However, although people have successfully created a separate quantum "logic gate", a large number of logical doors are constructed with photons and connect them in a reliable manner to perform complex calculations, or a technical problem.

Recently, Stanford University researchers have proposed a simpler photon quantum computer design, and can be used along the ready-made components. According to a paper published on Journal Optica on November 29, they proposed using lasers to manipulate individual atoms, while individual atoms can modify the state of photons by a phenomenon called "quantum invisible path". The atom can also be reset and reused in many quantum doors, so that there is no need to construct a plurality of different physical doors, which greatly reduces the complexity of constructing light quantum computers.

"Normally, if you want to build this type of quantum computer, you must use thousands of quantum transmitters to keep them perfect, then integrated into a huge photon circuit," application physics doctoral student The first author BEN BEN BARTLETTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTLET, and we only need a few relatively simple components, and the size of the machine does not increase with the size of the quantum program you want to run. " A very simple design requires only several devices: fiber optic cable, beam splitter, a pair of optical switches and optical cavities.

Fortunately, these components already exist and are already commercially used and continuously improved because they are currently used in quantum calculations. For example, telecommunications companies have been committed to improving fiber optic cables and optical switches. "The proposal of this program is based on people’s efforts and investment in people who have made these components. The professor of Stanford Engineering, Shanhui Fan, senior author of the papers. "They are not new components specifically used for quantum computing."

New design

The design of Stanford scientists consists of two main parts: a storage ring and a scattering unit.The function of the memory ring is similar to the memory in the normal computer, which is a fiber loop including a plurality of photons propagated around the loop. Similar to the bit of storage information in the classic computer, in this system, each photon represents a quantum bit. The photons determine the value of the quantum bits around the traveling direction of the storage ring, which may be 0 or 1. Further, since the photon is in the superimposed state, a single photon can simultaneously flow in both directions, which means the value of the combination of 0 and 1.

Figure 1. Photon quantum computer architecture described in this work.

(a) Physical design of the equipment. The photon quantum bit is reversely propagated by the fiber storage ring, and the optical switch can selectively guide the photon interaction with the atomic interaction in the cavity by the scattering unit, and the cavity is coherentiated in the cavity.

(b) The energy structure of the atom: ω1 is resonant to the cavity mold and the photon carrier frequency, and ω0 is far apart.

(c) the description of the BLOCH sphere on the photon quantum bit state {|?, |?} foundation and an operation applying the scattering unit. About rotation

Progressor and beam splitter apply a fixed angle (gray), and rotate

Apply a cavity laser using a lumen laser using a controlled angle θ (pure red). The projection measuring atom transmits this to the photon, but may exceed the target angle θ through π (red dashed line) depends on the measurement result m. ??This operation is a universal original single quantum bit: By combining multiple such operations, and The subsequent rotation angle is adjusted according to the measurement results, and any single quantum ratio can be determined.

The researchers can manipulate photons by directing photons from the memory ring to the scattering unit, where it propagates to cavities containing a single atom. The photon is then interacting with atoms, resulting in "entanglement", which is a quantum, and two particles can even affect each other at a very far distance. Then, the photon returns the storage ring, and then the state of the atom is changed again. Because the atoms and photons are entangled, the operation of the atom will also affect the state of their pairing photons.

Figure 2. Quantum gate sequence corresponding to photons pass through the scattering unit. The projection measurement will be transferred to the photon quantum bits to the rotation of atom quantum bits.

"By measuring the state of the atom, you can transfer the operation to the photon," Ben Bartlett said. "So we only need a controllable atom quantum bit, we can use it as a proxy to indirect all other photon quantum bits.

Because any quantum logic door can be compiled into a series of operations performed on a single particle, in principle, you can use only one controllable "atomic agent quantum bit" to run any size quantum program. In order to run the program, the code is converted to a series of operations, which guides the photon to the scattering unit and manipulate the atom quantum bit. Because you can control atoms and photon interactions, the same device can run many different quantum programs.

Figure 3. Conceptual diagram of the instruction sequence to compile the quantum circuit into the device to be executed on the device.

(a) Universal target quantum circuit.

(b) Decompose the equivalent circuit and the CσZ door of single quantum bit.

(c) The circuit is further decomposed into a series of scattering interactions. This sequence can be assembled into a command set on the classic computer, including six different primitives corresponding to physical actions.

(d) The controllable elements of the quantum device are optical switches, cavity lasers and atomic states.

"For many photon quantum computers, the physical structure passed by photons represents different logic doors, so if you want to change the running program, it usually involves physically reconfiguring hardware," Bartlett said. "And under this new design, you don’t need to change hardware, just need to give a different set of instructions for machines."